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Introducing Abbott Immunology People with debilitating immunological diseases need answers. That’s why Abbott Immunology is dedicated to providing answers for them and the health care professionals who treat them—answers which use leading-edge technology to target the causes of human diseases, with more aggressive treatment options, and which one day may lead us to a cure.

An Innovative Approach to Discovery In our quest to discover answers quickly, we have brought together leading-edge biotechnology with the experience and resources of one of the world’s largest and most respected pharmaceutical companies. This combination has produced an innovative approach to rapidly developing therapies that target the specific causes of diseases, utilizing the latest molecular technologies to produce fully human antibodies against critical mediators of disease processes like TNF-α and IL-12. These human proteins play key roles in the inflammatory response underlying such immunological diseases as rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease. Several of these promising compounds are currently in clinical trials. Abbott Immunology is equally dedicated to the discovery of innovative small-molecule drugs as orally deliverable targeted therapies, including: ■ Novel compounds that block the action of certain pro-inflammatory cytokines ■ Novel immunosuppressive agents that inhibit critical signal transduction pathways in immune cells ■ Novel anti-angiogenic compounds that block the signal transduction of key mediators in pathological new blood vessel formation at sites of inflammation



Focused on Targeted Therapies Inside the Abbott Bioresearch Center The goal of our targeted therapies is to give to people with immunological diseases and the health care professionals who treat them, new hope through more aggressive treatment options. The discovery efforts of Abbott Immunology are focused on improving the ability of health care professionals to treat a wide array of these conditions, including: ■ Rheumatoid arthritis ■ Crohn’s disease ■ Multiple sclerosis ■ Psoriasis ■ Sepsis ■ Systemic lupus erythematosus ■ Transplant rejection


At the heart of Abbott Immunology is the Abbott Bioresearch Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. Abbott Bioresearch Center is a cutting-edge discovery research and production unit, founded in 1989, committed to finding new treatments for autoimmune diseases and new ways to help prevent transplant rejection. This 370,000-square-foot center also houses a multiproduct biologics production facility with employees and capabilities ready to meet the needs of health care professionals and patients around the world.


Employing Leading -Edge Technologies in Research, Discovery, and Manufacturing ■ Proprietary antibody display technology: a rapid, innovative way to create optimized fully human antibodies against target antigens such as TNF-α and IL-12, based on a collaboration with Cambridge Antibody Technology ■ Mammalian cell expression systems to efficiently produce fully human monoclonal antibodies, with experience in yeast and bacterial production of other therapeutic proteins ■ Proprietary technology platform to discover novel small-molecule inhibitors of protein kinases, the class of enzymes which regulate most signal transduction pathways in human cells ■ Large-scale production technology for fully human antibodies and other therapeutic proteins from clinical trial supply through commercial product launch



Abbott Labs brochure  

Medical brochure for Abbott Labs

Abbott Labs brochure  

Medical brochure for Abbott Labs