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Thank You

By Micaela R.

Hi! How are you? That’s great! I’m fine too. Nothing much, just school and stuff. Can you believe I’m going to graduate in a few months? Well, I’m not that old… So, I was wondering if you wanted to come to my pointe class. Visitors are coming this week, and you haven’t been in a while, so… Oh, that’s okay. I understand. We’ll see each other soon, right? Maybe I can bring my pointe shoes. See you soon! I love you too. Okay then. Okay. Bye.

Thank you

I hope

For everything

That you are a part of me

For being my best friend

That I have your qualities

For always knowing what to do

That I will remember you forever

For spending your days with me Every night Thank you

I think about you

For teaching me

Your smiling face in my mind

How to blow my nose

Your voice saying

How to take a shower

“My precious�

How to be like you Loving

And each day


I thank you


For everything

Me: What’s wrong with Fanny? Why does she need treatment? Isn’t treatment for…? Camille: Mom didn’t tell you? Me: Tell me what? Tell me what? Camille: Well, she has, she has… Me: Does she have cancer? Camille: Oh, Allison. Me: Why didn’t you tell me this before? How long have you known? Camille: I don’t know what to tell you. I thought you knew.

Colors everywhere. A huge bucket of plastic balls. Tunnels. Ladders. Slides. A stage. An ice cream machine with Strawberry Shortcakes. A display case full of stuffed animals, yo-yos, dolls. Flashing game machines. Two happy people, one with a jeweled crown, laughing hysterically.

The End