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How to really annoy your 17 year old sister. Results Veritaserum Fourms > 10 Ways to Annoy you Sibling How to Annoy Your Siblings- Wiki How 'Wow this looks nice' Blah, blah, blah, oh if your sibling has a car get in it and 'This is what I'm look'n for' start honking to horn until they run outside yada, yada, yada. 'Cool, lets do IT!! Joy will have no idea whats coming!'

"Get out of the car you can't drive" "NO" "It's my car get out!" "Why should I?' "Because it's my car" "And?" 'IT'S MY CAR" "eeeewwwww whats this?" "No wait st‌.

Hi mom. Well I'm calling to tell you that Joy has been hurt in an accident. Ummm so it was my fault. But I am sorry. Umm well I am really sorry. Please forgive me. Please.

5:51 am Sitting in a bright white room. I feel like I shouldn't move. Wondering how the world has changed. Is anybody out there? I've not moved in the past 4 hours, I've had nothing to eat. She has been sleeping for hours. I wonder how her back feels on that uncomfortable bed. I wonder how she feels. Should I go ask the doctor what happened or should I stay with her. I could run to the doctor ask what happened and then run back but what is she wakes up? I could press that fancy button by the bed ' Help' but what they thought it was an emergency. I'll stay here. Anyone feel like there is nothing to do but wait and let time take its course, I'm really not sure what to do. The doctor said she would be fine. 5:52 am

Confucius "Be nice to your sister for she's the only one you've got.