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If you’re looking for a drafting table which offers both comfort, quality and good looks, the Glass Futura Tower in Silver/Blue would be the perfect choice for you. The main work surface offer plenty fo space with its 21 x 33 inches and the tabletop adjusts from 0 to 40 degrees. With this drafting table you won’t have to worry about storage either, it comes with removable art trays which offer plenty of room for your pens, brushes, pencils and other supplies you might need to have close by. These Glass Futura Tower Drafting Tables feature an extra large supply drawer, which measures 10 x 24 inches, two cup holders for water bottles or whatever else you’d want to drink, a 24 inch slide up pencil ledge, a 9 x 24 inch shelf for storage, tempered blue safety glass top and shelf and a combo magnetic/cork board with 4 magnets. With this Glass Futura Tower you will be working comfortably for years to come and it will look great in your home too position using casters or 26 inches to 30 inches using floor glides, both sets are included. We have found the best …to continue reading the rest of the article Click Here

The Glass Futura Tower Drafting Table