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18. MUKI YEUNG RECENTLY TOOK OUT FIRST PLACE AT THE CHUX BARISTA CUP IN SYDNEY. The competition brought a new format to the stage and some new talent to the fore. We now catch up with Muki for a quick chat to find out what and who has inspired her to make coffee her life.

30. From the bustle of Colombo to the hilltops of Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka is an amazing KALEIDOSCOPE OF COLOUR and culture.

36. After two years of taking out gold in the Milk Based category, PROUD MARY COFFEE has now risen to the top.

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Cover artwork compliments of Proud Mary

Welcome to issue e 34 4 of Café Culture Magazine. elcome to issue 34 of Café Culture Magazine, our last for 2013. Recapping the year, it’s been another great journey. Easing our way in with Café Biz Sydney, picking up momentum with extra events at Lunch and Fine Foods, building the business with new staff, bringing some new directions in training, consulting and industry reporting into the mix. And finally, we finished off the year with our most successful Golden Bean event to date. Happy with the year, we are now sailing into summer and looking for opportunities that will assist café owners through this busy time. The big winner this summer will be cold pressed coffee, an excellent way to keep your coffee sales up through the warmer months. Cafés should talk with their coffee suppliers about this concept. One café that has taken the idea in house is NBHD Neanderthal. The guys in this establishment have created nitrogen charged cold brew coffee on tap – served over ice, with a dash of milk if you prefer. You can offer your usual blend or any specialty single origins to raise the bar a little. Natvia Golden Bean Wrap Up: just to say one more time that we are very pleased with the success of the event this year. The one thing we strive for at this event is to ensure the coffee is respected. With the sheer volume to be judged, the logistics involved can be mind boggling; however, this year more than any other we tweaked, nipped and fine tuned the format. With calibration every morning for any new arrivals and teams of judges for each category, the positive feedback from attendees has been unprecedented.

The event was rounded out with interesting speakers and a couple of relaxed and somewhat kooky evening events. The team at Café Culture are extremely grateful to the sponsors, baristas, judges, roasters and Golden Beanies (runners and helpers) who participate and become part of the family each year. Also in this issue, in case you are looking for somewhere to visit we have plenty of travel stories from our foreign correspondents in Cambodia and Sri Lanka, and Mark Beattie takes us to New Caledonia for his latest roaster installation. We also introduce Daniel Churchill from Masterchef as one of our contributors. Coffee has always been the hero in cafés; however, Daniel’s passion for cooking is based on the Paleo style of cooking, and on page 82 he gives us some insight into where food is going, along with an original recipe to try in your café. While still on food, take a look at page 98, where we introduce Josh Sparks. As founder of THR1VE, Josh is the entrepreneurial spirit behind a new emerging benchmark in health conscious food-to-go retailing in Australia. We talk to Josh about his new concept and business direction. Before we go, we need to thank every one of you for your support throughout the year. Have a safe and prosperous holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you all at Café Biz Brisbane in 2014. Dates for your diary: Café Biz – Brisbane Showground 15 & 16 March 2014. Golden Bean – Port Macquarie Rydges 07 to 11 October 2014.

contacts. Editor - Justeen Single Phone: (02) 6583 7163 Mobile: 0404 837 608 Fax: (02) 6583 7169

Produced and Published by Cafe Culture International - Sean Edwards Phone: 0419 287 608 PO Box 5728 Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Sales, Marketing, Business Development Manager - Kevin Chilvers Mobile: 0410 504 059

Sales Executive - Robert Marlowe Mobile: 0427 341 936

Cafe Pulse Research Director David Parnham Mobile: 0423 200 206

Accounts - Kristine Edwards

Copy Editor - Jo Atkins Art Director - Jay Beaumont

Graphic Designer - Bronwyn Martin Graphic Designer - Joey Dable Media Releases to No part of this publication may be used, reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written consent of the publishers. DISCLAIMER: Views expressed by advertisers and contributors do not necessarily reflect the views of the publishers. While every care is taken to provide accurate information the publishers do not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of information included in this publication.

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PERTH IMPRESSES WITH SHEER VOLUME he months fly by in our business, when you are always meeting so many people and seeing so many interesting things. We have had a big year of events, competitions and travel. We partnered up with the good crew at Fine Foods and the Australian Culinary Association to run the exciting Chux Barista Cup, introducing new and upcoming baristas to the world of competition coffee and events. We also hosted some great talks from Nathan Wakeford from Somage about tea production and Peter Mengler from Cravve Chocolate looking at chocolate origins. Both of these gentlemen are experts in their craft, and they took our audience on an alternate beverage journey, showing the real story behind these commodities and ways you can tell that story in your café. I also recently had a week in Perth, WA to take a snapshot of the exciting growth of the café and coffee market there. I was very impressed with the setups I saw and how much different a market can be in the same country. Distance has been a big contributor to the difference from eastern states to Western Australia, and I especially noticed this in the terminology of certain café beverages. I thought all our café drink menu terminology would be nationwide, but WA had some pretty cool terms for the Piccolo Latte and Machiatto called Mini Me to Milk Shortys. This is the bit I love about our industry: the innovative nature of this business and its ability to evolve within an everchanging environment. The shot volumes were also very different in Perth, with a lot of split shots, where


6-7.indd 6

Sean Edwards with Masterchef Daniel Churchill at Fine Food Sydney.

other states are using double ristretto bases in their coffees as volume gets larger. Again, there is no right and wrong in this methodology; it all comes down to consumer expectations in that environment and taste. What really impressed me about Perth was the sheer volume of coffee some of the busy cafés were producing daily – all very impressive numbers. The cafés I went to all seem to trade long hours, with many cafés well patronised in the afternoon; whereas, in the eastern states they are shutting up. This has a bit to do, I believe, with the young workforce in Western Australia and the fly in and fly out miner. Also, Perth did not seem to have the saturation of cafés we have in other major cities. In my travels I am starting to see more cafés fall into the trap of being too cool for their own good. I have been around the hospitality scene for many years, and I have seen this mistake made by the trendy bar industry. The trouble with being the coolest kid on the street is that with attitude, you will soon be outshone a year later by someone else a bit more trendy, and your business will shift to them. A trendsetting business is great, as long as you have the ability to keep reinventing yourself continually; this can be expensive. Some of the jargon coming out of the new age cafés I believe is also confusing the marketplace and the consumer is sometimes getting the wrong message, especially around what you can and can’t do with coffee service. One example I found recently was a café telling their customers that they can’t use “additives” in their coffee – additives such as light milk, soy milk or sugar, because it does injustice to their precious

The trouble with being the COOLEST KID ON THE STREET is that with attitude, you will soon be outshone a year later by someone else a bit more trendy, and your business will shift to them.

coffee profiles. I believe if the customer wants something that is a commonly served extra, let them have it and it’s a sure guarantee you will get them back again. I could get into a debate about this for a long time, but my opinion is to try and stay flexible in business and it will give you continued opportunities and longevity. The thing we sometimes forget about the café consumers is that it’s the little things we do for them as a café owner that make you stand out in a marketplace that has plenty of quality competition. My café adventures have one more chapter to complete this year, with another quick trip to the West Coast of America, to do some research on the developing American marketplace and to look at the brewed coffee industry. Again, I am punching the keyboard of my laptop in another hotel room overlooking the city of Los Angeles, wondering what excitement is in store for me today in the exciting café world. Stay tuned for more caffeinated stories and business tips from my travels and escapades. Cheers, Sean.

18/11/13 3:49:25 PM


D E B U N K I N G T H E 9 TO 5 H O S P I TA L I T Y M Y T H

The recent Federal Election has understandably consumed a lot of media attention in the last few months. In light of policy and economic discussions, the topic of WORK RESTRICTIONS AND JOB CREATION IN THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY HAS BEEN ONE OF HEATED DEBATE.



n a previous contribution to CafÊ Culture Magazine, I discussed the disconnect between the previous government’s understanding of the hospitality industry and the reality of how our industry operates. I’d like to take this discussion further and debunk the widely accepted public belief that hospitality is a Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm job. For those of us who are part of the industry, we understand that our weekends are lived in the workplace. Most of our earnings per week are a result of the Saturday morning coffee dash and lazy Sunday morning brunch – just a few examples of how misguided the weekday, 9 - 5 myth really

is. Regardless of whether you’re in the business of cafÊs, restaurants or hotels, you can attest to the fact that changes to the rigorous work restrictions would benefit owners and employees alike. It’s important that we see an increase in the flexibility of working hours for the benefit of everyone who is a part of the industry now and into the future. We know that many cafÊs and restaurants around Australia are closing during the day, simply because it’s too expensive to run them as a result of the rigid labour conditions. We’ve also seen many cafÊs close entirely as a result of bankruptcy due to the high labour costs associated with the current system. If we are challenging the accepted belief about hospitality working hours and conditions, we must also accept that the current wage system must adapt to better meet the needs of the industry. Improvements to the penalty rates system would see an increase in the flexibility of working conditions and allow both staff and employers to benefit financially. Many people looking for employment in the

hospitality industry are also seeking work on a parttime basis on weekends and over the busy holiday periods, but the penalty rates system makes it very costly for businesses to do this. It’s important to understand that I am not talking about reducing wages. What I’m talking about is the fact that this system is having a negative affect on the Australian hospitality industry’s competitiveness, and is also detrimental to the economy. This is why we in the industry should be excited to embrace the changes that are coming as a result of the change in government. As an industry representative with personal and professional insight into the running of cafĂŠs and restaurants around Australia, I am committed to shining the spotlight on the needs of the hospitality industry as a whole. One of Di Bella Coffee’s business mantras is, “There is only the futureâ€?, which is why I am excited at the prospect of changing public misconceptions about our industry to see it continue to grow and flourish now and into the future.

what’ s in












0.021kg = Total carbon emissions for one 8oz BioCup. T: 02 8060 9000

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Autumn 2013 saw Bite Size release two new and exciting flavours to add to their award-winning range. A chewy Choc Cherry bite, which one fan described as the love child of a decadent chocolate brownie and a cherrycoconut slice, is possibly the most addictive bite to date. With a texture similar to chocolate cake it has given chocoholics a new indulgence. Not a fan of chocolate? Try Australia’s favourite tea time accompaniment: the ANZAC cookie, made Bite Size. Launched ANZAC Day to the happy reception of hundreds of thousands Australia wide, it’s fast become a best seller. CONTACT

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THE CONSTABLE COPPER ALE Paying tribute to an important chapter in James Squire’s eventful life story. Squire transformed himself from a chicken thief and convict to a wealthy farmer and Australia’s first brewer. Ironically, Squire spent his later years as a district constable, protecting the land from trespassers and thieves – how the tables turned! A deep golden English-style ale, The Constable has a balanced nose of floral, citrus and earthy notes and a moderate hop-bitterness that lingers after the firm malt backbone. Only 3.4% ABV. The Constable Copper Ale is now available on tap and in packs (345 ml bottles). CONTACT

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GOLDEN BEAN COFFEE ROASTERS' GOOD WORK In October, Port Macquarie put on a month-long party celebrating the passion, creativity and bounty from its farmers, vignerons, brewers, entertainers and artists with the SBS Feast Tastings on Hastings food and wine festival. The festival was very apt and was at the perfect time to incorporate the Natvia Golden Bean Coffee Auction, which ultimately raised $1,200 for a worthy charity, the Port Macquarie Youth Hub. The Port Macquarie Youth Hub is a place for all young people between the ages of 8 to 25 years old. The organisation is across every situation and issue a young person may encounter, and it aims to be the ears and voice for those who need support and encouragement. Thank you to the roasters of the Natvia Golden Bean for sending in your extra bags of coffee to be auctioned.


10-11.indd 10

Another successful coffee networking

were requested by the judges to do a

event: this inaugural event took place

“Swan Off”, and the winner was Michael

at First Pour in Brisbane’s West End.

Oo, owner of Two Moos Specialty Coffee

Three finalists competed for the glory,

in Toowoomba.

battling it out in front of a crowd of

The gathering was the perfect

50 passionate coffee lovers. Raihaan

opportunity to officially launch Café

Esat from DiBella Coffee, Queensland,

Biz Brisbane, taking place in March

took out the final with his unique

2014. Café Culture has strong ties with

performance using infused herbs and

the QLD coffee community and is excited

fruits, including coffee berries, in a

about the prospect of moving the event

syphon for his specialty drink. Deb Finlay

to Brisbane.

from Toowoomba came a close second,

Mark your calendars for Café Biz, 15

with junior barista champion Bianca from

and 16 March 2014 @ Brisbane Show-

the Gold Coast in third place.


An impromptu latte art smackdown

Thanks to our sponsors for their con-

became a popular entertainment piece

tinued industry support: James Squire,

for the coffee mob, with twelve competi-

Crop DEL Monte, Veneziano Coffee

tors competing for the carton of James

Roasters, Bite Size Treats and QLD Coffee

Squire Beer. The final three contestants



ragan Sestic and his team at Dramanti Coffee Roasters dressed up recently and all for a good cause ... that’s if they really needed a reason. The charity in this case was Still I Rise, a 100% not-for-profit charity, funding counselling and physical therapy services for Australians affected by cancer. Dragan found out about the charity through his son’s basketball team when their coach, Daniel George, a cancer survivor, had spoken to the team about some ideas for fundraising. It was, however, Dragan who approached Daniel with the idea of dressing his staff in drag and selling coffee, with proceeds going towards the charity. Daniel George is the Founder of Still I Rise; he has had his own battle with cancer and the particular challenges he faced

led him to an insight that was to be the catalyst for the foundation of the charity. Dan felt incredibly fortunate to have access to world class medicine, with the team of doctors and nurses providing every opportunity for a positive outcome. However, there was a lack of nonmedical support both during treatment and once he overcame the disease. The limited support he was fortunate enough to find was so beneficial, that he has partnered with a group of amazing people whose sole goal is to help others have access to a similar support network. Little did Daniel know that his charity would lead him into such areas as dressing up in drag. As they say … all for a good cause! For more information about Still I Rise, go to:

20/11/13 8:29:47 AM

Guarantees a better deal for Third World Producers

GAME PLAN ... at piccolo me we aim to always serve the perfect coffee, ff the h way that h you enjoy it. Our location and clientele dictates our concept. We cater to our local clientele’s needs and wants by taking advantage of locally grown market fresh produce and serving our own boutique blend of coffee which is fairtrade organic and 100% Arabica. THE COFFEE ... roasted uniquely for us by Complete Coffee in thier new 48kg Brambati Roaster, a specific blend profile was created after months of working closely together, cupping and sampling coffee beans from East Asia and South America. We appreciate that Complete Coffee want to bring us closer to the roasting process and keep us involved so there are no smoke and mirrors, having a trusted supplier makes all the difference. The blend as an espresso has a distinct citrus sweetness with a smooth creamy finish. The blend with milk has engaging complex tones of both citrus and smooth milk chocolate. COMING UP ... our ever growing piccolo me brand is expanding, with two new sites opening soon on Castlereagh St Sydney CBD and also at Macquarie University. CONTACT US ... for more information about our brand, products and catering services please contact us on P 0405 290 222 W g Street,, Sydney y y F yp A 10 Bridge

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loria Jean’s Coffees has opened more than 800 coffee houses across 39 markets worldwide, including more than 400 coffee houses in Australia. Their vision is, “to be the most loved & respected coffee company worldwide.” To ensure their vision is met, training of their team members is vital. Excellence in coffee presentation is a critical element of the coffee experience and therefore barista competence including latte art, is a key skill for Gloria Jean’s Coffees team members. Gloria Jean’s Coffees employ dedicated in-house Operations trainers as mentors for team members. They are an espresso subject matter expert and facilitator in the Gloria Jean’s Coffees “Coffee University” training facility and coach, for every type of brew method used within the coffee industry. In addition to this, both barista and latte art competitions are held by state, country and also worldwide to highlight and celebrate the talent and skill of their baristas across the globe. All competitions are aligned with World Barista and Latte Art Championship standards ensuring they are staying up to date with technology, research and the latest trends around coffee. Testament to this is Gloria Jean’s Coffees very own NSW Operations Trainer, Elisha Mauger, who currently holds the


12-13.indd 12


National Cup Tasting Champion title and is ranked tenth in the world. The 2013 Gloria Jean’s Coffees Australian Latte Art Championship was recently held at the Darling Harbour Amphitheatre in Sydney with judges Lance Brown and Brent Williams in attendance. Our very own Sean Edwards, Managing Director of Café Culture Int. held centre stage as MC for the event. Sean has both judged and co ordinated many Latte Art competitions and has seen many champions over the years. “The level of competition now days is extremely high. It’s great to see Gloria Jean’s Coffees encouraging their baristas in this way and today we have seen some world class latte art served to the judges” Sean commented. Lance Brown from Lion Dairy & Drinks and Brent Williams from Da Vinci Gourmet are world accredited latte art judges. They have both been great advocates for the coffee industry and have been giving their time in the judges arena for more than 15 years collectively. The six finalists in this year’s competition performed against the clock to create their best latte art across two macchiatos, two free pour lattes and two designer lattes. And all within eight minutes! The coffee artistry skill that is ‘latte art’ is trending globally and baristas are now celebrated artists as they create wonderfully intricate designs with


The margin between the finalists was microscopic, with all BARISTAS COMPETING TO INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS, giving the judges

a really tough time. endless possibilities for creativity. “As skills have developed from a three leaf tulip several years ago, to now a 17 leaf rosetta in a macchiato cup, so has the interest in these types of competitions,” commented Lance Brown. At the end of the competition the margin between the finalists was microscopic, with all baristas competing to international standards giving the judges a really tough time. Finally, the unanimous winner on the day, all the way from WA, was Mario Villamagna with his stunning Cheeky Fish and Six Leaf Tulip designs. Congratulations Mario! Results: • The winner of the event was Mario Villamagna from the Fremantle Gloria Jean’s Coffees in WA • Mario won a $2,000 cheque and he will retain the prestigious title for 2 years • Second place was Lee Hodgkins from Gloria Jean’s Coffees Emerald, QLD and third place was Kevin Park, Gloria Jean’s Coffees Newington and Strathfield, NSW

21/11/13 4:54:03 PM



Photo courtesy of Sweet and Sour Fork

100 DISHES OF THE PACIFIC COAST One of the largest regions in NSW now has a stunning cookbook featuring the top restaurants along the legendary Pacific Coast from the Central Coast to the Tweed. Great images, recipes reflecting the eclectic character of each location, the creativity and expertise of leading chefs deliver a unique culinary journey along the NSW coast with 100 Dishes of the Pacific Coast. 100 Dishes of the Pacific Coast is a collaboration of North Coast chefs, photographers and passionate foodies lovingly crafted throughout the past six months. Tastes of the sea, rivers, fertile farm land and mountains are the key ingredients in this 200 page edition released this month and selling for only $29.95 at each of the featured restaurants, or online by visiting

12-13.indd 13

MELBOURNE FIRST - NEANDERTHAL DELIVERS NITROGEN-CHARGED COLD BREW COFFEE ON TAP! ombining a nitrogen-powered beer tap, craft coffee and third wave principles, brothers Dax and Nicholas Byrne have created a first for Melbourne at South Yarra’s NBHD Neanderthal, cold brew coffee “on tap”. Aiming to change Melbourne’s perception of cold brew coffee, the NBHD Neanderthal team has been hard at work developing their unique flagship product, the “Nitro Cold Brew”. Bucking the more typical third wave coffee trends, including pour-over, syphon and cold-drip, the “Nitro Cold Brew” brings together coffee, science and friends. According to the team, they had heard about a cold brew concept at Stumptown Coffee in the US; however, the spark of inspiration for the NBHD Neanderthal “Nitro Cold Brew” came during a late night out at a local tavern. After watching a bartender quickly and efficiently


pouring cold amber liquid from a frozen beer tap, Dax and Nicholas questioned, “...why not?” With an inquisitive approach and a dream of making traditional coffee brewing more accessible, the team has gradually developed an innovative technique to serve artisanal coffee fast, cold and strong. Blasting cold brew with nitrogen through hardware and equipment more commonly reserved for draught beer, NBHD Neanderthal have reinvented coffee for summer. “Nitro Cold Brew” was unveiled in late September at NBHD Neanderthal and is now available on tap for all to enjoy. The Byrne brothers invite all coffee enthusiasts to pay their South Yarra neighbourhood café a visit and to share in the beginning of the next wave of Melbourne’s coffee culture.

