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ISSUE 22 • 2010

trans tasman Barista Championship

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café culture


Café Biz Wrap Up

62. Soups for winter

Cafe Pulse

34. Stefano



8. Project X

Cultured Products

7. News from Above

30 0. Roaster Profile


News from above with Phillip Di Bella from Di Bella Coffee.

Learn about the talent behind Veneziano.

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12 2. Cultured Gossip

Use effective marketing strategies to develop loyalty among your customers.

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Get the latest news for café owners and the café industry.

22 2. Café Culture Roast

38 8. Loyalty Bank

46 6. Café People

The new guide to the latest roasting news.

Meet Tristan Creswick ... barista trainer, latte art competitor and owner of “kafe”.

28 8. Popcorn Roaster

68 8. Training Schools

A simple way to roast your own coffee ...

Barista training with the experts.

9/7/10 3:22:17 PM


Justeen Single Editor Café Culture Magazine

editor’s contacts. t t Even if we did get knocked out of the World Cup Soccer, we still rule where it counts!


ue to our fantastic results at the

He is a well respected coffee scientist, with over

2010 SCAE World Championships

a decade of experience in researching all aspects

in London last month, Australia has

of coffee quality. This is an opportunity not to be

taken out the Best Nation award.


Under the Best Nation rules, the national

Each year the CSR Golden Bean continues to

Ed ditor - Justeen Single Phone: (02) 6583 7163 Mobile: 0404 837 608

Copy Ed ditor - Jo Atkins Art Direc ctor - Jay Beaumont

Graphic Design ner- Louise Turner

teams are allocated points according to their final

grow, and we are constantly working to improve

Advertissing - Sean Edwards

positions in each of the World Championships,

the technical aspects of the event in order to

including the World Barista Championship. The

maintain the integrity of the competition. To this

country with the lowest number of points wins.

end, we have introduced an additional day to the Phone: (02) 6583 7163 Mobile: 0419 287 608

To achieve the Best Nation prize, Will

CSR Golden Bean, which will allow more time

Priestley came second in the World Latte Art

for judging – including the judging of the finalist

Championship, Scottie Callaghan took third place

coffees in the Golden Bean category. For more

in the World Barista Championship, Mitch Faulkner

details on the CSR Golden Bean, see page 48.

Accountts - Kristine Edwards

Produce ed and Published by y

Championship, Jonny Pisanelli placed sixth in the

di Manfredi by Piazza D’Oro, hence Stefano di

World Cup Tasters Championship, and Rob Forsyth

Manfredi is our “cover guy” for this issue. You will

KISS Marketing – Sean Edwards Phone: 0419 287 608 PO Box 5728 PORT MACQUARIE NSW 2444

came 12th in the World Cezve/Ibrik Championship.

find his success story on page 34.

Web Pro ovider - Paul Davenport

came fourth in the World Coffee in Good Spirits

An excellent effort by these extremely dedicated and talented professionals. Welcome to Issue 22 of Café Culture Magazine. We’ve got a variety of features this issue and now that we are full swing into chillsville, hopefully you will find some helpful hints on how to heat up your profits through winter. To keep things interesting, we’ve added a

Finally, it is the 10 year anniversary of Espresso

Please enjoy issue 22 of Café Culture and if

Photogrraphy Crredits

contact me at:

Shayne McCristal Phone: 0437 860 148 Email:

Celebrating 10 years In 1999, prior to the Launch of Espresso di Manfredi in 2000, Manfredi Enterprises commissioned Rod Bamford, one of Australia’s

couple of new features to this issue. We’ve

most highly regarded ceramic artists, to design

included a Success Story to acknowledge

a set of cups to accompany and enhance the

companies and their achievements and hopefully

café experience for the drinking of Espresso di

provide some insight into why they are such great


companies – which of course helps us all. We’ve also taken on Project X. “Gentlemen,

you would like to send me any feedback, you can

The Cup Suite, and all other shapes designed for Manfredi Enterprises by Rod Bamford, are held

Media Releases to No part of this publication may be used, reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written consent of the publishers. DISCLAIMER: Views expressed by advertisers and contributors do not necessarily reflect the views of the publishers. While every care is taken to provide accurate information the publishers do not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of information included in this publication.

Speeciall Offeer.

we can build it. We have the technology.” A team

in the collections at the Power House Museum

As a special offer to Café Culture readers,

of Australian coffee professionals will design and


Graeme McCormack from Faction is offering

build a state of the art, Australian made coffee

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Espresso di

the first 20 people who contact him to receive

machine, and Café Culture will be there to record

Manfredi by Piazza D’Oro, Vince Frost and his team

a significantly reduced price on a tailored


at Frost* Design were commissioned to produce

marketing plan for your café. If you’re thinking

artwork for the Tazzalta Mug and the Universal

about your next marketing campaign, or would

Golden Bean will return in November, and we

Saucer. The new design art is also being used

simply like to ask a question, don’t hesitate

are very pleased to announce that our keynote

across a new packaging theme for the product,

to contact Graeme. That way you can start

speaker will be Joseph A. Rivera. Joseph Rivera is

and the art will be available for various decorative

making deposits into your loyalty bank sooner,

the founder and creator of

elements in flagship cafés and outlets.

rather than later! See page 38.

Speaking of science and technology, the CSR

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9/7/10 3:00:54 PM

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9/7/10 3:01:13 PM


By Sean Edwards.

Out and

Cooking up a storm with Lyn Withers – Cooking with Company, Sean Edwards – Café Biz, Lisa Ryan – Head Chef Cassegrains and Jay Beaumont – Ediitor Port Macquarie Focus.

Sean Edwards, publisher of Café Culture Magazine, with his caffeinated travel stories.


ho is setting the café scene in our nation? This is the question I am constantly being asked in my continual café travels. I once could have answered with a city as the reference point, but now we have so many great regional cafés springing up in remote locations, it is getting difficult to form an opinion. Country regions are becoming quite trendy again, and more people are day tripping out of the cities to regional centres to experience local cuisine and farm fresh products. I am finding people want to experience the good things in life on these short breaks, like great coffee, fresh local food and regional wines. It still blows me away when I walk into a country café and they have a La Marzocco or a Synesso coffee machine perched up on the counter, and it is a real and added bonus when the barista can make a great cup to back up the precision equipment. The fact is, great cafés can operate very profitably in regional areas – as well as in busy city centres. People from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds love quality product made with passion and love. I love businesses that use quality as their point of difference and are not scared to step out of

6-7**.indd 6

the square a bit with a concept or an idea. During my recent trip to Melbourne, I was amazed by the coffee concepts and the enthusiasm that have been put into into these world class coffee Meccas. The nice thing about these new coffee businesses is that they all had people spilling out the doors at all hours of the day, which means people are ready to go to the next level in their coffee experience. We are constantly getting the quality food message literally – pardon the pun – pushed down our throats every night when we turn the television on, so the same enthusiasm should work with the coffee message. What I do like about the new age coffee concept is that people are all experimenting with different brewing techniques, like filter and siphon pots, ibrik and new technology such as cold brewing and Clover. Other cities around the country are starting to follow Melbourne’s lead and are creating experiential coffee concepts. With our rate of coffee consumption, the consumer is more than ready and with bean coffee still on a climb cycle, let’s give them what they want in our café businesses. Next trip to Melbourne, check out some great new concept spaces like Seven Seeds, St Ali, Brother Baba Budan,

The Maling Room, Eclipse and Proud Mary. Sorry if I have not named your favourite café, as there are lots of new ventures starting in Melbourne every week, and it’s hard to keep track. In part of my industry work, I run a training company helping unemployed Australians get back into the workforce via the Job Services Australia network. Every large town has a job service network office, and it’s a great starting point to find keen café workers. The Federal Government is putting a lot of resources into the unemployment sector, with excellent training programs, wage incentives to employees and employment consulting. The Federal Government has pledged 4.9 billion dollars to this program. I am lucky to be involved with the Centrelink Employment Road Show throughout regional NSW, and these expos have created thousands of job vacancies. Hospitality is still one of the nation’s biggest employers, so why not let a free government service help you recruit the right person for your workplace and take one task away from your busy café operation? Information about Job Services Australia can be viewed at: www.deewr.

9/7/10 3:01:38 PM


By Phillip Di Bella.

news from Leadership in today’s business world. have never made a secret of the fact that Di Bella

becoming a better leader every day.

to understand that although their position gives them

Coffee’s success is largely due to the team we

The days of the “old” manager are over. The

have recruited. I’m often asked how I can suc-

old manager believes they’re the boss, operates

in the business, this power does not make them a

cessfully manage so many staff from generation

by following the chain of command, makes all the

leader. An effective leader encourages the staff to

Y and Z, while other businesses struggle to get the

decisions, hoards information, parcels it out, is an

want to achieve high goals, rather than simply “boss-

same level of dedication and loyalty often witnessed

expert in one discipline and demands long hours. In

ing” them around.

in my company. I believe the reason has a lot to do

comparison, the new manager/leader is a sponsor,

with strong leadership.

facilitator, team leader, works with anyone, leads by

The future businesses that will move from being

example, fosters participation, shares information,

good to great are those who have leaders that can

tries to be knowledgeable in many disciplines and

encourage staff to believe in their mission and inspire

demands results.

them to work to their potential in support of their business goals.

At Di Bella Coffee, we try to build to make things better, have a vision for the future, innovate, find

the authority to achieve certain tasks and objectives

In my experience, this kind of new manager/leader gives staff “buy in”; it gives them job ownership and they feel empowered. They not only feel a part of the “big picture”, they are integral to achieving the “big picture”. The overall outcome is that the staff win, the

new ways to improve and turn qualified staff free.

customers win, the company wins, and as a whole,

desire and willpower, you can become an effec-

We focus on staff to motivate, train, and listen. We

the company gets stronger. Be a new style manager/

tive leader. To inspire your staff into higher levels

encourage them to take charge, solve problems,

leader, invest in your staff, and watch your business

of teamwork, there are certain things you must be,

think, look outward towards our customers and


know, and, do. Through a never ending process of

understand their needs.

Good leaders are made, not born. If you have the

self-reflection and experience, you must work at

We also try to get our managers and supervisors

Why use a

Paper sourced from FSC certified plantation

Reduced dependence on fossil fuels

Source: “The New Non-Manager Managers” by Brian Dumaine in Fortune.


Zero carbon footprint. All greenhouse gas emissions are offset through the purchase of carbon credits The first cup in Australia that also has a compostable lid

Custom branding available Biodegradable & compostable in an industrial compost facility

Same day delivery for orders placed before 1pm*

Recyclable in the waste paper stream

Free freight for orders of 4 or more cartons*

Available in single or double wall configuration Waterproof lining made from plants not oil.

Water or soy based printing inks

It doesn’t cost the earth: 8oz Single Wall - $93.00** per 1000 12oz Single Wall - $117.00** per 1000 8oz Double Wall - $134.00** per 1000

12oz Double Wall - $163.00** per 1000

Email: | Online Store: | Call: 1300 246 725 If you sell food for a living in Australia, you are aware of the ever-increasing options for “green” packaging. BioPak is comm itted to the “green” movement and have the largest range of environmentally responsible food packaging in Australia. If you want products made from renewable resources like corn, potato, sugar cane, or bamboo, we have what you want! Forks, knives, spoons, plates, takeout food containers, coffee cups, cold drink cups, portion cups, soup containers & checkout bags. *Applies to deliveries in the following areas: Melbourne Metro, Sydne Metro, Perth Metro, Brisbane Metroy ** Pricing excludes GST - Call for bulk discounts

6-7**.indd 7

9/7/10 3:01:52 PM



products. NEW iGrind T i ouch AMANTI Gourmet Coffee announces the launch of the NEW iGrinder. The iGrinder is a breakthrough in grinder technology and design. It is a feature packed touch screen grinder specifically designed for superfast, instantaneous grinding. Features include instantaneous grinding, a large colour LCD touch screen, cutter replacement notification, it’s super easy to clean, auto senses single and double baskets, grinds a double basket in 5 seconds, large diameter cutters

+ Café Table bl W Wedges d Whether you’re a café owner, café regular, or both, the café wedge offers a simple solution to an age old problem. The café wedge is a grippy little rubber wedge

and much more. “Both in terms of looks and performance, the NEW iGrinder is the most intelligent grinder in the business,” says Dennis Lo, National Equipment Manager of AMANTI Coffee. For more information, FREECall 1-800-COFFEE to find

designed as a speedy solution to the very annoying prob-

out how you can get the iGrinder on a FREE of Cost Equip-

lem of rocking tables. Professional and effective, the café

ment program.

wedge is a much more effective solution than coasters and folded napkins. Available from all good hospitality suppliers.

