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Hey Craig, this is Sam. Where are you? I haven’t seen you or Juel in a couple of days. You said that you and Juel were going for a hike. I know that you are married and all but …are you at a hotel? Well, just call me back when you get a chance, we are all worried sick. Bye, I hope I see you soon.

One cooked and skinned squirrel Roasted acorns 15 leaves from an oak tree

“This bottle of Gatorade has been expired since last month,” said Craig. “Who cares! It’s just Gatorade and we are both parched. If we don’t drink it we might as well just go ahead and die right here, right now. The water from the stream is to muddy to drink so suck it up and be a man you wimp,” yelled Juel. Lights were showing through the trees. Juel and Craig immediately started to run. After the days they spent walking they didn’t care. The lights were help and they needed it. The lights moved and made noises. One of the cars stopped and gave them a ride back to their city, Shanksville. *map- “Okay, so we walked past the river about a day ago. So where are we now? Juel asked.” “I don’t know.” Craig said with a sound of worry in his voice

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