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• Setting ○ Porshe Cayenne S Turbo, ○ Stuck in traffic, ○ Outside football stadium • Character (up to 3) ○ Enrique ○ Backseat driver § impatient • Central Conflict (problem) ○ Have to drive through snow storm, • Climax (turning point - resolution of conflict) ○ Highway Billboard says they are close to the stadium • Theme (so what? Recurring idea? Thought to ponder?) ○ Be Patience

Notes from Conference Make more visual Switch up order Theme: Change subtitle, more about sitting in traffic Central Conflict: Explain more about messing with traffic Character: Don’t be too obvious about patience. Be more subtle Setting:

Make more visual Climax: Switch up order

The Game

By Doc R.

Chill and Sit Still Tonight's looking like a doozy. There is a 100% chance of precipitation with a 90% of snow. We should see up to 4 inches of snow tonight starting around 8:30. The snow fall should affect traffic tonight. We recommend staying off the roads and indoors. If you have to go out, expect major delays because we are already seeing major accidents on the highway and other roads. Temperatures will dip down to 25 degrees with a high tomorrow of 37. If you are going to the football game, bundle up in everything you can. Winds from the South, Southwest at 15 miles an hour gusting at 23 miles an hour. Back to you Bob.

No More Ants in My Pants The Backseat Driver: Have been siting in the car going 1 for the past hour going to the ball game. Stuck in a huge traffic jam, but the radio just told us that the accident is only 1 mile from where we are. IM SOOOOO EXCITED. I be running to our seats when I'm outta this car. Wait………… just passed the accident. Home free.

A Good Sign

Football traffic: 40 miles from exit, ETA: 30 minutes

Slowly but Surely - In traffic, you are 1 hour 15 minutes away - Oh great, there seems to be no lack of traffic here - Calm down, you getting angry will do nothing - It makes me feel better though. You know what I am talking about, sometimes just letting out a yell helps - That’s not the point. We will get there when we get there, you squirming around and yelling isn't going to speed the process up - 1 hour 15 minutes, can you believe that, our house is only 30 miles away from the stadium, we've been driving for 1 hour and only gone 10 miles. How can I be positive? - It’s really not difficult. Sitting in this kind of traffic sucks, but still. Just think if you were me. It’s worse. - It is though. My phone is almost out of battery and that is the only thing to do. - How much do you know about football? - Not too much actually. I just watch it. I do play fantasy football. That helps me a lot. - So do you know who is playing tonight? - Of course I do. What kind of question is that? It’s the Chargers vs. Jets. Should be a great game. - Who is going to win? - Well, the Jets are having an up and down season, but the Chargers are a very solid team. I am putting my money on San Diego. - Has the game started? - We would know if weren’t in this dang traffic!

Greetings Enrique Sent: 8:53 pm To: Jane Subject: Slowly but surely Hey honey, I hope everything is going well. It can’t be worse than it is with us. We are stuck in a huge traffic jam and have been for a long time. There has to be a wreck or something up ahead blocking all of the lanes. The heat is starting to let us down, but I know the fire is probably doing you well. My backseat driver isn’t being very helpful either. It isn’t pleasant getting an earful of garbage about how slow traffic is. He is acting just like you did when we went to the Grand Canyon. :). We need to teach that boy a few life lessons. If you would please do me a few favors. First, keep an eye on the news and look for any traffic updates. If you see any please keep me updated. Second, keep your eye on the weather and tell me if anything bad or good is in the near future. I'll call you when we get there. Hopefully it becomes a little more peaceful, so I don’t have to rip my hair out. Have a good night.

Love you,


• Climax (turning point - resolution of conflict) § impatient ○ Be Patience Make more visual ○ Backseat driver • Character (up to 3) Explain...


• Climax (turning point - resolution of conflict) § impatient ○ Be Patience Make more visual ○ Backseat driver • Character (up to 3) Explain...