+ Po Portaspresso

e: w:

Settting the standard in portable espresso. Handcrafted in Australia, the Portaspresso is designed to control temperature and pressure within the fine n parameters required for commercial quality espresso. It is a manua ally operated device requiring no external power. All you need is fresh, ground coffee and boiling water to make quality espresso that is “as go ood as it gets”. The e Portaspresso can be used freehand or with the aid of the support stand, but those who appreciate the art of making espresso will love the unique e feel provided from freehand use. Bein ng truly portable, it can be taken on airlines in carry-on baggage. It is sm mall enough to store in an office desk, and is great in caravans or anywh here that bench space is limited.

Café Essentials Original Chai Latte by Dr Smoothie Café Essentials Naturals is a natural, healthy, gourmet specialty beverage line designed to let the natural flavour of the ingredients shine through. Produced with natural, quality ingredients and contain-

Visiit or call Ross on 0409 638 357.

+ Join the Hot Chocolate Revolution Europe’s “must have” patented chocolate machine has

ing NO artificial flavours, NO artificial sweeteners, NO

arrived in Australia. The latest sensation from Europe is a

added colours, NO trans fat and NO hydrogenated oils.

seriously rich, thick drinking chocolate created for lovers of

Original Chai Latte by Café Essentials is a classic blend, rich

chocolate. Simply fill the jug with milk, add the European hot

in flavour with the perfect balance of spices for a more

chocolate mix, place the jug on the machine and within a few

traditional Chai experience.

seconds you will have a perfect, thick hot chocolate.

Our medium spiced Chai Latte blend is the hallmark of

Exclusive to Uniq Appliances, the new hot chocolate

the Café Essentials selection. Rich, creamy, and decadent,

machine is destined to give you the edge, with that

with just the perfect balance of spices, honey, vanilla and

point of difference over your competitors this winter. The

black tea. Café Essentials Original Chai Latte gives you the

machine is easy to use, makes 1, 2 or 3 drinks in one cycle

clean, real taste consumers have been searching for and

in less than 1 minute, produces no waste and is easy to

will keep your customers coming back time after time.


For more information, please contact Larry:

Perfect for franchise stores and chain espresso bars.

p: 1300 133 037 e:

Jump in and join the Hot Chocolate Revolution!


Contact: 0424 188 405 or

8-9**.indd 8

9/7/10 3:02:30 PM


The Real Hot Chocolate The Real Hot Chocolate Company have launched, in time for


winter, a unique, indulgent way of

products. -------------------------------------

creating a hot chocolate experience while enjoying one of the purest forms of chocolate on the market. The handmade creation combines a

+ New! New! New!

50 g mould of chocolate, in several varieties, with a wooden mixing

Jet has released 2 new flavours –

spoon; you just add 200 ml of hot milk, insert your spoon and start stirring. Renae Eagles, who developed and manufactures the Real Hot Chocolate said, “We want our customers to enjoy an amazing hot chocolate encounter.” Distributed by Likeable Habits, the product, packaging and marketing is aimed at

Very Cherry and Outrageous Orange. Premium mixes for delicious blended beverages! Simply serve something cool every time, with mind blowing flavour!

providing cafés an upmarket, affordable option for those customers who don’t drink

■ Who wants to save time?

other hot beverages and a retail product that can also be purchased as a gift or to use

■ Who wants to make a consistent

at home.

product every time?

For more information, please contact: Anne Doyle – Likeable Habits 0401 536 602.

■ Who wants great profits? ■ Refreshing, easy to make beverages ■ Great as mocktails/frappes, cocktails

+ Diedrich IR

Coffee Roasters

Premium coffee roaster manufacturer

■ Just add ice, water or milk and blend ■ Real fruit puree, natural flavours and real sugar infused with Green Tea – with all the benefits of an antioxidant-rich Green Tea ■ No artificial preservatives

Diedrich Manufacturing Inc from Sandpoint,

■ Shelf stable storage, refrigerate after opening

Idaho have recently revamped their award-

Contact: Zeroz for more info on (08) 9345 2255 or

winning IR range of shop roasters. The Diedrich IR roasters have, for many years, set the bar in terms of build quality, roasting performance, reliability and ease of maintenance in the shop roasting equipment

Superb Graphics and Superior Insulation

segment. The Diedrich IR roasters now come in the IR-1 and IR-2.5 compact bench-mount versions, and the IR-5 and IR-12 classic floor-mount versions. The new 1 kg per batch model picked up the “Best New Product Award” at the recent SCAA coffee show in Anaheim. All models are highly customisable, and the 5 kg and 12 kg per batch models can be ordered with Diedrich’s astonishing new PC-based automation system. All models are available through Diedrich Roaster’s long-time Australian and New Zealand agent: Appliance Maintenance Company in Sydney on:

p: (02) 9792 4475 w:

takeaway cappuccino and espresso coffee sales. The result: the most appealing and inviting takeaway coffee packaging available today, certain to increase customer satisfaction as well as enhance your business image. FotoFinish: Magazine quality print surface allows for detailed graphics, topto-bottom coverage and amazing process printing unlike any other hot cup. ThermoThin™ Core: Keeps both hot and cold drinks at their optimum drinking temperature for longer, while keeping cup sidewall cool to the touch. Moulded Rolled Lip: Provides for comfortable drinking and secure lidding.

Gluten Free Baking and Dessert Mix Springhill – creators of fine food – are thrilled to release two delicious pre mixes to their gluten free range. Following the success of their revolutionary product “the real bread mix”, the really beautiful baking mix and the really decadent dessert mix

Fusion cups are a sound choice for the environment and are easily combined with Dart’s award winning Optima reclosable lids – lift, lock, reclose! Contact: Dart Pheonix NSW: Craig Pickrell 0412 123 822. Victoria/South Australia and Tasmania: Andrew Robinson 0412 507 156. Queensland and Western Australia: John Oppy 0412 248 370 e: w:

raise the bar on gluten free cooking and can be thoroughly enjoyed by Coeliacs and non-Coeliacs alike. Available in retail or bulk foodservice packs. For more information contact Fiona on 0402 349 192 or

8-9**.indd 9

9/7/10 3:02:48 PM




+ Stonka Coffee Roasters After 15 years of servicing roasters, Nigel Walsh, designer of the Stonka coffee roaster, felt it was time to come up with his own brand of roaster from the knowledge he had gained of other roasters in this time. He wanted to fill the gaps where overseas companies had fallen short. Stonka offers the flexibility to tailor the design, is more economical to run and uses superior modern technologies to reinforce the Stonka motto of “ensuring consistency” nsistency in roasting. We now offer a wide range of

+ Enjoy the special experience of Pickwick Pyramid Bags.

products, from a sample roaster er right up to the larger 70 kg models.

For more information visit: sit:

Introducing Pickwick’s new range of Pyramid Tea Bags. High quality loose leaf tea in a special transparent pyramid bag, providing the premium feel of serving loose leaf tea with the convenience and benefit of a tea bag. Watch the beautiful leaves and flowers as they unfurl in

+ Let's get nakedd ! Want to analyse your pour? Blonding, londing, channelling, over/

hot water. Available in 7 enticing varieties, including English

under extraction, tiger striping... these are all visible with the aid of a

Breakfast, Green Blossom and Red Cape.

naked/bottomless portafilter! A very useful tool in barista training and a very pop-

For all enquiries, please contact Douwe Egberts Coffee

ular accessory for high end homee and commercial machines. Order one today at Australia’s

Systems p: 1800 833 767.

leading online coffee parts, accessories ssories and machinery website:

Packaging so natural, you “could” eat it! biodegradable and compostable

food service packaging solutions s0LATES s#LAM3HELL"OXES s#UTLERY s#UP4RAY#ARRIERS

Serve it up! T 02 9662 2777 F 02 8572 5346

Providing solutions for a healthier environment

10-11**.indd 10

9/7/10 3:03:15 PM

Try this great time-saving and effective recipe Swiss roll with chocolate crust and strawberry salsa Ingredients X X X X

100 g dark chocolate 100 g white chocolate Sponge cake or Swiss roll Whipped cream

Strawberry salsa ingredients X X X

200 g strawberries Juice from 1 lemon 2 tbs sugar (Serves 4)

Method X Cut strawberries and mix with lemon juice and sugar. X Melt dark and white chocolate in bowls over pan of hot water or in microwave. X Cut swiss roll into slices. X Cut rectangular pieces (approx. 6–7 cm) from GLAD Bake non-stick baking and cooking paper. Brush melted dark chocolate on paper, then add thin layer of melted white chocolate. X Wrap paper around slice of swiss roll with chocolate side on cake and freeze again. X Remove GLAD Bake non-stick baking and cooking paper. X Place strawberry salsa on cups formed by chocolate. Top with whipped cream and decorate with chocolate using GLAD Bake non-stick baking and cooking paper as a piping bag.

B120/6 GLAD Bake© 120 m x 30 cm BW120/6 GLAD Bake© 120 m x 40.5 cm Available from your local distributor

Recipe and food styling: Arto Rastas

For more great recipe ideas go to:

MADE SPECIALLY FOR BARISTAS Making coffee is cleaner with colour-coded CHUX Espresso Café Superwipes.. Developed specially for the e daily grind of cafes, bars, restaurants, clubs and hotels, s, HACCP approved CHUX help to make your coffee making easier.

phone: 1800 240 502

10-11**.indd 11

HACCP Australia Pty Limited endorses CHUX ® Wipes (PE-197-CA-03) as a food safe cleaning aid for use in food manufacturing, processing and handling operations that are conducted in accordance with a HACCP based Food Safety Program.

9/7/10 3:03:26 PM

Everything that’s happening in the industry.

cultured + The Team grows ... Melbourne’s specialty coffee ff scene has exploded in recent years and now has another exciting

Proudly presented by Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Aroma is

Machine Expo. Delight in the tastes, sights and

In an exciting development Ross Quail former Head Roaster

David Makin, Zoe Delany and Ross

at Jasper Coffee has also been

Quail have joined together to open

confirmed as a partner in the new

this exciting new project that will

project. Ross originally completed

have a funky café and retail shop

a BA in Applied Science and

that will also combine on site

brings this scientific approach to

roasting with an aim to supply a

coffee roasting. Ross is also doing

limited number of cafes within the

a fantastic job as the current

Melbourne market.

President of the Australasian

known personality around the

Festival: Sunday 25th July 2010.

largest on line coffee companies.

opening....Axil Coffee Roasters.

Dave Makin, is already a well

+ Indulge your senses at The Rocks Aroma

coffee ff roaster for f one off Australia’s li

Specialty Coffee Association. Axil is due to start wholesale

Australian coffee scene having won

roasting later this month and will

5 Victorian and 2 Australian Barista

launch their retail site in October

Championships and finished runner

this year in an unconfirmed eastern

up at the 2008 World Barista

suburbs location.


On a personal note Dave

Along side Dave for much of

dropped to one knee earlier this

this time has been the young and

month and asked Zoe “Will you

very passionate Zoe Delany, her

marry me?” a very quick response

Sydney’s favourite winter festival and a

sounds of South America, Asia, Europe

achievements at the age of 25

and a ring on the finger sees Dave

truly decadent day that you won’t want

and the Middle East in just one day!

include being an Australian Barista

and Zoe due to marry and combine

to miss!

Enjoy FREE live music and cultural

Championship finalist and head

coffee skills in early 2011.

Australia’s biggest consumer coffee

dance performances at each unique

event takes over the historic streets of

destination, to further enhance your

The Rocks from 10am–5pm, with more

Aroma experience.

than 100 stalls, entertainment in each region as well as a Domestic Coffee

For more information visit:

+ Witham’s Coffee – Brewing Strong. After more than 10 years in Artarmon,

The new warehouse has provided

+ Bliss Coffee Roastery #2. Maitland’s First Coffee Roastery

Lynn grew up in Papua New

opens this month in Rutherford.

Guinea, in one of the premier

While the main concentration is on

coffee growing regions of the

wholesale and trade, the roastery

world. She started the first of

is open to the public. Fresh roasted

the Bliss Roasteries in the Hunter

coffee beans are available, as well

Valley Gardens Shopping Village,

Witham’s Coffee has relocated to

us with much needed space, and from

as a selection of coffee and tea

roasting coffee sourced from PNG

fantastic new premises in Hornsby. Our

the showroom you can see the coffee

making equipment, accessories and

and around the world. The most

new Espresso Bar and bright, modern

being roasted and packed right before

spare parts.

popular is the house blend “Wild

showroom offers a place to sit and relax

your eyes! We also take great pleasure

while enjoying a freshly roasted cup of

in announcing that, at the 2010 Sydney

right at the front. Those lucky

in focus”, which is a rare or prized

coffee, cup of tea or hot chocolate. You

Royal Fine Food Show, our special Super

enough to visit during roasting time

coffee that changes regularly.

can also browse through our range of

Mocha blend of coffee was awarded a

will get to see the process. Proprie-

single origin or blended coffees, teas,

silver medal – something the team at

tor and roaster Lynn Couchman ex-

more about coffee, Bliss will be run-

barista tools and equipment as well as our

Witham’s are extremely proud of.

display of domestic and office espresso machines.

