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Rookie’s One Chance

Contents of a Danny’s Baseball Bag -

New Nike black and orange batting gloves 33 inch 32.5 ounce bamboo bat Black and orange polished batting helmet Black sunglasses Black and orange twisted necklace Long sleeve Under Armour sweatshirt Black metal cleats Worn-in black Mizuno glove Black hat with orange San Francisco logo printed on the front Light gray uniform with buttons and a logo printed on the front Light gray Nike pants with a thin black stripe running down the side Black belt with a silver buckle Black knee high socks Sliders and a cup Anything else I either bought at Dick’s Sporting Goods or received from the equipment manager Oh, and Moneyball by Michael Lewis and today’s newspaper

The San Francisco Weather Report It is going to be a cold Monday today in San Francisco. The high is 50 degrees while the low is all the way down near 35 degrees. There is a 65% chance of rain today with gray clouds. It should clear up around 7 o’clock tonight right when the Giants game starts. Below is the 5-Day weather forecast. 5-DAY FORECAST TODAY

H: 50o L: 35o




H: 53o

H: 62o

H: 46o

L: 39o

L: 45o

L: 31o


H: 71o L: 52o

Overheard Conversation between John and Alex Hey Alex, you know that kid Danny? Yeah, I know him. Why? Well, it’s his rookie season and coach is already starting him at second base. I think he’s alright. But, don’t you think we should DH him with someone that has a little more experience? I mean he’s 1-4 today and his only hit was a lucky blooper down the right field line. I guess. But it did score the runner on third and gave us the lead. But now were down by three runs in the bottom of the ninth with two outs and bases loaded. Dude, he’s at the plate now. Just give him a chance. Yeah, whatever. Let’s go Danny! 2-4, 24 you got this. Base hit now. Why are cheering for him? Because he’s my teammate. Yeah, whatever.

Series of Text Messages Hey, I just wanted to congratulate you on your nice hit today. Oh, thanks.

No problem. I just felt bad about underestimating you. Yeah, I heard you talking to Alex about me. Anyways, thanks for messaging me. I really appreciate that. You’re welcome. I just wanted to say that I was sorry for not giving you a chance. I didn’t think you could handle the pressure of the game and I really wanted win. I’ve had that same experience before and learned the same lesson.

Well, you know the saying, “Learn from your mistakes”.

Well, it was nice talking to you.

Alright, bye and by the way, nice game.

Thanks, see you tomorrow.

Snip-it of an Autobiography I hit the ball out of the ballpark. I smashed the ball over the centerfielder’s head and watched it soar clear over the stadium. It was a walk off grand slam to win the game, not to mention the division. As the ball made contact with my bat, the wood broke the bamboo shattered. Somehow, with a broken bat, the ball still went soared over the center field fence. I zoned out of the universe for the few seconds after I hit made contact with the ball. After the time lapse where everything was quiet, noise started to erupt. Because our team was playing at our home stadium, AT&T Park, most of the noise I heard was cheering. The sound of clapping, whistling, and yelling pierced my ear drums. I was in awe of what had just happened and slowly ran trotted around the dusty bases. My feet felt lighter than they had ever felt before and I was as happy as I had ever been (except for a few exceptions). The most exciting thought at that time was that over ten million people had just watched my game winning grand slam. That one hit is the reason I am remembered now, at age 48, not to mention the 3 other grand slams I hit later in my career. As I rounded third and approached home plate, the whole team was crowded together near my final destination. I took of my helmet, rolled it into my group of teammates, like I had seen in many ESPN films, and leaped onto home plate. It was more satisfying than I ever thought possible.


Rookie’s One Chance It is going to be a cold Monday today in San Francisco. The high is 50 degrees while the low is all the way down near 35...

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