20/11/13 8:30:47 AM

14-15.indd 14

18/11/13 3:51:07 PM





14-15.indd 15

18/11/13 3:51:15 PM





in Ne w Caledonia In May of this year I had the pleasure of supplying g and installing a 60KG COFFEE ROASTING LINE E IN NEW CALEDONIA for local company Royal Pacifique S.A. This being my first visit to the island, d, it was surprisingly only a one and a half hour flight ht from Brisbane. The Café Culture team on hearing of my visit, asked if I could share my experience.


have to admit I was a bit surprised when I was contacted by co-owner and Managing Director, Nicolas Fouligny, after initially providing quotes back in July of 2011. This strengthened my belief that you never know where your next sale is going to come from and how important it is to make every effort to respond to enquiries, no matter where they come from. From my initial conversations with Nicolas, I immediately knew this would be a fun and exciting project to work on. It is great to be able to experience other coffee markets and learn from their culture and history. Nicolas was more than happy to educate me on the history of his company, which is an amazing story of growth and success. The French took formal possession of New Caledonia in 1853 under orders from Napoleon III. The island, with a population of 256,000, contains an eclectic cultural mix of Kanak people (the original inhabitants), white Europeans, Polynesian people and South East-Asian people. French is the main language spoken on the island, and there are quite a number of indigenous languages spoken as well. New Caledonia contains approximately 25% of the world’s nickel resources, and the island’s economy is heavily reliant on the mining industry. The island is truly a paradise just off our shores and one that every Australian should enjoy at some point in their lives. Royal Pacifique was founded in 1921 to take advantage of the quality coffee grown in New

16-17.indd 16

Caledonia’s sub-tropical climate with rich fertile It was great to see the busy operation in soil, and it has only had two owners since then. action. The company also handles all their own The country was well known for its Leroy Coffee distribution, with four small trucks that take on (also known as Pointed Bourbon) once enjoyed average two full days to cover the whole island by Winston Churchill. Over 90% of the coffee and also the smaller ones. The Royal Pacifique grown on the island is of a Robusta variety; brand is everywhere, and Nicolas proudly tells however, efforts are being put into growing me that they are sold in all stores on the island. the specialty coffee segment, mainly of the Red Recently they have been developing their Bourbon Arabica distribution to the variety. Whilst in the catering sector, as well past the company as mining camps. had focused on locally Through ongoing One of the highlights of the trip grown coffee, these quality of their was witnessing head roaster days Nicolas informed products and dedicated Edouard’s look of UTTER FEAR AND BEWILDERMENT at the me that the majority customer service, Royale sight of the PLC touchscreen of coffee they roast Pacifique have grown panel. in Royale Pacifique to now occupy two is imported from thirds market share of Australian broker the local whole and Cofi Com. The main origins used in their blends ground coffee market. The rapid growth over are from Papua New Guinea, Central/South the previous decade was the catalyst for Royale America, Hawaii and Brazil. The bulk of their Pacifique to upgrade their roasting facility. When I sales is in their traditional line of Royale Pacifique arrived, it was hard to believe that they had been ground and whole beans, which have been in the doing over 5 tonnes a week on a 1960s Probat market since the company was founded in 1921. diesel roaster and a recently decommissioned 20 Royale Pacifique have in total around 60 various kg French diesel roaster, after 45 years of service products, including the many house brands they that was originally wood fired. They had been produce for mainly local French chains. They also working these machines to the bone and after roast and pack for coffee pods, which they have the order was placed for the new equipment, been doing since 2006. Their third area of coffee the sense of urgency became apparent after supply comes from instant soluble coffee, which the French roaster had broken down and was Nicolas says unfortunately represents the biggest unrepairable. Prior to the installation there was a consumption locally. period of 2 to 3 months where they were trying

20/11/13 8:31:55 AM



to manage this volume with the one roaster. The sense of relief expressed from Nicolas once the new roaster was delivered was clearly evident. Coffee Roasters Australia supplied a 60 kg Has Garanti diesel coffee roaster with PLC control, 120 kg stainless steel destoner and all the ductwork. The equipment arrived safely and was unpacked when I arrived for the installation. The first job was to position the equipment and connect it together. We managed to get this part done in a relatively short time on the Sunday that I arrived. On the Monday I met with local electrician Patrick who, along with his team, commenced the installation of the 3 phase electrical circuit. I got to know Patrick quite well while there and really enjoyed hearing his life story. I was very impressed with his professionalism and being based on a relatively small island, he had extensive experience as an industrial electrician, covering most industries on the island. Patrick was also kind enough to introduce me to the local delicacy of escargot one night. I was relieved when it came out smothered with enough garlic and butter to provide a familiar taste. Whilst Patrick’s team were working on the electrical connection, work was also done on the diesel tank connection. There were some scary times trying to get a forklift into the facility via a crane “island style”. How someone didn’t end up hospitalised from that operation was a miracle. For the local contractors it just seemed like another day on the job, which in many ways reminded of the construction worked I witnessed in Shanghai working off bamboo scaffolding. The rest of the installation went through pretty smoothly. We had some issues with the voltage fluctuations on the 3 phase circuit that required some adjusting to the variable speed drives. Being in an industrial

16-17.indd 17

area, the fluctuations were quite high at certain periods of the day. Once the installation was complete, that left us with a couple of days for training with the head roaster and his young apprentice. One of the highlights of the trip was witnessing head roaster Edouard’s look of utter fear and bewilderment at the sight of the PLC touchscreen panel. He had never seen such technology and when Nicolas informed me of his story, it all made sense. Edouard is a second generation roaster at Royale Pacifique, having following in his father’s footsteps. Edouard used to come home from school and chop wood for his father to use as fuel for the company’s wood roaster (the same one only recently decommissioned). Edouard, in his late 50s, has been with the company a very long time, roasting on the same roasters, so the sight of the new technology was understandably a scary prospect for him. Nicolas advised me that Edouard was hesitant and wanted to keep roasting on the Probat he was used to and have the apprentice, named Dominique, learn on the new one. After a few demonstrations and some calming reassurance, Edouard was on his

way roasting on the new roaster with ease. The first day he roasted approximately 20 batches back to back and there was no longer any interest from Edouard in the old roaster, which was formally handed over to young apprentice Dominique to continue his initiation. Production was again working like clockwork, with the ladies in the packing room struggling to keep up with the roasted coffee now piling up. It had been the other way around for quite some time, so the jokes between the staff, albeit difficult to understand in French, were amusingly translated by Nicolas. Nicolas has recently advised me that the future looks very promising. Since the installation they have been proudly displaying their new roasting line to customers and have picked up new contracts, both local and international. In 2014 Royale Pacifique will be moving into a newly purpose built facility. We have started work with them on a new roasted coffee silo and grinding system in order to improve production efficiencies. Hopefully if I get to go over again, I will have time to enjoy more of the majestic wonders the island has to offer.

20/11/13 8:32:11 AM




MUKI Y E U N G Account Manager - Ducale Coffee


format to the stage and some new talent to the fore. We now catch up with Muki for a quick chat to find out what and who has inspired her to make coffee her life.

i Muki. Tell us how you became involved in cafés and coffee? Coffee started as a part-time job for me while I was doing my business degree. I was working at Gloria Jean’s and McCafé early on, and at that point it was only a job. It wasn’t until I met Robert Stewart from DC Coffee that I really started to get into coffee. Rob is incredibly passionate about coffee and the industry, and he got me hooked. I had my own café for a while then worked at a few others, including Double Roasters and Kitchen by Mike. I felt like it was the right choice. I learnt much more by working for other experienced people, and I had a chance to develop my skills as a barista in a busy environment. Nothing like pumping out 15 kg a day to teach you how to be efficient and quick! Where do you currently work? I am now working at DC Coffee (Ducale

18-19.indd 18

Coffee) as a Trainer and Territory Manager for NSW. It feels like it’s come full circle, from once being trained by Rob all those years ago to be able to work with him on the same team now. It’s a great company to work for, it’s a terrific work environment, and I’ve got room to move and grow in the team. It really goes to show that with the right support and training, how far you can go in this industry. I love training people and hope that my passion in coffee is as contagious as Rob’s. Have you had much time on the competition circuit? I started in competitions this year, with the support from DC and won my first event, the Chux Barista Cup at Fine Food Sydney 2013. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a win! I figured I’d just give it my best shot. There were 8 competitors, and we had to make eleven drinks in ten minutes. Ten random drinks, dine in and takeaway, sometimes including Da Vinci syrups from a random menu that was different each round and one specialty drink. We were judged on temperature, latte art and taste. I was really nervous for my first two rounds, but I think I performed really well in the finals. It was a

great competition that replicated how it could be in a real café. The prize was a trophy and a trip to Port Macquarie to attend the Natvia Golden Bean Coffee Roaster event run by Café Culture. I got a few rolls of Chux wipes also! How was the Golden Bean experience for you. Did it meet expectations? The Golden Bean was a great event. I really enjoyed being able to network and work with really talented people from the industry. The evening events were great and the sense of camaraderie and friendliness is something I’ve never experienced in other industries. It’s great that even though we’re competitors, we’re still able to get along. I have to thank the Café Culture crew for giving me the opportunity to go ... can’t wait ‘til next year. Any last words? I consider myself one of the lucky few who get to work in an industry that is both a hobby and career. It’s an industry that is constantly changing and growing. I plan on continuing in competitions over the years, do some more roasting and maybe travel to origin one day. There’s always more to learn and more people to educate.

18/11/13 3:57:50 PM

18-19.indd 19

18/11/13 3:57:30 PM

20-21.indd 20

20/11/13 8:32:55 AM


ROASTERY SUPPLY Proudly Supplying Australian & New Zealand Coffee Industries For Over 50 Years

Diedrich Coffee Roasters Actionpac Packaging Scales Did you know that up to


of your espresso shot is


Ditting Coffee Grinders Mahlkoenig Coffee Grinders Fetco Coffee Brewers Cona Coffee Siphons

WITH BRITA you will:

improve flavour, taste, crema, aroma & milk texturing reduce calcium magnesium, lead, copper, zinc, chlorine & heavy metals au Call 1300 557 762

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Brew-Rite Filter Papers

“Everything for a great cup of coffee ... except the beans!”

Sydney: +61 2 9792 4475 Christchurch: +64 21 338 505

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C o f f e e

R o a s t e r y

Located on busy South Road, one of Adelaide’s most important arterial roads, you will find Coffee Craft. Although in the making for just over a decade, Coffee Craft was officially launched five years ago, emerging out of the need to service consumers with A ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL THINGS COFFEE. A unique setup, it consists of the cellar door, front of house operation and coffee shop as well as the beanery for Patio Coffee Roasters, which is their newly launched wholesale arm of the business. afé Culture caught up with owner Basil Papas to find out a little more about this evolving business. Who is Coffee Craft? Basil and Anastasia Papas – Owners, Master Roaster and Business Development. Liam Kearney – Operations Manager, Trainer and Assistant Roaster. Danny, Tim and John – our team of trainers and technicians and all round good guys. What is the concept behind Coffee Craft, and how did it evolve? The Coffee Craft concept emerged as we could see a need to service our customers with a one stop shop for all things coffee. We have been operating on South Road for five years now and have developed a very

22-23.indd 22

loyal customer base for our coffee, beans and equipment, supplying homes and offices all over Adelaide with coffee machines and their weekly supply of freshly roasted coffee. Our core business is fresh roasted coffee beans sold mainly to homes and offices; however, our wholesale accounts are building nicely. How is Coffee Craft physically set up – are all sections of the business under one roof? All Coffee Craft business is under the one roof – with its own 15 kilo batch roaster and training rooms plus repair centre. We also have a fully equipped showroom with domestic and commercial machines for home, office and cafés. The premises also include our business office and sampling cellar door

café. What R & D do Coffee Craft participate in to ensure premium products are on offer? Our product is small batch roasted and we offer over 20 single origins at any one time, to ensure that premium coffee is delivered. Excellent contact and communication is maintained and upheld with our green bean suppliers, co-ops and privately owned ethical farms to ensure premium products. We regularly roast and cup our coffees to develop the best roasting profiles for each bean. How do you build your brand i.e. social media, etc.? Whilst social media has been an important marketing tool for us, the business was built

21/11/13 4:55:08 PM


“ Here at Coffee Craft

we strive to employ the best and most experienced staff possible. Given that we run with a very small and tight knit team of staff, training is crucial to our business performance. All of our staff work daily on cupping and blending coffees for both milk and espresso. ”

on word of mouth and street presence. Our location on South Road has proved to be an asset for us, given the high traffic flow past our business. Our website has helped drive traffic into our store as well, with people looking to buy machines preferring the personalised service and actually being able to put their hands on a machine, rather than ordering off the internet and not seeing the physical unit and how it looks in the flesh. We do run an active social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. How does Coffee Craft ensure staff expertise across all facets of the business? Here at Coffee Craft we strive to employ the best and most experienced staff possible. Given that we run with a very small and tight knit team of staff, training is crucial to our business performance. All of our staff work daily on cupping and blending coffees for both milk and espresso. Training on machines and other coffee equipment is given as well in staff demonstration and training nights on new products that come in to our store. Patio Coffee: How long has this side of the business been in operation? Patio Coffee is a new name for the wholesale arm of Coffee Craft. The new brand launched on 1 July 2013 with a new image and direction for the company, focusing on quality, ethically sourced coffee, roasted in small batches to preserve the freshness of the coffee. We strive to have a quick turnover of roasted coffee, ensuring that nothing stays after roasting for longer than 2 weeks.

22-23.indd 23

Who is your roaster; where did they learn their skills? Basil Papas was given the opportunity to roast at the early age of 18 years. Twenty-six years ago, the “King of Coffee”, Gus Savvas, employed Basil to take over roasting and producing coffee at Connoisseurs’ Choice located in Adelaide’s famous Central Market. From here, Savvas House was opened and over the next 5 years further coffee knowledge was obtained by Basil, through a growing business. What type of roaster does Basil use? Basil has two roasters on site. Our small batch roaster is a 15 kg Has Garanti that takes care of the single origin, organic and small batch Fair Trade coffees we supply. For our wholesale accounts we have a 30 kg Toper that is used to supply the bulk of our coffee, including our larger batch single origins and blends. Do you contract roast, or is your coffee always Patio branded? A majority of our coffee is Patio branded, including all the coffee that goes out to the home and office market. In saying that, we do contract roast for a large number of clients who prefer to have their own branding. We also have a dedicated team here that helps with branding and image development for the businesses that we supply, from helping with logos to complete customised café fit outs. What would be the ratio of home coffee to wholesale? At the moment, our home coffee market makes up about 30% of our overall bean trade, with that broken down to about 50% single origin trade, from our wide variety of available single origin coffees.

What are your thoughts on travelling to origin, or have you found that the recent increase in green bean importers is all that is necessary for you to secure good quality? These days travelling to origin is not quite as important due to excellent knowledge, skill and communication with coffee merchants. However, any offer of a trip to origin would certainly be considered. Are there further plans for expansion of the business? Yes – there will be expansion for Patio Coffee in the near future, which will include micro-mill set-ups across the nation. Keep up to date on our website for more details. Thanks Basil and Liam ... Café Culture wishes you and the team success in the future.

20/11/13 8:34:17 AM

24-25.indd 24

17/11/13 5:48:15 PM

®/™ are trademarks of Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company Inc.

Caffeine gone. Superlatives intact.

21/11/13 4:56:02 PM

24-25.indd 25



With over 600 coffee roasters in Australia, cafĂŠs have never been in a better position for choice. COFFEE NOTES IS COMPILED EACH ISSUE TO BRING YOU JUST A SAMPLE OF SOME OF THESE AMAZING COFFEES. This fourth edition of Coffee Notes now brings you seven great

coffees critiqued by our panel of judges, evaluated first as espresso and then as milk based coffees.


LUPO CAFFE Maestro Arrosto

With great body and good acidity, this is a well

This coffee has good acidity straight up with a

balanced coffee with interesting citric notes. A

lingering aftertaste containing dark chocolate notes.

very pleasant espresso overall. Combined with

With a pleasant syrupy sweetness, this coffee is

milk, the coffee is still nicely balanced. The acidity

perfect as an espresso. With milk the acidity breaks

still persists, but the sweetness and full flavour

through to give a predominantly sweet and nutty

bring through caramel buttery notes. Pleasant

flavour. Again, a lingering aftertaste holds in this


well balanced coffee.



This coffee is a fantastic example of a well roasted

Brunetti Black is a full bodied blend that features

espresso. Very well balanced, and the acidity is right on

a pepper and spicy dark chocolate aroma. It has

the ball. A great roasting technique has managed to

a good balance overall. This coffee cuts through

extract the best out of the coffees involved in the blend.

when accompanied with milk, but really stands

A delicate sweetness with a hint of caramel and toffee

out as an espresso. It has a continued lingering

shows through when milk is added. Still well balanced,

chocolate aftertaste and full body.

this coffee would suit an Italian style of brewing, as the

name suggests.

HIPSTER COFFEE le espresso

MELBA COFFEE Organic Deluxe

This excellent espresso is complex and rich, but not too

Great espresso with a lovely, mellow body and

intense. With a great chocolate and fruit combination,

delicate flavours. Very well balanced, perfect level

the cup finish is velvety with a lingering aftertaste.

of acidity, blackberry and dark chocolate notes.

Espresso drinkers would appreciate this cup. This coffee

A well roasted coffee with a long and pleasant

also cuts through milk incredibly well, still holds its body

aftertaste. Works well as a milk based coffee,

and continues with a long aftertaste. A good balance

with further nutty flavours persisting in the finish.

of chocolate and toffee notes in the background to the

fruitiness, ensuring a sweet coffee with good cut through.

SUPREME ROASTERS Sweet Cocoa As an espresso, this coffee has a lovely syrupy mouthfeel, good balance and flavours of black current and berries with chocolate earthy notes. The perfect level of acidity. This well roasted coffee also works with milk, holding its body and characteristic nuances of both dark and light cocoa sweetness through a long aftertaste.

26-27.indd 26




Coffee Brothers

Global Coffee

3Brothers Australia Pty Ltd

20/11/13 8:35:45 AM









During the CHUX BARISTA CUP earlier this year, we took the opportunity to ask the baristas their thoughts on the equipment being supplied for the competition. After some excellent feedback, we decided to use this same equipment to test the seven coffees to feature in the next instalment of Coffee Notes. ESPRESSO MACHINE – Futurmat F3 – high cup, 2 group, single boiler with temperature restrictors. Stainless with red/white/ black (or customisable) side panels. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: • Steam arms and water outlet that rotate • 2 independent steam arms • Independent water supply for each group head • Coffee dosification controlled by microprocessor • Water level in the boiler electronically controlled HAVE THEIR


TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Power: 400 W Conical Grinding Blades: 68 mm Motor: 400 rpm (60 Hz) Hopper Capacity: 1.4 kg Net Weight:16 kg Dimensions: 250 x 360 x 635 mm Dose Counter: Yes Colour: Silver, dark grey, black, red Grinder Feedback from baristas: • Stepless feature makes for small and effortless grind adjustments • Very quiet, which is helpful with general noise control in a café environment • Continuous grind option is easy to use • Push point/switch on group entry is a great idea against a separate button activated by hand • Price point is significantly lower than other conical digital grinders on the market Price: $1662.00 +gst

26-27.indd 27

ised m o Cust ng i d n Bra


• Steam pressure consistent under load • Steam switch is easy to use – switches full on and full off very quickly • Minimal movement of steam arm is handy, as it is set in an optimum position for control • Easy to clean – surface areas are straight and visible/accessible • Consistent extractions under load • Good temperature control on extractions as a result of mechanical restrictors • Minimal digital technology means this machine is a workhorse • Cup height perfect for takeaway coffee, or tray for lifting ceramics Price: 2 group tall – $4859.00 +gst 3 group tall – $5800.00 +gst Final say: The F3 has solid clean stainless steel panels and looks really unique with the various coloured side panels – easily customised. The overall feel of the machine is solid and as with the M7D grinder used for this test, the F3 has a fantastic price point.

• Hot Cups • Double Wall Cups • Horizontal Swirl Cups









With a commitment to quality and excellence, we offer a wide range of high quality disposable products such as: cups, snack boxes, greaseproof paper, plastic cutlery, napkins, gloves and more.


46 cm

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3000 W

51 kg

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46 cm

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77 cm

13 L

3500 W

63 kg


46 cm

57 cm

94 cm

18 L

4600 W

76 kg


46 cm

57 cm

118 cm

24 L

5000 W

96 kg

Global Coffee Solutions p. 1300 552 883 e. w.

Phone 02 9677 2899 Fax 02 9677 2911 Email Web

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28-29.indd 28

17/11/13 5:52:49 PM

28-29.indd 29

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fter many years of being a “Coffee Widow”, it was my turn to visit a country of Origin. For me it was tea and the beautiful island of Sri Lanka! With my love of tea and an invitation from Andrew Mackay of Cofi-Com to tour a plantation, I started to plan my trip. With my dear friend Tracey, jumping at the chance to join me, it was just a matter of booking hotels and a driver. I have no doubt that our experience in Sri Lanka was enhanced by our driver, Ashok, a very gentle and spiritual man, with an endless wealth of knowledge! From the bustle of Colombo to the hilltops of Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka is an amazing kaleidoscope of colour and culture. Most of the tea production in Sri Lanka is in the Central District, around the city of Nuwara Eliya. At an altitude of 1,868 m and with a temperate climate, it is ideal for growing tea. After choosing to visit Sri Lanka in July, monsoon season, we were treated to the continual light rain and eerie mists that added a mystical quality to the hillsides. The photos of the plantations I had seen did not

30-31.indd 30

do justice to the countryside. Rolling hills with withering and rolling of the tea leaves. Whilst perfected aligned rows of tea plants, all plucked visiting the Pedro Tea Estate in Nuwara Eliya, by hand, yet amazingly even! I was given the opportunity to experience tea Tea was introduced into Sri Lanka (previously picking! This 546 Ha estate was most impressive, known as Ceylon), by the British in the 1860s. with its pristine processing plant and the cupping Many of the early tea estates were originally room proudly displaying some of Sri Lanka’s coffee plantations. best tea awards. The Due to a lack of coffee staff from Lovers Leap knowledge, and as the Boutique were excited demand for tea grew, to dress me up in A FAST AND EFFICIENT WOMAN CAN PICK UP TO by the 1880s the British some protective gear 10 KILOS IN ONE SHIFT, had converted the crops for picking and send sometimes 25 kilos in a day. The to tea. In 2012 Sri Lanka me out to ‘pluck’ a weight of their basket is written produced approximately basketful of tea! Ten into their personal log books and 325 million kilos of tea, minutes and 100 grams a bonus is paid to them at the a mere 10% of the later, I was frustrated end of the month. world’s tea production. by having to push The country is best my way through the known for its black tea tightly planted rows of and exports 94% of the tea grown. tea plants, suffering scratches and being rained I had the pleasure of visiting several on the whole time. It certainly gave me a new plantations, learning about the different methods appreciation of tea! of fermentation and processing. I was surprised Tea plants from the South of India were the to learn that for every 100 kg of tea picked, less first to be introduced to Sri Lanka. For this reason than 25 kg is yielded. Most of this is lost in the the local Indians, known as the Tamils, were also

20/11/13 8:36:38 AM

brought to Sri Lanka to cultivate the crops. To this

about a lady we had heard of from Melbourne

day it is the Tamils who work the tea plantations.

now living in Sri Lanka and running an ophanage,

Most of the tea pickers are women, while the

we made a few phone calls and found her! We

Tamil men work in the vegetable gardens. Every

were very honoured and blessed to spend the day

imaginable plot of land has either tea or vegetables

at the Boys Home in Hewadiela, Central Sri Lanka.

growing on it. I was fortunate enough to see

St. Anthony’s Boys Home is home to 30 beautiful

what happens at the end of a shift in the estates.

boys aged between 4 and 16 years old. The Home

Ashok pulled our car over just as the women came

is run by a remarkable woman named Ollie, who

down from the fields to a weigh-in point. As they

had lived in Melbourne for over 30 years, before

unharnessed their baskets, they were weighed on old scales. The pickers earn a monthly wage, and then are paid a per kilo price on the tea they pick. A fast and efficient woman can pick up to 10 kilos in one shift, sometimes 25 kilos in a day. The weight of their basket is written into their personal log books and a bonus is paid to them at the end of the month. I was humbled by the harsh conditions these women work in and how hard working they are for minimal wages. The people were also quick to pose for a photo and just as quick to ask for some

deciding to go back to Sri Lanka in 2004 to support and help the poor. The boys called me “Auntie”, played cricket with me, borrowed my mobile phone and took hundreds of “selfies”, proving children are the same the world over! They were bubbly, well mannered and couldn’t wait to show us their dormitories and small collection of possessions. The pure joy on their faces as we offered each boy a bag of school books, pencils, erasers and chocolate biscuits will stay with me always. So if you are looking for a holiday that offers

Rupee to supplement their wages! Sri Lanka is a

golden beaches, rainforests, tea plantations,

country still trying to rebuild after the devastation of

scrumptious cuisine, and beautiful people, try

the 2004 Tsunami, when over 56,000 people were

Sri Lanka. You can visit temples, the Elephant

killed. Add to that a 26 year civil war, and you can

Orphanage, climb Sigiriya Rock or go stilt fishing!

understand the poor conditions some people still

Every day was an adventure.

live in. For Ashok, our driver, nothing was too much trouble to organise. After a conversation with him

30-31.indd 31

I would like to thank Andrew Mackay from Cofi-Com and Ashok Dias from Tea Drop for their assistance during my stay at the Tea Estates.

