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A-Z Outdoor Fun In ​A​m​e​r​i​c​a​! By Cailin Spies 

A is for ​Apollo ​Beach,_Florida

Apollo Beach is a one-of-a-kind, deep blue waves lay hugging its shores, and beach front homes dot its landscape! It’s truly a  beautiful place to visit, and makes visiting Florida even more  magical!   

B is for ​Balboa​ ​Park

Balboa park is a unique place where culture and nature collide, you can find plenty of colorful and pretty plants, fountains,  festivals, and more! It’s just one of the things that makes California  a wonderful state!       

C is for Cheyenne ​Mountain​ ​State​ ​Park

Cheyenne Mountain State Park is a very scenic place, don’t let the boring sign fool you! Beautiful creeks and ponds play hide  and seek here, and would love to be found! It’s a literal crown  jewel in Colorado!       

D is for Delevan National Wildlife Refuge

This lovely place is none other Delevan National Wildlife Refuge, and it lives up to its name. After all, it’s known to hold up to  100,000 nesting birds! 

E is for ​Everglades​ ​National​ ​Park

Everglades National Park, a beauty in its own. In this swamp like area, you can see plenty of crocodiles, and many other  animals that live in this habitat. If you have a love for reptiles,  swamps, or merely just nature, then this is a great place for you!               

F is for ​Frost​ ​Fire​ ​Ski​ ​and​ ​Snowboard​ ​Area

Frost is cold, fire is hot, usually they don’t mix, but here at Frost Fire Ski and Snowboard Area, they do! Try the beginners  slope if you’re still learning, or go ahead and try your luck on the  challenging advance slope.             

G is for ​Great​ W ​ olf​ ​Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge is pretty well-known, it’s the largest family of indoor water parks! Come here if your ready to get soaked  while you enjoy the many water slides, and even more! P.S.,  warning: you might never want to leave!                   

H is for ​Hawaii​ N ​ ature​ ​Center​/

Hawaii Nature Center is a place that conserves wildlife to its fullest, it’s a cool, lively, and vibrant green attraction to visit! Well,  unless you don’t like the outdoors…                            

I​ is for ​Indiana​ ​Beach​ ​Boardwalk​ ​Resort

Don’t let its name fool you, Indiana Beach Boardwalk Resort isn’t just some walk along the beach, it’s an entire amusement  park! This place certainly deserves its title as a area of  amusement.             

J is for ​Juno​ ​Beach

A very pretty beach for sure, Juno Beach always impresses its visitors no matter the age with its breathtaking beauty and  entertainment that it has to offer!                         

K is for ​Keystone​ ​State​ ​Park

  Keystone State Park is perhaps one of the many reasons  Pennsylvania gets the nickname the Keystone State, it’s absolutely  breathtaking! Long winding lakes and forests may explain why this  place is so popular!           

L is for​ ​Lego​land​ ​California

  The name of this place is pretty self explanatory, it’s a land of…  you guessed it, legos! So, if you’re the building type, or simply just  love legos, then a better place can’t be found than Legoland  California!                   

M is for ​Montrose​ ​Botanic​ ​Gardens

Don’t let the whole garden aspect ruin your thoughts for this outdoor beauty, Montrose Botanic Gardens is well known to hold  its own when it comes to pretty flowers and unique creativity! 

N is for ​Newport​ ​Beach

California has been known for having some of the best beaches, and Newport Beach is probably one of the reasons why.  In the morning the tides wakes to greet the land, and in the  evening, the go to sleep with the golden sunset!                       

O is for ​Ozark​ ​National​ ​Scenic​ ​Riverways

They don’t call it Ozark National SCENIC Riverways for nothing, this outdoor water-lovers paradise hold some of the most  beautiful waterways you’ll ever see! And what’s better? It’s an  entire area dedicated to them!                     

