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By: IzhanA        

Cary Academy         

Agenda found on the floor   


"Caution!" Sign 


Facebook Post       




It was terrible! There was nothing but  screaming! It was too dark to see what was  happening, but I could still tell that it was  something horrible. Screaming nonstop...  My ears are still ringing from last night.                            

Static‐y News Report          

(CrIcK) incident (CrAcKkLe) Peer Street  (StaTiC) monster (Crackle) murde‐(Crick)  no one but a young (Crackle) heard it  and is still alive toda‐ (crick) MCC (crick)  will take the m‐(static) back to th‐ (crraacckklleeee...shutsoff)    


By:IzhanA Cary Academy Agenda found on the floor "Caution!" Sign Facebook Post Description It was terrible! There was nothing but screaming!...

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