20/11/13 8:36:51 AM

32-33.indd 32

20/11/13 8:37:15 AM



wo of Australia’s most loved food and beverage companies have announced an exciting new venture that will see delicious world-class pastries partnered alongside some of the best coffee in Australia. Iconic specialty coffee company Di Bella Coffee will supply specially crafted, sustainable, high quality coffee to well-known Australian pastry legend Brunetti Café. As part of a redevelopment venture, Victorian-based café Brunetti has had unique coffee blends exclusively designed by Phillip Di Bella and roasted by Di Bella Coffee to match their premier pastries. The bold and well-crafted Nero blend is ideal for the true espresso purist, while Latte has been expertly crafted to suit the Australian preference for milk-based coffee. These delicious coffee blends have been crafted using some of the highest quality green beans available from around the world, with roasting profiles expertly formed to meet the evolving needs of the Brunetti group and preferences of their customers. Yuri Angele, co-owner of Brunetti, is excited about mutual benefits that will result from this business venture. In particular, he noted the added value that the partnership will bring to the customer experience. “The coffee experience is an incredibly important part of our business and it’s essential that we have the right ingredients to create a consistently great coffee for all our customers.” Fabio Angele, the second half of Brunetti brand said, “In 1996 we won an award for the best coffee, but since then the coffee industry

32-33.indd 33

has grown a lot; there’s more competition and consumers are more educated about the quality of beans. The move with Phillip Di Bella is about evolving and keeping up with what’s happening in the marketplace.” The two outstanding companies share many similarities that showcase the perfect alignment of both brands, including their history and shared dedication to quality and customer service excellence. From humble beginnings on Faraday Street in 1991, the Angelé family have built and transformed Brunetti Café into an authentic and memorable Pasticceria experience. Brunetti brings authentic European style cakes, sweets and desserts to the tastebuds of consumers in Carlton, Camberwell, central Melbourne and overseas in Singapore and Dubai. Established as a start-up coffee roaster in 2002, Di Bella Coffee was founded by entrepreneur Phillip Di Bella with the vision to provide the ultimate coffee experience to its customers. The company is now recognised as a company of choice in retail and wholesale markets both online and in a number of major cafés and restaurants in Australia, New Zealand, India and China. Di Bella Coffee Managing Director Phillip Di Bella said he too was looking forward to working with Brunetti and aligning with a business with a shared passion for quality and dedication to customer service. “We are dedicated to delivering the ultimate coffee experience, and we are excited to work with a business that shares the same commitment to quality and customer service as we do.”

Brunetti and Di Bella Coffee: the perfect pair.

Specialty blends created by

exclusively for Brunetti

w w w. b r u n e t t i . c o m . a u

17/11/13 6:09:36 PM

PAT CONNOLLY – Veneziano Coffee (Roaster) The 2013 Natvia Golden Bean roasting competition rose to new heights yet again. It is an event that I greatly look forward to each year. To have your coffee appraised, judged and awarded by your peers is a truly rewarding and educational experience. To be able to meet and talk with so many coffee roasters and coffee professionals in one place is a hard thing to achieve in Australia, but Café Culture seem to pull it off so effortlessly each year. With industry experts and international guests giving insightful presentations about all things coffee, and sponsors hosting casual evening drinks, it is truly a fun and relaxing way to learn and network at the same time. The Golden Bean remains the coffee event of the year!

TERCIO BORBA AND THIAGO BORBA – 3Brothers (Green Bean importer) “It was an absolute pleasure to be involved in such a well-organised event. The team effort by Café Culture / Golden Bean was flawless, and the baristas did an amazing job. The greatest part for us was to take all the feedback given by coffee roasters along with photographs, some medals and stories then sharing it directly with the farmers and their families in Brazil. Their pride and passion for what they do only increases when they feel integrally part of such a great event, and for us this is priceless. Thanking you all and keep up the good work!” (Tercio Borba and Thiago Borba – 3Brothers Australia)

ADAM METELMANN – (Natvia Golden Bean Barista) When I was asked to participate as a barista for this year’s Natvia Golden Bean, the thought of being able to work with 1,300 roasted coffees from around the country coupled with the industry’s best people, I pretty much couldn’t pack my bag fast enough. I had my thoughts about what the event would be like, but what I encountered by far exceeded my expectations. The Engine Room was full of like minded professionals, with a wealth of knowledge and brilliant coffee minds. This is pure heaven for a barista to share extractions, shop and gear talk ... all with a vibe that was purely focused on the honour of presenting only the best for the massive task at hand.



the innovative


34-35.indd 34

18/11/13 4:37:18 PM



The Natvia Golden Bean not only attracted record numbers of entries and delegates, but also had a week of perfect coastal weather in Port Macquarie. This year’s event ran for four days and the judging was intense but very well organised by Anne Cooper, our new Head Judge. The coffees tested over the weekend were made by world class barista champions, and completing the judging was the strong turn out of coffee roasters. An interesting line up of speakers included Andrew Hetzel from Hawaii and Matt Milletto from Bellisimo coffee in Portland, Oregon. A green bean buying day was included this year, creating some forward moving business sales for all involved.

ANNE COOPER – ROASTRESS It was almost fitting that the theme for the awards dinner at the Natvia Golden Bean this year was “Back to School” because, in essence, it’s essentially what we did with the judging format this year. Overseen by myself as Head Mistress (Roastress!) and Category Head Judges (Class teachers!), those that had come to judge from far and wide were allocated to one of the 12 categories, paired up with a judging buddy and then stayed in their category for the whole event. Also, to ensure consistency all the way through to the final, each category had a dedicated team of baristas, runners and various other support crew, which kept the engine room humming and the coffee flowing smoothly out to the judges. And, like a report card, the judging sheets were reformatted this year to be better geared toward generating clear, constructive feedback to the roasters who had put their heart and soul into their entries. Because, not only is the feedback valuable, but winning a medal in the largest roasting competition in the Southern Hemisphere (with approx. 1,300 entries this year!) is a nod of recognition from industry peers that you’re doing all right! For many attending Golden Bean this year, not only was it a fabulous week of networking and socialising with those you would rarely have a chance to meet face to face, but many also went away this year inspired from their judging experience - feeling it was a great opportunity to advance their own sensory analysis skills, which could then be taken back and further applied into their own businesses. Thanks to the dedication, passion and enthusiasm by all involved, this year has been touted as one of the Best Golden Bean events so far, and we definitely cannot wait for next year! Dates have been set for next year’s event in Port Macquarie for the 7 - 11 October 2014, so fill in the calendar and become part of this caffeine fuelled convention.

34-35.indd 35

18/11/13 4:38:53 PM



Overal WINN l ER Winner


PROUD MARY The Natvia Golden Bean is awarded to one coffee roaster each year. The awards process for this accolade consists of Australian coffee roasters submitting coffees in both Espresso and Milk Based categories. The total scores for each category are then added together to find the winner. AFTER TWO YEARS OF TAKING OUT GOLD IN THE MILK BASED CATEGORY, PROUD MARY COFFEE HAS NOW RISEN TO THE TOP,

scoring high enough in the Espresso category to take out the overall prize of Golden Bean winner for 2013. Congratulations, Proud Mary. Roaster Marichi Clarke with James Yeoman roud Mary is only a young company. Starting life 4 years ago as a café in the back streets of Collingwood, Proud Mary has become a real contender in specialty coffee roasting, opening its roastery doors to wholesale clients less than three years ago. With an insatiable passion for coffee, Nolan Hirte and his team work hard to get the best out the beans they source directly from the farms around the world, both at the café and at the roasting house in industrial Footscray. Walking into the café you would be easily mistaken to think you were at a mini ‘70s dance party. There is a line up out the door, music is pumping, and the air is thick with excitement. Everyone is happy to be here, and this stems from happy and engaged staff. As a customer at Proud Mary café, why wouldn’t you be happy with a café that is not just about its coffee! This café celebrates the good things in life! Chris Hamburger, Head Chef, delivers a vibrant and


36-37.indd 36

seasonal all day breakfast menu and a killer

This is where the real story comes from. If we,

lunch menu that will leave your taste buds

the roasters, are doing our jobs properly, those

wanting more! Even the specialty tea menu is

amazing characteristics in each coffee should

put together with some of the finest teas in

make it to the cup. This is where the real magic

town. With education being at the forefront of

comes in.

the ethos of Proud Mary, all staff are given the

It is pretty hard to not get caught up in the

chance to really learn what they want, hence

excitement of really supporting farmers and

their joy at being a part of this buzzing venue.

knowing that every cup of coffee you drink is

This education allows for the free flow of

actually making a difference. The core philosophy

information from staff members to the public,

of Proud Mary, beyond education and ethical

ensuring that Proud Mary acts as the champion

business practice, is really about bridging the gap

and voice for all the coffee farmers it supports.

between farmer and consumer.

Nolan explains his mentality like this: At Proud Mary, both at our café in

Nolan sources all the beans for the company, travelling far and wide to find the absolute best.

Collingwood and our Roastery in Footscray,

His exceptional palate often takes him off the

we are doing our best to be transparent with

beaten path to find as yet undiscovered gems ...

our customers – passing on all the information

special farms that have been overlooked by other

we have on each coffee, with our main aim

coffee hunters, for whatever reason. He can then

being to showcase the natural qualities of each

reveal his find to the world back at home, and

coffee. I’ve learnt that it is not about glorifying

with any luck, help that farmer get the credit and

the roaster or the barista. It is about the farmer,

money that is due to them for their hard work.

what altitude the coffee is grown, which varietal, or the type of soil and the processing method.

Often conducting green sourcing trips in an off the cuff manner, directed by the promise

21/11/13 4:59:37 PM


Proud Mary Owner Nolan Hirte of quality coffee, Nolan travels to meet the farmers and build real relationships with them. These relationships operate on transparency; everyone knows what they are getting. By shaking hands on a price at the farm, Nolan can negotiate a fair price for a coffee depending on how good the coffee tastes.

The roaster or green importer cannot make a

Often facing days of non-stop assessment of

a coffee into the end user’s cup and so many

sustainable business out of financially supporting farmers to produce better coffee without ongoing support from their end user. The price of a daily cup of coffee needs to reflect the quality of the coffee it is made with. There are so many steps involved in getting

coffees from many different farms in a region,

things that can go wrong along the way that

coffee buying trips are not quite as romantic as

when it is done right, it is something that should

they might seem on the surface. Keeping your

be celebrated.

palate attuned to high quality coffee amongst

Once the coffee Nolan has chosen arrives in

the plethora of spice laden dodgy food in third

Australia, a whole new lot of quality control and

world countries is a challenge in itself, but

assessment begins. At the Proud Mary Roastery

finding that gem amongst the ranks of hundreds

a huge focus is put on quality and ensuring that

of coffees calls for the well trained palate of an

only the best beans make it into a Proud Mary

expert cupper.

bag. On arrival, the coffees are checked to make

Once all the coffees have been cupped (the

sure they travelled well. A delayed shipment or

term used for tasting coffee), Nolan and the

poor shipping conditions can make a coffee lose

other cuppers talk about their assessment, and

its special something that was present back on

lots are selected to be purchased. Then, with a

the farm.

simple handshake and price negotiation, the deal is done. To be able to get better coffee here in Australia, the farmer needs to be paid a better price for their coffee at the farm. The big problem of course is the end consumer needs to be prepared to pay more for their cup of coffee.

36-37.indd 37

Each coffee is given a job to do once it has passed the final cupping test. It may find itself in a supporting role in a blend or acting as a superstar in the filter coffee selection. Each coffee has its story written, and the roasters

qualities to the forefront. Regardless of their roles, each coffee is chosen for its own attributes and by the time it reaches the consumer, it has been cupped multiple times, roasted to perfection and assessed to the level of making hair-splitting decisions to affect taste. If the coffee is destined for the Proud Mary café in Collingwood, another round of assessment begins, with ultimate recipes for espresso or filter brews worked out to finally result in the ultimate cup of coffee. What better place to showcase and test the coffee then at the Proud Mary café; this is what really keeps the two businesses united and the Proud Mary family working closely together. This thorough approach to quality control is hard work and without passionate and coffee obsessed staff, it could not be done. The café gives Nolan and his team a way to hear what their customers really want and see them appreciate the hard work all the way from farm to cup. Proud Mary works hard to be more than a café and coffee roastery. It is, at its heart, a social advocate, a change engineer, and a perfectionist – all qualities deeply embedded in owner Nolan Hirte and his wife, Shari. Even their young son, Felix, is showing interest in coffee and enjoys seeing the photos and videos of his dad with the coffee farmers and their families from around the world!

get an intimate knowledge of how each coffee behaves in the roaster and how to coax the best

18/11/13 4:46:59 PM











offee Hit started as an online coffee store by a group of Melbourne coffee enthusiasts. The concept revolved around sourcing the freshest, best quality coffee available and delivering to coffee lovers all over Australia without them having to leave the home or office. The online ordering service proved to be a massive “hit” and was followed by the opening of its first bricks and mortar store. Today, Coffee Hit is a unique chain of corporate and franchised stores, as well as the original online retail coffee business. As a result of this shift in the business, Coffee Hit went through a rebranding exercise almost 12 months ago. The logo was updated to reflect a more contemporary look and feel. In order to represent the new direction of the brand values

38-39.indd 38

and business model, the tagline evolved from:

makes the roastery cafés unique from all other

Coffee Hit – Specialty Coffee, to: Coffee Hit –

stores. The in-store coffee roaster not only

Roasters and Baristas.

provides franchisees with the benefit of roasting

Although Coffee Hit’s retail presence is

their own beans, but also provides the in-store

expanding, the focus is not on having the most

theatre for consumers and shoppers passing by,

coffee stores in Australia and beyond, but rather

as well as creating an enticing aroma of freshly

is built on having the very best coffee in every

roasted coffee.

store. Its success to date has been built on its

The Coffee Hit brand promise offers customers

consistent delivery of fresh, great tasting coffee,

an authentic coffee experience with in-store

time after time.

roasting that guarantees freshness. This point of

Coffee Hit aims to bring the best of Melbourne inner-city specialty coffee culture to the suburbs around Australia. Store design replicates the

difference puts Coffee Hit in a unique position within the café industry. Franchisees that invest in a Coffee Hit business

instantly recognisably edgy, industrial Melbourne

with an in-store roaster will receive extensive

atmosphere in which customers experience freshly

off-site training. The head office roasting team

roasted coffee and a great variety of café style

ensures that all new owners and staff receive


extensive training in the roasting process to

Roasting coffee in-store is the key to what

guarantee they are capable of producing a

17/11/13 6:37:00 PM


consistent, high quality product. The in-store coffee roaster is a real attraction for coffee enthusiasts who have a thirst for knowledge. Coffee Hit’s roasters spend a lot of time interacting with customers and answering questions. Retail coffee sales for coffee at home, are another strong sales line within Coffee Hit stores and franchisees can choose to roast this retail component themselves or buy direct from head office. Other retail items include a range of teas and herbal, chai, drinking chocolate and crockery. As part of the ongoing training and

38-39.indd 39

educational program, all new franchisees are encouraged/expected to experience coffee plantations first hand. Franchisees are able to travel to one of Coffee Hit’s green bean coffee suppliers during their first year of operating, to give them an appreciation of the complete process. On these 10 day trips they will meet the plantation owners and families of pickers that work on the farms. They’ll spend days on the farm learning about picking, processing, fermenting, drying and sorting. They’ll play an active role in the selection of our beans first-hand and take part in numerous cupping

sessions. Due to the success of the roastery café, Coffee Hit is now actively looking for franchisees in all capital cities and the Sunshine Coast. Ideally these potential franchisees should have experience in hospitality ownership, have worked in the retail industry, have a real interest in coffee and be passionate about taking control of their future. For more information on franchise opportunities, contact Wayne Stoll E.

17/11/13 6:37:08 PM






Following their visit Down Under, we chatted with them both briefly about their Australian experience.

MATT MILLETTO Vice President, Bellissimo Coffee Advisors

ANDREW HETZEL Founder of CaféMakers

Matt Milletto spoke on the state of the coffee training industry, giving attendees a great insight into what works and what’s new across the USA.

As a local to the region, Andrew took us on a journey across Hawaii to separate reputation from reality about Kona coffee.

How did you become involved in the café industry? I began working as a barista in my father’s coffee bars at a very young age (in1993), working my way up to lead barista very quickly. I then went on to manage multiple coffee bars, as well as live in Italy for a year studying the café culture, before my full-time involvement with Bellissimo Coffee Advisors and the American Barista & Coffee School. How does the Australian café industry compare to the US, and where could we improve? I am very impressed with the Australian retail and roasting industry after my visit. I believe the focus on the customer’s overall experience and progressive nature of many Australian coffee shops is unsurpassed globally. Where I think we will see some change based on what is happening in the US, may be an evolving focus on single origin and manual coffee brewing, in conjunction with consumer education on the coffee varietal and sensory evaluation via brewed coffee and single origin espresso. This is similar to many new trends in the US with coffee education and preparation. We are focusing not only on showcasing coffees from different countries of origin, but educating the consumer on growing methods, processing methods, varietals and finally, brew methods. What are the new trends you are seeing in the marketplace? I feel a trend that we will start seeing more of in the US, that I found everywhere in Australia, is the variety of excellent, fresh, healthy food offerings in cafés. A café will always be recognised as a great coffee focused destination, but the offering of quick service and quality food is an important aspect to be able to compete in today’s market. Do you think the Natvia Golden Bean was worthwhile ... and why? My experience at the Golden Bean was excellent, and it was so great to see the passion behind so many people to truly celebrate the hard work that goes into excellent coffee. I feel the Golden Bean captures a very important part of our industry that can be lost unless people like Café Culture continue to bring people together. It is through communication, transparency, respect and celebration that this industry continues to grow. Cheers, Golden Bean!

How did you become involved in the café industry? I started in coffee after selling my marketing business 13 years ago. I had no prior experience, but had an interest in coffee and decided that I wanted to learn more. At my first SCAA conference in Anaheim in 2002, I met many of the same people that I know and work with today! At first, I provided marketing and business consulting to cafés and retailers, which eventually led me further back up the supply chain and into the training and quality services that I provide today. What are the new trends you are seeing regarding coffee grading and certifications? Where are we heading? Grading standards are being improved and expanded these days to recognise a wider variety of desirable characteristics and flavour profiles in coffee. Take, for example, new standards for Arabica naturals and Robusta coffees introduced by the Coffee Quality Institute. Our definition of what is good is changing to recognise advancement and maturity of the specialty coffee market, which I expect will continue to improve. Has the Robusta market increased since the release of coffee standards for Fine Robusta last year? The market for Fine Robusta remains small and has been slowed in the last year by the dropping price of the commodity Arabica market. So long as prices remain low, there is little need for roasters to explore new alternatives for coffee, and so the status quo continues. There is a small group of dedicated fans using these coffees for the benefits they provide, but often paying 2 times or more the going price of commodity Arabica. Advancement in Fine Robusta production continues at a slowed pace to meet the small but loyal market demand. You have attended the Golden Bean for a couple of years now. Why do you keep coming back (other than our invitation)? I enjoy the camaraderie of the Golden Bean event and the chance to spend time with so many motivated coffee professionals from across Australia. It’s a one of its kind event that celebrates the achievement of the Australian coffee industry that doesn’t take itself too seriously, which always makes for a busy but fun few days.

Thanks Matt and Andrew; we look forward to your next visit Down Under.

40-41.indd 40

17/11/13 6:57:26 PM

40-41.indd 41

17/11/13 6:57:39 PM








COD E BLA CK COFFEE Code Black Coffee is a dedicated specialty coffee roastery in the heart of Brunswick, Victoria which has only been operating since February of this year. The seasonal espresso blend that has taken out this year’s champion espresso category is just as the name says: a blend that rotates with the seasons, meaning the coffees used in the blend are fresh, vibrant and tasting as close to how the producers wanted them to taste ... how all coffee should be. The seasonal blend is composed of a 50-50 mix of Kenya Wakulima, and Guatemala Los Caballitos. Code Black Coffee has spent time with producer Christian Schaps in Guatemala, visiting the farm in the El Quiche highlands twice this year. Code Black Coffee looks to set up sustainable relationships with a majority of producers they use in every aspect of coffee from single origins to blends. The seasonal blend went through no special treatment

for the Natvia Golden Bean competition; what the judges tasted is what the customers will get. Code Black Coffee was built around the idea of transparency between roaster and customer, with the roast facility being easily viewed by the customers from the café side of the Brunswick roastery. Each new seasonal blend that comes out will be released with a post card that fully divulges all the information that customers need to create the same coffee experience they have at the Code Black Café, including brew ratios and methods used to create the tasting notes on the card, farm information and producer names. Code Black Coffee always looks to push the boundaries of progress ever forward, ensuring customers always have the most up to date coffee techniques and the newest ideas on how to prepare an excellent coffee each and every time.

What makes Ghost Rider a

ability of filling these three roles

Natvia Golden Bean Winner?

and producing a great balance.

Proud Mary likes to keep things real; if a coffee tastes good, then why would you want to blend it? Often simple really is better. Ghost Rider has now been awarded the gold in the Natvia Golden Bean Milk Based category two years

sugar of the Brazil complements the sweet acidity and berry components of the Ethiopian, which in turn supports the Brazil. Quality coffee is, of course,

running, and it is a testament to

the key. Owner Nolan Hirte, who

the quality of the coffee in this

sources all the beans for Proud

blend that makes it stand out in

Mary, has established lasting

the crowd.

relationships with the farmers who

Head Roaster Marichi Clarke says

contribute to Ghost Rider. When

the beauty of this blend is really

informed of the win last year,

in its origins, its simple design and

Brazilian farmer Jose Wagner was

the gutsy move of developing a blend made 100% with fruit driven full natural process coffees. Pairing high altitude full natural process

proud to know that the hard work he is putting in is really paying off. It used to be a crazy idea to

yellow bourbon Brazil with sweet

blend two full natural coffees

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe naturals

together: a blend like that would

gives the blend a complexity you

not sell. But with the quality of

don’t often find in a house blend.

coffee now reaching Australian

When Proud Mary develops

shores and the techniques

a blend, the conversation will

improving in natural coffee

always turn to music. The idea is

production, this is now not only

analysisng how a blend harmonises in the mouth and tweaking it until that harmony is just right. They are looking for bass notes, mid tones (the alto or tenor) and

42-43.indd 42

The notes of stone fruit and brown

possible but also able to hold its own in the competitive wholesale market. Proud Mary wholesales its coffee out to customers across

the high notes (the soprano) to

Australia, with the Ghost Rider

make up the whole triad chord.

blend by far the most popular

Ghost Rider, although made up of

product in its portfolio.

only two coffees, has an amazing

17/11/13 7:05:20 PM









Bonissimo has been supplying locally roasted fresh coffee to the Perth market since the late 1970s. Since 2009 under the guidance of directors Stephen Shoobridge and Giulio Cozza, Bonissimo has expanded its market share and developed a strong, loyal following. They are supported by a strong and talented team who are serious about producing great coffee for an increasingly discerning market. Bonissimo is located in Osborne Park, near the Perth CBD, in a bright modern showroom, café, warehouse and roast-house. They offer a complete café and restaurant support service, including fresh roasted coffee beans, coffee machines, barista training and coffee school and full support for coffee machine service. Bonissimo has supported and participated in the Golden Bean Roaster Competition since 2007 during which, they picked up numerous champion medals in various categories. This year, Bonissimo won several medals, including the Gold Medal for the Australian Grown Milk Based Coffee Category for 2013 with the Emu Tree Paddock Microlot from Byron Blue Coffee Estate. Byron Bay Blue Coffee Estate

42-43.indd 43

is a farm positioned 80 - 120 m above sea level, in the northern rivers region of NSW. With an average rainfall of 2,000 mm and a sub-tropical climate, this allows the slowing down of the ripening of the coffee cherry. The farm of 165 acres is managed by Mark Bullivant, a coffee professional for many years, and focuses on being ecological, sustainable and pesticide free. “This is a particularly pleasing win,” said Kylie Robinson, Bonissimo’s Quality Assurance and Training Manager. “We chose this unique micro-lot because it measured up to the Ethiopian Sidamo coffees, which we all thoroughly enjoy. In the cup we found sweet, fruity notes, chocolate, caramel, bold body and a nutty finish when mixed with milk. It makes a well-balanced espresso and is exceptional through milk.” “We are proud to receive this gold medal,” said directors Stephen Shoobridge and Giulio Cozza. “All our staff have worked exceptionally hard this year and pulled together as a team. It is a fitting reward in recognition for our efforts. It will spur us on in our endeavours for continual improvement.”

