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Cafeteria Concepts, Inc. CafĂŠ & Vending Services

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Cafeteria Concepts Café & Vending Service

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Cafeteria Services Cafeteria Services Culinary Standards Current Menu Equipment Installation Electrical requirements

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Facilities & Staff Commissary Facility Company Background

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Vending Services

Vending Services Beverage Plan-O-Gram Snack Plan-O-Gram

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Cafeteria Concepts CafĂŠ & Vending Service

Concept The core of the concept is simple. Make the decision to provide an employee cafeteria financially feasible. Most mid-tier employers want, and need a convenient on-site eatery for their employees but cannot justify the investments for leasehold improvement and /or management contracts required to build, staff, and manage kitchen and cafeteria operations. Our centralized production process eliminates redundant plant, property, and equipment investments, minimizes staff requirements, and maximizes productivity. Our kitchen facility becomes your kitchen facility. The central kitchen serves the needs of multiple clients’ eliminating the need for kitchen facilities at your site. The food is produced in our commissary and sent to your facilities for retherm & presentation with some items arriving hot in thermal transport containers. This shift to centralized production also allows us to eliminate the cost of the additional kitchen staff that would be needed if separate production facilities were maintained. This allows commissary production to be made in larger batches to meet the needs of multiple clients enhancing productivity and resulting in lower unit costs. The only staff required at your site relative to cafeteria operations is cashiers.

The core of the concept is simple. Make the decision to provide an employee cafeteria financially feasible. We centralize production, eliminate redundant investments, improve efficiency & productivity and bundle similar services to make the math for the investment work.

The second major component of our approach involves the bundling of services. We ask our clients to place their coffee, vending, and new cafeteria contracts under our management. The higher margin coffee and vending contracts blended with the lower margin cafeteria operations work together allowing us to comfortably maintain a cafeteria operation with affordable food prices for your employees. Our bundled concept simplifies management of all your food & beverage services placing them under one umbrella with one point of contact and one service tech.

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Cafeteria Concepts CafĂŠ & Vending Service

Cafeteria Services Cafeteria Concepts has developed a unique business model that allows mid-tier employers the ability to offer a full service cafeteria to their employees without the expense of building out or maintaining a full on-site kitchen operation. Our approach centralizes the majority of the production process while essential elements are finished on-site. We utilize a blend of commissary resources in conjunction with decentralized presentation, temperature maintenance, and retherm assets to provide our service. This simple shift maximizes efficiency, reduces cost, and makes the previously unobtainable a reality for your employees. The investment is ours to make. We install and maintain our own equipment. No leases, no subsidies, no complicated arrangements; just a standard services contract. The risk is ours. Build outs and structural changes are not required. Our concepts will comfortable fit into the average break room. Our footprint in your facility is minimal. The typical installation will include one to two 2-tier Custom Deli hot buffets. This 2-tier unit can display five to ten entrĂŠe on the upper lever and as many accompaniments on the lower shelf. We pair this presentation with a salad bar, and a grab-n-go merchandiser featuring convenient ready to eat sandwiches, salads, cold sides and desserts. The result is an abundant variety of offerings to please any taste or budget. Menus are presented a la carte and include daily offerings tailored to the demands of the client based served. Our white collar, high-density office space menu has an emphasis on casual dining theme offerings with a full line salad bar. Our industrial offering is calorie intensive and emphasizes comfort foods with hearty sandwiches and available healthy choices. Both environments focus on choice and budget. Our staff is experienced and innovative and includes the former Director of Catering for Vanderbilt University, & the Non Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) of base food service operations at Fort Bragg. Our President, Chris Cox, is a recognized leader and consultant in the area of senior nutrition where he redefined the food distribution paradigm and best practice for the industry achieving previously unobtainable results. We understand food service logistics, volume production, and service the way it use to be. We have a solution that is uniquely suited to solve the post flood food service operation needs at A.O. Smith. We have deployed this solution to two HCA facilities employing in excess of 700 personnel with outstanding results. We are ready to deploy this solution for A.O. Smith.


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Cafeteria Concepts Café & Vending Service

Culinary Standards Culinary Standards... The Cornerstone of Excellence Food excellence is only attained through the perfect execution of the culinary basics. We have identified core culinary competencies and have created standards for each. It is by these standards that we support a culture committed to culinary excellence. These standards along with our core culinary values have been created to ensure the highest level of food quality for our employees & guests.            

Our mashed potatoes are made only from fresh potatoes, never instant. Every menu in our dining program is written for each client based on regional preferences and seasonal availability. Our Guests can find vegetarian selections in our dining program. Cookies, muffins and pastries are baked fresh daily. We do not add MSG to any of our recipes. Deep-fried foods are cooked in non-hydrogenated oils. Whenever possible, alternative cooking methods other than fried are offered. All soups are made from scratch, never canned or frozen. We use only fresh mushrooms, not canned. We use only fresh fruit, not canned. Only dolphin-safe tuna is used in our recipes. Food is only purchased from inspected and approved sources. Culinary team members use recipes to ensure quality, consistency and nutritional accuracy in the food that we serve to our guests.

Freshly Baked Breads We bake a wide variety of breads fresh every day. All of our delicious pies, cakes and cookies are baked throughout the day for a taste that's undeniably fresh.

Quality Burgers & Sandwiches We use only the finest, freshest meats for our grilled burgers and sandwiches. We treat The Grill the same way we would our own family barbecue — and that means fresh!