12-13*.indd 12

The coffee roaster is on display

Bliss™”. They also have a “coffee

For those who want to learn

plains, “The smell of fresh roasted

ning a number of different classes

For more information go to:

coffee is amazing; it’s the only smell

limited to 6 people. Enquiries: (02)

I never get tired of.”

4932 7740.

9/7/10 2:59:35 PM


+ 9 Bar Espresso Services Craig Milton and Jim Karakoukas

+ The Maitland Aroma Coffee, Chocolate and Fine Food Festival - 14th & 15th August 2010. As the arts and cultural renaissance

This year’s event will include local

machine companies. “For the

have joined forces to create a new

commercial customer, our technical

business providing technical support

team members are highly trained

and service for both domestic and

to ensure the least minimal effect

commercial coffee machines – a

on a business in the event of a

complete solution for espresso coffee

breakdown. We operate a prompt

equipment. Both Craig and Jim have

7 days a week, 24 hours a day

many years of experience behind

emergency call out service,” says

them. Craig, a chef by trade, with

Craig. A tailored service proposal

of the Maitland City Centre develops,

coffee roasters, latte art competition,

additional electrical qualifications

is also available, to meet specific

a new image has been created by

a fun café versus café team challenge,

and two years as Technical Services

customer requirements for

the growing incidence of innovative

fine food and desserts, chocolate, wine

Manager for Veneziano Coffee

regular scheduled preventative

festivals, boutiques, antique shops,

tasting and master classes*, classic

in Melbourne, and Jim, with a


cafés and lifestyle outlets.

high teas*, live music, chill out Chai

wealth of knowledge and 14 years’

Craig also added, “And for the

tent, guided historic tours and period

experience with Douwe Egberts as

domestic customer, we can provide

fashion parades.

Technical Services Manager.

service whether your machine just

The image changing process has been showcased with the introduction of two new festivals for the city centre:

This is a unique festival that gives

Both enjoy a high profile in the

needs a little adjustment, general

“The Maitland Taste” Food, Wine and

produces, retailers and visitors a

Melbourne coffee scene and play

service or full overhaul. We can look

Jazz Festival held in March each year

chance to showcase and enjoy just

an active role in looking after their

after your machine in our technical

and “The Maitland Aroma” Coffee,

how much the area has to offer.

customers, with efficient service

workshop, or in your home after

rather than the usual two week wait


Chocolate and Fine Food Festival,

* Ticketed Activity

which is held in the middle of August

Enquiries: Maitland City Centre

many domestic customers have to

each year and features fabulous

p: (02) 4934 1981 f: (02) 4934 1393

endure without their espresso.

Blues and Jazz music together with


outstanding entertainment.


So who are their clients? Home users, cafés, roasters and coffee

For further information call: 1300 59 43 41 or e: w:

+ Pure Via – How Much did those Beans Weigh? was announced! Mark Durham

a hit with visitors to the event

hessian coffee bag were hun-

from Raging River Wagyu

and also with the exhibitors,

dreds of green coffee beans.

at Hollisdale, NSW guessed

who took a few minutes to get

A tricky size bag, to ensure

closest to the actual weight of

off their feet for a massage.

the guessing competition took

the coffee beans, which was

some smart thinking to come

1.264 kg.

Tightly sewn into a small

12-13*.indd 13

The guessing competition prize – a Pure Via Indulgence Pack valued at over $300 –

up with the correct weight. Af-

Maybe it was the 3 Minute

ter the bag was thrown around

Angels on the Pure Via stand

included a range of Body Shop

and up and down by many of

who massaged Mark’s mind

products, Pure Via and gour-

the visitors over the two days

into guessing the correct an-

met coffee from Di Bella.

at Café Biz 2010, the winner

swer! The Pure Via stand was

Congratulations Mark!

9/7/10 3:00:01 PM

Everything that’s happening in the industry.

cultured + Olio Serves

Up Kopi Luwak

+ Australian Coffee Trees Website

educators, retailers and baristas

Australian Coffee Trees’ (ACT) Richard Bradbury has done some

to build a network of like minded

thinking outside the box and has

people who want to use coffee

launched a new website which

trees to promote their coffee and to

aims to educate, inform and excite

inform their customers of the coffee

people about the coffee journey by

journey. “The underlying philosophy

offering coffee trees for sale. Olio Mediterranean Brasserie

Once they pass through the digestive

is giving coffee aficionados the

system, beans are collected from the

opportunity to take a caffeine hit

Civet’s droppings to be cleansed and

from the world’s rarest and most


coveted coffee – Kopi Luwak. Selling

First to introduce this distinctive

for $1,500/kg or more in the United

coffee daily to the competitive Sydney

States, Olio is the first in Sydney to

market, Olio is determined to be at

serve it on a daily basis. At $9 a cup,

the forefront of coffee innovation

they are now selling 20 cups a day

– and this latest import is surely a

since its introduction four weeks ago.

testament to this.

Kopi Luwak is made from the

In addition to Kopi Luwak,

droppings of the Asian Palm Civet

Olio also has an exclusive organic

(a cat like creature) that dwells in

coffee blend by master roaster Sam

Indonesian forests. Native to the

Gabrielian of Di Gabriel.

coffee growing region of Java and

is to move our thinking beyond

“Coffee Trees are a lightning rod for discussion, education and

consumption to conscious decision

interest for those in the industry

making,” says Richard. Coffee trees

and for the millions of people who

are an easy place to begin this

consume coffee every day,” says

discussion around coffee and our


world, and it’s ACT’s ultimate aim for every café in the country to have

ACT supplies genuine Coffea arabica coffee trees that will flower

a live coffee plant as a reminder of

and fruit in the right conditions.

this journey.

They are aiming to partner with the

Contact ww.australiancoffeetrees.

coffee industry, including roasters, for more details.

Olio Mediterranean Brasserie is

Bali, the Civet, known as Luwak,

located at The Forum, 201-205 Pacific

selects ripe coffee cherries to eat.

Hwy, St. Leonards NSW 2065.

+ Nutrition At A Glance is taking a pro-

assured), and they will assist you with

for compulsory nutritional content on

modifying or reviewing your menu for

café and restaurant menus.

nutritional analysis, including dietary

At least 25% of Australians are obese! This is a huge issue for the State

+ New Appointment

a copy of your recipes (confidentiality is

active approach to recommendations

and state school guidelines if required. The outcome can mean a replace-

Tiger Coffee Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Ashley

Coffee Group CEO, George Miller. Ashley will spearhead Tiger sales

Meddings as Commercial Director –

and marketing towards the major

effective Monday 5th July 2010.

multiple outlet national groups, which

and Federal Governments, and action

ment to your existing menu, an insert

to make the provision of nutritional

menu at point of sale, or online infor-

content compulsory is being discussed.

mation for your customers to view prior

experience in senior sales and market-

and service of the new Thermoplan

The NSW Government has already tar-

to visiting your establishment.

ing positions he has held in the UK,

Black&White 3 Series fully auto coffee

prior to being sponsored to work in


geted the top franchises in NSW for this

Nutrition At A Glance offers a great

Ashley possesses significant career

Tiger is targeting to expand its sales

Nick Huber continues to report to

opportunity to be socially responsible

Australia in 2003 by Cerebos Group.

while promoting your establishment as

Recently, Ashley (37) was General

George Miller as Technical and Opera-

ily company, taking pride in assisting

being at the forefront of change. The

Manager – Professional Products Divi-

tions Director. Graham Chan, Financial

outlets in providing valued clientele

question for your valued customer is:

sion – Brita Water Filters, based in

Controller of both Tiger Coffee (Aus)

with an informed dining experience.

Do you know what you’re eating?

Sydney, for 2 years.

and Tiger Coffee (NZ) also reports

They have a database of over 4,000

Contact Nicki or Adrian on:

compulsory service by early 2011. Nutrition At A Glance (TM) is a fam-

Assuming immediate, overall

directly to George Miller. This key

foods and an Advisory Nutritionist to

p: 0402 443 218

responsibility for all commercial sales

appointment will strengthen the Tiger

back-up their service. All you need to


and marketing matters at Tiger Coffee

Coffee Board during its continuing

do is provide Nutrition At A Glance with


Pty Ltd, Ashley reports directly to Tiger

expansion plan in Australia and NZ.

14-15*.indd 14

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Available at following venues Jaffa Espresso - Werribee Vic, Signature Espresso Bar - Sydney Cbd, Lavender Blue - Mcmahons Point, Cafe Neptune - Brighton Le Sands, Bona Fides - Darling Harbour and Altitude 1148 - Bulli Tops For further information on how to separate your cafe from the “mob� please give us a call today.

1300 552 883

14-15*.indd 15

CL AS S 01

9/7/10 3:06:03 PM




The image Arterial … marketing and packaging your image.


rterial is both a marketing and packaging company that has operated for over 10 years. They provide top quality coffee cups and paper packaging products, supplying to customers ranging from local cafés to coffee roasters around the country. Arterial are image makers! By assisting their customers in creating their business image as well as cup and packaging imagery to complement this, Arterial can help promote your business perception in the market place. Arterial’s packaging range has been designed by people with café experience and creative arts degree qualified designers, so that every one of their customers enjoys a great experience with their products. Arterial’s sales team can assist with any enquiry that you may have and promise a personal yet professional approach. Their products stand for themselves, as the specifications used are very high industry standard. Arterial’s cups and lids fit together perfectly every time, to ensure there are no leaks and also undergo thorough Q and A procedures before they leave the factory. Delighted customers have advised that as soon as Arterial’s cups were introduced, take away coffee increased by a huge margin, due to the confidence in the products’ performance. Arterial Packaging also offers many packaging items that are a perfect complement to your business and items you use every day. Arterial Packaging has a simple philosophy: provide the highest quality products while providing great value for money. From this philosophy, they have developed the Arterial Packaging Guarantee: ■ Value for money ■ Speedy, friendly service

16-17*.indd 16

■ Unsurpassed quality ■ Superior design For many years Arterial Packaging has been working with cafés and roasters, helping them to develop stronger branding and better products for all their clientele. Thanks to all the customer support, Arterial Packaging grows stronger every day, and they are excited to announce the latest addition to their brand building scope – online and print solutions.

Arterial Marketing – Special Offer: Online and Print Solutions Arterial Packaging is all about getting your business out there. You have created your image, Arterial have supplied you with cups and packaging to complement this image, now you need to tell the world. To assist with this, Arterial are excited to offer you the most amazing print and online package.

Reasons you Need a Website: ■ 24/7 customer service. The internet works for you whether you’re open or closed. ■ Bring customers to you via their smart phones. ■ Attract more than just your local area. The internet helps the entire planet to locate you. ■ Far cheaper and much more flexible than print advertising.

Café Package Offer: For $550 plus GST, Arterial will develop a four page website, which includes: ■ Your own personal domain name ■ Your menu ■ Photos of your business ■ All your business information ■ 500 full colour, double sided business/ coffee cards to promote your new website (as well as keeping those customers coming back for their 10th free coffee).

Why Arterial Want to Build you a Website We believe a website can only do positive things for your business. In today’s fast-paced world, businesses without a website presence will be lost in the market. Online shopping and product searches are becoming the norm, and millions search for services every day on the internet. With such a vast and active market available through the World Wide Web, any company would be crazy not to take advantage of Arterial’s special Café Package Offer to propel their business into the future. For more information, go to: and click on “online & marketing by arterial”.

■ Growth opportunity. It’s the 21st century, and evidence has shown thousands more Google than open up the yellow pages.

9/7/10 3:21:18 PM



It’s not just about the coffee... ...It’s also about your brand. Using one of our range of designer cups, or tailoring your own cups will strengthen your coffee brand image. Secure your relationships – your coffee, your cup, your customer!