Essence of Coffee is a small batch

café. The roasters are out on the

artisan coffee roaster dedicated to

shop floor so as to showcase our

bringing out the very essence of

dedication to our craft. This unique

our hand-selected beans.

style of wholesale roasting in the

With a clear objective to provide “great coffee in a casual atmosphere”, our family business began with Café 54, in East Perth, in 2007. Our passion for specialty coffee demanded a commitment to knowledge and skills that ultimately led us to

middle of a rustic café has been extremely popular – it’s proving to be a go to place in the southern suburbs of Perth. Our hands-on experience with running our own cafés and espresso bars gives our

roasting. Michael and Dale Fewson,

wholesale partners the advantage

father and son in partnership,

of accessing our experience with

travelled to the USA to learn all

products and processes that help

they could about roasting and

them stand out from the crowd,

with professional training by a

giving a competitive edge.

leading specialty coffee roaster

Our gold medal winning

and Q-grader, Mané Alves, began

Ethiopian, Yirgacheffe is a great

roasting in earnest.

example of our roasting process

As any world-class chefs will tell

and ideals. When asked to

you, a culinary masterpiece begins

comment about this particular

with the quality and freshness of

coffee, Dale said, “Last year’s crop

ingredients. At Essence of Coffee we source only Arabica varietals, grown in the most exacting conditions. We predominantly choose micro-lot coffees featuring exceptional taste profiles identified

tasted of sweet berries and had a beautiful elderflower aroma, but this season’s crop has gone one better. As soon as we drop the roast into the cooling bin, the

by Q-grade standards to be higher

air is filled with amazing floral

than 85.

aromas. In the cup are intense

In February 2011 we opened

grape flavours with a nice hint of

The Roastery in Southern River

chocolate … This is what makes

to house our expanding roasting

our job the best job in the world.”

facility in an open warehouse style

17/11/13 7:05:33 PM








NA T’S COFFEE This is the story of Byron Organic

and it is like my little baby. And

plantation. Three years ago I

now and for a long time into the

decided I wanted to create this

future, I hope to be donating a 25

amazing organically grown coffee

kg bag of this green bean to the

on a certified organic farm just

Golden Bean to give away to an

near the beautiful town of Byron

Australian roaster each year.

Bay. So, over the last few years

Nat’s Coffee has been

I have been experimenting with

operating for 15 years, since Nat

different harvesting methods and

Byron started it while in high

times and different processing

school. In addition to this, Nat’s

methods to get this coffee to

new brand, La savoir, has been

become as amazing as it should

available for the last 12 months,

and could be. Each year I have

providing some of the most

been entering it into the Golden

exotic coffees from around the

Bean competition, and it started

world. At Nat’s Coffee we provide

with no medals, then a bronze

everything needed for cafés to be

and a silver, and then finally this

successful and to give themselves

year I had a great feeling it was

a marketing edge. Fully accredited

going to be good and when I

barista training for your staff, one

cupped it, there was no doubt

on one latte art training for the

Micrology Coffee Roasters

us this award. After roasting and

to me I was definitely going to

cafés that want their baristas to

represents a bunch of passionate,

cupping countless batches, we

enter it. On presentation night I

be just that bit better. We also

overly excitable people who believe

tried to focus on maximising its

held my breath … that little 500

supply all types of equipment and

in showing off the life and unique

sweetness to provide a satisfying

g sample did me very proud when

full service requirements.

flavour profiles of the world’s

clean finish, which can sometimes

Cafés using Nat’s Coffee or La

best coffees. As a young Western

be seen as a little sketchy with

probably my proudest moment,

Savoir will also have access to use

Australian company, our ambition

a natural processed coffee. We

even over previously winning the

Byron Organic Plantation (BOP)

is to raise the expectations of our

honestly believe this is one of those

Golden Bean in 2007, as I had

coffee beans as a alternative

fellow coffee drinkers.

awesome coffees that can change

managed every single part of

coffee in their café.

the processing with this coffee

it received the gold. I think it was

Photo by @elleborgward

Roasting coffee is undoubtedly a constant learning process, and we are the sort of people who stay up at night always wondering how we can do things better. Credit ultimately needs to go to the communities that have worked to produce the crops we are fortunate enough to work with on a daily basis. What we love and value about each coffee is the result of

At a local level, if we can help increase the demand for speciality coffee, we are another step closer to providing a more educational and rewarding support network for the farmers and their employees. Our belief is that we live on relationships and reputation, so we love to work alongside like-minded

what has happened long before

people who are as proud as us to

it arrives at our warehouse. Our

participate in a part of the extensive

job is to merely highlight those

process coffee goes through before

characteristics and not manipulate

it is served.

them by introducing any adverse

44-45.indd 44

your life for the better.

We are so grateful to have been

flavours during roasting. We

part of the Natvia Golden Bean this

start this process by selecting

year and really value the efforts of

and purchasing high quality

Café Culture in their support of this

coffee, such as the Yirgacheffe


Aricha from Ethiopia that won

20/11/13 8:38:18 AM






FiORi Coffee is an artisan roastery

O’Reilly, our skills and instincts, the

based in Perth which, after 7

quality of coffee on hand and our

years of operation, has become a

vintage Probat.

well-established name in Western

“Through repetition, attention

Australia. The business began

to detail and intuitive roasting, we

roasting in West Perth in mid-2006

are able to consistently achieve

and has gone through a couple of

and reproduce our desired results,

relocations already as it has grown

ensuring each bean expresses its

in popularity. The business moved

unique characters and flavour

to larger premises in Osborne


Park in mid-2009 and again to

FiORi’s gold medal coffee this

the grounds of Oakover Winery

year is their Organic Mexican

in Middle Swan, where they were

“Mountain Water” Decaf, now

happy to swap the hustle and

one of their biggest selling single

bustle of a busy industrial estate

origins, offering clean sweet fruit

for the picturesque Swan Valley in

spices, chocolate, nut and caramel

September 2012.


Currently in his fifth year with

“Poor decaf gets a rough ride in

FiORi Coffee, Head Roaster Dan

general perception to be honest,

Ainslie said, “The move to the

but hey ... decaf drinkers are

Valley has really allowed us to

people too! The bean has already

embrace our artisan values. The

undergone such a trauma in the

roasting process is slow and done

decaffeination process. It can

in small batches to bring out the

be easily ruined through over-

unique characteristics of each bean,

enthusiasm. It is so important to

then blended and packed by hand.

treat it, and its drinkers, with the

“We really baby our coffee

respect it deserves. We really take

through each roast, steadily and

great care, attention and pride in

gently roasting each varietal to

roasting our decaf, as we do all our

its optimum. There is no reliance

coffees, but even more so with this

on unnecessary electronics and

one, delivering a quality alternative

gadgetry; it’s basically down to

to caffeinated coffee.”

myself and fellow Roaster Eamonn

44-45.indd 45


bb’s café roasts and blends its very own signature coffee. bb’s Espresso is a 100% Arabica blend from prominent Australian Roaster, Caffe Coffee. It is a classic three bean blend comprised of coffee from Brazil, Ethiopia and India. Each origin is roasted separately to a medium – dark degree, drawing strong notes of stone fruit, cocoa and spice as an espresso that carries through in milk based coffees beautifully, presenting a smooth, rich full body suited to the Australian discerning palate. Their award winning coffee is complemented by their delicious muffins, which are baked in-store every morning for unbeatable freshness and quality. They also provide fresh, fabulous and tasty breakfasts, gourmet breads, wraps, light meals, cakes, slices and an extensive range of hot and cold beverages. The first form of bb’s café opened in 1985 as BB’s Donuts. The first true franchised bb’s café (then operating under the name

BB’s Coffee & Bake) commenced operation in 1991. In late 2004, due to results from extensive market research, BB’s Donuts began its transformation into bb’s café. The new logo and tag line emerged as a result, and the brand’s positioning statement was developed. The bb’s café system has grown to include 39 outlets across Australia and New Zealand. bb’s café is part of Australia’s largest multi-food franchise operator, Retail Food Group (RFG). With more than 105 million customer visits a year, RFG owns the Donut King, Brumby’s Bakery, Michel’s Patisserie, bb’s café, Esquires, The Coffee Guy, Pizza Capers Gourmet Kitchen and Crust Gourmet Pizza franchise systems. In addition, the company roasts more than 1.2m kilograms of coffee annually through the Evolution Coffee Roasters Group, Caffe Coffee and Barista’s Choice coffee brands.

20/11/13 8:38:26 AM









Aroma Café is a franchise that

every coffee served in any one of

originated in the Perth CBD in

our stores.

1996. Since then it has grown

Our focus has always been

to 60 stores across WA, SA, VIC

on creating a better cup for our

and QLD. It was founded, and is

customers, whether it be from

still run by, my parents, Robert

sourcing higher quality coffees,

and Angela Mule, and remains a

developing new roast profiles

family business to this day.

or exploring various extraction

After working as baristas in numerous stores throughout our teens, my brother, Adrian, and I took on the challenge of learning to roast coffee. Two years ago we made the decision to make the Aroma Café blend seasonal, which has allowed us to change our blend with the crop cycles as well as explore a rotating

methods. Our barista trainer, Andrew Martin, also works hard to ensure that our franchise partners have the knowledge they need to serve high quality espresso in their stores every day. Participating in the Golden Bean has been a great and worthwhile exercise over the

supply of coffees and origins. Our

years, as it has allowed us to

autumn blend currently consists

further our knowledge and skills

of El Salvador, Brazilian and

in the pursuit of that perfect cup.

Ethiopian beans. We very carefully

We’d like to thank Café Culture,

highlight the characteristics of

as well as all of our franchise

each origin when we roast, so

partners and suppliers that we

that each distinct flavour and

have worked with over the years.

attribute can come together in

46-47.indd 46

Hey, my name is Sarah, and I am 14 years old. Last year I entered the Home Roasting category and won a bronze medal and my little brother, Zed, won a gold, so I was out to beat him this year ... which I did, when I won a gold and a bronze medal. The gold medal blend that I created for the comp was Sumatran and Rwanda, 350 g of each, roasted separately in the Behmor. I was staying at a family friend’s place, when Dad texted me saying, “Are you awake?” I replied with, “Yes”, and the phone rang with a very happy and excited Dad. He said that he had just come from the Golden Bean award ceremony, and that I had won a gold medal! I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited and overwhelmed, I didn’t know what to think. Dad was very excited and proud that his girls took out 2 gold medals. It’s still a shock to think that I now have 3 medals in 2 years. When Dad came back home, I got a little horse shoe with my name

on it and a gold medal with a blue ribbon. Tiana (my sister) won gold and a bronze and Zed (my brother) won 2 silvers, so we all did amazingly well! Dad mentioned all of the cheering when all of the Freeman kids won a medal. I just wanted to say, “Thank you” to the Golden Bean and their judges, Behmor for the amazing roasters that I used for my coffee and of course, Dad, for letting me select the beans from his work. The other bean that I used for the milk based entry was the Tanzanian Ronini, which Coffee Snobs members helped them produce. They raised money for equipment to help them process a better grade of coffee, along with a fresh water supply and blankets to keep them warm. This happens from just donating 50c for every kilo of coffee sold, green and roasted. People also make donations, which all helps to make this happen. This amazing foundation is called FairCrack. I’m very happy with my medals and can’t wait ‘til next year!

20/11/13 8:39:06 AM







Veneziano Coffee Roasters are no strangers to the Natvia Golden Bean Roaster Competition awards, having entered and won medals almost every year since its inception in 2006. With roasting operations in Melbourne and Brisbane, Veneziano proudly supplies over 500 of Australia’s most progressive cafés. Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne are hosts to First Pour cafés – showrooms and playground of champion baristas, complete with facilities for professional coffee training and education. Veneziano’s experienced roast team includes: Jen Marks, Jack Allisey (Q Cupper) and Patrick Connolly. Origin visits, regular on-site calibration cuppings and preparation of special microlots are just a normal part of their quest to continuously produce amazing coffee. Managing Director Craig Dickson is one of Australia’s most experienced coffee judges at national and international level.

Veneziano’s blends: • Forza • Estate • Bella Vita • Pure (100% certified organic and Fair Trade coffee)

46-47.indd 47

Gold medal-winning blend: Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Berta – mixed heirloom varietal processed natural; fully ripe red and purple cherries are freshly handpicked and sundried with the pulp on, altitude 1,700 - 1,900 m. Roast profile: filter. This beautiful coffee is grown in the fertile soils around the Berta mill in Kercha, South Oromia. In the mill’s 11 year existence, the owners and workers have been continuously improving their coffee quality. The mill buys from 500 neighbouring small-scale growers. Each small-scale grower owns 1-2 hectares of land and grows coffee as a cash crop. This coffee is a natural process, sundried with the pulp left on. Only fully ripe cherries are handpicked and fresh ripe red and purple are sun-dried on African drying beds without any pulping or washing. Once the coffee has reached the optimum moisture level, the coffee is then rested. The coffee is then pulped, graded, picked by hand and bagged up, ready for shipping. Cupping notes: a delicate floral aroma with hints of jasmine, honey and ripe berries. A balanced acidity and velvet body rounds out this coffee perfectly.

Seasonal, limited edition or single release coffees: • Competition blends (created by competing baristas)

• Bond Street seasonal blend (finest current season’s crops, released four times a year)

• Single origin microlot coffees • Filter roast profile (created from select microlots)

Photo by @elleborgward




Hi, my name is Tiana, and I am eight years old. I only just learnt how to roast coffee. I didn’t really know how to roast coffee, but then Dad taught me the basics, and I took it from there. At the start it was a little hard, but I learnt it all pretty quickly. I picked the coffees and weighed them out on the scales. I put 350 g of each into 4 bags and put one in the roaster drum. Then I sat down in front of my roaster and watched the beans going around and listened for the first crack, I pushed the + on the machine when it started cracking until the clock said 2:30, then when the clock stopped, I opened the door and let the hot air come out and

my coffee was done. The coffee I used was Sulawesi Blue and Vanuatu Tanna Island. I picked the Sulawesi Blue, because I asked Dad if it was a strong coffee, and he said, “Yes”. I picked Vanuatu Tanna Island, because Tanna sounds like Tiana. The one that I won the gold medal with was Sulawesi Blue, and I came third with Tanna Tiana. The reason I entered was so I could try and beat my brother, Zed ... and I did. Yippee! Zed still got 2 silver medals, but I am very proud of myself. I do not drink coffee, but dad does, and I still think my coffee is better than his!

20/11/13 8:39:17 AM


roaster State Representation




3.3% 6.6%


special thank you to all the Golden Bean attendees and the roasters who filled out this survey. These initial summary results were collected from the event to provide you with a snapshot of the key coffee roaster insights gained from over +380 individual coffee brands and from over 78 roasters. Coffee roasters can now benchmark their business to that of the collective national averages, and

they also have the opportunity to better understand the trends and preferences from their coffee professional peers. Cafe Pulse have also created an exciting new “What Shapes Our Australian OOH Coffee Market” report 2013, which is now available as advertised in this issue of Café Culture p80. For those who missed the full results seminar at the Natvia Golden Bean, here are the summary results.

41% N=78

metro 65% RURAL 35%

industry experience



age group




3 to 6 years


7 to 10 years


11 to 15 years

6.3% marketing MANAGER

16 to 20 years 16.7%


19.4% 9.1%


48-49.indd 48



roasters ARE UNDER

>20 years 13.6%

40old YEARS




> 51 years




3.2% brand MANAGER

41 - 50 years

30.2% 24.2%

11% production manager

< 30 years 31 to 40 years



< 3 years




2.3% 18%


• Most coffee roasters are very bullish regarding their overall business growth again this year, with +58% now trading at +10% PA. being up on last year’s collective and reported growth numbers. • Most started roasting as a natural progression from being a barista in cafés and more importantly, their own passion for coffee. We are now seeing the trend of micro (sample) roasting reaching +15% in house levels nationally across all cafés for mostly point of difference “Single

AVERAGE NUMBER OF barista training staff 3.1

Origin specialty coffee and small batch roasting required on demand”.

effective than single brand strategies and support.

• Roasted bean prices are relatively static, with last year’s reported prices at invoice level between the $25-$29 ranges – higher for organic and other speciality coffees.

• This year, the roasters’ main concern is “Café Owner Debtors”, while others quote “Competition” by other roasters and that of the quality and effectiveness of their own company sales reps and office selling staff.

• We continue to see a +48% of all respondent roasters focus all their sales and marketing effort on just ONE brand vs. complex multiple level brand strategies that tend to be more costly and less

• What is important to roasters is product knowledge, improved production techniques, and improved sales and marketing knowledge.

This will be a focus of Café Culture editorial of the coming magazines in 2014 – stay tuned.

20/11/13 8:39:42 AM








Selling Staff


local government



café consumers

6.3% 2%

Other (Please specify)


weights & measures

do you contract roast? YES

NO 48%






Green bean suppliers







Consumables supplied to café customers






Chocolate powder cups/lids






sugar sticks coffee accessories brewing equipment napkins

coffee supplier support

-9 to -5%

-24 to -10%

-4 to 0%

1 to 4%

5 to 9%

25 to 34%


35 to 49%


milk SUPPLY CHain


Sales & Marketing









product knowledge

most important to your roasting business


73.8% 72.1%


10 to 24%






Cleaning products












6.6% 0%

For details and results, contact us at or phone 0423 200 206. The collective voice of these coffee roasters has been compiled and more details are available to greatly assist your service standards via better roaster business to business knowledge. Under no circumstances will an individual respondent’s contact details and/or individual views expressed be supplied in any way – we only collate the total group top line results to discover the insights gained for this, our second annual coffee industry collective knowledge and shared benefit report.

48-49.indd 49

20/11/13 8:40:31 AM



arrosto coffee p. 0418 850 157 e. w. * SMALL BATCH *


Cottle Coffee p. (03) 9699 4700 e. w:

Cottle coffee has been roasting coffee in south melbourne for 100 years. Richard Cottle, with four generations of family expertise, is at the forefront. Having an association with Golden Bean and receiving awards for the last five years has allowed Richard and his team to continue to strive for the perfect cup, combining their unique ability to source the ever changing green bean product, to roasting, blending and cupping. Cottle Coffee have been able to meet and participate in the creation of the evolving and challenging needs of the coffee consumer.

barefoot roasters p. 0430 316 066 e. w. Barefoot Roasters entered the Nativa Golden Bean awards for the first time this year, gaining runner up in overall Golden Bean and bronze medals in the espresso and milk based (latte) categories for Blend II. Barefoot Roasters Owner/Roaster, Rodney, previously roasted in Sydney before opening his own boutique coffee roasting company operating out of the espresso bar, Barefoot Brew Room, in Byron Bay. Providing his own blended coffee, single origin and microlots, Barefoot Roasters supply wholesale to cafés and sell coffee through the espresso bar. Always experimenting with new blends, roasting techniques and brewing methods, Barefoot Roasters believe in getting the very best out of each roast. Everything’s Better Barefoot.

Bounce Coffee Co. m. 0405 324 640 e. w.

We at Bounce Coffee were proudly awarded bronze in the following categories: The Milk Based Category: our Venezia Nuovo, a full bodied blend with quality monsoon origins that provides the caffeine addict a well-earned “Bounce” to kick start their day. The Organic Category: our highly versatile shade grown Colombian. It is a favourite amongst much of our Bounce family. A smooth coffee that can produce an outstanding cup whatever your style! The Australian Category was awarded to a coffee grown on a North Queensland farm, not far from home. The dark chocolate and fruity notes are enough to make anyone proud.

p. (07) 3252 5858 e. w. At the recent 2013 Natvia Golden Bean Roaster Competition and Conference, Di Bella Coffee received nine medals for their famous blends (over the 11 categories), including both silver and bronze medals for their Peru Organic, Nero blend, Modena blend, Felici blend, Serafini blend, Ali Reserve blend and Arnika Reserve blend, all of which are available to purchase in their Roasting Warehouses around Australia and online at Di Bella Coffee also received medals for the Brunetti cafe and Pie Face blends which have been designed exclusively by Phillip Di Bella.

Di Stefano p. (02) 9764 8811 f. (02) 9764 8887 w:

We are proud to announce the recent 2013 Natvia Golden Bean Awards for Caffe Di Stefano. The Awards received are a tribute to the years of hard work and dedication of Master Roaster Giuseppe Di Stefano and his team. Caffe Di Stefano was developed in the year 2000 as a signature range, demonstrating what coffee means to Giuseppe. From the first blend created until now, our team works very hard to continue the high quality and standards created by Giuseppe at the highest level, ensuring each blend is roasted to perfection. As a result we now serve an award winning blend that is loved by more than half a million coffee lovers each and every week. To us, roasting is not simply a’s a passion!

caffe migliore

Dimattina Coffee

p: 1300 137 696 w:

p. 03 9462 4499 e. w.

Caffe Migliore’s Fair Trade organic coffee has been a successful and well regarded coffee since it was first established in 2007. The following year (2008) it won a bronze medal at the Golden Bean competition. In 2011 it won a silver medal in the same category and again in 2013. The coffee is ethically minded, as it is 100% Fair Trade and 100% organic. This medium hand roasted coffee has a flavour profile that has been regarded as fruity with specific sweet berry notes; its earthy and deep flavour makes for a complex, well-rounded espresso. Check it out on Facebook!

50-51.indd 50

Di Bella Coffee

Our bronze in the Natvia Golden Bean Milk Category this year was our 7th medal for our Prima Tazza blend since 2007. It’s a proud achievement for us, as this is our most popular blend and one we have consistently been able to enhance and improve and continue winning awards with. We also scored a bronze this year for another coffee very special to us – Nicaragua La Esperanza – a previous Cup of Excellence winner; we sourced this coffee on our trip to Nicaragua this year and are looking forward to a long relationship with this farmer.

