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Following the world's newest technologies and offering the highest quality yarn carriers

Whether its surface is matte or slippery

• As 4MAIMEX GROUP, we offer a wide range of products to our customers. It is our primary goal to supply the best possible product in the best price range, not just from a supplier. • Thanks to our on-time delivery, extra after-sales service, our online order delivery truck and our global solution partners, we are expanding our network every day to provide our customers with the best possible products without any problems.

We serve yarn spinner solutions with our professional team in the global countries.

• With special technology solutions, we do not only produce in standard sizes • We also to the special requests of our customers. • We have gathered all paper cone types in one area for you.

Our special service and main philosophy; For a realistic customer experience • After each shipment, an authorized person from our special teams visits our customer • And observes the operation of the product and receives positive and negative feedback from our customer.

We write the name you want(company name,logo,any other names and any other infos) inside or outside the product. Moreover, without extra charge

Show us another manufacturer who does this without extra charge .. As we said; Feel special.

Whether its surface is matte or slippery

*GRINDED-SMOOTHVELVET SURFACE Prevents the yarn from slipping over the taper. Provides better adhesion.

Whether its surface is matte or slippery

*MAT-GRAPE-NORMAL SURFACE The only difference from the other surface is that it does not keep the yarn as clean and robust as the other.

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