Arterial offers you: • Quality cups with snap-lock lid

• Marketing solutions

• Quick turnaround time

• Web development

• Tailored artwork

• Brand reinforcement

Order your designer or tailor-made cups today. Mention this advertisement to take advantage of our special discount price. Call us on 02 8001 1990 or email 16-17*.indd 17

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Wrap-Up 2010 2010

It was another great step forward for the Café Biz team, with a fantastic turn up at this year’s event at Randwick on the 2nd and 3rd of May.


afé Biz attracted thousands of café owners, coffee lovers and industry suppliers from all over the country. The event was packed full of new innovations in products and services for the growing café industry. People were continuously entertained by the many speakers, competitions and invitation spots on the main stage. This year’s Pura/Dairy Farmers Latte Art Competition was won by Habib Maarbani, whose steady hand took him to the winning post. The first heat of The Da Vinci Trans Tasman Barista Championship was won by New Zealand under the guidance of the “coffee mum” – Emma Markland-Webster. It was a clash of champions, with Australia’s current barista champ Scottie Callaghan

18-19*****.indd 18

going head to head against the NZ champ Luciano Marcolino. The two teams will battle it out again in Auckland later this year, to see who will be the 2010 champions. The Equal Coffee Chain Challenge was again won by Cafenatics from Melbourne, with Michel’s Espresso, Hudsons and Krispy Kreme all close behind, showing great professional coffee making skills. The competition replicated a real café situation with coffees to be made perfectly under a tight time schedule. Thank you to the Café Biz team for putting on another great event and for all the great exhibitors and sponsors who made this event a success. As a result of this year’s success, we will be taking the event to two locations next year – Sydney and Melbourne.

9/7/10 3:07:11 PM

CHAMPIONSHIP Café Biz 2010 set the scene for another exciting round of coffee artistry, with baristas old and new entertaining the enthusiastic crowd.


abib Maarbani stretched, etched and free poured his way into the winning position, with a faultless display behind the Expobar Ruggero coffee machine. Fiefy Anuwatanaphorn took second place, holding the winning score until Maarbani took the stage, while in third place we saw a relative newcomer to the stage, in Emily Yin. The team from Pura/Dairy Farmers and Café Biz were excited about the growing

18-19*****.indd 19

interest in the competition, and it is obvious that the bar has been raised for the standard of baristas out in the cafés. Congratulations to all contestants, Habib, Fiefy and Emily. It’s great to see passionate baristas reaping the rewards they deserve. Thanks to Pura/Dairy Farmers for their continual support, enabling competitions like this to continue to provide a training ground for baristas in furthering their confidence, skills and the future of coffee.

9/7/10 3:09:34 PM





Cafenatics wins the Equal Coffee Chain Challenge again at CafeBiz 2010


ranchises and coffee chains took centre stage at Café Biz 2010 to compete against each other in the Coffee Chain Challenge. This event has proved popular with coffee chains and spectators alike, with its fast paced format designed to reproduce the pressure of what happens in great espresso bars around the world. Under time pressure, baristas must co-operate as the team continually juggles whether it is better to gain or lose artistic points, in order to gain or lose bonus speed points. Teams have 15 minutes to knock out 10 piccolo lattes, 10 regular caffe lattes and 10 designer lattes. Points are scored on taste, artistry and speed. This year, each team arrived with a different strategy in hand. Cafenatics were there to take prison pri soners ers,, Michel’s Michel Mich el s selection selecti sele ction on of highly highly trained train tr ained ed no prisoners,

20-21*.indd 20

baristas showed they were serious and Hudsons and Krispy Kreme were quietly confident in the back room, working up their secret ingredients for their signature beverages. It was inspiring to see just how professional and passionate these people are in what they do in their everyday employment. Judges Kevin Chilvers, Emma MarklandWebster and Aimen Krayem scored each coffee on art, taste sampled the coffees at random and checked each batch for temperature and volume. The first round of heats shook the nerves out, with some fantastic results from the underdogs. Then, with Michel’s Espresso and Cafenatics finally pushing through to the grand final, Cafenatics could feel the threat of loosing the 2009 crown. At the last minute, however, they manage man aged d to to pull pull ou outt all all sto stops ps to onc oncee agai aagain gain n take take managed

out the first placing.

Congratulations to Cafenatics! The Coffee Chain Challenge provides opportunities for baristas from chain stores and franchises to become involved with the coffee industry on another level. It is a chance to talk to other baristas working in similar environments, to network and learn more about their chosen craft and rub shoulders with some of Australia’s most successful baristas, who also attend Café Biz to participate and judge. Thanks to all the teams who represented their stores on centre stage. A special thanks to the team members that travelled to Sydney to participate. It is obvious through competition such as the Coffee Chain Challenge that Australia is moving forward in the pursuit of coffee excellence.

9/7/10 3:11:00 PM



tasman Barista Chham mpionnshipp For bragging rights and national pride, the game is on!


ustralia against New Zealand, back to back, 4 baristas a side. The aim: to simulate a busy café operation, with 20 minutes to make 30 coffees to be judged on presentation, taste and finally, time. The race begins ... Team members run to take the first of 4 beverage order cards – both teams receiving the same cards in the same order. Each beverage card lists a number of drink requests, ranging from a short black to a Da Vinci syrup caramel latte, take away or dine in. Provided with the same ingredients, the battle is on. The first heat was taken out by the Kiwis, who smashed out the coffees in record time. Never backing from the challenge, the Aussies set their sights on the cup. Both teams organise themselves behind the machines. David Makin and Zoe Delany pumped out the shots for the Australian team – across from them, Matt Troughton and Andrew Feldon from the New Zealand team, hot on their espresso tail. Spinning the milk to silk and pouring the art were David Huang and Luciano Marcolino (Team NZ) and Scott Callaghan and Habib Maarbani (Team AUS). Head to head, the teams raced through the order cards. Emma (Captain of team NZ) yelling from the sidelines, ensuring the teams were working together to get their drinks out. Teams

20-21*.indd 21

served the beverages in front of 3 guest judges: Andy Freeman of Coffee Snobs, Brent Williams from Da Vinci Gourmet and Kevin Chilvers from Sugar Australia, who tested each beverage to the quality café standard. The winning cup was decided by a poker chip per judge! Australia took a different approach in the second round, by changing their team roles. This worked well, seeing them taking a great leap ahead, winning cups on the table and outnumbering the New Zealanders – much to the Kiwi team’s dismay! Setting up again and ready to go head to head to decide the winner, it was now anyone’s game. Both teams presented great coffees to the judges, so who would win? The poker chips were counted and NZ, much to Emma’s delight, took 17 of the final 30 drinks. Team New Zealand took the win! Now it’s up to the New Zealand heat later this year to decide who will keep the trophy. Will it be New Zealand’s year?

9/7/10 12:43:51 PM

The new guide to the latest roasting news, interviews and advice -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

22-23**.indd 22

9/7/10 3:21:38 PM


roast cafĂŠ


22-23**.indd 23

9/7/10 3:21:47 PM


By Jill Adams.



Tracy Tracy Allen is relaxed, as we talk in the café at the hotel where he is staying. It is his last night in Melbourne on his first trip to Australia. It is 5.00pm and noisy. Everyone is drinking beer, “a missed opportunity”, he observes, as there is an espresso machine in the café.


he months leading up to his Australian trip have been busy. Allen has been working in Ethiopia with a group of coffee roasters to look at the state of the Ethiopian coffee industry. He was also keynote speaker at the Ethiopian Round Table, where these coffees were tasted and discussed with local and international coffee professionals. He has visited Italy, Kona and Ka’u in Hawaii, Greece and Nova Scotia on private projects to improve coffee quality and efficiencies of wholesale roasters. He has worked on an origin project in Rwanda and judged in a Barista Jam in Halifax. I dare not ask him what is in store after Australia. Allen has been in Australia at the invitation of Melbourne’s Coffee Academy. In two weeks, he has conducted a five-day roasting course on the Gold Coast in Queensland and a four-day course in Melbourne. In between teaching, he has checked out Melbourne’s burst of roaster retailer cafés, visited Mountain Top coffee at Nimbin and run the 14.6 kilometre Run for the Kids. The run was meant to be a break from coffee and a chance for Allen to take in the sights of Melbourne, but before he lined up at the starting line he was anxiously looking for a caffeine hit – for the stamina. On completing the run, he was looking for coffee. According to Allen, coffee is as good as an ice bath to prevent lactose build up in muscles. His macchiato at Degraves Café was not enough, so he hunted-down a bigger hit at Sensory Lab. Australian coffee drinkers frequently “bag” American coffee, but there is no doubt in the

24-25**.indd 24

coffee industry that America has caught up with us as far as espresso coffee is concerned and is now racing ahead to lead the way in niche brand coffees, single origin roasting and preparation and linking roasters with growers. Allen says that he sees enormous passion for coffee in both countries and a similar growth in the trend for roaster retailers. “Shop owners know that they have to present something special to their customers. They have to pay more for it and they have to pass this cost, the cost of premium coffee, to their customers. “A sale is not a sale,” he says, “until the customer comes back a second time and becomes a regular. So the roaster retailer has to educate his customer about coffee.” To do this, they have to be educated. Allen works with coffee producers at origin and advises them on growing and processing, but 50 – 60% of his business, Brewed Behavior, is at the other end of coffee production and involves working with wholesale roasters. The range of works at this end can involve physically building the roastery, choosing staff, organising work flow and advising on the nitty gritty of running a business. By working with both coffee producers and coffee roasters, Allen is in the perfect position to help make a connection between them. “They are the yin and yang when they work well together,” says Allen. “They operate at different ends of the coffee chain to create the perfect brew.” It is not enough to be passionate about coffee

if you intend to run a business selling coffee. To make a business work, coffee roasters have to think about a return on investment, as well as their love of coffee. It has to work business wise. Ask anyone who works in coffee what they did before, and usually it has nothing to do with coffee. But in Allen’s case, this is different; he grew up in a small farming community in America’s Mid West. “Whether it is coffee or soy beans, it is still horticulture and a lot of things work the same. The sun is the same, the terrior is the same, everything that goes into it is the same, so really, you are just studying husbandry,” he says. What he learned working on a farm was similar to what he found working with coffee growers at origin. “So many things come at you that you don’t plan for on a farm. I can’t ever remember going out with a check list of things I had to get through in a day.” After university Allen worked for Proctor and Gamble as a beverage specialist, where he learned, “an amazing grasp of consumer behaviour and how to predict patterns and demographic studies and how to read them and break them down and apply them – a fascinating science and still very valuable in Brewed Behavior”. After Procter and Gamble, he ran a roastery in Kansas City. Keen to test his skills with the “big wigs in Seattle”, Allen co-founded Zoka Coffee and Tea, a coffee shop and roastery in an area of Seattle called Greenlake. He was keen to take a brand and create a niche brand with a unique business

8/7/10 6:25:44 PM


model – no free equipment and stipulations on the criteria for using Zoka coffee. He launched and grew Zoka’s wholesale business. Throughout what Allen refers to as his “Zoka years”, opportunities kept presenting themselves for him to consult at origin and with consumer based coffee businesses. So Allen broadened his reach and left Zoka to focus his energy on Brewed Behavior. When Allen established Brewed Behavior, the only information available for roaster retailers was information posted on the internet, and this information was mostly about coffee. Many wouldbe roasters had a passion for coffee and roasting, but no business management skills. “Once they set up businesses, all the things they were passionate about had to be rethought from a return on investment point of view,” says Allen. Brewed Behavior was in a unique position to assist with practical roasting advice and necessary business management models and training. Allen is delighted that the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) is for the first time taking a serious grasp at developing education, including an apprentice program for roasters. SCAA is taking the lead and being the leader of global coffee education. Allen has a long association with

the SCAA. He was one of the original members of the U.S. Barista Championship Committee and the first chair of the Rules and Regulations committee for the World Barista Championship (WBC), he as tea, so we have traditionally a huge drip market. has trained multiple national and regional barista Barista competitions were the impetus that made champions and served as a judge and judges’ trainer espresso popular. This was the beginning of quality for the United States Barista Championship (USBC) espresso. and the WBC. He is also an SCAA “Supertaster,” “The USA focus is certified cupper and Allen sees similarities between on single origin,” he Q-grader instructor. observes, “and new ways Most recently, Allen the USA market and Australia’s of brewing, and this was recognised as only specialty coffee industries. Based trend is apparent here the sixth member in on what he saw and tasted in Australia too. This is the history of the SCAA in Melbourne and Sydney, he progress, but we must to receive the Mose L. comments, “Your culture is amazing, keep ourselves in check. Drachman Award for We haven’t scratched the Outstanding Sales and with many passionate people.” surface of specialty coffee Service. yet – maybe 10%, and Allen sees similarities this is a generous estimate. People have heard about between the USA market and Australia’s specialty it, but don’t really understand. They use the word coffee industries. Based on what he saw and tasted as a replacement for gourmet or premium, without in Melbourne and Sydney he comments, “Your really knowing what it is. This is where education culture is amazing, with many passionate people.” and communication are important – communicating Espresso coffee started late in the USA; he explains, information about coffee without alienating “We weren’t going to drink tea, because that was an customers, who may think we are extremists.” English thing, but we brewed coffee the same way


24-25**.indd 25

8/7/10 6:25:56 PM


Sean Edwards

John Winter

Luke Shilling Greg Gibbs

Darren Richardson

Nick Ciavarella

Project It all started with a few late night drinks with a group of passionate coffee people ...


t became a caffeine fuelled debate about why we could not design and build a state of the art coffee machine here in Australia. We all agreed that we have some of the best baristas in the world, some of the most innovative coffee concepts and a huge population of coffee drinkers. This conversation spilled over into a meeting with a good mate in the industry, Greg Gibbs, manager and owner of Boema Coffee Machines. It occurred to us that Greg would be in the best position to make this idea work. Boema is the only coffee machine manufacturer in Australia, starting back in the fifties long before espresso was popular, and many of the original Boema machines are still in service today. Greg is passionate about moving forward in the industry and would like to see his machines develop with the new ideas around espresso technology, incorporating what our industry here in Australia wants. So Project X Press machine was born. The team of coffee professionals we choose for Project X all have strong backgrounds in complementary areas of the industry, from baristas to engineering, machine maintenance, to media and marketing. Café Culture Magazine have agreed to follow

26-27.indd 26

the process of the machine design through to the concept and the build of a prototype. We would first like to introduce the team behind the project.