P is for ​Pebble​ ​Beach​ ​Resorts

Just because pebble is in its name, doesn’t mean that this popular place is dull, in fact, it’s quite the opposite! Especially for  golfers, but if that’s not your thing, don’t worry, there’s plenty else  to do here, try surfing!                       

Q is for ​Quinnipiac​ ​River​ ​State​ ​Park

  River is in this state park's name for a reason, they run  through it everywhere! Now, if you’re one of the people that likes  walking on trails through forests, maybe hiking? Then I guarantee,  Quinnipiac River State Park will be your new paradise.           

R is for ​Rosamond​ ​Gifford​ ​Zoo

Rosamond Gifford Zoo doesn’t just house your average turtles, snakes, or spiders, oh no, it houses lions, tigers, elephants,  monkeys, red pandas, lemurs, parrots, etc. This place is as exotic  as it gets! So, if you’re an animal lover like me, than you’ll enjoy this  zoo more than anything on this list!               

S is for ​Spring​ ​Park​, ​Tuscumbia

You’ll never find a place quite like Spring Park, Tuscumbia, it’s not a just another state park, in fact, it’s an amusement park! Here,  nature and thrill combine together to make a perfect paradise!  Waterfalls, roller coasters, nature, trains, trails, carousels, and  these are just the beginning, so, if this sounds like the perfect  vacation to you, then why not visit?                 

T is for Tenney Mountain Ski Resort

It might not have as cool of a name as the other ski resort on this list, but trust me when I say it’s just as good. It’s not to  difficult, but it’s not too easy, so you won’t get bored, that’s for  sure! So, if you like skiing, the cold, snow, or just the idea of this  place, then visit Tenney Mountain Ski Resort.           

U is for ​Universal​ ​Studios

Don’t let the ‘Studios’ get you confused, this is no movie or song set, it’s a… did you guess it? An amusement park! Here, you  can see just about everything here, all the way from Spongebob to  the Minions! And when your done having a thrill here, relax in one  of the many glamorous hotels that line the Universal Studios.                   

V is for ​Voyageurs​ ​National​ ​Park

Voyageurs National Park is a truly scenic place with beautiful rivers and forests. It’s a great place to go fishing, swimming,  hiking, or camping, so why not visit and do all four? But that’s not  the only special thing about this national park, ever heard of the  Northern Lights? The wavy colors in the sky, well, if you think it  looks pretty in a picture, why not come here and see them  yourself!             

W is for ​Wabasso​ ​Beach

If you think Wabasso Beach is just your average sand and water fun, you’d be wrong! Stretching out over top of it, you’ll find  the Wabasso Bridge which will give you an excellent view, try out  underwater spearfishing, swim and dive in the beautiful blue  waves!          

X is for the Xtreme at Brean Leisure Park

The Xtreme at Brean Leisure park may just be a ride here, but it’s certainly the main highlight of it! It’s a brightly colored ride  that can only be braved by the most daring, do you have what it  takes? 

Y is for ​Yew​ ​Dell​ ​Botanical​ ​Gardens

Yew Dell Botanical Gardens is a rather famous place considering it “only has plants”, but that would be an  understatement, because the picture that you see above is  actually from a section known as the “Fairy Gardens”. But some  doubt that they’re really here, who knows, you’ll just have to visit  and find out!     

Z is for ​Zoo​ ​Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta is a rather popular zoo, known by many, and for a good reason, it houses so many animals, all the way from Pandas  to Tigers! It’s definitely sanctuary for animals, but also for those  who love wild animals!                   

~A-Z Outdoor places in America~       This is a book used to present a challenge  while also teaching kids places out in America  that if visited could make for a wonderful  childhood. It is meant to teach or improve on the  letters of the alphabet 

A-Z Outdoor Fun In America  

This is a book used to present a challenge while also teaching kids places out in America that if visited could make for a wonderful childho...

A-Z Outdoor Fun In America  

This is a book used to present a challenge while also teaching kids places out in America that if visited could make for a wonderful childho...