21/11/13 5:00:37 PM



Karmee Coffee

p. 07 3356 5652 e. w.

p: (02) 9966 8488 w:

Coffee is a not just a drink that gets you through the day; itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a way of life. A great cup of coffee can be a soothing way to start the day, or a brilliant finish to an interesting evening. Like fine wine, coffee is a natural product that needs to be nurtured. From the growing process all the way to the best part â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the moment you drink it â&#x20AC;&#x201C; our people have sourced, roasted and blended Elixir Coffee beans to make sure your coffee drinking experience is perfection. Golden Bean Multi Award Bronze Medal Winners - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 2014.

Karmee Coffee is the most consistently awarded coffee roaster in Australia. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re a family business and our master roaster (Mum, as we know her) has a truly gifted palate. Her skills have led to each of our 10 blends achieving multiple medals. Our bronze at the 2013 Golden Bean takes our tally to 40 medals over the past 3 years. From light and refined to big, bold and bursting with flavour, we have a blend or origin to suit everyone. For a change from the routine, give us a call â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 9966 8488. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be happy to welcome you to the family!

fish river roasters


p. (02) 6329 4860 m. 0429 321 565 e.

p. 1300 730 465 w.

Fish River Roasters have added two bronze medals to the eleven medals they have won at the Golden Bean since 2008. Peter Harrison from Fish River Roasters says, â&#x20AC;&#x153;To consistently win medals over a long period of time is really satisfying, particularly winning a bronze in the milk based category with over 450 entrants.â&#x20AC;?

Mocopan â&#x20AC;&#x201C; enrich your coffee experience. With over 50 yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; experience, Mocopan customers are assured of consistent quality coffee, locally roasted in Melbourne and supplied at optimal freshness. Mocopanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s award winning coffee is supported by a dedicated and passionate team of coffee fanatics â&#x20AC;&#x201C; itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s their knowledge and expertise that ensures every Mocopan customer has the right coffee, equipment, barista training, servicing and support required to produce high quality, consistent coffee their customers love every single day.




Â&#x2021;Â&#x2021;)$0,/<2:1('&203$1< )$0,/< 2:1(' &203$1< Â&#x2021;48$/,7<*5((1%($16 Â&#x2021;2)),&(,1&2/20%,$ Â&#x2021;$:$5':,11,1*%($1 Â&#x2021;0,&52/276 Â&#x2021;6&$$&833,1*



Â&#x2021;21*2,1*6833/<$9$,/ Â&#x2021;+$$3&(57:$5(+286( Â&#x2021;*2/'(1%($1:,11(5


SAB imports travel in GrainPro KAREN PURYICKY 0430 657 450

50-51.indd 51

Â&#x2021;)$50+,6725<$9$,/ Â&#x2021;)5(('(/,9(5< Â&#x2021;/$5*(48$17,7,(6$9$,/ * FREE DELIVERY BRISBANE AND GOLD COAST

20/11/13 8:41:26 AM

52-53.indd 52

20/11/13 8:42:07 AM

52-53.indd 53

20/11/13 8:42:14 AM


Brisbane - the Emerging Café Scene






risbane city and its outer suburbs are now the home of some of the best café setups in our nation. The Café Culture team is closely following this fast growing café society. We are investing in this space and taking the long-term café expo Café Biz to Brisbane city in March. Café Culture believe that the trends are showing that Brisbane and Southern Queensland are the new purveyors of quality coffee and are at the forefront of cool café design. I personally have watched the growth of this market after consulting to an up and coming café business ten years ago. The business was Alen’s Espresso, and now this café is one of Brisbane CBD’s busiest espresso bars. Alen and his wife, Judy’s, business vision was always very Brisbane focused, and they listened to their market well and have enjoyed the growth, offering great coffee with excellent friendly hospitality. This Wellington Street café has expanded in size by three times, and they can serve up to 2,000 customers a day on average. This is an example of the constant thirst for great coffee in the Brisbane city. Brisbane has had some great coffee heroes, such as Di Bella Coffee, Merlo Coffee and Aroma’s that have set the standards for the roasting industry in Queensland and other states. There are now a whole lot of newcomers that are worth watching at this moment in time. Good examples of these new coffee roasters are Supreme Coffee, Clean Skin Coffee, Wolfe Roasters and Blue Sky Coffee. Another new business in the suburbs is Dramanti Artisan Roasters, who are also creating plenty of chatter amongst the coffee geeks. Coffee roasting businesses from other cities like Melbourne’s Veneziano Coffee and The Coffee Roaster from Sydney have made good inroads over the last five years, giving new flavour slants. It’s nice to see other cities' vibes spilling into a blossoming market, as it all makes it very interesting for the consumer. The Brisbane café concept is what has excited us with its original ap-


54-55*.indd 54

21/11/13 5:01:01 PM

proach to service and fresh design. Many of the café

professional development and direction of coffee and

setups we observed were built around open planning

cafés in Queensland. They run regular meetings that

and incorporated the outside seating area as a big

incorporate barista competitions and latte art smack

factor of the layout. Again, having a warmer climate

downs in their associated businesses. The group com-

does lend itself to enjoying a bit of sunshine with your

municates regularly on social media and assists each

brew. The other noticeable factor of Brisbane is that

other in areas like recruitment and technical advice.

coffee customers enjoy quality over price, and the

The group is not political and very much a friendship

boutique coffee roasters have people spilling out the

driven initiative that seems to work on strong volun-

doors looking for a quality cup of coffee. An interesting fact is that a cup of coffee in Brisbane can be up to one dollar more than Sydney prices. The Brisbane suburban café is the perfect place for the weekend brunch. Iconic cafés like The Gun Shop Café in the trendy West End of Brisbane will always have a line up of eager punters waiting to experience a well-presented long breakfast. This café has set the standard of quality food around Brisbane city and its

teer commitment. The team at Café Culture Magazine are looking forward to making Brisbane home for Café Biz – 15 & 16 March 2014. Not only will the weather still be warm, but we look forward to all the new friends we will make in this new café journey. We believe Brisbane is a great new home for our event. We can’t finish this Brisbane catch up without men-

suburbs. Bulimba on the Brisbane River is another

tioning one of our old team member’s latest projects

popular weekend café haunt, with lots of people spill-

in Brisbane, called Ltd Espresso. Luke Shilling left us a

ing into trendy Oxford Street to shop and enjoy a well

few years ago to pursue his dream and open this cool

earned relax in one of the many cafés.

business in Fortitude Valley. Ltd espresso has become

One great project coming out of Brisbane is the

an iconic business through its great coffee and quirky

Queensland Coffee Community. It is a group of

sign boards and social media marketing. Check out

dedicated coffee professionals working on their

his update on page 70.

54-55*.indd 55

20/11/13 8:42:55 AM


Created for over 12 hours for a smooth, rich taste. Fresh milk 100% Arabica Raw sugar 56-57.indd 56

18/11/13 11:36:03 AM



Patience is the key to our cold pressed coffee process. Lasting for over 12 hours, it includes taking our freshly ground Arabica beans and infusing them in cold water, resulting in a consistently smooth rich flavour. MADE WITH ONLY

Three Natural INGREDIENTS Fresh milk •

100% Arabica •

Raw sugar


18/11/13 11:36:13 AM



Specialty &

n the last issue of CafĂŠ Culture Magazine, we discussed Specialty Beverage Menu Development and its role in your business. As mentioned, introducing flavours into your beverage menu is not a sin, but should be viewed as an expansion tool to increase your bottom line profits which, if undertaken correctly and thoughtfully, can significantly raise revenue and profit in your business while increasing customer satisfaction. In this article I will follow up with a few recipes which, with the correct amendments to your current menu, can offer your clientele an improved beverage offering which will service all times of the day effectively, while not isolating any of your particular customers with dietary limitations. Remember: simple but indulgent should be the key to your choices. The first range to look at is the basic frappe offering. For this range I have chosen to use the DaVinci Gourmet Coffee Shots for ease of use and consistency, in conjunction with the current chocolate product available in your outlet. The DaVinci Gourmet Frappe Choice is an excellent addition to your beverage menu arsenal, as you can create any frappe you want. This is because it is shelf stable, comes with a designated pump for easier and more consistent dosing and is a non-dairy formula.

58-59.indd 58



By using a powdered frappe mix you run the risk of the product hardening once in contact with air for a period of time; the amount of product used is dependent on the specific staff member making the beverage which effects your costs, and it is almost always made up of a dairy based formula, which is not suitable for lactointolerant consumers. Using the DaVinci Gourmet Frappe Choice option means beverages can be mixed with soy milk, low fat milk, full fat milk or water, making it one of the most versatile options available. DaVinci Gourmet Basic Frappe pp ppe

ESPRESSO FRAPPE 1 cup cubed ice 120 ml cold water, milk or soy 15 ml DaVinci Gourmet Coffee Shots 30 ml DaVinci Liquid Frappease 1. Fill the appropriate serving cup with ice. 2. Float the ice with requested liquid additive and add contents to the blender. 3. Apply 1 pump (15 ml) of the DaVinci Gourmet Coffee Shot Syrup to the blender. 4. Apply 1 pump (30 ml) of the DaVinci Gourmet Frappe Choice Syrup to the blender. 5. Fasten the lid and blend for 30 seconds on high. 6. Empty the contents of the blender jug into a beverage glass and serve immediately.

To make this Iced Coffee Frappe we can stay with some of the traditional products found in most cafes and just change up the flavour. DaVinci Gourmet Mint Syrup, Caramel Syrup and Macadamia Syrup are the flavours we have experimented with, however your options are only limited by your imagination. By adding these flavours we now have a range which can be added to your beverage menu and provide a link to your food menu. DaVinci Gourmet Iced Coffee Frappe pp ppe

CHOC BOMB 1 cup ice 120 ml milk p 7.5 ml DaVinci Gourmet Peppermint Syrup 30 ml DaVinci Gourmet Chocolate Sauce 7.5 ml DaVinci Gourmet Espresso Coffee Shots 30 ml DaVinci Liquid Frappe Choice 1. Fill the appropriate serving cup with ice. 2. Float the ice with milk and add contents to the blender. 3. Apply 1 pump (30 ml) of the DaVinci Gourmet Chocolate Sauce to the blender. 4. Apply 1 pump (7.5 ml) of both the DaVinci Gourmet Peppermint Syrup and the DaVinci Gourmet Espresso Coffee Shots to the blender. 5. Apply 1 pump (30 ml) of the DaVinci Gourmet Frappe Choice Syrup to the blender. 6. Fasten the lid and blend for 30 seconds on high. 7. Empty the contents of the blender jug into a beverage glass and serve immediately.

18/11/13 5:01:42 PM

Another opportunity to build sales in your business is to maximise seasonal opportunities or special event opportunities. “Strawberries & Cream” during Wimbledon or around Mother’s Day is a great opportunity beverage. The Lemon & Lime “Splice of Life” is a great spring beverage leading into summer and the “Liquid Bounty” is an open opportunity which provides a great flavour which can be easily added at any time with its identifiable flavour.

DaVinci Gourmet Seasonal Frappe

STRAWBERRIES & CREAM 1 cup Ice 120 mL Milk 30 mL DaVinci Gourmet White Chocolate Sauce 60 mL DaVinci Gourmet Strawberry Syrup 30 mL DaVinci Liquid Frappe Choice 1. Fill the appropriate serving cup with Ice. 2. Float the ice with milk and add contents to the blender. 3. Apply 1 pump (30 mL) of the DaVinci Gourmet White Chocolate Sauce to the blender. 4. Apply 2 pumps (15 mL) of the DaVinci Gourmet Strawberry Syrup to the blender. 5. Apply 1 pump (30 mL) of the DaVinci Gourmet Frappe Choice Syrup to the blender. 6. Fasten the lid & blend for 30 seconds on high. 7. Empty the contents of the blender jug into a beverage glass and serve immediately.

So lets now recap on our little adventure down the Specialty Beverage road. do In issue 32 we discussed “What Specialty Beverage is” to give us direction; In issue 33 Bev we looked into “Menu Development” to avoid operational issues associated with serving op drinks in this range; and now we have come up dri with some basic recipes to allow you to meet wit the previously mentioned guidelines as well as to meet your customers’ expectations. Remember, Specialty Beverages are not time-consuming to prepare. They are viable and should have a make-up cost of less than 25% of the sell price; there are not too many new products required and they are simple but indulgent. If you follow these simple ideas and look at the diversifying your offering not only will Specialty Beverages assist with differentiating your outlet from your neighbours, but they can also provide you with the opportunity to connect with a broader range of customers whether they are the health-conscious patrons or the Gen Y patrons looking to push boundaries. Additional recipes are available at on the Barista Recipes page.

58-59.indd 59

21/11/13 5:01:31 PM

When it comes to keeping food fresh in a busy commercial

Super-sized for commercial use, GLAD® Wrap’s dispenser

kitchen or food preparation environment, GLAD® Wrap has

pack features an Ezy-Cutter Bar that allows safe, quick and

got you covered.

efficient cutting. It also includes an easy-to-remove start-of®

HACCP accredited, GLAD Wrap is made from high-quality

roll sticker plus an end-of-roll reminder, as well as a convenient

polyethylene, is versatile, easy-to-handle, clings tight to seal

wide access opening on the top of the pack.

in freshness for short or long term storage, is BPA and PVC

So if you want to keep your food fresher for longer, make sure

free and is completely microwave safe.

you’re using Australia’s Number err 1 ffood ood oo d wrap. wra wr ap.

You’ll be glad you’re using us sin ing g

60-61.indd 60

18/11/13 11:54:14 AM





I S . . .

B a g s Pt




as their main supplier*

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featuring a re-sealable zip lock

The Th he standing bags on the market, with full foil protection to keep your product fresh, a wide opening for fast filling, a small footprint, perfect for retail and the Rippa Zippa is re-sealable when the top of the bag is heat sealed. 3 great sizes available in natural kraft paper and “matt” black foil, with & without coffee valves.

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*Actual percentage was 69.6% 6 as compiled by Cafe Pulse research at the 2013 Golden Bean Awards

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MOST CAFÉS IN CAMBODIA USE LOCAL ROBUSTA grown in the northern provinces near Vietnam or Laotian Arabicas from the Bolaven Plateau, as well as Thai Arabicas from the northern Chang Mai, Chang Rai regions. he Khmer Rouge may come to mind when the Kingdom of Cambodia is mentioned in the news or in a conversation. The bloody Killing Fields near the capital Phnom Penh and further throughout the country can be experienced both at the S21 compound, where thousands of people were brutally tortured before being killed for personal beliefs or the wrong profession, or in the genocidal memorial at the Killing Fields outside the city. Photos of people in the S21 prison turned museum depict the utter terror that confronted them. A visit to both will send shivers up your spine, as the visions are undeniably horrific. Fast forward from 1975 to 2013, Cambodia is one of the most dynamic, fast growing countries in South East Asia. The capital Phnom Penh almost takes a back seat to the magnificent Siam Reap, which is Asia's answer to Machu Pichu. A visit to this monumental construction in my books is a must for any intrepid traveller or for


62-63.indd 62

a week away from the city life. Just mind where you step and don't go off the marked trails, as Cambodia was one of the most mined countries on the planet. Straying from the path can see you lose a leg or your life. It is still a reality today. While there has been a concerted effort on behalf of the international community to rid the country of mines, there still are people being maimed and killed each year.

The growth of coffee stores has increased dramatically in Cambodia over the past three to four years. Specialty is yet to really raise its head, although there are some glimmers.

So what does all this have to do with coffee, you ask? Just that the country has been the target of international chain stores since

11/11/11. Spinelli coffee company opened their first store officially on this date, Gloria Jean’s were at the same time opening their first store, and right behind them was Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. The local version, Brown Coffee, now has eight stores locally, and Blue Pumpkin with around 10 have also gained a presence. While recently some political upheaval due to recent elections has slowed visitors’ arrivals somewhat into Cambodia, it is undeniable that the city is growing at a fantastic rate. Swenson’s Dairy Queen are among some of the other western chain stores, and even Starbucks are eyeing the country to see when to go in. Following the entrance of chain stores, now there are pop up coffee stores and even an in store roaster. While in Australia, your Centrals, Souths, and African coffee beans constitute much of the blends and single origins, most cafés in Cambodia use local Robusta grown in the northern provinces near Vietnam or Laotian Arabicas from the Bolaven Plateau, as well as

18/11/13 11:58:17 AM


Thai Arabicas from the northern Chang Mai, Chang Rai regions. There are few coffees being sourced that produce a clean cup with character without fermented notes, due to poor knowledge from the farmers and a lack of good processing of the green bean. The growth of coffee stores has increased dramatically in Cambodia over the past three to four years. Specialty is yet to really raise its head, although there are some glimmers. Marc Adamson, originally from New Zealand’s Atomic Roasters, has set up a café roaster in Street 136 in Phnom Penh. Being open for the past four months and roasting local and regional beans, he has been well relieved by the tourists, as well as the expat community. Another local roaster, 3 Corners, is helping develop improved quality by working directly with growers to achieve this. There is a review website: com run by Jimmy Campbell. Originally from the UK, he has set up base in Cambodia and you can find coffee reviews on his website. Another Aussie, Khim Chhean, runs, the Cambodian La Marzocco dealership. They are well placed in the market and endless in their support of the industry events. We held the first Cambodian National Barista Competition back in 2010. Lavazza Cambodia came forward and sponsored the event, giving a great opportunity for a barista to enter into the Food Hotel Asia FBC Championship. The prize money in this event in Singapore is $5000, so imagine the motivation for a Cambodian barista who earns $100 a month. We keep our hopes up. Subsequently, the Cambodian Food and Beverage Association, in conjunction with the Malaysian and Singapore Food and Beverage Associations have been encouraging more and more people to be involved in the industry and

62-63.indd 63

competitions. This past weekend I had the pleasure to again assist them in running the 5th national competition, of which the winner gets to go to Singapore for FHA 2014. The field of competitors, 11 strong, battled it out to claim the title of Cambodia’s National Barista Champion 2013. Held at the Sofitel on the banks of the mighty Tonle Sap and Mekong River juncture, the final five were: 1ST PLACE - Sakana Long from Kinyei Restaurant, Battamboong, with a greatly improved finals round. I am sure she is now looking forward to the opportunity to come to Singapore next year. 2ND PLACE - Pa Buntheng as an independent barista. 3RD PLACE - Long Putheavy, from Gloria Jean’s Coffees. 4TH PLACE - Chum Bun Eng from The Shop. 5TH PLACE - So Chanmaly from K West Bar at the Amanjaya Hotel. Founded by Australians Melina Chan and Justin Lorenzon and American Katie Hallaran, Kinyei ( is a social enterprise café located in Battambang, focused on training up Khmer youth in hospitality and management skills. Jasper Coffee, a Melbourne based Fair Trade and specialty coffee roaster, partners with Kinyei to train the team in Battambang on coffee quality, technical barista skills, and coffee appreciation. “Yesterday when I get champion, I’m crying I’m so happy,” was Sakana’s response about her win on Monday. Living with her four siblings and grandmother in Slaket Village just on the outskirts of Battambang city, she joined the Kinyei Café to earn a wage to support her brother completing

high school whilst gaining some skills of her own in December 2010. When asked what she’d like to do next, she said, “Learn how to taste coffee, fix the machine, continue to improve my barista skills, and understand everything about how the coffee machine works”. She also wants to learn about the picking, fermenting, roasting, and cupping processes. They had another winner last year in Nem Untac, originally from Thmor Kol in Battambang. He is also a very keen coffee enthusiast whom I met in the recent competition in Malaysia. It was great to see him in action there. You should mark in your diary to come to Singapore from the 8th to the11th of April next year to experience the ever increasing coffee scene and see Sakana in action at the FBC competition. Perhaps you can include a trip to Siam Reap and Phnom Penh on your way. www. flies direct to both from Singapore – only a 2 hour flight and a great destination. Bring a passport photo and $20 USD cash for a visa on arrival and plenty of $1 USD bills for the Tuk Tuk (motorbike taxi) as that is widely accepted. If you are looking for accommodation that is central with a colonial feel, right on the waterfront is the Amanjaya Hotel – www. – a great choice. Huge rooms with balconies with river views, and a roof top bar to relax the night away, starting with glorious sunsets, it’s the must stay. The Key West Bar pulls a mean espresso. The GM is very passionate about the products, as he was previously GM at Gloria Jean’s and has been instrumental in organising competitions, so you will be in good hands.

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Hair Cut Pocket Square Tie Shaving


Water Ballet




Cravat Scarf

Hat 64-65.indd 64


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In 2011 the team at Café Culture realised that as we were growing so quickly, we needed a team of good people around us at our events that understood how we operated and networked with the industry.WE PUT THE WORD OUT THAT WE NEEDED A “ROADIE”.

e have had our faithful original


Initially studying Nouvelle Cuisine, she has worked

she managing to squeeze in completing a uni

roadie, Matthew O’Brien, since the

at many restaurants as Sous Chef and Restaurant

degree, marry husband, Iain, and have two great

start of our business over 10 years

Manager and was introduced to Gueridon Cookery,

children, Bianca and Beau.

ago, and we’ve now also been

cookery at the table, during time at the Sails Resort

blessed with the one and only Leigh Carmichael and

“Being awarded Roadie of the Year was a surprise,

in Port Macquarie. She has also participated as a cu-

the bubbly Julie Anne Morman. This year’s Golden

as I just enjoy being a part of the energetic team at

linary judge in many regional cookery competitions.

Café Culture, suitably behind the scenes ensuring

In the late ‘80s she began part-time teaching at

that I am able to quietly contribute to ensuring

Wyong TAFE, and this is where she found the inspi-

things run seamlessly,” said Wendy.

Bean in Port Macquarie shone a light on the perfect candidate for 2014 in Wendy McKinlay, a chef and commercial cookery teacher who volunteered to take on the challenge of serving 200 guests at the

ration for teaching.

Wendy has a love of Thai/Asian cuisines and also

Awards dinner, as well as overseeing the catering at

Wendy says, “The diversity of cookery inspired me

has a passion for chocolate and dessert work. In

the Black Duck Brewery with Charlie Edwards. All

and when I commenced teaching in TAFE, I had the

the future her wish is to travel more and be able

of the Café Culture team were unanimous in voting

opportunity to share my passion for fine food and

to continue her passion with food. She says, “I

Wendy in as our 2014 Roadie.

creative flair with dedicated and young budding

have a strong desire to learn authentic Thai and

apprentice chefs. Through the day I would manage

Asian cuisines directly from the countries of origin

a café and then cook at a restaurant at night and

and of course spend time in Melbourne at Savour

pitality to the HSC students at St Columba Anglican

also teach at TAFE two nights a week; no rest for

Chocolate Cookery School in East Brunswick with

School, Port Macquarie. One of her hobbies is to as-

the wicked.”

the world champion chocolatier Kristen Timballes,

sist others, helping friends out with catering. Wendy

Wendy spent three years at Orange TAFE and then

to play with chocolate and let my creative abilities

has worn many caps in the hospitality industry.

transferred back to Port Macquarie in 1991, where


Wendy currently teaches commercial cookery at Port Macquarie TAFE and until recently also taught Hos-

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? Cafe M A G A Z I N E

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You spend time and passion delivering the perfect dining experience. Complement your efforts by serving the perfect cup of tea, brewed and served in a Zero Japan teapot. Zero Japan teapots have been lovingly hand-crafted and checked by the company founder, Koji Inoue, to ensure a perfect balance and pour. They are made with the highest quality materials to ensure ongoing commercial durability. With a large range of colours and shapes to choose from, Zero Japan will help you express the unique style of your restaurant. Choose the teapot thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s used in the finest restaurants and cafĂŠs around the world, visit Available at quality commercial kitchenware retailers.