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Cafeteria Concepts CafĂŠ & Vending Service

Fresh Vegetables Whenever possible, we'll always use fresh vegetables in season, not frozen. If fresh vegetables are not available and we must use frozen, we make sure that they're the best possible quality. Cooking methods include sautĂŠed, grilled, roasted, steamed or braised.

Quality Coffee Our l line of coffees represents the tradition and taste of great coffee. Consistent flavor, rich and flavorful with a hint of sweetness, good body and aroma are all terms used to describe our wonderful coffees.

Garden Fresh Salad Bars Visit our Endless Fresh Garden Bar and make your very own salad sensation. Fresh garden greens, crisp vegetables, premium cheeses and toppings, and a variety of dressings

Quality Meats & Cheeses We are proud to say that our meats and cheeses contain no fillers, gluten, artificial colors, flavors or trans-fat. We wouldn't put anything in our products that you wouldn't put on your own table.We use pure beef, pork and poultry, and real spices. Our ham is trimmed by hand the old-fashioned way, and our turkey and chicken is oven roasted, just the way you roast yours.

We proudly serve Boars Head Brand meats & cheeses.

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Cafeteria Concepts CafĂŠ & Vending Service

Current Cafeteria Menu

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Cafeteria Concepts Café & Vending Service

Cafeteria Equipment Installation The following equipment will be installed for A.O. Smith cafeteria operations: 

2 2-Tier Custom Deli Hot Food Displays

1 Burlodge Retherm Cart

   

Signage 2 Cashier Stands with Registers Décor & Aesthetic Enhancements 1 Cold Food Merchandiser

1 Carlisle Salad Bar

The equipment listed will permit moderate to high volume service with easy access & good traffic flow through the planned facility. All equipment is self serve and permits each guest to portion their own food.

Electrical Installation The proposed equipment requires the following electrical service;   

2-Tier Hot Food Display: 240v, single phase, 4-wire 30a circuit. Burlodge Retherm Trolley: 208v, 3 phase, 4-wire, 30a circuit Cold Food Merchandiser: Standard Outlet

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Cafeteria Concepts Café & Vending Service

Commissary Facility Cafeteria Concepts has the facilities required to ensure that production meets or exceeds the needs of your cafeteria. Our central kitchen is located in downtown Nashville at 700 Ewing Ave. We have convenient access to all major interstates and can get to any area of town within minutes. The Facility was used under contract to produce over 1,500 hot meals daily while simultaneously producing 2,000 frozen meals daily for Nashville’s homebound seniors. We have 4,500 square feet of production space equipped with a modular hot line that allows for quick reconfiguration based on production needs. The facility has been designed with sustained volume production capabilities.

Company Background Cafeteria Concepts management team has led Nashville’s catering and contract food market for over 15 years. We have an established track record of leadership and innovative concept designs that uniquely answer our client’s food service challenges. Our expertise ranges from catering intimate Belle Meade affairs to managing major production contracts. The core of our staff has worked together for over 15 years. Everett came to us by way of Vanderbilt University where he was Catering Manager for an award winning dining services group. Ray Hawkins retired from the Army where he was the NCOIC over food service operations for Fort Bragg in NC. Chris Cox is our principle and brings 25 years food service experience. His previous assignments have included working with one of Americas nine Master Chef’s; staffing the industries hotels and country clubs, and developing a concept for senior nutrition that has redefined best practice for the industry. During our years of catering we came to realize that we were servicing a niche market while overlooking the potential of developing a concept that capitalized on the much larger noon time B&I meal market. Cafeteria Concepts is our answer to that opportunity It allows employers in the B&I market with limited resources and facilities to offer the benefit of an onsite eatery. For us, it capitalizes on an opportunity to continue to lead the pack with innovative concepts that redefine possibilities.

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Cafeteria Concepts Café & Vending Service

Vending Services Vending is a business where differentiation is difficult to achieve. The reality is that we all sell Coke, Pepsi, and Frito Lay brand snacks. What separates one vendor from the next? Focus. Most vending companies focus on a specific bottler, Coke or Pepsi, and the relationship they can cultivate. This relationship has its advantages. Major vending company’s profits stem from the rebates bottlers offer in exchange for exclusivity.

Most vending companies focus on a specific bottler, Coke or Pepsi, and the relationship they can cultivate. This relationship has its advantages. Major vending company’s profits stem from the rebates bottlers offer in exchange for exclusivity.

What’s missing from this scenario? How about the customer!!

We slot a full lineup of snacks and candy that we monitor for likeability. If something isn’t working we pull it from the lineup and slot another item. Most of our snacks are in 1oz bags with some larger packages offered. The goal is simple: diversity of price point and offering for our clients that effectively serves the needs of our customers.

What’s missing from this scenario? How about the customer!! In vending you can choose to focus on the back office deals made with bottlers, or you can focus on serving the needs of your customer. We have chosen the customer. Our success is driven by providing clean, attractive equipment in good working order offering national brands tailored to the regional and location specific preferences of our customers. You will find both Coke and Pepsi products in our lineup offered in cans and bottles. In addition to these leading names, we slot generic brands for the price conscious consumer. Your employees will have an abundance of choice at prices they feel comfortable with.

A customer centered focus rich with diversity of offerings and price points drives sales higher than back office deals. Switching to a customer focused vendor increases the potential you have for higher commissions. More importantly, it improves employee satisfaction with the benefits provided in the food service operation.

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Cafeteria Concepts CafĂŠ & Vending Service

Beverage Vending Plan-O-Gram

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Cafeteria Concepts CafĂŠ & Vending Service

Snack Vending Plan-O-Gram

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Updated services brochure

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