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Runaway By: Caroline Period 1

Most Recent Status I am really getting tired of the hot and dry air in Arizona‌this old cluttered house with that stupid ladies stupid stuff. It was like this every day, all day, for the past 9 years of my life. If only I lived on the side of a river, in a small man-made hut, with nature all around me. I know there is a river.

Dear long mislaid friends And family Who I hope to care About myself

With my eyes closed, I prayed to the lord, some people have told me it helps. Oh lord, help me through this. Oh lord, give me strength. Oh lord, make things okay, make this all worthwhile, and please give me faith. I didn’t actually believe this would work at the time, but I would do anything to help. When I released an eye open, I immediately grabbed my pack, and sprinted out the door. She yelled and screamed for me to come back, what are you doing? And then I turned my head and stopped. I could barely see her stomping towards me. Goodbye, I thought, turning back around seeing my future in front of me. I felt really bad on how I was leaving my life; she would most likely call the police. I would have to hide. I ran, as far as I could. I knew where I was going, or at least I thought I did. I kept running because at the time, I didn’t want anybody to catch my escape, for then I would have to go through the constant pain and struggle to obtain the courage, once again. But I didn’t. I constantly thought, “This time it would work, I would get to the river. I would never see her again.” When I reached the water I stopped, this was it. I knew that this was the river. But, there was someone there. I looked around and found a boy. I didn’t dare to make a sound or movement upon him until I knew it was safe. I frightened and hiding behind a tree, he approached me. I could have sworn he saw me. Then he shouted hello. “Shoot!” I ran out from the tree with the knife in my hand. I had been terrified and scared, I told him not to hurt me. Then he laughed at me! He was making fun of me! I had a knife in my hand and he was laughing! Soon enough we were friends, hiding from hunters, gathering food and supplies, everything was working out. I was really fond of it. He helped me, he cared about me. I hope there is more to come. Salome

Everything in my pack of life: a) A plastic cup b) Four blankets c) Two pieces of bread d) Yesterday’s savings e) My favorite sweatshirt f) A fishing rod g) My schoolbooks h) A sleeping bag i) A sharp knife j) Last year’s library trip k) A sniper’s gun l) I letter addressed to me, Salome Everything in her cluttered old house: a) Money that should be mine b) Torturing weapons c) Savored foster bills d) Food e) Restaurant uniforms f) Cigarettes g) Whiskey h) Stolen furniture i) Unsanitary silverware j) A stupid old lady What he had, that boy: a) A whole lot of nerve b) Outdoor skills c) A life to live for d) A face of joy e) Freedom to survive, Judi

A clutter of newspaper articles and book pages:

Catching fish with a string,

a guy like you,

things to know about wilderness,

how to make

employment without background,

accomplish all you wanted in minutes, life you want when you want it.


get the


Runaway By: Caroline Period 1 Most Recent Status I am really getting tired of the hot and dry air in Arizona…this old cluttered house with t...