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Life of Bill By: Lincoln T.

He awoke without the slightest clue of where he is and what he is supposed to do. He recalls who he is and what he done and wonders where he is. The land around him is rocky. There are mountains in the distance. The air is thin and it is hard for him to breath. A note is nailed to a tree. A sign above it says read this (has an arrow pointing towards letter). He is intrigued by the sign; and surprised not knowing where he is. He remembered that earlier he was in a tropical land and then slept. Then he went back to thinking about his earlier life and got lost in his thoughts. A mysterious voice out of nowhere says "pick up the letter." Shocked in spite of himself he picks up the letter to read. Dear Bill, Hi, you are being tested; please remain calm. Since you just saved the world, again, I am testing you to see how you did it. There is another crisis, again. I know you just can't get a break, but you have to follow the path to your right. There you will have to do your magic and save the world, again. Sorry for the trouble. You will know you are there when you see mile marker 1.There will be many... tests up ahead for you. Do your best to save all the people and the entire world. I know you can do it Bill, save everyone like you did before; you are the only one who knows how. Sincerely, Anonymous Bill was taken aback by this letter for him. He pondered the thought of saving the world again, and where he was going. Bill decided to go on ahead, knowing that he can do anything based on his earlier expeditions, or so he believed. He decided to follow the path that was indicated to the right. Bill felt ready for anything and anyone. And he was determined to save those people. As he followed the path to his right, he was making strategies and tactics inside his head, even though he had no idea what was up ahead. Bill was lost in his train of thought when the now familiar voice said "Test 1 failed. Turn back now." Bill just thought this was a false message trying to trick him, so he moved on. He kept moving on until the same voice said "I told you to turn back, now look behind you, you are about to die‌" Bill turned around to see nothing, then the voice continued "Ha, you actually believed me, but now seriously time to move own. I haven't properly introduced myself, have I? Oh well, I am Gladys; I am the smartest computer in the world, even though I used to be human. You are Bill who has saved the world many times. In 2038, you destroyed the plague machine. In 2039, you found a cure for that plague, so all could live. Not like you didn't know that in the first place, but it is always nice to bring it up. I didn't include the other times you saved the world like in 2037 - 2012, or through 2039 - 2045, because you just would get bored about me telling you what you did which, well you already know. I think it was noble and courageous to save all the people trapped in the gas chamber. You risked your life to save others, why? I don't care about your reason anyway. Do you view yourself as an orange spikey hair person with gold eyes, noble, kind, always feeling the need to save someone, do you? Well I think so. I mean just

look in a mirror and you will see what I mean. Anyway, just continue down the path, goodbye." Bill just thought to himself "Why not I may as well just go on ahead." And so Bill moved on, continuing on the path. After a few hours or so, Bill reached his destination, he thought. He saw a sign and read it. "Mile marker 1, Mount Everest. Congratulations you made it! By the way, the note was a lie. Don't touch the computer." Bill had an epiphany just then. It suddenly came to him, last year he made a cure to anything. How could people be in trouble? The Mount Everest part described why it was cold, and the air was thin, and everything was rocky, but there aren't any mile markers on Mount Everest, except for that fake one. Then, the sign said something about a computer. What was that all about? A noise stopped him from thinking about his situation. The voice was like an old time computer saying "you got mail." This was very strange, so he looked for the computer and it was right in front of him. Bill picked it up and read the message. The computer screen said "Don't touch the computer." "You got mail" I told you not to touch it. "You got mail" Now you are going to blow up in… "You got mail" 5 "You got mail" 4 "You got mail" 3 "You got mail" 2 "You got mail" 1 "You got mail" .5 "You got mail" Ha, you thought you were actually going to blow up. I bet you didn't expect that .5. "You got mail" 0 "You got mail" You thought that that was it too, come on use common sense "You got mail" That was a lie, you know about you living. You are going to die in… "You got mail" 5 "You got mail" oh I am bored of this countdown let's try again "You got mail" 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 "You got mail" Goodbye "You got a bomb" Die

After the last message, the computer exploded in Bill's face. He instantly blacked out for good. Oh, wait," Gladys thought,” I forgot he took a live forever pill, so he couldn't die." That was a close call. Gladys thought he was dead. Bill suddenly woke up. "Owww, why did you do that?" Then, out of nowhere a giant robotic machine appeared. The robot says "I am Gladys the one that tried to kill you. Not really. You almost died from that bomb, just like the world. The world is very lucky. If it weren't, the world would have died 5834 times already. It has lived, because some genius saves it, just like you saved the world; was examining you, so I could save the world forever, you know, so the world could survive."


Life of Bill By: Lincoln T. Dear Bill, "Mile marker 1, Mount Everest. Congratulations you made it! By the way, the note was a lie. Don't tou...

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