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w w w. au

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A couple of years ago I wrote an article (Café Culture Magazine issue 25) about an experiment I did. I took over a coffee shop to see if I could improve sales with what I thought were the key principles in a successful coffee business. IN THE



n that, yes, you could call it a success but since most businesses want to last longer than three months, I thought about another aspect and probably the most important ... being the sustainability and longevity of a coffee business. Since then I have spent another 12 months working, travelling, making, teaching and consulting coffee, until I had enough confidence to reopen a shop. A good location came up in October 2012, and so I was off and trading. It’s now been another 12 months, and I thought it would be a good time to share what I’ve learnt. Do your Homework In the previous article I mentioned that about 80% of businesses fail within the first 12 to 18 months of trading for of 3 reasons: 1. Poor or no business plan 2. Not enough experience in the industry 3. Not enough capital The first two are a given, so I won’t go too much into it. What I will say is that if you don’t know what a business plan is or haven’t been in the industry for at least 5 years, then you shouldn’t even be considering setting up your own business. The number of café owners I have consulted to that have either


70-71.indd 70



no idea about coffee or have barely been in the industry is astounding. If you think you can hire a hot-shot barista to do the coffee for you, fine. However, good luck when the barista decides to leave. This is your business and it’s up to you to dictate the standard of quality and service to the customers. Make sure you have enough capital. My shop almost didn’t happen, because I under capitalised. Once I had set up in the shop to start making coffee, I had $200 left in the bank and still had a lot of things yet to acquire. As a rule I would say add 30% to whatever you estimate as your start up costs, to account for any unforseen expenses. Trust me; they will happen. Do the Time The first eight weeks of trade I averaged around 100 hours a week with no staff. In the first five months I had already put 2,000 hours into the business. Now after 12 months, it’s almost close to 4,000 hours, with only 7 days off, all of which were public holidays and the shop was closed. It’s important to work smart, but it doesn’t work if you don’t put the hours into it. You pay rent for 24 hours a day, so why not utilise it. You can’t make a sale if the doors aren’t open. Even if you only serve two people in the



last hour doesn’t mean you should close an hour earlier. Those two could end up being regulars and tell all their friends. You can always reduce your trading hours at a later date; however, you’ve only got one shot at a start up, so make the most of it. Point of Difference The coffee industry has a nasty habit of new business owners copying other successful businesses. The reason these businesses are successful is because they have either improved on the current industry trends or offered something the industry hasn’t. Having a point of difference will help set your business apart from the hundreds of shops out there. Restaurants and bars have been doing it for decades, so why not the coffee industry? It doesn’t have to be drastic, but definitely something subtle and unique that is currently not being offered will help to differentiate your business from the crowd. Know your Craft/Stand Behind your Product I had a lot of response from customers about how they enjoyed coming to a coffee shop where the person behind the machine treated the coffee with respect. Knowing how much care and attention I was putting into their cup added far more value and more reason to come here than other places.

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Artisan Tea & Cho cola te Makers

Organic Ice Te as I copped a fair amount of abuse, because there were some things I would refuse to serve or make for customers. HOWEVER, I KNEW EXACTLYWHAT PRODUCT AND SERVICE I WANTED TO PROVIDE

in the shop, and sometimes at the beginning it wasn’t pretty.

Especially in today’s society, we are so used to getting everything we want. In these situations though, it can work to your advantage. Any publicity is good publicity, and notoriety usually travels faster than good publicity. Remember the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld? In saying all this, it will not work if you are not 100% confident in the product you are providing. This goes back to working in the industry for a long time and doing your R&D. Build Relationships/Build a Following Remember the show Cheers? “You want to go where everybody knows your name”. One of the things I have always made a priority is remembering the people who come in and the coffee they order. For one, it makes work easier, because you don’t have to ask the same question all the time and two, you’re going to be seeing these people hopefully every day, so you’d better start remembering. We are talking longevity here, so each time someone walks through the door you have to treat it as more than just a once off sale, but a lifetime customer. Having a following is key to longevity. Get people talking about your business. Word of mouth has always been the most powerful, but nowadays having an online presence is even more important. Use social media to keep your customers up to date and informed about what’s going on but also more importantly, your customers will promote your business through their social media lines too. This, however, will only work if you can provide a service that’s consistent and actually worth sharing. I have found this very helpful with making my customers still feel like they are part of the

70-71.indd 71

business, without them having to come in every day. When I see a customer who hasn’t been in for a while and they say, “I’ve been following you every day, so it feels like I haven’t left at all”, it’s a great feeling. It’s a Business First, Lifestyle Second You can’t have a lifestyle if the business isn’t profitable. Setting up a business should always be ensuring that what you’re doing is going to make money. Running a coffee shop is not glamorous, no matter how pretty the coffee may look at the other end. This goes back to working in the industry first. If you’re tired of your profession and want a sea change and think how much simpler it would be to have a coffee shop ... think again. It may seem that way when you are a customer; however, that is only because the places you are probably going to are being run by people who have been doing it for a long time and have made it their lifestyle. What a lot of people don’t realise is unlike other professions, when you’re at work, you are dealing with people who are also at work. When you work in a coffee shop, you are dealing with people who don’t want to be at work. So to try and create an atmosphere where the customer is relaxed while at the same time juggling staff, multiple orders, consistency, conversations, customer rapport, it is no easy feat and you’ll find the places that can do this will be the ones that are talked about and visited the most. And so, there’s a lot more that could be discussed, but hopefully you all can see the underlying theme here. All the best, and good luck to any of you who want to be a coffee shop owner. If you get it right, the rewards are worth it. Luke Shilling Luke Shilling has been working in the coffee industry for 13 years as a barista, trainer and consultant. Luke has recently set up and opened Ltd espresso + brew bar in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane and is currently in the process of launching a barista training app called The Barista CollectiveTM.

Hand crafted fro m

loose lea f gre en tea & fresh frui t juice

Tahitian Lim e • Pea ch Cra nbe rry & Lim e • Lem on Man go • Hibiscus & Ros e 750ml - 2lts

Sp ecialit y C h o cola te Wh ole b e a n ch o cola te &

drinkin g ca ca o

• 54 - 10 0% ca ca o • Sippin g d a rk ch o cola te • D rinkin g c h o cola te p o wder O rganic • Fa ir Trad e U TZ Cer tifie d Glu l te n Free • D airy Free

Co u vert ure Origin Cho cola te

30 gm ba rs & bulk Pa cif ic Ca ca o’s of th e Asia it ial are our sp ec y

2b/7-9 Ern Harley Dr Burleigh Heads QLD Phone: 07 5520 1983 Email: dpraw w w w w w.crav All our products are processed & packed in Australia

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Make your customers love you!

“Love love love my YQme! It makes the morning coffee run for the girls so easy” – Happy YQme Customer


NO lock in contract NO setup fees * credt card fees apply


“We’re able to organise our lunch times – people don’t have to have to wait so we get better customer retention. It’s quick and easy!” – James, Hole In The Wall, Sydney CBD

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To find out how easy it is, call us on 02 9451 0901 or 0413 246 978 or visit


t. (02) 9723 6500 w. e.

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TORQ Natural Instant Coffee is a liquid alternative to powdered instant coffee and can be mixed with milk or water and enjoyed hot or cold. 100% Natural. No Chemicals or Preservatives. Ideal for catering large groups, hotel chains or used as a versatile ingredient in cocktails and desserts. 250ml

Premium coffee in a can.

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The red meat revolution continues! Your ďŹ rst stop for creative inspiration, Lamb Masterpieces Volume #02 elevates classic lamb cuts to new heights. In this issue, we look at the Leg, both as a ButterďŹ&#x201A;ied and an Easy Carve, as well as broken into the Knuckle and Hindshank with inspiring results. From the humble (and glorious) roast, to charcoal scented grills, slow braises and even raw potential, the only thing limiting the lamb Leg is your own creativity. Talk to your wholesaler or visit for your FREE brochure featuring butchery information and recipe ideas using cuts from the lamb leg.

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Bought to you by...

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L amb Cuts




Following the highly successful launch of Beef Masterpieces, Lamb Masterpieces provides chefs with the inspiration and information they need to master cuts of lamb not often seen on menus.


eat & Livestock Australia (MLA) has launched the second phase of their foodservice red meat revolution: Lamb Masterpieces – Volume 02. What do Andy Warhol and a lamb leg have in common?

More than you might think, actually. Just like the pop art genre itself, this edition of Lamb Masterpieces explores how the seemingly ubiquitous leg

GLOBAL FLAVOURS Already very well-known lamb cuts in foodservice, the easy carve leg of lamb and butterflied leg of lamb are very versatile and can be used across all seasons and many menus. Both are famous for their roasting potential; however, they can also be diced, grilled, thin sliced and are lean enough to be served raw. The most quintessential cook method for an easy carve leg is roasting.

of lamb can be elevated to new heights, just by changing our perceptions

Baste with any pan juices during the roasting period and rest before

and the context of how we look at it.

carving to relax the meat fibres. For the carvery, the easy carve leg of lamb

Volume 02 of Lamb Masterpieces picks up where the first issue left off,

lives up to its name. It has a perfect circular plate profile that keeps its

giving lesser known (yet equally superb) cuts their time in the sun. Not

uniform shape during carving, and the shank bone can be used to hold

only does Lamb Masterpieces deliver on sustainability by encouraging us

its position on the board. Flavourful and tender, the easy carve leg can

to use the whole beast, but lower plate costs benefit your bottom line too

be stuffed with herbs, spices and other ingredients and trussed to hold

... and isn’t a sustainable business the ultimate expression of the word? In Volume 02, MLA look at the leg, both as a butterflied and an easy carve, as well as broken into the knuckle and hindshank with inspiring

shape. When thin slicing the easy carve leg for dishes such as the Japanese negimaki, Korean lamb bulgogi, hot pot cooking and stir frying, partially freeze the easy carve to stabilise the fibres before putting it on the slicing

results. From the humble (and glorious) roast, to charcoal scented grills,

wheel. When cooking thin slices, brush the meat with marinade; that way,

slow braises and even raw potential, the only thing limiting the lamb leg is

the spices are grilled along with the meat, drawing out fragrance and

your own creativity.

caramelising in situ. Slow roasting on a rotisserie grill keeps the easy carve

76-77.indd 76

20/11/13 8:43:27 AM


leg tender and moist, while adding so many flavours. Marinate the leg in lemon, garlic, and herbs like rosemary and coriander. The marinade should also contain enough vinegar to help carry the flavours deep into the meat. Make sure you baste regularly. If grilling on a Uruguayan parilla, let the lamb speak for itself by only salting and letting the wood of the parilla impart flavour. Serve with traditional accompaniments such as chimichurri. Because of its inch thickness, the butterflied leg of lamb is perfect for the grill. Trim excess fat before cooking and baste with juices or marinate to keep moist. There are so many cuisines that grill lamb to perfection. In Turkey, lamb leg is hand chopped, using a zir. Hand chopping allows the chef to have control over the meat's texture, which should hold together on the skewer but crumble under fork. The hand cut leg is then shaped onto a skewer for sogan kebabh chopped lamb and onion kebab glazed with pomegranate molasses. In Jamaica, butterflied leg often served with a refreshing mango relish – the roast is kept simple, while the relish is spicy, peppered with habanero chillies. In the Xinjiang province in western China, the Muslim population, the Uighurs, favour Iamb. Tender pieces of cubed Iamb leg are marinated in earthy cumin, sweet oyster sauce and chilli flakes before being grilled in a classic dish called chua. The butterflied leg of lamb is lean enough to be served raw such as in the Levantine dish, kibbeh nayyeh. Kibbeh nayyeh is a hand cut lamb leg dish frequently served as part of a meze in Syria and Lebanon, garnished with mint leaves and olive oil, and served with green peppers, scallions and pita.


Keep some fat cover, to ensure the roast doesn't dry out during cooking. Sear in a hot pan or moderate oven and slow roast to prevent excess weight loss. Covering in a crust or wrapping with bacon or prosciutto can assist in reducing moisture loss, as well as adding flavour. Roast to medium rare and rest to relax the meat fibres. PAN FRY/GRILL:

Leave some fat for flavour and juiciness. Score any silver skin to assist the cooking process. Cook in a hot pan or grill, basting with a sauce or dry spices. To ensure the fat and meat is cooked through, finish in an oven. If diced, marinate or lightly coat in cornflour to prevent drying out during cooking. Baste during grilling and cook to medium rare. THIN SLICE:

To use for poaching in steam boats and broths, chill the easy carve leg to stabilise the fibres then slice very thinly on a slicing wheel.

MENU APPLICATIONS Roasted Easy Carve for Rotisserie or Carvery Potted Lamb or Lamb Rillettes

Butterflied Leg of Lamb

Lamb Shawarma

Singapore Lamb Noodles

Grilled Lamb with Light Salad

Kibbeh Nayyeh

Braised Lamb Steaks

Lamb Miso-Nabe

Stuffed, Rolled and Roasted


METHOD INGREDIENTS 2.5 kg butterflied leg of lamb, thinly sliced LAMB MARINADE

1 bunch coriander, roots and leaves chopped 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1 tsp sweet paprika 1 tsp cayenne pepper 1 tsp cumin 1 tsp ground coriander 1 tsp cinnamon ½ tsp allspice 1 tsp sea salt ½ tsp black pepper, freshly ground ½ tsp cardamom 2 lemons, zest and juice 100 ml olive oil


– makes 1 1/4 cups 2 garlic cloves, crushed 1/3 cup lemon juice ½ cup tahini paste 1 tsp sea salt black pepper to taste, freshly cracked ¼ cup olive oil ¼ bunch flat leaf parsley WRAP

10 Lebanese pita breads 2 bunches spring onions, roots and tips trimmed 2 bunches of endive 1 bunch continental parsley, chopped 1 jar pickled turnips 20 whole pickled green chillies


In a medium bowl combine the ingredients and mix thoroughly. Add shredded fresh parsley. Set aside. SPICY LAMB MARINADE

1. Mix together the chopped coriander, garlic and lemon juice and zest. 2. Stir in the spices to make a very wet paste. 3. Marinate the thinly sliced lamb for at least 2 hours prior to grilling. PREPARING THE WRAP

Prepare wrap ingredients and set aside for assembling later. LAMB

Heat pan or grill and sear lamb pieces, ensuring both sides of lamb are coloured but the centre is pink. Remove and rest for 2 minutes.


76-77.indd 77

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The Quiet One® Livi up to its name, The Quiet One has Living advanced vibration dampening technology adv that creates Vitamix quality drinks in a more enjoyable customer atmosphere. enjo The magnetically-secured, floating sound enclosure significantly reduces noise when enc running and is easy to clean and disassemble. run

Drink Machine Advance® From fruit smoothies to thickk e shakes, the Drink Machine Advance is an essential tool for milk bars,, e delis and cafes to produce beautifully smooth beverages..

See our full range of Vitamix blenders and further information at Distributed by:

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CAFE industry




This is the ultimate Café Industry OOH coffee market report that will greatly assist you to better understand the important growth factors that shape this vital café market. Ideal for marketing and brand managers, sales managers and their sales staff, manufacturers and importers, green bean suppliers, beverage and snack food companies, fresh food and wholesalers, service providers and small business insurers just to name a few. Available as a summary or a full and comprehensive report.

Summary OOH Coffee Industry Report

Comprehensive OOH Coffee Industry Report

The top line summary report provides a brief overview into the Australian Coffee Market OOH via the detailed Pulse survey results. Including an overall general industry understanding and information on service & supply perceptions to enable your business to best understand the local café market. This essential report is for coffee companies, café suppliers and manufacturers, importers and others trying to sell into this growth channel.

The Comprehensive report encompasses overall insights from all the sections of the surveys. This detailed report presents the OOH Coffee Industry and covers many key insights, café trends and support material for your business to include into your planning and brand development.

COST $4,800 + GST

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COST $8,800 + GST For further information or to purchase these important reports contact David Parnham on

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Going to a café these days is about the experience ... A GOOD CAFÉ CAN BE A TREAT TO ALL THE SENSES. And speaking of

“senses”, it truly does make good sense to consider healthy choices on your menu!

H e a l t h y


oes it surprise you to hear that cafés are remarkably the most common meeting places in Australia? When I think about how many friendly catch ups or business ideas I have shared over tea or coffee, to me it really doesn’t. Australians have adopted the trend of using a café as a point of social interaction, and why not. Cafés are being launched now more then ever before, each with their own personality and vibe. The trend to grab a coffee daily has created a greater focus in café food. Fine dining is unfortunately on the outer, with people becoming more interested in relaxed environments enjoying simple foods and a treat to go along with their favourite shot of espresso. With the greater demand for lunch at a café, it has created this middle ground where restaurant owners are now employing quality baristas to broaden their demographic, or they are changing the way they market their menu, and when I mean menu, I literally mean the documentation. In the past year alone, I have been fortunate to experience some amazing café cuisines, starting from when you first enter through the doors. Once seated, I have been provided with story books, brochures, toilet paper, iPads ... you name it, café owners definitely know how to create an experience for their consumer. It shows how far we have come from the standard lamination, which to be honest, there is simply nothing wrong with. Restaurant owners have employed baristas; café owners now employ chefs. Although meals don’t come out with a matching bottle of wine, nor do they carry the smear of a purée ... dishes are presented to be more real and relatable. They represent somewhat of the home cook with a bit more edge and to be honest, this is a major link for its success. Just like a TV campaign or good business strategy, the more the product or service relates to the consumer, the more foundation it has for its success. Going to a café is now more about the experience, not just the coffee or tast-

82-83.indd 82

ing plate you once had. By combining a sophisticated layout with olfactory (smell) senses, owners create memories. This is why the more successful cafés cling to a theme, as it helps consumers to remember their experience, influencing them to return to that amazing raspberry white chocolate muffin they had on an overcast morning ... ring any bells? For example, there are certain homeware stores that have floral notes floating about that stimulate my senses and take me back to a little corner café in Melbourne that has a similar smell. I remember enjoying a great piccolo and pulled lamb and quinoa salad … in fact, get me there now. Café food has come a long way, particularly in the area of health. It is no surprise that this is something I am loving. Cakes and muffins have gone gluten free, super-greens are being added to smoothies, quinoa is the staple filler on the lunch menu and chocolates ... well, they are still around. But with society becoming slowly more health conscious, cafés are changing with the times; this is definitely evident in the variety of milks now on offer. Over the upcoming issues, I will look at how cafés are serving their food in intricate ways, taking a focus on “what is healthy food?” in the industry. This issue’s topic is the use of gluten free products in our cheat foods. Although they don’t

Going to a café is now MORE ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE, not just the

coffee or tasting plate you once had.

contain that hard to digest component, these great tasting snacks can still contain quite a lot of sugar, which is not great for cancer, diabetes and blood pressure levels. So don’t be fooled into thinking they are a completely healthy snack that you can get away with all the time. They are still a sometimes food; as always, everything in moderation. The way I like to combat it is with the substitution of sugar for honey or maple syrup, which is much less refined. Below is a recipe out of my soon to be released, never before seen cookbook The Healthy Cook, which demonstrates how I like to make my cheat meals that little bit more healthy. I look forward to seeing photos posted to my Instagram: @dan_churchill and twitter: @churchill_dan For now, take note of your senses exiting a café ... Happy Healthy Cooking.

20/11/13 8:45:22 AM


Dan, “The Healthy Cook”.




• 3 bananas • 2 tbsp honey or agave • 1 tsp allspice • ¼ cup walnuts, crushed

• 3 eggs, separated • 2 tsp cinnamon • 1 cup sifted almond meal • 1 tsp chia seeds

Preheat oven to 160°C. Halve a banana lengthways and set one aside. With the remaining 2 ½ bananas, thinly slice and then with the back of a fork, mash the banana. You don’t want it to be completely smooth, but definitely well mashed. Whisk the yolks with the honey ‘til nice and smooth. Add the mashed banana, cinnamon, chia seeds and allspice and combine. Using an electric mixer, whisk the egg whites until they reach soft peaks, then add 1/3 of the yolk mix and using a plastic spatula, carefully fold the mixtures together ensuring not to release too much air. Once combined, add another third and repeat folding action, before adding the final third. Add the almond meal and carefully fold through. Line a bread baking dish with baking paper (I scrunch it up so it fits into the corners) and pour the mix in. Evenly distribute the walnuts about the mix and using a butter knife, push them deep into the tray. Carefully put the ½ banana slice cut side up across the top of the mix and sprinkle over extra chia seeds if you have them. Put in the oven to cook for 18-22 minutes, or until it is golden brown and a skewer comes out clean.


SERVES: 8 Protein











per serve

82-83.indd 83

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#mycafecares Upload photos onto instagram #mycafecares or twitter, of your favourite cafes who serve great coffee,

yummy healthy food & drinks. tag #mycafecares to give them a big shout out. 84-85.indd 84

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alth Celebrating cafes that celebrate he 84-85.indd 85

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uring the spring of 1993, a Sydney “jamsters” continue to produce the range chef called Hank became Hank’s true to Hank’s traditional slow reduction and Jam…well, not literally of course, hot filling method, that eliminates the need but that’s when Hank started making his for artificial additives and preservatives. own Rich Orange Marmalade for a handful Hank's Kitchen has become a whole new of breakfast regulars at inner city restaurants business just by creating a point of difference and cafés. in their product Word of this tasty offerings for cafés and new marmalade restaurants. With so Hank's Kitchen has become spread quickly much competition, a whole new business just by among the early cafés now need to creating a point of difference in morning café look at every angle their product offerings for cafes hipsters, and Hank to differentiate and restaurants. soon found his themselves from kitchen bursting with the others, to grow fresh oranges. Carefully reducing huge pans revenue, and most importantly, retain of marmalade on his kitchen stove, Hank customers. bottled it all himself and then sold jars of According to Café Pulse Research 2013, Rich Marmalade from out of the back of his the biggest café opportunity is food – 76%. old Kombi van to cafés and restaurants all So why not combine the biggest revenue over Sydney. It wasn’t long before his loyal opportunity with some tasty solutions band of Hanksters were asking for different that can help differentiate you from your varieties, flavours and jams. competitors! From these humble beginnings, the THE BIGGEST CAFE phenomenon that is Hank’s Jam was born. OPPORTUNITY, They have a bigger kitchen now on IS FOOD of cafe owners are according to Cafe Pulse Sydney’s stunning Northern Beaches, and reviewing their food offerings Research 2013. the team of dedicated and enthusiastic


86-87.indd 86

18/11/13 1:48:08 PM


Whether you need filtration, softening or reverse osmosis, we have a solution. After all, our entire existence revolves around providing the best, most consistent ingredient water anywhere. That's why so many foodservice operators depend on us to solve their water p ro b le m s . I n fa c t , Pentair Everpure has been a leading global provider of quality water solutions to the food service industry for more than 80 years.

