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Strategic review 2014

All Managers’ notes on our Strategic Review To share with your team

-June 2014-

1. Guiding paper: with background and key questions for staff to participate will be out the second week of June. All staff will receive an email from Chris Bain. Click here for a three minute explanation on how to participate, and click here for a presentation that you can share with your team. 2. First workshop to give feedback on the Guiding paper: to be held on Monday 16 June (10:00 – 12:00 am) in St Patrick’s room in Romero House. Book your attendance here. For staff outside Romero House, click here to find guidance on running both facilitated workshops and "pop ups". If you would like facilitation support please email Jacquie. 3. Duncan Green (OXFAM) in Romero House: 12 June at 3:30pm (UK time) in Amigo Hall. Former CAFOD colleague Duncan is now Oxfam GB's senior strategic adviser and the author of From Poverty to Power book and blog. His insight will help us to address the first key question from our Guiding paper ‘shifting power’. From Poverty to Power argues that a radical redistribution of power, opportunities, and assets, rather than traditional models of charitable or government aid is required to break the cycle of poverty and inequality. All are invited. Please book your attendance here. The talk will be recorded and shared with all of our offices. Posters to print and display in your notice boards:  

Thanks for your feedback during the Staff briefing in May. Click here to find a summary of your questions and answers to your information needs. Click here to know how to keep up to date on strategic review progress. Some statistics for you to know how many people are keeping up to date with news.

Strategic review 2014

Manager’s resource for this month

Mental health support at work

Three updates on using our internal communication channels

Last month we held a course with a specialist from Mind. The course was primarily aimed at managers and explained how broad and complex the subject of mental health in the workplace is. Practical questions were put forward and resources like the parachute approach (a guide on how to start a conversation) to agreeing how to help staff, has been put into practice already by a manager who did not attend but has said it was very useful. This though would only be applicable when a staff member has been open with their manager about the issue. One of the participants said: Just wanted to say a great big “Thankyou” for the feature article on Mental Health Awareness Week. It’s so important and I = can’t emphasise enough how much it means to me and I’m sure LOTS more colleagues here, that the issue is taken so seriously here. To share: * Access the key notes from the presentation. Click here.

1. Staff briefing slots are almost filled up until the end of 2014 Only slots available: August (x2), December (X1). See who is presenting next here.

2. Making an announcement, should be announced Due to the high volume of content we are handling during staff briefing sessions, announcements should be also booked with internal communication. Max. three announcements per session.

3. New equipment available to staff in Romero House    

four digital cameras six video cameras two mini tripods plus our mp3 recorder and tripod

You can borrow these when you need to film, photograph or record material to share with your colleagues. Book here.

Key notes for Managers - Strategic Review  
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