Greg Gibbs Managing Director, Boema Coffee Machines.

Sean Edwards – Director, Café Biz and electrical engineer (past life).

Luke Shilling Barista trainer and latte art expert.

Darren Richardson Coffee machine technician and owner of Coffee Tech.

Original Boema lever machine

John Winter Mechanical and chemical engineer and co-owner of Precision Roasting & Drying Pty Ltd / Sprocket Roasters Pty Ltd.

Nick Ciavarella Chemical engineer and co-owner of Precision Roasting & Drying Pty Ltd / Sprocket Roasters Pty Ltd The X project should take around a year to get to the testing of the first prototype, so stayed tuned for updates over the next four issues of Café Culture Magazine.

1980s model Boema

8/7/10 6:27:55 PM


AS OUR DECAFFEINATOR, CHARLES IS RELENTLESS IN HIS PURSUIT OF PERFECTION. AS A MODEL, HE’S A LITTLE SHY. Delivering the highest quality decaffeinated coffee beans is Charles’ main focus. Increasing chlorogenic and amino acid retention by applying Six Sigma Methodology is just one example of his commitment to better quality through operational excellence. To learn more about our most recent quality improvements, contact H.A.Bennett in Australia or John Burton in New Zealand.

SWISS WATER® decaf. Coffee without compromise.

TM/® are registered trademarks of Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company Inc.

26-27.indd 27

8/7/10 6:28:04 PM


By Andy Freeman.

Popcorn Coffee roasting is both an art form and a science but at the most basic level, it’s just a whole lot of fun. The cheapest and easiest way to experiment with coffee roasting is to start with the humble popcorn machine.


here are many different brands of popcorn machines on the market, but they all work in much the same way – and many of

> Inside the popper chamber, you will see the air-vents. These should be covered with beans.


them are quite possibly produced in the

same factory. They retail new at your local whitegoods store for $20-$50. Second hand they can be bought for as little as $5 and are a great educational tool for learning about the coffee roasting process.

> You have sourced a popcorn popper and some green coffee beans. Let’s get started.

0 Minutes – Room Temperature This is the raw green coffee bean. The

> Turn the popper on. The beans will start to move in an anti-clockwise circle. If you added too many beans, they will sit still and might need a stir with the handle of a wooden spoon to get them moving.

temperatures and times quoted in this article are just to give you an indication of what is going on in the popper.

All coffee roasters have two basic components – heat

> You will need approximately 80 g of green beans per roast; that equates to a little less than half an 8 oz takeaway cup.

and agitation – to roast the beans evenly. In this device, the agitation is the cyclone effect of the air blowing through the “shark gills” in the bottom of the popper.

1 min – 100 °C Green coffee contains roughly 10-15% water, so for the first minute there is little change in colour while the water is cooked out of the beans. You might notice they start to get a wrinkly surface appearance.

28-29**.indd 28

8/7/10 6:29:11 PM

Done. Turn the popper off and quickly empty the beans into a steel colander. Tip the beans backwards and forwards between two bowls or colanders to cool them down. If you don’t cool the beans at the end of the roast, they will continue to over roast with the stored heat.

2 min – 160 °C

6 min – 210 °C

A fine layer of chaff comes off the beans as they

First crack has stopped, and the beans

dry out and lose their green colour. Coffee variety

continue to get darker brown colourings.

and processing will change the amount of chaff

For the first time, the beans are starting to

that blows off at this point. Chaff makes a good

resemble coffee as know it.

Wait. When cool, you can try the coffee, but waiting a couple of days you will find lots of new

mulch, so if you are roasting outside (as you

flavours develop and the crema will not be as

should), then it’s ok to sweep it onto the garden.

violent/gushy off the espresso machine.

Congratulations; you have just roasted your own coffee!

7 min – 210 °C 3 min – 180 °C The beans are turning a sandy colour at this point. Not all coffee roasts evenly; sometimes beans will have a different density or ripeness, and it’s during the middle of the roasts this is the most apparent.

The popper is up to full heat at this point and won’t get much hotter. The beans are swollen nearly as much as they will be, and we are adding colour quickly now.

The Triangle Not only can you see the colour differences

8 min – 212 °C

side-by-side in this triangle, but you can see the

4 min – 190 °C

The swelling of the bean is ironing out the

and overall volume.

Most of the chaff has left the beans, and we are now getting some of the brown hues. The beans have also swollen to nearly double the starting size.

of the beans look smooth, and the colour is

expansion of the beans in both individual size

wrinkles that appeared early in the roast. Some getting more even across all the beans now.

A Whole Lot of Fun! As a coffee roasting device, the popcorn popper roasts a very small volume of beans and certainly won’t produce enough to supply your café. It will, however, allow you to see first hand the process of taking the raw green bean and turning it into roasted coffee. It will also allow you to experiment with differing roast depths, which in turn will help develop a better understanding of the relationship

5 min – 200 °C The beans will make a cracking sound we call “first crack”. It starts off slowly at first, with just a few stray cracks, and then all the other beans join in.

28-29**.indd 29

9 min – 215 °C The second crack has started; this one sounds more like crunchy autumn leaves or cellophane crunching. Some of the beans are starting to show a tiny amount of oil spotting, and overall they look ready.

between colour and flavours, and, as we mentioned at the beginning, it’s a whole lot of fun too. Enjoy! Andy Freeman

8/7/10 6:31:06 PM


By Justeen Single.


t P fil


Recently Café Culture caught up with the Veneziano crew at Café Biz 2010. Positively Melbournian in style, it was impressive to see the creativity behind their stand design, that came together with a few sheets of plywood, a handful of screws and a lick of black paint ... not to mention, the beautiful Mistral coffee machine at the front.


t was 4 years ago that Café Culture first met

and roasting house at our Brisbane premises, as

training for their baristas. It’s really simple ... an excel-

the Veneziano crew, when they took to the

well as supplying our sought after coffee collection

lent roast can be ruined at the final point, through

competitive Melbourne coffee stage. Veneziano

to a growing number of cafés in the ACT, South

no fault of the roaster. We are also extremely pleased

have done their business proud, with a strong

Australia, and just recently, New South Wales. This

to see many Veneziano supplied cafés featuring

team of coffee personalities in their quiver.

growth we are seeing is in response to the increasing

in Melbourne Coffee Review Top 100.

They have made strong inroads with their brand at

demand of cafés seeking out specialty roasted, high

Secondly, as I mentioned, we have established a

the top end of the café market, as well as support-

quality coffee. I also believe that coffee drinkers are

roasting operation at West End, Brisbane to ensure

ing some of Australia’s strongest franchise café and

becoming more and more particular about the qual-

that we continue to provide a high quality stand-

espresso bar models.

ity of the coffee they are drinking, as well as how it

ard of coffee to our clients in that region. We have

is made – we are seeing the coffee enthusiast taking

already shown that we have the ability to discover

around the world where you don’t see one of the

on a whole new level of sophistication, not unlike

creative people, and earlier this year we appointed

“Venez” team present and involved in the action.

the wine connoisseur.

qualified chef Andrew Dickson, our new roaster as

There are not too many coffee and café events

The number of specialty coffee roasters has now increased to well over 300, so it’s time to catch up with co-owner Craig Dickson and new roaster Andrew Dickson for an update on the Veneziano story.

> Café Culture met Veneziano in 2006. Four years on, did you expect Veneziano to be where they are today? We had always anticipated that Veneziano Coffee

> The number of roasters in Australia has doubled in the last 10 years, which means a lot more competition for you. How have you worked to combat this? Well, first of all we have stayed at the top of our

part of our Brisbane operations, to join a very talented team. The Brisbane team has demonstrated some excellent results to date, particularly with the Queensland manager Jean-Paul Sutton’s success in barista championships at both the state and

game through the collection of numerous industry

national levels of competition. Brisbane is also where

awards along the way – everything from excellence

we have experienced the most growth outside of

in roasting, to producing winning blends as well as

our Melbourne base.

regularly sourcing some superb single origins – and

> More and more roasters are venturing into coffee growing regions to explore new origins and to buy direct. Is this important to Veneziano?

would be where it is today; and in fact, I’d say that

not to mention our steady stream of barista cham-

we have arrived at this point even faster than we had

pions. Each part of the process is a complementary

hoped. It’s been a very interesting and busy jour-

art form in its own right, and the person making

ney – one which we have enjoyed and worked very

your coffee should have the right skills to showcase a

hard towards. During this time we have expanded

perfect roast – which is why at Veneziano we are so

ourselves in supporting and pursuing the path of

our operations to include a First Pour showroom

vigilant in ensuring our café clients receive the best

origin coffee and direct trade with the producers. We

30-31*.indd 30

Definitely. At Veneziano we have always prided

8/7/10 6:32:45 PM


Proudly sponsored by

are not a mass market coffee production supplier, and as a specialty retail roaster we uphold a quality

you is very important. How do you maintain staff loyalty?

product – if you talk to anyone in the industry, they

That’s a good question. Having a good team is

would agree. We would definitely like to maintain

of absolute importance. To maintain loyalty among

our interest in origin coffee and even expand it

staff, you need to keep them motivated and

I recently got to spend some time down in Mel-

further, as that is what gives us our point of differ-

interested in the job, so it makes a huge difference

bourne while our roaster there was at origin

ence with the quality of our roast, and we have no

if you employ the right people to begin with. All of

visiting coffee plantations in Sumatra. I think I

intentions of moving away from that.

our staff have an insatiable passion for coffee and

have the best of both worlds; I’m still involved in

have had experience in hospitality in one form or

“cooking”, but without the graveyard shift. It’s

another – from our baristas and roasters to custom-

very busy, but I’m having a lot of fun. It’s never

er service and First Pour people, and this includes

boring around here, that’s for sure. I am really

we let it, and that means at least nationally. How-

our administration and accounts staff. The other

happy to be a part of the “family”, and I am

ever, we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves; our

important factor is recognising when staff members

looking forward to being a part of Veneziano’s

focus is on maintaining quality through sourcing

have grown to the point where they need to try

continuing growth.

the best beans and roasting excellence. So, instead

new ventures and encouraging them in their ongo-

> Back to Craig

of any haphazard expansion, we would rather take

ing journey. We believe in maintaining a supportive

Andrew Dickson, our new roaster in Brisbane

a more calculated approach and ensure all the ele-

relationship, mutual to us and to them – you never

and one of our newest staff members, has a hos-

ments involved are just right – from the product, to

know how the future pans out, especially in this

pitality background in various roles. And yes, the

the people, to the processes.

industry, which is still experiencing growth.

Dickson name is more than a coincidence ... he is,

> How much more can your business grow? What avenues are you pursuing? The business has the potential to grow as big as

> Where do you see the industry heading? Do you see Australian coffee roasters getting a foot hold overseas? I don’t see why they wouldn’t! The Australian specialty coffee industry has some high calibre members who have really set the bar within our industry, and in the world arena Australians have performed to world class standards, getting a

For us, it’s not necessarily about people coming

I love this job; I wouldn’t swap it for anything.

in fact, my brother. His experience as a chef means

to work with us with coffee experience; it is about

he can transfer his knowledge and skills over to

wanting to learn.

coffee. Working at 5 star establishments, includ-

> What do you enjoy about the industry? Over to Andrew Dickson (newest Veneziano roaster, West End Brisbane, QLD). Having a background as a chef, I am enjoying

ing the Hilton and the Brisbane Polo Club means Andrew strives for perfection and works well with deadlines and to the level of output required.