SIMPLE FOOD THAT TASTES GREAT Great food doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming to put together, and using the right ingredients is a must. Here are some great serving suggestions for busy café owners. BREAKFAST In its simplest form – Toast and Jam. But jams are not merely jams. Hank's consistent quality has been sustained, whilst its reputation has steadily grown. Serving quality food maximises customers’ enjoyment and experience in cafés and brings them back for more. Try Hank's Triple Berry or Orange and Lime Marmalade – great with sourdough. Yogurt & Muesli – toasted muesli, thick Greek yogurt and a dollop of Hank’s Pawpaw Lime and Passionfruit. Pancakes and Pikelets – Hank's Pear and Vanilla jam with pikelets. Poached Eggs – Hank’s Chilli Jam Mini Toasted Baguette – spread with goat’s cheese and a dollop of chilli jam and a thin slice of red capsicum and chive atop.

86-87.indd 87

LUNCH OR DINNER Using Hank's chutneys is a perfect way to enhance flavours of cheeses, meats and gourmet sandwiches and focaccias. Why not try some of these suggestions. Cheese Plate – ripe fresh figs with small pot of Hank’s Fig and Ginger. Ploughman’s Lunch – hunks of cheese and a wedge of bread with Hank’s Ploughman’s Chutney. Grilled Focaccia – ham off the bone with grilled eggplant and veggies, Hank’s Tomato Chutney. Rare Roast Beef Sandwich – with Hank’s Onion Marmalade or Hank's 4 Lamb – Apple, Fig, Rosemary and Mint condiment. And as we head towards Christmas: Cold Ham or Turkey, cheese and sandwich fillings with Hank’s 4 Ham condiment or Hank's 4 Turkey – Cranberry and Orange Jelly. It's been 20 years since Hank sold marmalade out of the back of his Kombi; now Hank's is available around Australia. Find out more about the complete Hank's range of jams, condiments and chutneys by visiting or call +61 2 9905 9554.

Everpure by Pentair Official water filtration of the World Barista Championship and World Brewers Cup

Everpure Authorised Distributors:

Coffee Parts (02) 9666 6114

Service Sphere 1300 730 680 Coffee Complex (08) 8297 5799

Flexible Technologies 1800 788 887

Pentair Ltd (Australia) 1300 050 973

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Whychwlacetosloe,vbute imist s

Can’t stoma milk? Enjoy the creamy taste of milk and its nutritional benefits minus the lactose with Liddells Lactose Free UHT Milk.

A good source of calcium and containing no preservatives, Liddells Lactose Free UHT Milk means you can still enjoy the taste of milk without lactose. There’s a great range of variants to choose from, too.

For more details, go to

88-89.indd 88

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88-89.indd 89

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With the almost endless variety of beers available today, it’s possible to find a beer to suit every occasion, every mood and most importantly, every food. In fact, one of the most enjoyable aspects of beer is the pleasure to be found in pairing it with a great meal. In this issue celebrity chef Peter Kuruvita takes us to his ancestral home of Sri Lanka to create a dish that was made to accompany beer called Devilled Cashew Nuts. Peter suggests James Squires Pilsener, which has beautiful spicy overtones and is a great combination. Every single bar and hotel in the whole of Sri Lanka serves Devilled Cashew Nuts.





• • • • • •

Heat the oil in a heavy based pan until smokey. Add the cashew nuts and shallow fry, moving the nuts around with a slotted spoon so that they cook evenly, until golden brown. Add the curry leaves and strain the oil. Place the nuts and curry leaves in a bowl. Add the chilli, pepper and salt, and toss to combine. Transfer to a bowl and serve. Beer match Four ‘Wives’ Pilsner.

100 ml of vegetable oil 300 g raw unsalted cashew nuts 2 sprigs of fresh curry leaves ½ tsp chilli powder ½ tsp ground black pepper ½ tsp salt

Four Wives Pilsner 5.0% ABV This Pilsener is brewed using Pale and Munich malts and Saaz hops to create an authentic brew of sparkling golden brilliance, distinctive floral hop aroma and enticing spicy finish.


Oven temperatures are for conventional; if using fan-forced (convection), reduce the temperature by 20˚C. We use Australian tablespoons and cups: 1 teaspoon equals 5 ml; 1 tablespoon equals 20 ml; 1 cup equals 250 ml. All herbs are fresh (unless specified) and cups are lightly packed. All vegetables are medium size and peeled, unless specified. All eggs are 55 - 60 g, unless specified.

For more recipes using James Squire beer, visit:

90-91.indd 90

21/11/13 5:02:20 PM

90-91.indd 91

18/11/13 4:17:09 PM



S peciality COFFEE


In our last issue of Café Culture Magazine, we introduced you to YUNNAN COFFEE IN CHINA from the aspect of coffee production. But what about the consumer market, which includes specialty coffee?


n this issue, we are bringing you a perspective from three important figures in the Chinese coffee market: Ji Ming, President of the Beijing Coffee Association; David Dai from Kerry Co.Ltd.; and a representative from See Saw, an up and coming café in Shanghai. See the present Chinese coffee market through their eyes, and see how a country with thousands of years of tea culture is being affected by western coffee culture. Have the consumers accepted coffee as an everyday drink? Ji Ming: The current Chinese coffee market is at a critical point. Coffee has made its way into people’s lifestyles, but the question now is, “What can we do in order to supply quality coffee to everybody”? We expect this step to be quite short, and a couple of years of hard work should get us there. If the consumers accept the taste and the idea of coffee culture, it’s not hard to predict how this huge coffee market will be in the future. David Dai: The coffee market is more recognised, but it still cannot replace tea. We need a big company or two to lead coffee into the people’s lifestyle. For example, Nestle was able to push coffee into the everyday life of Chinese, while KFC is the first fast food chain to serve breakfast with coffee. With 4,000 stores across China, these big companies were able to influence how young generations have breakfast. Coffee started from being a complementing drink for breakfast, and Nestle has further imprinted the idea into the people’s lives. In addition, McDonald’s has encouraged the idea of having a different drink for different meals of the day, like a cup of coffee and soy milk with breakfast. These actions are the catalysts that put coffee into the people’s lifestyle. See Saw: Two years ago, the market wasn’t as recognised as it is today. We now see higher demand, but we must look closer than that. Everyone wants to know coffee. How can we provide the knowledge and increase the

92-93.indd 92

consumers’ interests? How can we get them to drink coffee regularly? These questions are the reason we are committed to using specialty coffee to share coffee and educate the consumers, and we try to brew aromatic and tasty coffees. In the early years, we had a customer order a cappuccino without milk! He might have heard the name somewhere, but didn’t know what it looked like. We had a lot of clueless customers before, but this has decreased over the years. That’s why we are happy to share the story of coffee. We know that specialty coffee is very popular in many Asian countries. The coffee culture has spread to regions that have influences in China, such as Hong Kong and Taiwan. How far has specialty coffee come in the Chinese market? Ji Ming: In reality, there are always popular trends. At the moment the world renowned Geisha and Yirgacheffe coffees are often recommended to consumers. In addition to those 2 coffees, Kopi Luwak and Blue Mountain are also quite extraordinary specialty coffees that draw people in and encourage them to try a cup or two. Kopi Luwak and Blue Mountain might be pricey, but they make exquisite gifts. These exclusive coffees help spread coffee culture, and so by introducing such coffees, you are spreading specialty coffee and what quality coffee is like. Some might say otherwise, but each step in introducing specialty coffee encourages the demand from the Chinese upper market. Since the majority of the market follows the upper class, everything they eat or drink is usually accepted by the rest of the market. Therefore, encouraging the upper market would directly affect the overall market. David Dai: In my opinion, specialty coffee is more accepted in Shanghai. Shanghai has a lot of coffee shops owned by foreigners. And since selling only coffee would limit a lot of opportunities, café owners sometimes add bakery to the shop. Apart from missing out on the

opportunities and high competition from popular international coffee chains like Starbucks, high rental rates is another factor that pushes coffee shops to operate longer hours and include food in their offerings. See Saw: There are more people drinking drip filter style coffee today, reflecting that consumers are starting to try other styles of coffee other than instant. South Korea and Taiwan are two excellent examples of specialty coffee development. We believe that the number of coffee shops in China will increase dramatically in the next 2-3 years. Specialty coffee demand is increasing in regional areas in China, but the gap between the big cities and these regions is still quite large. In regional areas, consumers tend to prioritise the ambience of a place, while consumers in the cities are looking for a quality cup of coffee. A trend worth keeping an eye on is café’s equipment choices. With the growing market, cafés are choosing affordable, multifunctional coffee machines and roasters, while elegance comes to mind when choosing other coffee equipment. Ji Ming: Coffee shops today are often choosing expensive high-end brewers and roasters. This is called “Coffee Syndrome”. I’m not against investing in quality, but you must consider carefully the function and suitability case by case for each café. A moderately priced coffee machine can provide an excellent cup of coffee, and a state-ofthe-art coffee machine won’t always guarantee quality. The barista’s knowledge and skills are the first things that should be considered. This is the reason why we want to encourage people to make good business decisions and not get carried away. A cup of quality coffee requires well roasted coffee beans, and a barista who knows what to do and why they are doing it ... just like a chef who doesn’t need the best kitchen tools to cook the best meal. David Dai: As the rental rate in Shanghai

20/11/13 8:47:11 AM


It wasn’t that long ago that a large proportion of the market used to make cappuccinos from instant coffee and steam the milk on a Haros boiler.

skyrocketed, investors who caught the “Coffee Syndrome” and blindly put their money in the wrong place slowly died away. Cafés here are smarter in buying good equipment, and some are selling the equipment as well as opening an equipment training course. This trend has an influence on how the consumers choose a café, as good coffee beans and state-of-the-art coffee machines have a lot of pull. The trainings are further defined into different types of training, because each student has their own objective. And the training doesnt just allow students to reach their goal; they are a very effective tool in spreading the coffee culture. See Saw: We travelled to Hong Kong, Korea, and many other countries for research. We know good equipment has the ability to brew a quality cup of coffee, but it doesn’t mean that all quality equipment brews the same coffee. We put specialty coffee beans above pricey coffee machines, and we are committed to serving excellent coffee. We chose a good machine at a reasonable price. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we are a front runner in the coffee market, as we were the the first café to buy a Slayer coffee machine. Therefore, we play quite an important role in promoting specialty coffee. In the past couple of years, international

coffee trainings such as SCAA, SCAE, and Q-Grader have been pushing the success in the Chinese coffee industry. Ji Ming: Korea is a good example of how barista training is essential in developing the coffee market and encouraging the people to look for better quality. The path China’s moving in now is similar to the path Korea has taken. Previously the Korean market was overwhelmed by low quality coffee. Specific training was needed to ensure people in the industry understood that quality coffee is brewed from high quality coffee beans. This education allows the general public to understand quality, specialty coffee, and the brewing technique. Education also balances the demand and supply. SCAA and SCAE trainings all reflect the increasing popularity of coffee, in other words, coffee became even more popular after western coffee standards were established. But who’s setting the standard? Currently China is using WBC standards and all baristas are trying to reach that standard. Meanwhile, there are discussions including SCAA and SCAE standards, as these associations have created their own set of standards. How are the baristas, who play a very important role in this rapidly developing industry, handling the situation?

David Dai: Baristas usually run to renowned coffee shops and large coffee chains like Starbucks, because they guarantee more salary. Generally, baristas in leading coffee shops such as Pacific Coffee and Costa Coffee are native Shanghai baristas, while foreign baristas are often found in indy cafés. When we look closely at Japan, a lot of café owners worked as a barista for years before they decided to open their own shop. In contrast, baristas in China would open a café the minute they have the chance, and this is not an easy task, as Chinese consumer behavior is quite different to other countries. From the opinions of our three guests and the transformations we have experienced, the Chinese coffee market is continuing to develop. Many associations are formed throughout the country with the aim of building standards for coffee development. Coffee companies are constantly organising coffee training classes to push the industry towards professionalism. Colourful new cafés are found in almost every corner of the city. Baristas and the people in the industry are full of passion, and they are serious about coffee knowledge, especially specialty coffee. With the third coffee wave and continued development in the coffee industry, we firmly believe that Chinese consumers will be able to taste exquisite coffee in the near future.

separate your cafe from the rest

1300 552 883

92-93.indd 93

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94-95.indd 94

18/11/13 2:06:17 PM

THE SCHWEPPES 1783 PREMIUM SINGLE SERVE Schweppes has a lot in common with cafĂŠ owners and baristas. We are passionate about quality and we relentlessly pursue perfection in our beverages. Just as you are in search of the perfect bean, Schweppes seeks out local, close to source, unique varieties of citrus and botanicals to build perfect flavour balances. At Schweppes, we understand quality and provide the perfect range to complement your coffee offering.

Schweppes, Devices, Schweppervescence and Agrum are trade marks used under licence in Australia by Schweppes Australia Pty Ltd.

94-95.indd 95

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96-97.indd 96

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M E L B O U R N E ’ S

coffee trek "It's a sensory tour"

had heard of Melbourne’s Coffee Trek, hosted by Maria Paoli for a number of years. So, when DaVinci Gourmet booked a tour to show some of their international clients and staff (who were in Melbourne for the 2013 World Barista Championships) what the Melbourne café culture had to offer, I quickly volunteered to go along as photographer. We all met in the heart of café culture, where Maria took us through the history of espresso in Melbourne, explaining the journey from 1st wave, to 2nd wave, through to where we are today at stage three, or the 3rd wave. Maria’s passion for coffee was obvious and very contagious. The tour I joined had ten participants, who came from all around the world, including South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Everyone had one thing in common: they had all heard about Melbourne's famous café culture, and they were all keen to learn about it for themselves. After our in depth history, that was accentuated by tastes and smells and an amazing platter of mignons and macaroons, it was time to explore Melbourne's specialty cafés.

96-97.indd 97

Maria led the way, taking us through city arcades and down alleys, chatting along the way and pointing out all the interesting places, cafés and brew bars that we came across. I always knew Melbourne had lots of great coffee shops, but the number of places we saw left

One interesting "HOLE IN THE WALL" was so tiny, customers waited outside after placing their order.

us all amazed. Some that we were shown were large, while others were so small with room only for a couple of tables. One interesting "hole in

the industry. She founded Evolving Success in

the wall" was so tiny, customers waited outside

2002, as she could see that there was a great

after placing their order. The one thing all the

skills gap in coffee training, and since then she

places had in common was they were all busy,

has written training packages, reviewed café

and the aroma of coffee smelled great!

standards, run barista competitions and is an

Along our way we had the opportunity to stop and taste coffee at a number of specialty brew houses, where the baristas carefully and

accredited national barista, barista judge, coffee trainer and tour operator. She is an advocate of Australian roasted

patiently explained to everyone the specialties of

coffee and has dedicated her services to

their coffee. They showed us different brewing

developing training programs to enhance the

methods and blends and allowed us to taste the coffees they were describing. The tour took us a couple of hours, as we weaved in and out of Melbourne's CBD. We thought we had lost a couple of participants from Hong Kong,'til we noticed them inside the

espresso making skills and knowledge of the hospitality and coffee industries. Maria says, “My work in the industry and my involvement as a reviewer/coffee judge and trainer/consultant has allowed me to build

coffee shop, enjoying an espresso. Apparently

formidable relationships in the industry and still

they couldn't bring themselves to go past, as it

have fun behind the machine, often jumping on

just smelled too good!

where required. It's in my blood, and I now am

Anyone who knows Maria will know that she is one of the most passionate coffee people in

branded in ink."

20/11/13 8:48:01 AM


Australasian Sandwich Association



Whilst home-delivered "healthy weight-loss" ready meal programs such as Jenny Craig and Lite n' Easy have been highly successful and available for many years, the vast majority of casual dining and food-to-go retailers throughout Australia traditionally focus their menu development and operations around well known convenient mass market product categories such as CAKES, BREADS, PASTAS, PIZZAS, BURGERS AND SOFT DRINKS. his strategy is born out of the mindset of providing a menu which will not only be appealing to as many potential customers as possible throughout each day-part (breakfast, lunch and dinner), but also as a means of mitigating commercial risk through alienating or losing potential customers by offering menu items which are "perceived" to be complicated, unusual or (dare I say) different! Put simply, it's the usual "safe play" when opening and operating a café or QSR, which, given the inherent commercial risks and expectation on return on investment, is completely understandable. In order for some food retailers to differentiate themselves from the highly competitive and over crowded mass-market, they have targeted the ever-emerging trend of the "health conscious consumer". This burgeoning category of the conscientious customer has, for some time, been the official sleeping giant of the Australian food-togo landscape. In order to connect with this trend, large corporates such as Subway and McDonald's heavily promote "healthy menu options" via their respective "eat fresh" and "deli choices" strategies. Furthermore, highly successful Australian-born franchise chains such as Sumo Salad and Boost


98-99.indd 98

Juice have been cleverly founded on this wellbeing principle. So what if a new start-up food retailer dared to not only defy the safe play strategy of trying to be "all things to all people", but was to boldly go deeper than his predecessors in identifying and connecting with a particular niche within the psyche of the health conscious consumer? And what then, having identified a particular daily dietary mantra within that niche, if that retailer was to then develop a new quick-service food retail business around that way of life? Now, that would be visionary, pioneering, and down-right gutsy ... Meet Josh Sparks. As Founder of THR1VE, Josh is the entrepreneurial spirit behind a new emerging benchmark in health conscious food-to-go retailing in Australia. What is the THR1VE philosophy? THR1VE's mission is to provide our customers with the daily nutrition they need to thrive. Our menu is high protein and low carb, always gluten free, and 100% free of added sugar, ensuring our customers look, feel and perform at their best. It also just happens to be delicious, served within minutes and priced to compete with the major fast casual brands!

What was your inspiration in creating THR1VE? I have had a lifelong passion for health and wellness. In fact, "passion" may be an understatement. Throughout my 15 year career in the fashion industry, both here and in the US, I personally utilised nutritionists and trainers to tweak my diet and exercise, always looking for an edge – the ideal combination of factors to support my desire to live life to the full. Several years ago, and almost accidentally, I started eating what I would now describe as a primarily Paleo or Primal style diet: lots of meat and seafood, fresh veggies and fruits. I noticed the positive changes very quickly, and once I started researching further, I came across Loren Cordain and Robb Wolf's books, and it was Robb's The Paleo Solution that made a true convert out of me. I incorporated the newfound knowledge into further refining my own diet, dropping dairy, legumes, and processed sugar altogether and experienced yet further positive results. As evangelical as it may sound, by this time I felt absolutely compelled to share the benefits of living this way with as many people as possible. I genuinely believe that the Paleo or Primal lifestyle

20/11/13 8:48:47 AM

is the key to both transforming individual health and wellness, but also our national budgets and tax burden, currently blown out by the growing costs of lifestyle disease. So I created THR1VE. Why did you choose to focus on a very select customer within the health and wellbeing niche? To me, it is counter intuitive to think of our customer as "specific", or indeed, the health and wellness space as "niche". With 14 million Australians overweight, over 5 million obese, and obesity overtaking smoking as the number one cause of premature death and illness, not to mention the even more disturbing trends on Type 2 diabetes, you are talking about the majority of Australians suffering needlessly through well intentioned but ultimately ignorant dietary choices. The challenge is, and will remain for some time, education. What we consistently find is that as soon as customers take a little time to educate themselves, and the basics are very easy to understand and implement, they make their own decisions. We don't have to "sell" them. Once you have that light bulb moment of just how much better you can look, feel and perform, and how easy it is to sustain for a lifetime, you don't look back. Check out our website for links to the best blogs and books. How has the market responded to your vision? We have been very fortunate in both Sydney and Melbourne to enjoy strong early adopter support and excellent word of mouth from those early adopters to their friends and colleagues. THR1VE hasn't advertised at all and beyond our social media, we don't intend to. We prefer to educate, by exposing customers to the research that underpins everything we do and encouraging them to build their own knowledge, taking control of their destiny by doing so. So far, the response has been fantastic. Which menu items have been the biggest success? Our breakfast and lunch bowls are the heart and soul of our menu. Prepared fresh to order, and all designed to be high protein and low carb, always gluten free, and 100% free of any added sugar, they are also highly customisable. In addition to ensuring you never get bored, it also allows customers to tweak the macro nutrients to best support their specific diet and exercise goals. For just one example, the Lemon and Herb Grilled Chicken bowl can be served on a base of fresh salad greens, brown rice, or sweet potato and cauliflower mash, so you can choose low carb or smart carb, and you can choose to add a side of chilli and almond broccoli or avocado, to increase the veggie count or add some good fats. How important is freshness and seasonality of ingredients and menu for you? Critically important. Freshness should go without saying, and it certainly does at THR1VE. We avoid processed foods, preservatives and added chemicals of all kinds. In terms of seasonality, we overhaul the menu twice a year for spring/summer and autumn/winter, to ensure we showcase the best in seasonal dishes, sides and condiments. Additionally, we are regularly tweaking the menu for more minor changes, to reflect the availability of new ingredients and the ongoing

98-99.indd 99

innovation of our kitchen. How important is customer feedback to you and the business, and what do you do with this feedback once you get it? Customer feedback has already led to significant improvements in our business, from front of house processes, to the operation of the kitchen, to the introduction of new menu items. In the era of social media, customer feedback is both immediate and public, allowing our customers a critical forum to express themselves whether positive or negative, and a fantastic opportunity for us to address it just as openly and transparently. I am always delighted to receive constructive criticism, as it means the customer cares enough to share with us, and it provides insights we may have missed internally. On the other hand, I can't promise to implement every idea we are provided with! Our job is to listen closely to what our customers are saying, consider carefully whether or not it is right for us to incorporate, and in either case, communicate, communicate, communicate. What are your top tips for creating a menu for such a niche market? Setting aside the fact I don't think it is niche, my recommendation is very simple â&#x20AC;&#x201C; stand for something. Whether you agree or disagree with what we are doing is your decision, but I am absolutely confident that if you eat with us, read the educational material at the front counter, and check out the website and social media channels, you will be in no doubt whosoever what it is we stand for. I passionately believe that customers want more than a transactional relationship with the brands they entrust their valuable time and money with. Assuming for a second that is true, then it is paramount that the brand steps up, not just promising more in a marketing sense, but truly delivering on it. When a business is genuinely committed to making a dent in the universe, to borrow from the late great Steve Jobs, the force of that desire is contagious. What do the next 12 months look like for THR1VE? Touch wood, we will be very busy! Next year we have Melbourne CBD opening in March, and Brisbane CBD in May, and in the meantime I am actively looking for at least one or two additional sites for later in 2014. Strategically and tactically, people are my top priority and we are actively recruiting ahead of the curve, with future store growth in mind. I am excited about continuing to deepen the connection and broaden the conversation with our customers, as we are committed to the dietary education process that will hopefully continue to transform lives. We also have a couple of other slightly left of field ideas in the works, but I better not jinx anything by discussing them just yet â&#x20AC;&#x201C; stay tuned! As we can see from Josh's comments above, the "niche" health and lifestyle market is in full bloom, with customers embracing the opportunity to purchase healthy food alternatives to the traditional lunchtime fare. With summer upon us and a whole variety of fresh fruit and vegetables in season, it's time to shake up your menu and deliver customers delicious and nourishing food!

