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A Glittery Vacation: An Aspen Encounter Written and Thought up by: Sarah S.

Tweet: By @wakeyblakeyd890: Wearin maroon and jinglin bells Newspaper Article:

Detective Write-up: Contents found where Downy was staying: Crumpled up map of Aspen Mountain Silver Fork, Spoon, and Knife Checkbook Gas receipt Dirty underwear Moldy banana Open jar of Nutella® Brown shoes that had a hint of silver on them (glitter)

Wanted Sign: Sally's Diary Entry:

Here we go! January 27th, 2012 Dear Diary, We are headed off to Aspen for Winter Break! I am so EXCITED! We are staying there from January 27th to February 18th! The only bad part is I have to share a room with Diäna and Will. I am so sick of "Mr. I'm too cool for

school" and" Lil' Miss I'm so athletic" and I can't take it any longer! Hopefully I will run into some of my friends or meet some so I can go to the movies and hang out at our awesome hotel- The St. Regis. At least Diäna can drive herself places and go on her own with her boyfriend. If she didn't I would kill myself! Hallelujah to the people working at the DMV! I am so looking forward to hittin' the slopes a ton and then coming back and chillin' in the hot tub with some hot chocolate and s'mores. Can’t wait for a great vaca!