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Hope Reckert

Hope Reckert 10/13/11

Writing Story

 Setting CharactersCentral Conflict-

 Climax Theme-

Conflict- She auditioned, and did not get the part Email

Hope Reckert 10/13/11

5 Different Forms     

Phonecall Email Tweet GPS Newspaper add

Conference Notes—

         

Consider subtitles! - Quick heads-up! (directions) Take the end of GPS out of quotations. Subtitles! Find form for “email” change it. (Internal conversation) Possibility’s to an email.* Visually change the *Add!* Cut off top part, just go to ad. (no first line) Cut down words in tweet, 140 characters. (compress) Reword tweet so the theme doesn’t show. Tweet back at someone, showing her doing something, head held.

Hope Reckert 10/13/11

GPS- Setting Would you wish to plug in your destination? (Click yes) Where would you like to go? (Plugs in address for Hollywood Studio A) Please proceed to the highlighted route, and then your route guidance will start. … Take a left in ½ a mile, to get onto Highway i95 … Proceed on this road for 15.5 miles ... Merge into the far left lane, exit off i95 to Johnston Avenue (Exit 45A) … Continue on this street for ¾ of a mile, and then take a left onto Hollywood Avenue. … In 100 yards, your destination will be on the right.

My heart is thumping, my hands are shaking, and I can’t wait for my audition.

Phone Call- Characters

Hope Reckert 10/13/11

“Hey hun it’s me, I just wanted to wish you luck on your audition, I know it will go well, and you will make the part, remember your lines, and you will be great” “Thanks! That really makes me feel better! I have been rehearsing the whole time I was in the car. I am so going to kill this audition!” “Well I got to go! Hard work awaits! Call me right after and tell me how it went!” “Will do!” “BYE!”

Internal Conversation- Conflict The treacherous email I am waiting to get. Oh, what if they hated me, what if I bombed it! You’ve got mail! “OH MY GOODNESS ITS HERE, IT’S REALLY HERE, MY DREAM HAS COME TRUE!” Ugh… Stupid junk mail! Its 4:50 and I still haven’t gotten it! And they said if you don’t get an email by 5o’clock then you didn’t get the part! Oh please God, please, just send me my email. … It’s 4:58, still no email… That clock is taunting me… I’m counting the seconds… 4:59… …

Hope Reckert 10/13/11

5:00… I sit there with tears running down my face… I didn’t get the part, I DON’T UNDERSTAND THOUGH! I did amazing they said. Well I might as well just give up my dream…

Newspaper Add- Climax

I spot this ad and return home, dialing the number Hello would you—“YES YES!” Once I decided that I would audition for another movie, I thanked the way the Newspaper ad caught my eye.

Tweet- Theme Looking on my phone, I see some depressing tweets… X2gRlLuv2x- Gosh y does life have 2 b like this, didn’t get the part. #depressed. I tweet back Jessicabrad- Megan don’t be so down on urself! There r plenty more opportunities, keep your head up! #persevere

Thinking to myself, how I persevered, I got this amazing opportunity to be a part of a movie!

Hope Reckert 10/13/11


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