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Ways to find occupants for your rental properties in Melbourne The real estate industry is growing by leaps and bounds and this is the best time to invest your money and buy property in Melbourne of your choice. But what if due to certain circumstances, you have to vacate the property and go elsewhere? Well, in that case you can rent it out to tenants and convert it into a source of income. Here are some of the ways through which you can find tenants for your rental properties in Melbourne:

Go for Advertisements: This is the most convenient method to find occupants for your property. There are numerous newspapers and magazines, which let you post advertisements for no charge. You can either opt for these or put up an advertisement in the classifieds. Alternatively, you can advertise using numerous online sources such as real estate websites and online classifieds. Hire real estate agents: This is the easiest way to get your property up for rent. Simply go to the best agency in Melbourne for real estate agents and trust them to find a suitable occupant for your property. Create a website: Another way to find tenants can be by creating a dedicated website for your property and post some high quality digital images of your property and describe it well (you can take the help of a freelance writer). This will project your property nicely to the future tenants and also add to its

credibility. For this purpose, there are numerous options to choose from when you want to build such a site. Additionally, you can use blogging websites for the same purpose.

Use Social Media: Social media is yet another powerful tool for finding tenants. For instance, on Facebook you can either create a page or community for your requirement or even post your requirement in relevant communities or pages. However, make sure that your post looks interesting and you provide high quality, original photographs of your property and never make the mistake of using an image from free online sources. As mentioned in the point above, this will build credibility. Flyers/Leaflets: This is another tried and tested method of finding tenants. Simply get some flyers and leaflets made about your rental properties in Melbourne and get them distributed along with newspapers. Just make sure that you describe your property well, highlight its main features and clearly mention the address and your contact number. To conclude So, after you buy property in Melbourne and want to put it up for rent, these are some of the sure shot methods. However, even if hiring Melbourne real estate agents don’t work out for you, put up a “FOR RENT” or “TO LET” sign outside your property and wait patiently. All the best for your endeavor.

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