20/11/13 8:48:56 AM

uke Shilling L d n ie fr ld o â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s re Cafe Cultu so makes a point of difference every blings. from LTD Espres e of his daily ram us er ev cl e th h day throug

100-101.indd 100

18/11/13 4:16:30 PM

100-101.indd 101

21/11/13 5:08:35 PM



eilala Vanilla started in 2002 as an aid project, when New Zealand dairy farmer John Ross mined his horticultural know-how and appreciation of the Tongan way to put to use a block of dormant land in the village of Utungake, situated in the Vava’u Islands, Kingdom of Tonga. It took three years to develop the vanilla plantation, nurturing the vines through careful training, weeding and looping while applying organic and sustainable farming practices. Full community involvement (led by John Ross, daughter Jennifer Boggiss and son-in-law Garth Boggiss alongside the local Latu family) saw the aid project blossom into a business that creates a range of the most exquisite, premium vanilla products for specialty retail, chefs and gourmet food manufacturers. The practice of true sustainability with the village provides the local people with an income, necessary infrastructure and a sense of pride and purpose, enabling resources for education and infrastructure, which the community otherwise may not have had. It is recognised by the local Agriculture Ministry as a true example of a Pacific partnership in practice. Small beginnings saw the first 45 kg of dried vanilla beans harvested in 2005. These beans were shown to local New Zealand chefs, who were blown away by the quality. In 2012 a total harvest


102-103.indd 102

of over 3 tonnes was completed. It takes a lot of work and patience nurturing what is one of the most labour intensive products on the planet. The orchid flower of the vanilla plant opens up only once a year in the morning, never to re-open. There are just four hours of opportunity for pollination: an intricate exercise requiring nimble fingers and wooden tweezers the size of matchsticks – no birds or bees quite instinctual enough to play cupid. Nine months on, a single bean is produced, which is then followed by an intricate curing and drying process. Continual research and development, innovation and the introduction of new products: a program of innovation alongside research and development is a strong focus at Heilala Vanilla. Specialist knowledge on growing vanilla has been acquired through meeting vanilla growers in many parts of the world (including Tahiti, Reunion Is and Costa Rica). Typically, vanilla only thrives in the conditions afforded in a narrow 20-degree band either side of the equator, but Heilala Vanilla have harvested a world first – vanilla grown outside of the tropics – in Tauranga, New Zealand alongside the company’s manufacturing and marketing base. Harvested for the first time in 2009, the Vanilla Extract was released to chefs and the food industry to mark this “world first” of vanilla grown outside the equatorial band. While the New Zealand operation is small scale when compared to the Tongan

plantation, it has proven a great opportunity for chefs and media to visit and get a feel for one of the most labour intensive crops on the planet. Heilala Vanilla has engaged in extensive product development in partnership with Food Technology Researchers at New Zealand’s Massey University. Through this process they have created a unique alcohol and seed extraction technology, which resulted in the creation of the Vanilla Extract and Paste, and more recently their unique Vanilla Syrup – ensuring the full crop and the entire bean are utilised. THE HEILALA VANILLA RANGE VANILLA BEANS USE: Sauces, syrups, poached fruit, custards, rice

puddings. Renowned by chefs for being moist, plump, shiny and packed full of seeds and vanillin for superior flavour. Recipes either request the seeds or the whole bean. VANILLA EXTRACT USE: Cakes and baking, pavalova.

Made using our cold extraction and unique ageing process. Use in any recipe that asks for vanilla extract or essence. VANILLA PASTE USE: Whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, crème

Brûlée, shortbread. An economical and convenient product for

18/11/13 4:42:02 PM


inclusion in desserts; it has the full flavour and appearance of the vanilla seeds, without the hassle of splitting and scraping. VANILLA SUGAR USE: Sprinkle over baking, pancakes, add to tea

or coffee. An organic golden sugar subtly infused with Heilala Vanilla Extract and then mixed with very finely ground Vanilla Pods. A perfect combination, the sweetness of sugar and the delicate flavour of Pure Vanilla. VANILLA SYRUP USE: Drizzle through yogurt, pour over ice cream, pancakes, porridge, fruit, add to cocktails, smoothies, vanilla lattes. Contains no artificial or chemical flavours here, just 100% pure vanilla and a “flavour hijack” for many recipes; it’s perfect to use instead of maple syrup or honey.


This is vanilla in its most true and natural state, as Heilala Vanilla Beans are dried and ground into a fine powder. Two grams of ground Heilala Vanilla powder is the equivalent to one Heilala Vanilla Bean. This product is perfect in final products that are Kosher or Halal certified. COMPANY DIRECTOR JENNIFER BOGGISS, TALKS HEILALA VANILLA

Heilala is an interesting name; where did it come from? Heilala is pronounced, “Hey la la”. It is the national flower of Tonga and is very unique in that it changes colour from white to red when placed in salt water. Additionally, one of the daughters of the family in Vava’u that we are in partnership with is called Heilala. So Heilala was the original working name, and it stuck when we first started selling our vanilla beans to chefs. What makes Heilala Vanilla unique?

102-103.indd 103

We are the only vanilla in the world wo orld rl that that a is is direct dir d irrect eect from plantation to pantry (no traders, traader d s, distributors de distri dis tri r butors rs and unnecessary handling, which means less food miles). Vanilla is usually traded as a commodity like cocoa and coffee and typically goes through up to ten sets of hands, so there is often no traceability. There is a strong Fair Trade story to our brand also. Establishing the plantation in Vava’u Tonga has provided employment for the village together with resources that have enabled running water, housing, and facilities for education of the children in the village. Our products are all 100% pure vanilla and there is nothing nasty added. What variety is Heilala Vanilla? The flavour and fragrance of Vanilla varies according to where it is grown. There are four main Vanilla regions: Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, Indonesian Vanilla, Mexican Vanilla and Tahitian Vanilla. Heilala Vanilla is the Bourbon variety, often called Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. Madagascar Variety are considered to be the best quality; they are described as creamy, sweet, and rich. Mexican Vanilla, the original home of vanilla, is known for being creamy, sweet, with a hint of nutmeg and clove notes. Tahitian Vanilla Beans are typically shorter with thicker walls than Bourbon Vanilla and have fewer seeds. They have a sweet and fruity cherry-like flavour. Tahitian Vanilla is grown in Tahiti and then also in other areas such as Papua New Guinea and Asia. What is the Heilala Vanilla Foundation? Heilala Vanilla was founded on strong Fair Trade practices. After a cyclone in the Islands of Vava’u in 2001, we completed many community projects and consequently were offered the lease on the land in the village of Utungake. The chief of the village wanted to provide necessary employment for his community, together with a sense of purpose and pride. To officially recognise the origin of the unique Heilala Vanilla story and the integral

Heilala Vanilla has engaged in extensive product development in partnership with FOOD TECHNOLOGY RESEARCHERS AT NEW ZEALAND’S MASSEY UNIVERSITY. Through this

process they have created a unique alcohol and seed extraction technology ...

part the community and people of Vava’u have had on the journey to date, the Heilala Vanilla Foundation was launched in May 2013. The Heilala Vanilla Foundation will be established and operate alongside the current business, which ultimately is building much needed export revenue for the Kingdom of Tonga. The Heilala Vanilla Foundation plans to offer a percentage of sales revenue each year into a number of community projects – initially it is planned to work with the local high school, Vava’u High School, and providing much needed equipment and resources for the Home Economics Department. The shipment of equipment is due to leave New Zealand in September and arrive in time for everything to be set up for the new school year. Nicole Carr, Sales and Marketing Manager for Heilala Vanilla Australia, is based in Sydney. Nicole visited the plantation in Tonga last year to see first-hand the impact Heilala Vanilla has had on the community over the last ten years. She was inspired to experience the company’s true and genuine social conscious, which is rare in today’s world. Heilala Vanilla Ltd:

18/11/13 4:42:25 PM


D R A M A N T I A R T I S A N RO AS T ER S 94 TINGAL ROAD, WYNNUM QLD (07) 3236 3244

FLUID ESPRESSO 157 QUEEN STREET, BEACONSFIELD, SYDNEY NSW (02) 9690 1445 What a great inner city find Fluid Espresso is. This café sits in a residential and light industrial space in the suburb of Beaconsfield in East Sydney. The café has become a favourite coffee stop for a growing crowd working in the creative spaces amongst the old warehouse precinct in Beaconsfield. The area has a large number of advertising and modelling agencies in close proximity, which has raised the standard of living in this suburb. Fluid Espresso is a well planned café which delivers great coffee and excellent food quickly at a high quality standard. The deli cabinet is well stocked with fresh baked goodies daily and has a very homely feel to the menu. The fitout is pretty cool, with lots of recycled wood used in the layout. There is a cozy annexe off to the side of the café where you can stretch out a newspaper and enjoy the morning sun. The recycled pallet and box wall garden gives the space a green feel perfect for the inner city escape. The day we visited I had a healthy breakfast of muesli and fruit, but could not resist the smell of warm oven

104-105.indd 104

baked pastry that lured me back to the counter for a sweet treat. It’s inspiring to see a café baking, instead of the same old branded menu. The café has well trained baristas who care about the customer first, and they are not over the top with caffeinated jargon. There is a good choice of coffees run through multiple grinders, including a guest blend. There is also a good alternate beverage choice at Fluid, and the iced drink menu is one of the best I have seen to date in an independent café. Fluid has the weekday market covered with lots of quick service items, but weekends things slow down and the brunch menu develops from week to week with seasonal produce changes. The owner of Fluid grew up in New Zealand, and there are a few clever Kiwi treats and quirky twists to the menu. I always loved New Zealand homemade relish on my breakfast, and this café does not let you down with a secret batch of the Kiwis' best. Open: Mon to Fri from 6am 3pm, Sat from 7am - 3pm.

East Brisbane by Moreton Bay is not the place you think you would find a funky warehouse styled coffee roasting business. I was delightfully surprised to visit Dramanti Coffee in Wynnum, this quaint bay side suburb of Brisbane and experienced some great coffees and café treats to match. We were there on a Saturday morning, and the crowd was already lining up in front of the espresso machine waiting for a quality brew and a seat amongst the coffee sacks. Dramanti Artisan Roasters is the creation of Dragan Sestic, a wellknown Brisbane barista and café owner. Dragan is part of a strong coffee culture and the brother of famous Canberra roaster Sasha Sestic, who owns ONA Coffee. I had heard a few stories about Dragan over the years from his brother, Sasha, all of them good and mostly about his sporting days. Both Sestic brothers were Olympian handball champions, representing Australia in the 2000 Sydney games and showing the Australian audience the skill of this popular European sport. Dragan was born in Serbia and always had a love for coffee, having fond memories of his first taste of the golden brew back in his homeland. Dragan still also runs a busy café in the city called Dramanti Espresso, and the Roastry in Wynnum is a natural progression and journey for

his love affair with coffee. He chose the site on an old railway siding, which was in a great looking old industrial building that was also close to the strip mall in Wynnum. The roasting warehouse has already made it to the top five cafés list in Brisbane on most of the hospitality review sites. The coffee business is focusing on specialty microlots, and through Dragan’s industry contacts he is putting plenty of great coffees through his roaster daily. The café/roastery has become a popular destination for the Brisbane coffee scene, and Dragan has a great palate and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to flavour profiles of coffee. The business conducts regular cupping sessions that the public can be involved in with some forward notice. Don’t be surprised if you get to taste some of the world’s rarest coffees in one of these sessions. Dragan has recently been on a mission to raise money for the Still I Rise Foundation, and he and his male team are going to change sex for the day ... and believe us, it won't be pretty seeing a six foot five giant in a dress. For more info, check out the Still I Rise Facebook site and see how you can get involved. Open: Monday to Saturday from 6:30am to 2:30pm. Sunday 7am to 1pm.

20/11/13 8:49:51 AM


(08) 9284 6088

Perth is seeing an explosion of new coffee businesses,

Brisket Benedict won me over, especially with the Harissa

both in the café and coffee roasting sectors. A new

Hollandaise over perfect poached eggs.

concept that has graced the west coast suburb of Claremont is Typika Artisan Coffee roasters. This was not an overnight setup; it was 10 years in the

John and Stephen are both very particular in all facets of their business, and they have invested a lot of time and money into getting the coffee side of the business

making for the entrepreneurial Kenyon family. Father John

right. They have purchased a roasting plant from Proaster

and siblings Stephen and Rachel have all been part of this

in Korea and have coupled it to the latest technology in

well planned venture. Stephen started the quest buying a run down café eight years ago and developed it into a multi store operation called Cimbalino, that turns over thousands of coffees a day. Stephen taught himself the art of being a barista when no one would take him on by setting up an old espresso machine in his dad’s shed. Rachel also had a stint in the corporate coffee world, with a management role at Dome Coffee. The Typika fitout includes a café and full kitchen, a

coffee roasting science. The coffees they are producing are remarkable, along with some great packaging and a strong sales team headed up by Rachael. The café/roasting house has become a must visit for anyone who’s anyone in coffee in the west, and it is extraordinarily busy for a six month old operation. The Kenyon family are pushing the envelope in specialty coffee in Perth, and they have a big future in that

roasting plant, a training room and a warehouse space.

marketplace. The operation is getting lots of interest from

The café sees hundreds of visitors coming through the

many cafés in Western Australia for full coffee support,

operation daily for breakfast and lunch. The Typika team

especially in blend design and high-end barista training.

are well versed in café operations, and they are recieving rave reviews about their café menu. I had to visit twice in my short stay in Perth just to try something else on the menu. The Slow Cooked Beef

If you are in the café and coffee industry and visiting Perth, then Typika should be on your café crawl ... and don’t go past the breakfast menu. Open: 7 days from 7am to 4pm.

a change from the routine...





104-105.indd 105







20/11/13 8:50:09 AM


THEIC 77 CROMWELL STREET, COLLINGWOOD 0433 214 938 Nathan Wakeford, Managing Director of Somage Fine Foods, has recently opened a specialty tea bar. The aptly named "Theic", a term used to describe one prone to the immoderate consumption of tea, is certain to delight avid tea lovers. Theic offers 25 rare specialty teas from the Chamellia Reserve Selection, an exclusive range that can be found adorning the menus of many quality-focused venues. Theic is a collaborative project between Somage Fine Foods and Insitu, a designer furniture store. The establishment of Theic comes at a definitive moment, with the growing specialty tea movement now embracing Melbourne. “Specialty tea needed a home, a venue focused exclusively on tea, so we created it,” explains Nathan, a passionate sustainable farming advocate, vegan and purist. In establishing this pioneering concept, first-time guests will quickly notice some clear and bold distinctions from the typical café. There is no coffee machine, no flavoured teas and, perhaps more astonishing, no milk. All of the teas being served have been specifically chosen for consumption without milk, with Nathan

106-107.indd 106

unashamedly on a mission to “banish the white-with-one paradigm of commodity tea”. You will not find tea bags either, but the brave and curious will be rewarded with an opportunity to try some rare and exclusive teas. The teas served at Theic have been personally sourced by Nathan, utilising the knowledge gained from his visits to more than 90 tea estates throughout China, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, India, Korea and Japan. Each tea is carefully prepared with the finest Taiwanese and Japanese handmade artisan teaware, with fresh spring water collected weekly from Mount Donna Buang. The teas served at Theic include a wild ancient black tea from Yunnan, a sumptuous high grown Nepalese white tea, enchanting Oolong teas from Taiwan and roasted wild persimmon leaves from Korea. Lovers of Chai will be well satisfied and the adventurous (and caffeine deprived) might consider Theic’s Benifuuki green tea latte. Cold-infused sparkling iced teas also provide welcome relief should you establish a thirst whilst finding parking in the nearby streets. Open: Tues to Fri, 10am - 3:30pm Sat 9am - 4pm.

UNCLE JOE'S MESS 76 KING STREET PERTH WA (08) 9321 4502 When award winning hair stylist Mark Cain and his sibling Marie Cain looked at expanding their successful salon, Head Studio, the decision was not to add more seats in the current salon but to step into a whole new market, a barber shop and café. The barber shop is called Uncle Joe’s and the café is called Uncle Joe's Mess Hall, with a bit of a take on a military industrial look. Actually, it’s more industrial than the TV set of Mash, which works well in this old city alley space. Mark found the old warehouse a few doors down from their popular King Street salon, Head Studio. The space is a salute to industrial design and is set up as a perfect man cave. The fit out has lots of cool men’s things hanging from the walls and a row of vintage barber chairs that always has a lineup of waiting punters looking to get their hipsters fade or a blade beard trim. Uncle Joe’s Mess café is now one of Perth CBD's most popular coffee spots, and the well trained baristas are pumping out hundreds of coffees daily. The café is using award-winning coffees from Micrology. This new kid on the block, Daniel Ash, recently won the

single origin section of the world’s largest coffee roasting competition, The Golden Bean. The perfect match with Australia’s best barber and one of Australia’s best coffee roasters. The food coming from Uncle Joe’s Mess is amazing, and it was hard to make a choice from this unique menu. I went for “Piggy in the Middle”, which was a warm bagel filled with stringy cola infused pulled pork with a crunchy pickled vegetable salad. The cabinet also offered lots of tasty treats, with pastry chef Charlotte Haygarth creating some café masterpieces. Perth has had an explosion of new café concepts, and this smart use of two businesses in the one space is a good example of spreading operational costs. So to many who have not been to Perth recently, it’s not just a mining boom happening ... there’s also a café and small bar explosion going on. It’s nice to see other people from outside of hospitality put their own spin on a café idea and concept, so congratulations Mark and Marie on Uncle Joe's. Open: Mon - Fri, 7am to 4pm and Sat - 7am to 2pm.

18/11/13 2:27:41 PM

106-107.indd 107

18/11/13 2:28:59 PM




T. 1800 263 333 W.

T. 1800 023 100 W.

DAVINCI GOURMET T. (02) 9741 4510 W.


DI BELLA COFFEE T. 1800 332 163 W.



T. (07) 3853 5800 W.

BFC T. (02) 6280 7511 W. W.

MOCOPAN T. 1300 730 465 W.

T. (02) 9764 8888 W.




T. (03) 9853 0328 W.

Melbourne T. (03) 9462 4499 Perth T. (08) 9244 9377 W.



T. 1300 246 725 W.

T. (03) 9702 7733 W.



T. (02) 9723 6500 W.

T. (07) 3356 5652 W.



T. 1300 557 762

T. 1300 326 326 W.



T. (02) 6639 6300 W.

T. (07) 3123 4141 W.



T. 1300 364 440 W.

T. 1300 138 038 W.

PAC TRADING T. 1300 853 869 W. W.

PAPA JOE’S T. 1300 380 115 W.

PENTAIR T. 1300 050 973 W.

PINE TEA & COFFEE T. (02) 9680 9117 W.


PROASTER T. (07) 5529 0888 (local agent) W.




T. 1300 788 355 W.



T. (02) 9905 9554 W.

T. 1800 240 502 W.

T. 1300 776 225 W.




T. (07) 3382 7725 W.

T. 1800 500 150 W.

SOUTH AMERICAN BEAN T. 0430 657 450 W.




T. 1300 797 944 W.




T. 1300 605 061 W.

TEAPIGS T. (03) 9825 3300 W.


T. (02) 9966 8488 W.

VOLERE ESPRESSO T. 1300 552 883 W.


108-109.indd 108

T. 1800 032 479 W.



T. (03) 9380 1111 W.

T. (03) 9188 8000 W.



T. (07) 5520 1983 W.

T. (02) 9677 2899 W.

WILD 1 T. 0435 794 537 W.

YQME T. (02) 9451 0901 W.


21/11/13 5:04:16 PM



COFFEE CRAFT 678 South Road, Glandore SA 5037 p. (08) 8463 1651 e. w. With many years in the industry here at Coffee Craft, we know coffee. Whether

WILLIAM ANGLISS INSTITUTE 555 La Trobe Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 p. (03) 9606 2103 f. (03) 9606 2141 m. 0435 659 820 w. Coffee-Academy e.

it's finding the best beans, making the perfect cup, selecting the best accessories or precisely calibrating a machine; we have experience and a taste for the best.

The Coffee Academy offers a range of coffee making

With a purpose built training studio we are able to offer the following courses,

courses from ABC of Espresso to the nationally

• Intro Barista • Advanced Barista • Latte Art

recognised Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee.

• Roasting • Domestic and Office

Visit our website for further details.

100% practical and available day or night each participant in our workshops will qualify for 10% discount on all machines and grinders purchased at our stores


for 14 days after workshop.

108-109.indd 109

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Congratulations Peter Stathos

The Cafetto Coffee Roaster Hall Of Fame is awarded each year at The Golden Bean to a coffee roaster who has MADE A LIFELONG CONTRIBUTION to the coffee industry in Australia.


ach year as a part of The Golden Bean Coffee Roaster Competition and Conference, one talented and deserving person is inducted into the Cafetto Coffee Roaster Hall of Fame for their outstanding contribution to the coffee industry. “The coffee industry in Australia is such a vibrant industry,” Chris Short says. “We enjoy some of the best coffees in the world. We have some of the best people working in the industry in the world. At Cafetto we have often talked about the importance of the coffee roaster to the industry. They really give us that fantastic taste that we can then build on. So, for Cafetto, it’s a means by which we can recognise the significant achievements and the importance of those people in the industry.” This year, a very humbled Peter Stathos of Mocopan is the recipient of the Cafetto Roaster Hall of Fame award. Peter’s career in the coffee industry began almost 25 years ago. After a couple of other short-lived jobs where he found himself bored, Peter began a surprisingly new and long

110-111.indd 110

chapter of his life. He thought this new job was a simple warehousing position and it was, but not just in any type of company. It was a coffee company. “That’s where the journey started,” Peter says. From there, his passion for coffee and roasting grew. He wanted to learn more about it, and he did. Many years later, Peter now fills the shoes of Operations Manager at Mocopan, which touches nearly every aspect of the company and is never too far away from his love of roasting. It’s also Peter’s love of the people within the coffee industry that makes working in the coffee industry so enjoyable and rewarding. In 2011, Peter was elected chairman of the Australian Coffee Traders Association, highlighting his commitment and value to the industry. While we know Peter thinks a number of people are more deserving of this award than he is, we say congratulations Peter, you deserve to be a Cafetto Coffee Roaster Hall of Famer. Welcome to this exclusive club.

18/11/13 2:54:02 PM

for Ask cts rodu 速 p e s tto the Cafe r u o at y ler retai


ple m o c d e certifi t s r i f world

c i n a org

e g n a r

Need espresso machine cleaners for home or office? Check out the new Cafetto @home range online at

Aus 1300 364 440 NZ 0800 772 227 Singapore 800 616 3122 International +61 8 8245 6901

110-111.indd 111

20/11/13 9:03:56 AM

Phone: 02 9764 8888 Fax: 02 9764 8887

112.indd 112

18/11/13 2:55:19 PM

Cafe Culture 34  

Issue 34 of Cafe Culture magazine.

Cafe Culture 34  

Issue 34 of Cafe Culture magazine.