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A Lesson Learned By: Akaash Sanyal

Mom, I'm sorry I threw a party when u and dad were out of town. i know that i was grounded but ur always so strict so i thought that i could have a little freedom while u were gone. but I guess it´ll just come back to bite me. srry guys, so can i go to a sleepover next week? thx ttyl

Rick Jones Rick Jones Hey guys, I'm throwing a party this weekend. My 'rents r out of town. They're not coming back till Monday, so wen's the best time we should have it? just comment here.

12 people like this. Bobby Dunlop Awesome, any day is fine for me. Felicia Whist

How bout sunday. I can’t go on saturday.

Rick Jones

that’s fine.

Johnny Caper

Cool, sunday works for me

So its final, we'll have the party on sunday.

The Letter from Four Years Ago‌ Dear Rick, Hey son, I hope you're doing well. Your mother and I are coming back from Sedona this weekend and we'll definitely be back before Thanksgiving. I know we've been gone for more than a week, but don't worry everything is fine. Your mom is really worried that something will go wrong, but I think your grandparents will take good care of you. So, you're probably thinking why I'm writing a letter to you instead of sending an e-mail or something. Well, this town is deserted! There's no signal or anything! I just love going to this ghost town every year. Who am I kidding? I can't stand this place, and I only go because your mom will drag me by the ear if she has to. Man, once her mind is set on something, nothing can change it! Unfortunately, she has also set her mind on raising you to be the perfect child. I know sometimes she drives you crazy, but it's not her fault. Your overprotective mom cares so much about you, and that’s why it seems like she is torturing you. Just remember this: she just wants you to be the best that you can be. Don't forget, her birthday is coming up soon, so try to get her something nice. Enough about your mom, what's up with you? How's school going? Great job bringing up your science grade from a B+ to an A. And did you win your last baseball game? I hope our practice paid off, but when I get back, I'm going to destroy you. See you soon, Dad

83째 Sunny Today, June 26, here in Ann Arbor, Michigan, it looks like a great day to go outside and enjoy some fresh air. The high for today is 88째 F, and the current temperature is close at 83째 F with low humidity. At night, things are going to cool down a bit as the temperature drops to the low of 74째 F. For the past week, days have been sunny and warm, and it seems like it will stay that way for a few days. The chance of rain is 10%, and during this time of year, the chance of snow is a mere 0.1%, and the wind is bringing warm air from the SW at 7 miles per hour. This warm weather seems to be a nice change from the cold front that came in about two weeks ago, bringing both thunderstorms and some tornado watches. The moon phase for tonight is a waning gibbous, and so the next new moon is on July 4, Independence Day. Ann Arbor is bustling with activity as students from all over the country come to move into the dormitories at the University of Michigan. Resplendent in maize and blue, the "big house" is packed with wolverine fans rooting for their home team in the NCAA baseball tournament. The Anna Arbor Street Fair is attracting legions of art lovers who are combing through the stalls for the perfect deal. The funnel cakes and cotton candy fill the air with mouth-watering aromas. The cacophony of laughing people and screaming kids blended nicely with the rhythmic drum beat of the African band playing on Main Street.

On the Phone - Hey Rick, did you grab something to eat? - Yes, Mom, I did. Why are you calling now? - I just wanted to let you know that your father and I are coming back tonight. Are you excited? - (scared tone) Sure, I guess I'm a little excited. Why are you coming back so early? - My meeting tonight was cancelled and we decided to surprise you! Let's go to your favorite pizza place tonight. - (really worried tone) That sounds great, but— - No buts, we're going and that's final! - Fine mom, but when are you guys going to get home? - Oh, we're pulling up into the driveway right now. - WHAT!!!??? (covers phone and yells, ‘Party's over! Everyone out now!’”) - Hello? What are all of these cars doing in the driveway? Is that Steve's kid, Bobby, I see in the backyard? - (nervous tone) No, what are you talking about? - (heard in the background) What are my tools doing on the front porch, and why is the front window cracked?! - Rick, what's going on here? And you better tell me the truth. - Fine, I'll tell you. - You better explain this second, young man. - Well, I'm throwing a party right now because I thought you were out of town with Dad. - But you were grounded!! - I know. - Well, you are grounded again, but this time for a month! - (groans loudly) - (hangs up)


A Lesson Learned By: Akaash Sanyal Mom, I'm sorry I threw a party when u and dad were out of town. i know that i was grounded but ur always...

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