> Do you have a favourite bean at the moment and if so, what do you like about it? Over to Andrew Dickson.

name for themselves internationally. I think it is just

using my cooking skills and experience in what I’ve

a matter of time, and it will probably be sooner

found to be a very complementary environment.

rather than later.

Coffee roasting still allows me to “create”, by

many beans from all around the world, but my

taking a recipe and then applying a formula and

favourite right now is the Indo Blue Batak – great

my cooking knowledge to produce the best result.

colour and intensity in the cup. I also like the Aus-

Naturally for me, I compare roasting coffee to

tralian Mountain Top Bin 35 for its viscous body

and running for the last six years equipped with

cooking: you need the same skills to achieve qual-

and complex flavours.

online shopping capability, then yes – you could

ity and consistency. I am always, just like all roast-

say it has always been a strong direction for us. We

ers are, striving for that perfect roast, and I enjoy

continue to have a loyal following of around 40%

the satisfaction from seeing how the roast settles

of our on-line customers, with 60% being new cus-

after it cools down. I just know that the roast is

intended, still winning barista and coffee competi-

tomers. This would describe a fairly typical month

good by the way the beans look, by their colour

tions, still supporting coffee enthusiasm, and to

of online orders for Veneziano.

and texture, by the temperature and density – an

be known as one of the best specialty roasters

> Having a good team of people around

eye for detail and an instinct for timing are crucial.

in Australia.

> Is web/e-business a strong direction for you? If you consider that we’ve had our website up

30-31*.indd 31

I am enjoying learning about the attributes of

> Where do you see Veneziano in another 5 years? Craig Dickson. Hopefully still growing “organically” – no pun

8/7/10 6:33:25 PM


From the Fair Trade Association ANZ. Guarantees a better deal for Third World



Image credits: Michael Myers..

Fair Trade The Fair Trade Fiesta highlights the real impact of fair trade for Bangladeshi women.


ydney’s biggest annual celebration of all things fair trade – the Fair Trade Fiesta – took place once more at the Paddington Town Hall on May 6. Focusing on the life-changing difference fair trade makes for millions of developing country farmers, their families and communities, the Fiesta featured a range of fair trade businesses, including Republic Coffee and Sacred Grounds, serving up delicious fair trade coffee, while fair trade ambassador Kylie Kwong and her team prepared a delicious fair trade feast. This year, those attending the Fiesta were given a very special insight into the real impact fair trade is making in empowering the lives of Bangladeshi women, thanks to international guest speaker Kohinoor Yeasmin. As the CEO of Bangladeshi women’s business and development organisation Tarango, Kohinoor is at the forefront of the fair trade movement and knows first hand the real ways in which fair trade is helping women in Bangladesh gain control of their lives and develop successful businesses. Decreasing rates of domestic violence, girls attending school and going onto university studies – these were just some of the life-

32-33**.indd 32

changing results Ms Kohinoor Yeasmin shared Kohinoor’s extraordinary story of justice and about the flow-on impact fair trade and economic empowerment for many women in micro finance is having for some of the most her country provided an eye-opening insight into marginalised women and girls in Bangladesh. a reality that is much removed from the many Kohinoor is determined to establish a just and freedoms and prosperity Australians enjoy. poverty-free society by organising and training The theme for Fair Trade Fortnight 2010, poor women and to date, Tarango, a World Fair The Big Swap, encouraged people across the Trade Organization member, has already trained country to swap their everyday products for 12,000 women, assisting an array of fair them with business trade alternatives. The theme for Fair Trade Fortnight development, marketing As Kohinoor 2010, The Big Swap, encouraged facilitation, gender rights powerfully showed, training and personal and people across the country to swap making the swap family health services. A their everyday products for an array from your usual further 5,800 women are products to fair of fair trade alternatives. currently in training. trade ones can and Shannon Sheedy, does make a big owner of The Dharma Door, Tarango’s difference to the lives of millions of people in the Australian development partner, said one of developing world. For more information visit: Kohinoor’s greatest achievements has been the Kohinoor’s visit to Australia was proudly development of a pictorial business training sponsored by the National Australia Bank, model which assists non-literate women to gain Australia’s largest fair trade workplace. To find an understanding of business, despite their lack out more about NAB’s partnership with fair trade, of education. visit: For the school and community groups who To find out more about NAB’s microfinance attended the afternoon sessions of the Fiesta, initiatives, visit: as well as the visitors to the evening event,

9/7/10 3:46:04 PM


4HE/RIGINAL 32-33**.indd 33

1300 788 355

9/7/10 3:46:38 PM


By Sean Edwards.

Stefano Espresso di Manfredi by Piazza D’Oro has reached ten years of business success!


n innovative collaboration with

how he plans to continue down this path.

larger coffee roasters in the world, and we had a

Piazza D’Oro and Manfredi

> Having a strong Italian heritage, coffee must have played a big part in your upbringing. What was your first espresso moment?

strong team to help come up with a product via

Enterprises, with its figurehead and director, celebrity chef Stefano Manfredi.

It was a great pleasure to talk with one of

my foodie idols, whose restaurant, Bel Mondo, I frequently visited back in early 2000 while living in Sydney. Not only is Steve (Stefano) a great and passionate chef who has been driven by the quality food scene in Australia, he is a chef who loves making coffee. I think to myself, tongue in cheek, that this is very rare. I have found most chefs I’ve worked with always asked me to make their coffees, as they would not go near the machine (being located too close to front of house service). Steve’s passion for coffee has made Espresso di Manfredi by Piazza D’Oro a powerful brand enjoyed around the Asia Pacific region in major hotel chains and iconic cafés. Steve also now captains the team at the well known micro resort Bells at Killcare on the Central Coast, just north of Sydney. Café Culture caught up with Steve recently to congratulate him on his success and to find out

34-35*.indd 34

I was actually born above a café in the north of Italy, and the smell of coffee was my first experience of this great beverage. My dad would give me the occasional sip of his espresso as I enjoyed a rich hot chocolate, while he played cards with his mates in the small espresso bar below our home. This is why I had plenty of energy as a child – running on caffeine and chocolate.

> You have a love for high end hospitality and quality service. Was a quality style of coffee at a premium price structure hard to put into a price driven market, especially ten years ago? Starting a coffee brand with a partner like Douwe Egberts (DE) was the only way a premium product could have entered that market at that time. Our two businesses were focused on quality and the development and design of a high quality coffee brand at a premium price. DE is one of the

the great buying power of fresh green beans and the latest technology in bringing it to the roasted end product. In the early days of planning (12 years ago), with the help of Master Roaster Wayne Archer, we went through a long process of developing a blend that suited the Australian milk based palate. At the end of the day, the coffee consumer was who we were trying to please, and we took the challenge of placing high quality Robusta beans in small quantities into our final blends in a time when 100% Arabica was the belief. The blend not only cuts through the big milk based drinks, but also stands up as an espresso. Julie (Julie Manfredi Hughes) and I built a brand from the ground up, along with DE and used tools such as some great imagery on our marketing material of two elderly Italian men – which not many people know was of my father and one of his good mates. We also used the services of top Australian ceramic designer Rod Bamford to come up with four unique designed cups that would capture people’s imagination. The cups were of a

9/7/10 3:19:48 PM


different shape, different from anything that was being imported into the country and all fitted the same size saucer. I have come from the high end restaurant business, where fabulous design would make or break a business. We have applied this philosophy to the Espresso di Manfredi brand, and it has given the brand identity, and now longevity.

we are also building more resort suites to house more guests.

> Will we see other blends with Manfredi Coffee in the future? Organic, fair trade? We are always looking at ways to maintain the high quality of our blend. Working to a taste

> Have you noticed the change in fine dining restaurants focusing more now on good espresso service?

conscious people.

It’s been a very slow take up for restaurants in considering high quality coffee service. Restaurants are still fairly small players in the espresso market, and even the bigger name restaurants are fairly small accounts compared to some busy cafés. Restaurateurs have often been caught up in simplifying this system by letting large coffee companies monopolise this part of their businesses. When I first entered the market as a coffee supplier, I thought I could change the attitude of fellow restaurateurs, but it was too hard, so we concentrated on the café street business.

I love all styles of cafés, and we supply some great businesses here and overseas. I visited Market Lane Café in Prahan in Melbourne recently and loved the whole concept of this business. The different brewing methods by this café was a real eye opener. We are very lucky to have some of the best cafés in the world in Australia and New Zealand. I have travelled a lot around the world, and it was always hard to find a great coffee outside of Italy. The passion from our baristas in Australia is starting to mimic our clever top end food scene. It will be nice when all coffee makers find the passion to become baristas.

> What is your favourite espresso beverage?

I start the day with two ristrettos, and I make coffee for my staff at the start of prep at 8am. One of my favourite drinks is a short espresso, around 20 ml, with a small knob of unsalted butter added. Make sure you heat up the espresso cup first to help the butter melt. It’s a very creamy coffee drink, but probably won’t catch on with all the health

34-35*.indd 35

> In Australia, what is one of your favourite cafés to visit?

> What is your latest venture or project? We are now building another dining room at Bells to cater for our growing demand for weddings and functions. We have quickly outgrown the present dining room and want to still be able to service our regular diners and keep functions and dining separate. It is a fantastic outlook at Bells, and the weekend trade is very busy. We should be all finished by Christmas, and

profile gives us the flexibility to use some great single origins. But we won’t compromise that high quality and rely on the experience and expertise of Master Roaster Wayne Archer from DE to source and roast the beans for our blend. We are now focusing more on service and training of our end users, and we have been very careful as to where the product has been placed. We have had many other companies follow the style of our marketing and need to keep ahead of the pack in service and delivery to the café consumer. We are also getting a great response from the Asian countries that we are now exporting to, so we are very busy maintaining the same relationships we have created here in Australia. Our next ten year plan is to focus on doing it right! We have created a successful business with a quality approach, now we just need to improve all aspects of the process. We have launched a new set of designer ceramics to go into our customers’ stores, which is the start of the updating of our marketing images. Change is fun, and we are looking forward to the next ten years of caffeinated success.

9/7/10 3:19:58 PM



Road Test Model: Plus4You


storia was founded in 1969 and is the flagship brand of its parent company CMA, based in Treviso, Italy. The new Astoria Plus4You is their latest espresso machine, developed to meet the growing demands of the barista, the roaster and the environment. Plus4You – Energy Saver Plus4You is the first eco-espresso machine in the Astoria Green Line range, a range of energy saving espresso machines which allows you to save up to 47.6% on your power bill, as well as reducing carbon emissions. Most espresso machines waste enormous amounts of energy during off peak periods and when left on overnight. Plus4You only carries power when and where it is specifically required, thus saving energy. The integrated PID manages the automatic stand-by mode during off peak periods and at night, as well as the intelligent control of temperature settings. Settings can be easily programmed via the arrow keys and LCD display

located on the push button panel (no need to open machine). Adjusting the settings takes only seconds. Plus4You – Fully Satisfies the Barista and the Roaster Plus4You grants you maximum quality in the cup and flexibility to adjust the machine according to the coffee origin/blend. Different roast profiles require specific extraction temperatures for the best results in the cup. The water reservoirs are dedicated exclusively to coffee. You can regulate the temperature of each group independently, according to the origin/blend. Temperature stability is within one degree. The steam boiler is dedicated exclusively to steam and hot water. Plus4You intelligent system compares the extractions of every espresso. If coffee extraction is not perfect (e.g. due to incorrect grind/ tamping etc.), the barista receives instant detailed information on the coffee he has just prepared. Plus4You suggests via the LCD display the appropriate corrective actions.

Technical Characteristics


■ Steam

boiler and one coffee water reservoir for each group temperature control of the coffee water reservoir ■ Electronic temperature control of the steam boiler ■ Electronic temperature control of each group ■ Display showing the pressure of volumetric pump ■ Display showing the ambient humidity ■ Display of water pressure in the hydraulic circuit ■ Programming of the washing cycles ■ Shot timer ■ Auto steamer (optional) ■ 2 group (20 amps), 3 group (25 amps), 4 group (32 amps). ■ Electronic

Carbon fibre finish.

Price Guide Plus4You – 2 group

RRP = $11,250+GST

Plus4You – 3 group

RRP = $13,750+GST

Plus4You – 4 group

RRP = $16,250+GST

Standard Functions and Devices Roastmax Roasters

p: 0404 879 107 e: w:

36-37**.indd 36

■ Electronic

dispensing of servings water refill ■ Hot water mixing system ■ Electronically controlled cup heater ■ RS 232 serial line ■ Multifunctional key for guided navigation in the display menus ■ Smart card reader ■ Automatic

Display Functions: • Language options • Counter of selections for each serving type • Diagnostic messages for easier service • Settings for manual or automatic energy savings • Notice of required water softening • Display of machine parameters

8/7/10 6:42:00 PM


Aesthetticss Clean and classy. Looks sturdy, with solid parts that would work well in a commercial environment.

