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112 Oak ST, Prairie View TX, 77446 Phone: 512 420 7711


Seeking a full time position in the architectural field. I believe in learning step by step and the instruction of mentors. I want to acquire knowledge about all the aspects related to architecture from design to construction, from an idea to marketing in order to have a strong set of skills and apply them at work. I also hope that I can become a mentor to others in the future.


PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY Master of Architecture Prairie View, Texas

8/2013- 8/2014

UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO Bachelor of Science in Architecture San Antonio, Texas

8/2005- 5/2009

UNIVERSIDAD POLITECNICA DE CATALUNIA Bachelor of Science in Architecture Barcelona, Spain


CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY AT AUSTIN Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Austin, Texas


8/2000- 12/2004

AUSTIN INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT, AUSTIN, TEXAS 12/2012-05/2013 Substitute Teacher I’ve been a substitute teacher, this position has helped me to gain experience in classroom management and lesson planning. VILLAS DE VILLAGRAN, VILLAGRAN, GUANAJUATO, MEXICO 5/2009 - 5/2012 Project Manager Responsible for the construction development of projects. Hired workers dedicated to different fields and instructed them through the different stages of the project construction. Supplied construction materials and tools, also collaborated in projects design. BONE DRY ROOFING, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 1/2005 - 8/2005 Subcontractor As a subcontractor, gained knowledge about how a roof system is assembled and was able to earn crew organization skills.


Fluent in english and spanish.


Proficient in: Revit, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Lumion, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, MS Office.

PELICAN ISLAND CONCERT HALL Prairie View A&M University School of Architecture Fall 2013 Professor: Bill Price

PROJECT TYPE: Concert Hall LOCATION: Galvezton, Texas SIZE: One level 68 000 SF


This project’s objective is to work in collaboration and the study of envelope through an ordered sequence of architectural drawings in different software, in order to design a concert hall that will serve the community as a multicultural center for the performing arts. COMPACT MOTION


The concept for the concert hall is SOUND MOTION, which can be described as a repetitive mechanical wave that travels through time and space. Sound has motion and it travels through time and space. When a sound is created it travels in every direction creating motion waves that are affected by objects, wind, and temperature. The best way in which I would illustrate sound motion is through the image of a water drop falling on still water creating waves that travel distances according to the impact that has been done. This concept may serve as a multicultural idea.

UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO PAVILION University of Texas at San Antonio College of Architecture Spring 2006 Instructor: Norma Blizard

PROJECT TYPE: Pavilion LOCATION: San Antonio, Texas SIZE: One level 6 000 SF



This project’s objective is to work on the study of materials and construction strategies. We used a diverse number of architectural hand drafted drawings in order to design a pavilion that could fit and represent the UTSA Downtown Campus. The concept for this project is AIRFLOW. Air is the name given to the earth’s atmosphere and airflow may be defined as a measurement of the amount of air per unit of time that flows through a particular device. I see it as a sensual curved infinite line that travels around the earth impacting every objet on its way, and it is also affected by objects and climate.


INTERPRETIVE CENTER FOR THE MEXICAN REVOLUTION University of Texas at San Antonio College of Architecture Spring 2009 Instructor: Edward Burian

PROJECT TYPE: Museum LOCATION: San Antonio, Texas SIZE: Two levels 18 000 SF


The Museum of the Mexican Revolution is dedicated to Francisco Ignacio Madero Gonzales (1873-1913); he was a politician, writer, and revolutionary who served as president of Mexico from 1911 to 1913.


The concept for the museum is a TIME LINE. It is a fact that time is infinite and events make our present. All galleries in the museum are specially for an event in time all of these events take us to a special fact in history which in this case is the Mexican Revolution. This affects the floor plan and section of the building. There is a courtyard located on the northwest site of the building, it is an outdoors sculptures exhibition dedicated to Madero and the revolutionaries that served with him during the revolution. It also reflects the main event in history. Therefore all galleries are pointing to that main event. These angled walls also provide perspective views from different points in the building. Also, rainwater is drained in that direction to be collected. The cultural center will transmit the beauty of the rough texture of materials that are used in Mexican construction. It is a building that is going to fit in its surroundings because of the scale of the project and the buildings around it. This side in particular needs life and needs to be more walkable for people to come and visit the city.


RICO OUTDOORS DINNER SPACE Assigned Design and Construction Development Completed Spring 2012 Client: Cristina Rico

PROJECT TYPE: Kitchen LOCATION: Guanajuato, Mexico SIZE: One level 420 SF


The client strongly suggested that he wanted a curved form for the outdoors dinner. We started to look at the idea of a DOME, because a curved element has an easier perceived view in section. The project is an opened air kitchen and dining space which is an addition to a master plan. It includes a house, pool, basketball court, outdoors garage, gardening areas, a horse corral, and the outdoors dining space. Region traditional materials were used to complete the project: brick and reinforced concrete. Foam rigid insulation was also used for the roof in order to make the structure lighter and create a smooth thick form.



JUVENTINO ROSAS HOUSING Prairie View A&M University School of Architecture Spring 2014 Professor: Bill Price

PROJECT TYPE: Housing LOCATION: Guanajuato, Mexico SIZE: Three levels 80 000 SF


This project’s objective is to work in collaboration and the study of envelope through an ordered sequence of architectural drawings in different software, in order to design a multiuse building that will serve the community as a multicultural center for commercial, private, and public activities. HALF FRONT TO BACK

The proposal for this housing type is related to a cultural problem that is found in Latin America. The concept is VOID AND INFILL which allows designing spaces for future construction. This concept is a fashion to approach a solution to this cultural problem which is the division of residence at some point belonging to two families or a change of building type from residential to commercial. Families in Latin America tent to stay together and live in the same house, such situation creates a problem and at some point two or three families own the same house and the best solution is to divide the house and build walls to divide it. The main problem is that they end up living in really uncomfortable conditions. This project is an attempt to solve this problem by providing spaces for future construction.


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