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User Experence Study

Alyssa Teeter

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1 Wallpaper.Net is a portal website that also sells wallpaper straight from their site but also link pages of other wallpaper websites within it's on website. This was an initial reason to choose this site to help and study how it could be redesigned to fit the users needs and make it a more productive website.


Immediately the website gets confusing because for a first time buyer of wallapper nothing is explained and there is no imagery on the homepage for user to get a feel for what they would want to purchase. It isn't very user friendly.

2 On almost every single page there are repeated links where you can get to a page almost three different ways. This is confusing to users and also, they label them differently so it seems as if they are going to different pages when they are not.



4 Content audit The content audit was a really great way to see what all links were available to click on, on the actual website. It also made it easy to see where the problems were when the color coding of different features really began. Things such as external links, non-working links and image links were visual in a way that can’t be seen just by clicking through pages of a website. It also showed just how many repeated links there were too, this was the easiest part of the process to see where most of the problems were right off the bat.

5 As you can see here with the content audit, even just looking at the colors that there are a majority of external links. Right off the bat this is a problem if there are pages within pages. This can get extremely confusing for a user to try to navigate through.

6 Overall, I expected how most of the card sorts would play out because the websites that I based the words off of were self-explanatory for the most part. But most of the main navigation was pretty self-explanatory for everyone to see, but there was confusing when it came to the gallery and also for the process of ordering things, if certain items fell all under that category or if they would go on the main navigation. It helps with trying to see how other people categorize things, for when I actually use my own website I can see how a good wallpaper website is set up and what type of information actually goes on it. I used the same categories that I used for the Closed Online Findings and asked family members to sort the cards based off of. See pages 7 and 8 for cardsorting images.








9 The sitemap was created based off of categories chosen and groupings from all of the cardsorting


activites. There is now going to be a five button

Home Page


main navigation in which all three categories of wallpaper just fall under wallpaper. This makes



it easier for a first time user to navigate through.


About Us





Norwall Wallcoverings

Suede Wallcovering


There is also a separate section for brands/de-


signers so users don't get confused when they

Belair Studios

Tackable Wallcovering

are seeing designers where they want to just ball



Patty Madden Ecology Lincrusta




Paint Plus III


Brewster Waverly

By Brand

Albert Van Luit

Paintable Wallcoverings



Arbor Series

Designers/ Companies

Design By Color


Wood Wallcovering



Brewster Wallcoverings

a certain type of wallpaper.

Request Quotation

Paintable Solutions III

KEY Pagestack

Dynamic Page


Static Page

External Page

Main Nav.

10 Persona:

After a phone call with the individual who created the website, they stated that their main users are male contractors whom buy wallpaper for commercial buildings. The persona is a reflection

Bernie Irwin "I’m a reliable guy.” age: 48 location: Raleigh, NC salary: $74,000 occupation: Contractor

of a hardworking male who is a contractor. He is very outdoorsy and spends most of his time doing

Online Activites

Bernie Irwin has been involved in the contracting business almost all of his life. He started out painting

work related things or outdoors related activites.

neighbors houses at the age of 13 and eventually

This would be an average user that would visit to purchase wallpaper.

got a job as an intern for Clear Cut Construction once


he turned 18. Bernie orginally grew up in Louisiana,



but soon moved to Raleigh, North Carolina to take business classes.


After graduation Bernie joined up with Woolsbury Construction, in which he worked his way up to Head

Wallcovering Sites

Contractor. He still holds that position today. You can Fishing Sites

find Bernie these days doing wallcoverings or construction during the week and out fishing on the



weekends. His wife and two sons are the most

Construction Sites

important part of his life.

Offline Activites

Eating 30% Work Related Hiking/Fishing

Son’s Sporting Events




11 I’ve realized with a lot of the websites that images are the main links when it comes to the wallpaper. They also have a lot of search by options on the left sidebar rather than on the main navigation. Multiple pages had a lot of sample images to entice user to look more into their website to find out more about it which I think is a great attention grabber. A few of the websites also had contact buttons on the bottom of the site and had some sort of tag line above the main navigation. That’s smart to keep a logo and tagline across the top to get the feel of the company to the user at first glance.

content area studies In general the websites had creative interesting background images also which I thought would be helpful to grab attention when users get on the website in which mine is lacking. There were images in a few of the sites that had featured items as well that were under the main navigation. Most of the sidebars also fell on the left side of the page instead of the right, which is probably because we look at the top left corner and keep going back to the left hand side of the page as we skim through. See pages 12-14 for website images/wireframes.




16 final

wireframe The wireframe was created by the sitemap which visually representated that there would be a more extensive main navigation. Based off information from the content studies, all of the images that are seen are links that link to what is being featured in that image. There is also a search by bar that is how users can browse for wallpapers easier if they are looking for a more specific item, this is a quicker more efficient way to hunt compared to how the website is laid out now. View next page for final wireframe image of homepage and subpage.

17 Contact

About Us


Request Quotation

Designer/ Companies


About Us


Request Quotation

Designer/ Companies

Search By

Wallpaper Images Color 1


Pattern 1 Residential Image

Commercial Image

Wallpaper Images

Specialty Image

Brand 2



1 This is an image of a featured wallpaper along with welcome information to the website.

1 These are images of all the different types of wallpapers depending on what was

2 These three images are links that take you to each category of wallpaper.

2 This is a search by sidebar where you can search by color, pattern and brand.

searched for so they will link to the brand or a page to buy the wallpaper.


summary Overall, needs a lot of work so that it's easier for users to navigate through and buy wallpaper. The individual that answers their call number said that they just want people to buy so following the new wireframe would achieve that main user goal. Designing to fit the user that is created in the persona and following the research will eventually lead to increase of wallpaper sales. An easier navigation leads to less frusterated users which would lead to more purchases.

19 Design: Created by Alyssa Teeter Photographs: Taken by Alyssa Teeter Persona Background Information: Website Creator (Phone-call)

User Experience Design Spring 2013 Millersville University


User Experience Study  
User Experience Study