Ergonom miccs The Results

Testingg thee Macchinne Habib Maarbani

The feel of the machine’s components is important in ensuring that the barista feels comfortable and enjoys using the machine. The Astoria steam handle shape is easy to grip and quick to turn on and off, as you don’t need to pull too tight before the pressure shuts off. The button design is practical as it protrudes enough, making it easier to turn on and off. There are a good amount of options, with the second tray and the high and low options being great, using one side for takeaways and the other side for in-house coffee espressos etc.


Is a co-owner of Morgan’s Kitchen in Liverpool, Sydney and has been making coffee for 6 years. He is a well respected competitor on the competition circuit, having won several latte art competitions and most recently taking honours at the Pura/Dairy Farmers Latte Art Competition in Sydney this year.

adjust the group head temperature is excellent, as it gives the barista

Luciano Marcolino

Milk Tex xtuurinng

A three time New Zealand Barista Champion, Luciano has represented NZ three times at the WBC, in Berne, Copenhagen and London. He works in his own café, aptly named “Luciano” in Christchurch and is again contending for this year’s title.

Smooth, even extraction results with good flavour. The ability to an opportunity to try different temperature profiles from single origins to a blend – perfect.

Good pressure. It’s helpful to be able to adjust the pressure, and being able to customise all the features is great for a hands on barista.

Load Test The machine pressure held up easily and consistently to shots on and off and milk on and off and could quite easily be run in a busy café. Back boiler for steam pressure and hot water gives loads of pressure – very unlikely you would run out.

General Com mmeents Depth of basket unique, instant temperature feature is great, energy saving feature incredible – allows you to come in first thing in the morning and you have instant hot water (no heating period), can restrict the usage of energy over night when not in use. Great to be able to restrict one group head when times are quiet. Instant temperature change. Great stability; as the barista is always looking for stable temperature control, the three boilers (2 group) makes this easier.

Best Feaatuuress This machine is a step ahead of the conventional coffee machines on the market today. Temperature control of any and every element plus energy savings are very impressive features.

36-37**.indd 37

9/7/10 12:48:33 PM


By Graeme McCormack.

Loyalty Marketing. It’s probably one of the most over-generalised yet under-utilised strategies for small business.


s consumers, we’re exposed to many thousands of images and messages from businesses on a daily basis. As a result, we’ve all grown to know and understand what “marketing” is in general terms. But how do you take your general consumerbased knowledge of marketing, combine it with your intimate knowledge of your business, your products, your customers and your community, and then create and implement an effective and profitable marketing plan for your café? At its best, such a plan will be clearly defined and centred around strict actions and measured outcomes. Most often however, and at its worst, such a plan will be nothing more than a blackmagic melting pot of well-intended energy, enthusiasm and expensive and irrational harebrained ideas! Irrespective of which route you have taken (or are considering taking), both extremes have the potential to impact significantly on your business, for better or worse. For me, café marketing is simply about one thing and one thing alone – building a loyalty bank of customers and staff for your business. That is, creating an intangible yet inherent strength throughout the DNA of your business upon which you can not only build sales and profitability yearon-year, but which you can call upon as required, if and when your business suffers any form of negative impact due to events beyond your control. An example of such events, which I’m sure we have all experienced form time-to-time to varying

38-39**.indd 38

degrees, might be a major competitor opening near-by, or Council works taking place on the foot path directly outside your store, or a major redevelopment within your shopping centre, or worse ... So what is a loyalty bank? In short, it’s the creation of that deep feeling of loyalty you can instill in every one of your regular customers and your staff towards you personally and your business as a whole. It’s all about positioning your business within the mindset of your key customers and staff, to the point where they will continue to support you and your café, irrespective of what’s going-on around it. I have personally experienced this first hand, with a major competitor once opening directly next door to one of my most successful cafés. While some of our regular customers were tempted to try the offering of our new, shiny competitor (don’t worry; they returned!), the vast majority simply ignored their offering and continued to stay loyal to our store in defiance. Gold! So how do you build your loyalty bank? Well, apart from delivering outstanding customer experience day-in day-out (which is a given for me), the implementation of a clever and strategic community marketing plan is the key! In my opinion, there are three key areas which need to be addressed at varying frequencies in each café marketing plan. They are:

Drrivvinng Pro oduct Triall & Guest Expeerienncee

The old chestnuts here are the Shopper Docket

or Buy-One-Get-One Free type campaigns. While these types of campaigns can have a significant positive impact in driving new traffic into your business, you need to be absolutely certain that your operations are of the highest calibre and ready to go before the campaign begins. The last thing you want to do is pay for the campaign, drive a whole stream of new customers into your business, only to give them terrible product and/or customer experience, because your staff and operations weren’t up to the task of coping with the spike in customer numbers and orders. If this was to occur, these people will never return, and they will make sure all of their family, friends and work colleagues don’t either! Think of it this way: those types of campaigns are like you providing free tickets to a concert. You need to make sure your band members know how to play and what to play, so they can at least play a few good songs on the night. Failure to do so will result in everyone having to fend for themselves busking on the street the following day ... In my experience, some of the best promotional ideas around driving product trial and customer experience have been associated with simple sampling, whereby a staff member provides small tasting samples of products to passing customers and invites them in. Another option is to host product education events in-store. Such things as coffee and tea appreciation nights have proven very successful for me over the years, particularly when targeted at selected key community stakeholders such as real estate agents, police, fire officers, local

8/7/10 6:44:03 PM


9Bar Espresso Services are a specialist, Espresso equipment company – we know your machine. politicians, local news reporters and personalities, centre managers, chambers of commerce, doctors, hairdressers, and the like. These are all people who regularly interact with others within your community, and whom by virtue of their new found product knowledge, friendship and loyalty to you and your staff, will become an unofficial ambassador for your business.

Devveloppingg an Aw weso omee Stafff Cullture

As I have detailed in a previous article, your people are your business. One of the best opportunities you have in creating and galvanising your team is to engage in local community marketing initiatives which incorporate the social groups and activities your staff are involved in outside of their work. For example, if a number of your staff play in a touch-football team, then sponsor that team and offer a free drink voucher to the player of the match each week (driving product trial). If they are involved in a chess club, then arrange for the staff member to host a chess night in your café after hours. If they’re a member of a mothers’ group, organise for kids’ story-time reading for their group in your café (best not during the morning coffee rush!) By demonstrating to your staff that you are interested and supportive of “who” they are rather than “what” they can do for you as employees, you will find you will not only drive loyalty on their part, but create even greater unison and harmony within your team as whole.

Emb bed ddingg yo our Buusinness innto the Fab bricc of youur Com mmunity y

Overarching the strategies outlined above, it is imperative that you give clear consideration to implementing a plan which sews your business firmly into the fabric of your community. Easier said than done? Perhaps. In my experience, however, it’s all about engaging directly with the key community stakeholders and making sure that their mind-set becomes so that they consider your business to be as key to the on-going success of your community as they are. For example,

38-39**.indd 39

COMMERCIAL MACHINES by becoming a pro-active member of your local Chamber of Commerce and hosting a series of their meetings at your café (after hours), they will not only get a sense of your commitment to local business, but your dedication to your staff and the community as a whole. By supplying free filtered coffee at the local primary school fete, you will not only be exposing your brand and driving product trial to new customers, but also be opening yourself up to parents and friends of the school who might send you your next best employee! By putting-on a “Thank You 000ers” promotional morning, where all local police, fire and ambulance officers are provided with a free breakfast muffin with every coffee, not only will your business be the talk of the town and secure new customers, but your staff will be very appreciative as well (building further loyalty and culture). At the end of the day, there are many ways in which you can successfully market your café. The suggestions I have put forward here, as always, are based on my personal experiences of what have worked for my businesses. In fact, some of the biggest and most successful promotions my staff and I have ever done have cost little or no money at all. In that regard, it’s all about knowing exactly what your business has to offer and how best to deliver that into your community in the most cost effective and dynamic way. If you’re thinking about your next marketing campaign, or would simply like to ask a question or bounce a few ideas around, please don’t hesitate to contact me. As a special offer, I’d also like to extend the opportunity to the first 20 people who contact me to receive a significantly reduced price on a tailored marketing plan for your café. That way you can start making deposits into your loyalty bank sooner, rather than later! Graeme McCormack Founder & CEO, Faction e: p: 0438 666 036

Operating 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, our fully trained technicians can service and repair any Espresso Machine or Grinder in & around Melbourne, within 24 hours. DOMESTIC MACHINES

We can also service a wide range of domestic espresso machines and with our drop off facility we can have your machine back to you promptly. Contact Craig today to book your Espresso Machine service on: 1300 59 43 41 OR

8/7/10 6:44:27 PM


By Syd Shilling.

Signs of the From prehistoric times, there has been signage in many forms. To direct you, instruct you, tell you you’re in the right place, what you should buy, the way you should live etc. etc.


ignage has become an entwined aspect of our everyday lives and has taken endless formats – just have a look around and see how many signs there are! Signage has changed enormously since I started as a 16 year old being told to mix the stripped paint properly so that the strips were straight, and then go and get a “long wait” from the engineer down the road – showing my age! The industry has come from brush work to computer vinyl to digital printing. So how do we use this medium to our advantage in relation to our businesses? Signs can make a huge impression, catch the eye, spark the imagination or make you look like a two bit hustler and waste your hard earned money. Signage is a tool for your business; we can utilise our vehicles (we use them 24/7), windows, shop fronts, bill boards, banners, A Boards, LED signage, hats and clothing, badges, printing etc. etc. So how do we utilise this tool to make it work for you? Planning out what you want to achieve out of your signage is the first step. The 3 main aspects to signage are: 1. WHO YOU ARE? 2. WHAT DO YOU DO? 3. HOW TO CONTACT YOU? Work out a budget of how much you can spend. It is worthwhile spending the time and the money to talk to a graphics company or artist and get a concept together that will portray who you are. They can put together a package that can use all of these components and then go to your sign provider and work with them, use their knowledge and experience to realise your goal.

40-41**.indd 40

Some sign providers can do the graphics for you as part of their scope. The more preparation you do and the more idea of what you want to achieve before you go see the sign provider, the more time it will save him and the more likely you will stay within budget. One important thing to always remember is that cheap is not always the best; sometimes the extra little cost can save you a lot!

look complete.

> Vehicles

top. The other side can be your company logo.

We use these every day, so why not “WRAP” them in your company logos and branding? We have to use our vehicles, so utilise this tool. Vehicle wrapping is very effective and can really stand out. It is important you do not clutter your signage here. If you have too much information, the most important elements won’t stand out and passers by do not take the time to read every little piece of information on your car. Stick to the basics of who you are, what you do and how to contact you.

> A Boards A boards can be a cost effective way to advertise your company and products. This tool can be interchangeable and can have a combination of mediums to use. For example, one side can be acrylic (perspex) for the use of fluro liquid chalk pens with your logo branding at the Signs are so commonplace, that their importance can be taken for granted. However, as an entrepreneur, you should know that your sign can be vitally important to your bottom line. The best signs are designed well enough to attract business, while at the same time enhancing the area where they are meant to work. So next time you are thinking about your signage, remember to take the time to get it right. It will attract new customers, place your brand in

> Shop Fronts

the minds of consumers, create impulse sales and

The front of your premises is the introduction of your company to the public. This is the first impression that the public will get of you before they taste your “out of this world” coffee! Use the knowledge of your sign provider to help you make your shop front something special, to emphasise the business’s personality, ensuring a pleasing façade that will attract customers and ensure they get to taste that “out of this world” coffee.

work of art worth noticing, not just another sign.

> Windows

Industries is a merger of his 2 companies

Shop windows can be a work of art, and signs can be applied to the inside to protect them from vandalism. Windows are a part of the shop front impression and can make the rest of the signage

(Sunquest Plastics and Moffat Beach Sign Co.) into

enhance the look of your community. Make it a For additional help or information contact: Syd Shilling p: (07) 5493 1755 e: w: Syd Shilling is the CEO of Sunquest Industries on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Sunquest

one company that supplies a wide variety signage, badges, laser engraving, plastics fabrication, poly welding.

