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The Cruise By: Henry Hollinshead


You are a lucky winner from your VISA® credit card rewards program. As you may or may know, we randomly choose winners from doing one thing; simply using their credit card. Prizes include; $100 cash, a bicycle, a year’s supply of gas, and our grand prize, a cruise to the Bahamas. Yes that’s right, a cruise to the Bahamas. To redeem your prize, simply go to and complete the survey. After that, you may redeem your prize. Could you be the grand prize winner? Possibly so. Keep your fingers crossed. Sincerely,

The Visa Team.

July 24, 2011, Day one on the cruise I think I am going to like this cruise. There are three other grand prize winners on the cruise, and the rest of the people are normal passengers. I already miss my family. It is a shame that it would only allow us one person. But I mean, hey, I am going to the Bahamas. And this is an excellent cruise. There is a sauna, multiple Jacuzzis, swimming pools, and even a casino. I hope that the other grand prize winner, Julia, is friendly, because I am forced to do many activities with her. However, I encountered something strange when meeting with Julia. We would be having a friendly chat, but she would never go into any detail about her job. She claimed she worked for the government as a researcher. I can’t say I went into much detail about my employment either. I would be fired from my job they found out that I worked for the CIA! Journal, this makes me suspicious. I am probably, most definitely wrong, but could this have been a setup of two CIA agents? I can’t believe I would suspect that, but it could be possible. I am such an idiot, why would I even think that. I am going to enjoy this cruise for the next 10 days, and then I will be back home to my family. I have an eventful week and a half ahead of me. -

John Jones

To: Cc: Subject: Medical Forms for Contest Winner Hey Jack, Here is the Medical/Contact information for the Julia Smith. She works for the CIA. I am going to have to talk to the selection committee about this. I am curious to see the workplace for the other winner, John Jones. Julia Smith Date of birth: March 13, 1962 Hometown: Detroit, MI Current place of living: Washington DC Current site of employment: Central Intelligence Agency Healthcare: U.S. government Home phone number: 555-346-8924

The New York Times July 30, 2011

Atomic Bomb found on Cruise #228 Cruise of 250 people headed to the Bahamas found with bombs strapped to it. ATLANTIC OCEAN- Atomic bombs were found at the base of a Royal Caribbean cruise headed to the Bahamas. This is a cruise includes two winners from the VISA速 credit card rewards program. When this news was announced yesterday evening, a passenger attempted to jump off of the boat, but was stunned to death by a bracelet that each passenger receives. Many passengers also tried to cut off these bracelets, but these bracelets are unbreakable. The CIA suspects that this is a terrorist attack from the Al Qaeda. This is a tragic moment for many people, and it is unknown when the bomb will go off. However, there is one odd thing about this situation. The two VISA速 credit card rewards winners both work for the CIA. John Jones is an assassin for the CIA, and is currently on cruise #228. Also on the cruise is Julia Smith, a detective for the CIA. The FBI is currently meeting with the VISA速 credit card rewards committee. Could this whole thing have been a setup? Cruise #228 is nearing towards the Bahamas, and is planned to return in 4 days. The government is researching, and plans to do whatever it takes to stop this horrific occurrence.

Important Call on Line 1 “John is this you?” “Yes, Julia and I are here at the radio.” “We have been negotiating with the Al Qaeda, and we haven’t come to a compromise.” “Well what have they offered?” “They are asking for billions of dollars, our economy would go down the drain!” “Two-hundred and fifty peoples’ lives are at stake here and you are worrying about our economy?” “Calm down, we are going to handle this situation.” “Have you researched any way to escape the boat?” “We have tried everything, and there is nothing possible.” “Ok, have you contacted them? What is the latest news?” “John, Julia, listen. They claim the bomb is going off in ten minutes, now you must do what we command.” “Only if it is for the best.” “Now this bomb is not going to stop ticking, so we must find a way to deactivate the bracelets.” “Well how do you suppose we do that?” “Crash the boat. The stun gun is at the front of the boat. This is extremely risky, but if you crash it precisely, than everybody will be safe. You must do this fast. You have four minutes until the bomb goes off. You need to find land, crash the boat, and get everybody off of the boat.” “On it!”

“Be careful.” 3 minutes later… “Crashing boat currently. 2 people severely wounded from the collision.” “Hurry up. Get every single one of you off of the boat!”

A day later, an American Flag was found at the doorstep of Julia Smith’s home.


The Cruise By: Henry Hollinshead Congratulations, The Visa Team. Sincerely, - John Jones Day one on the cruise July 24, 2011, Subject: Medic...


The Cruise By: Henry Hollinshead Congratulations, The Visa Team. Sincerely, - John Jones Day one on the cruise July 24, 2011, Subject: Medic...