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My time with CAHEP has run to an end and this shall be my last message from the President. Being involved with CAHEP has truly been my privilege. This organization touches, enriches, expands and brings such joy to everyone involved with it. This year was no exception. Under the capable hands of our Executive Director, Pam Cain, our Organizational Coordinator, Alana Forslund and our many volunteers, educators, artists, CAHEP has brought art and arts education to thousands of children and youth in the City of Thunder Bay. This year brought a greater shift in focus to art in the community for the benefit of all. I know that CAHEP will continue to thrive and grow. I wish to say thank you to Pam, Alana, our project coordinators, educators, artists, my fellow members of the Board of Directors and most especially to all of those who participated in our programming. You inspire me every day! Thank you.


9FKJ.I CAHEP develops inclusive engagement to address economic, social and cultural barriers through providing programming at little or no cost, creating partnerships with other organizations and creating projects that develop alternative ways of using resources and consider non-traditional venues allowing for non-traditional engagement and reaching of alternative audiences. Funding from foundations, grant programs, fundraising and sponsorship, and expense recovery fees support these programs.




CAHEP empowers children and youth in the community of Thunder Bay by creating and implementing accessible multi-disciplinary arts and heritage programming so that people will discover the joy of arts and heritage within their own lifes and create a legacy by fostering a commitment to culture. lega

CAHEP is a grass-roots community based arts and heritage education organization created to develop and implement multidisciplinary arts and heritage programming and resources for the benefit of the Thunder Bay community.

Experiences in arts and heritage transform lives and communities.


"#,-)+2°%!+).( In December of 2000, an Arts Education sub-committee of the City of Thunder Bay’s Arts & Heritage Committee completed a study on Best Practices in Arts Education from Several Cities in both Canada and the USA. The study also looked at what programming was already in place locally, who could access that programming, and where the gaps existed. From the results of the study, several recommendations were made to improve the level of arts education for our community. These recommendations were: 1. More financial support for artists 2. More community-based arts education programming 3. Partnerships with private sector and individual artists 4. Artists in Residency programs 5. More venues for young artists to perform and display their talents CAHEP began as a pilot project funded through the Ontario Trillium Foundation. A Steering Committee acted as the Board through the first two years of OTF funding. CAHEP also set up a Network Group with 18 stakeholders in arts and heritage that included individual artists, arts and heritage organizations, and educators. The CAHEP Network Group offered suggestions and had collaborative input to help develop CAHEP’s programming and resources. Partway through its second year, CAHEP established a small working group from the original Steering Committee which refined our mandate/vision and created our constitution and by-laws. The original Steering Committee was dissolved after OTF funding was finished. The first CAHEP Board consisted of 5 individuals who participated in the work that was done to create the by-laws and constitution of the organization. In February 2005, CAHEP was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization and in June 2005, we received our charitable status. Incorporation - Not-for-profit - February 18, 2005 - 1645817 Charitable Status - June 10, 2005 - 83559 1744 RR001












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!H8E;)J?<H*HFA<:J Intergenerational Projects were offered through New Horizons for Seniors Funding. Activities at community events and programs were delivered as “Grandother Projects” encouraging participants to engage neighbours, friends and relatives as well as socializing with others while engaging in arts activities. Through developing a partnership with the City of Thunder Bay Community Program Developer for Older Adults Recreation & Culture Division, potential participants were identified and a community development session was facilitated. Neighbourhood demographics were identified, and activities were delivered in areas with high senior populations Neig including a mall (Victoriaville Centre) and neighbourhood community centre (Evergreen A United Neighbourhood). These were also identified as areas at high risk, therefore activities built intergenerational relationships to address issues of building trust and respect. More intensive projects that were offered included a play creation project with the elders, youth and children at the Thunder Bay Indian Friendship Centre, a three part song creation project with the Youth Centre and seniors; a storymapping project with residents of Grandview Manor and the Thunder Bay Pathfinders; the creation of dramatic vignettes with Ms. Curtis’ grade 6 class from Holy Cross School and tenants at Jasper Place, the introduction of Adaptive Use Musical Instruments with local musicians and a senior centre; arts projects with the Little Lions Day Cares after-school program; community workshops in painting and cultural teachings and a three session art creation with Alzheimers patients and their caregivers. Artists included Rachel Vandenassem, Rita Zavagnin, Derek Khani, Alana Forslund, James Wilkinson, Fritz Lehmberg, Lise Vaugeois, Lorrina Belluz, Colleen Gibson, Nicole Armstong, Gloria Ranger, Zoe Gordon and Pam Cain.


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The Flood was an Intergenerational Creation Story featuring a multidisciplinary theatrical presentation that brought to life an inspiring traditional story of Nanabush and the great flood. Children, youth and elders from the Thunder Bay Indian Friendship Centre developed a dramatic retelling of the story through movement, costume and sound. The artists leading the project were Gloria Ranger, James Wilkinson, Susan Kakepetum, Ri Zavagnin and Derek Khani with support from Pam Cain and Alana Forslund. Rita Project was presented to the community at Kanachihih Treatment Centre and the Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre.












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2012-2013 Annual Report  

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