8/7/10 6:45:34 PM


TheClassic Italian Icon

Rocket Espresso is pleased to announce the release of the new Giotto domestic espresso machine. Our research and development together with international customer feedback has led to our new machine being developed in the tradition of quality that is Giotto; offering a premium domestic espresso machine to those passionate about creating the ďŹ nest espresso possible at home. New Machine Features t/FXTUFBNBOEIPUXBUFSIBOEMFT t/FXDPOUSPMQBOFMTBGFUZGFBUVSFTt/FXBOESFEFTJHOFEGFFUGPS JODSFBTFEIFJHIUBOETUBCJMJUZt/FXTMJEFESBJOUSBZXJUIFMFHBOU DPOUPVSTt$PNNFSDJBMQSFTTVSFTTUBUGPSMPOHFWJUZ t5IJDLFSTUSPOHFSDVQGSBNFTVSSPVOEt/FXIFBWZEVUZ QSFTTVSFHBVHFt-BSHFSBOEOFXMZDPOmHVSFE5IFSNPTZQIPO System for greater temperature control and stability to the group; while optimising steam quality

Creating classic espresso machines 40-41**.indd 41

1300 326 326 8/7/10 6:46:07 PM

42-43**.indd 42

8/7/10 6:48:17 PM

turning milk into silk

National Foods Australia Pty Ltd I Ph: 13 14 60

42-43**.indd 43

8/7/10 6:48:34 PM


By Luke Shilling.

The quiet


Over the past five years or so, specialty coffee in Australia has really started to gain momentum. With Melbourne and Sydney taking centre stage in regards to barista championships, high profile cafés and coffee events, it can be easy to overlook the other state capitals as having the best coffee in Australia.


aving started a coffee career in Brisbane/ South East Qld some 10 years ago and currently here still, it has been an absolute joy to have the opportunity to be a part of a developing Brisbane coffee scene. With the likes of Aromas, Merlo and Di Bella putting in the ground work in promoting fresh roasted coffee, Brisbane coffee drinkers nowadays are much more discerning in selecting their daily brew. And now there is even more to choose from, with the likes of Veneziano and Campos joining the scene, providing wholesale coffee as well as their own café.

44-45**.indd 44

Recently, there have been a handful of espresso bars that are going a step further, by either roasting for themselves or working closely with a roasting company in designing their own exclusive blend for their café. Combine that with regular rotating single origins, education nights, cold drip and chemex brews, and you have some of the best cafés around. So where to? Well, after being away for almost a month, I couldn’t think of a better excuse than to jump on the push bike and head into the city for a morning of catch ups ... and of course, caffeine overdosing.

8/7/10 6:51:08 PM



+ One Drop Espresso Bar Serving – One Drop Private Label (Cleanskin

+ Chic Espresso

Coffee Co), feature single origins.

+ Brother Espresso

Piccolo – Full bodied, with a brightness of

Serving – House Blend Private Label (Fifth

blueberry and a cocoa finish.

Battery Roasters).

You wouldn’t think an espresso bar in the foyer of a commercial building would produce a great cup. These guys are only new on the

Serving – Five Senses Coffee 24/7 Blend. Piccolo – Just as described: medium body, smooth, milk chocolate finish. Situated at the upper end of the city, the

Espresso – Clean, crisp with medium body and

layout of this place is just as the name says –

acidity and slight spice overtones.

very “chic”. With a Synesso 3 group and about

You’d think that you’ve stepped into a

4 Mazzers, you know you’re in good hands.

scene, but their passion and dedication to the

Melbourne coffee shop, and the boys at Brother

Only new to the scene, these guys are learning

drop far exceeds many who are in the industry.

have designed the place to be just like that.

fast, and it’s great to see more people that are

What’s also unique is these guys also feature

With their own roastery opening very soon, I’m

passionate about the coffee first and everything

other people’s coffee as well. Goes to show,

expecting some great coffee.

else second.

doesn’t matter where’s it’s from ... if it’s good, it gets shared.

+ Cup Specialty Coffee and Roasting House. Serving – 5 Star blend, single estates, seasonal blends. Espresso – Seasonal blend and Kenyan Tinganga Estate. Piccolo – (5 Star). Balanced, sweet, citrus overtones, caramel finish. Espresso – (Kenyan Tinganga Estate). Distinct mandarin and apricot, burnt toffee finish. Slayer 3 group, Robur doserless, 6 kg Geisen Roaster and one massive robot transformer painted on the wall, all I can say is, “Awesome!”. This place is a coffee geek’s dream. Great open setup, sit down menu, regular rotating blends and origins and also the only Slayer espresso machine in Brisbane.

44-45**.indd 45

+ The Birds Nest – Coffee and Collectables. Serving – Black Sheep Coffee. Piccolo – Bold, full bodied mouth feel with dark cocoa finish and slight citrus acidity. Run by a husband and wife duo, The Birds

+ Other Great Coffee Places Campos Coffee and Roastery James St Market, New Farm. First Pour Veneziano

Nest is one of the “hole in the wall” places

Montague Road, West End.

that if you didn’t know it was there, you’d be

Alen’s Espresso

missing out. Originally a hair salon, Ned and

Roma St, Brisbane City.

Tracy (owners) decided to close the salon and open an espresso bar instead. And I’m glad

Cleanskin Coffee Co

they did. With a whole lot of unique collectable

Linkfield Rd, Brendale.

items as well, it can be easy to come in for a

Caffeine Espresso

quick coffee but end up staying for a long time.

Commercial Road, Tennerieffe.

8/7/10 6:51:25 PM


By Sean Edwards.

Recognising passionate industry people.

café people. Meet Tristan Creswick ... barista trainer, latte art competitor and owner of “kafe” in North Wollongong.


first met Tristan at a Café Biz expo in Sydney in 2004, where he competed in a Pura Latte Art competition. He was a bit of an unknown, but he impressed the judges with his on stage persona. Since then, Tristan has been involved in many areas of the coffee industry, and he enjoys everything from pitching in at events as a coffee judge to a roving MC. He excelled himself last year by taking out the longest drive at the Sugar Australia Golden Bean Golf Day, showing another of his skills. Tristan has always kept us guessing at what outfit and hairstyle he will turn up with at the next coffee meet. Last Café Biz, the grey hair was a bit premature for this young larrikin of the caffeine world. Tristan Creswick is a barista “by trade”, with over 12 years’ experience working in the hospitality industry. Currently Tristan runs the Grind on Demand Coffee Academy and the espresso bar and lab, “kafe” in North Wollongong. Tristan, like many young baristas, did the rounds of the café world, getting an experience and understanding of the dynamics of the industry and its players. Working in his parents’ café in Jindabyne gave him a good grounding for coffee making. Soon, the big city lights lured Tristan away from

his chef’s role in the NSW ski town. Once in Sydney, Corporation. Tristan spent the following 3 years as it wasn’t long before Tristan found work as a barista. the National Sales Manager for Dalla Corte Espresso He worked for some small independent cafés here Systems. and there until finding a full time role at Ziggolinis Tristan has competed as a barista in the Pura Milk Café and Restaurant in Woollahra. This is where he Latte Art competition, twice, placing second on his discovered latte art. Woollahrians are a little well-tosecond attempt, as well as the NSW Latte Art Comdo, which was just the pressure Tristan needed to petition, which he won in 2007. develop latte art skills. Nowadays Tristan is recognised around the world After 2 years working at Ziggolinis, Tristan took for his commitment to the industry. He owns and a job at a health bar out runs the espresso bar the front of an establishdubbed “kafe” and the Tristan has competed as a ment in the city using Toby’s Grind on Demand Coffee barista in the Pura Milk Latte Estate. This was where he Academy in North WolArt Competition, twice, placing first learned about specialty longong and is currently second on his second attempt, coffee. After completing 3 of planning his year long cofas well as the NSW Latte Art Toby’s barista courses, Tristan fee crawl around the world Competition, which he won in understood how much he mid next year. didn’t know about coffee, Tristan sees his future 2007. and he re-evaluated his initial as opening espresso bars thoughts about how long it around the globe and eduwould take to become a good barista. cating consumers about quality coffees. Although Working in the day and with night times free, he still in his twenties, Tristan Creswick has won respect was able to complete a Cert IV in workplace training from industry leaders. Young, full of energy and with and assessment. Now a qualified trainer, he pursued the rest of his life ahead of him, he’s ready to leave work as a barista trainer for the Australian Beverage his mark on the world.



46-47**.indd 46

8/7/10 6:52:22 PM

order for

------------------------------------------------------------Order Form

Café Name/Company:________________________________________________________________________ Contact Name:__________________________________ Email:______________________________________ Address:______________________________________________ State:_____________ Post Code:_________ Telephone:____________________ Fax:________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Minimum order 1 box (30 books) 1 box X $16.00 = AUS $480.00 + overseas freight The

10 boxes X $15.00 = AUS $4,500.00 + overseas freight Number of Boxes :_____________ Please debit my credit card for the amount of $:___________________

Credit card details:





Card No. CVV/Security Number _____________________________ Exp. _____ /______ Cardholder’s Signature:______________________________________________

-------------------------------------------------------------PO Box 5728 PORT MACQUARIE NSW 2444 Australia Phone: +61 2 6583 7163 Fax: +61 2 6583 7169 ABN: 87 429 922 771 Email: PRODUCED AND PUBLISHED BY KISS MARKETING

46-47**.indd 47

8/7/10 6:52:43 PM


Joseph A. Rivera

Chemistry y Owned and operated by Coffee Intelligence, Inc. - was launched in 2004 as the coffee industry’s leading information portal for all aspects on coffee science, chemistry and technology.


sing their vast international network

the Director off Science and Technology ffor the

of scientists, they have partnered to

Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA)

provide the industry with the most

and the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI).

reliable and up to date information

His extensive experience has allowed him

Oppportunnity y no ot to be Misssed!

on coffee science, covering all elements of

to serve as the chief scientific advisor for

Joseph Rivera will be travelling to Australia in

coffee, from bean to cup.

both organisations, lead training instructor

September and also in November 2010 to present

Joseph A. Rivera, founder and creator of

and resident scientist for the coffee industry.

several seminars on the science and chemistry of is a well respected coffee

Over the years he has presented at hundreds

coffee. In addition to this, he will presenting at this

scientist with over a decade of experience in

of international seminars and has published

year’s CSR Golden Bean event as the keynote speaker.

researching all aspects of coffee quality. Prior to

numerous technical articles for the specialty

launching, he worked as

coffee industry.

48-48******.indd 48

For further information, visit: or

9/7/10 3:29:57 PM




Thursday 18th - Sunday 21st November 2010 - Port Macquarie, NSW SW


ow in its 5th year, the CSR Golden Bean is a “must attend” event for Australian coffee roasters and suppliers to the café industry and attracts the attendance of leading coffee professionals from Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the USA. This exciting event brings together coffee roasters, baristas and associated industry members to create a forum for learning, exchanging ideas and networking within the industry. The 2010 event looks likely to be bigger than ever.

Medals are awarded in each respective ctive category. The overall Golden Bean Winner is based on accumulated Espresso and Milk Based ased coffee categories.

Proudly sponsored by

New in


ar - 2 day semin 16 & 17 Novh A. Rivera with Josep rsday 18th dging on Thu ■ Full day ju ries ffee catego ■ 2 N EW co on ti uc offee A ■ 21 Nov - C

O F FIC I A L P RO G R A M Wed 17 Novv – Arrive, evening at leisure Thu 18 Novv – Full day coffee judging, evening official welcome event Fri 19 Nov - Full day seminars and workshops, evening beach party fun Sat 20 Novv – Full day coffee judging, awards dinner Sun 21 Nov – Coffee auction, depart epart for home

Golden Beean cofffee catteggories: ■ Espresso

(Short Black) Based (Latte) ■ Australian Grown (Latte) ■ Filter ■ Organic Espresso ■ Chain Store / Coffee Franchise (Latte) ■ Single Origin Espresso NEW ■ Decaffeinated (Latte) NEW ■ Milk

International Keynote Speaker - Joseph A. Rivera

Early Bird Competition Register NOW to attend the CSR Golden Bean event and you will be automatically entered into the lucky draw prize… 2 nights (16&17 Nov 2010) at the Comboyne Hideaway just before the CSR Golden Bean. The Roundhouse at Comboyne Hideaway is an exclusive retreat situated atop the magnificent Comboyne Mountain plateau

with uninterrupted views to the coastline of the NSW Mid North Coast. Just 30km from stunning coast and beaches of Port Macquarie it’s the perfect place to start your CSR Golden Bean escapade. Lucky draw entries close 30 September 2010

For more details about attending or entering The CSR Golden Bean Coffee Roaster Competition and Conference, please contact Kiss Marketing on (02) 6583 7163 or

48-48******.indd 49

9/7/10 3:30:39 PM


Story by Marion Calabrisello.

handpresso I recently had the opportunity to attend the inaugural Handpresso Academy at their Headquarters located in Fontainebleu (about 50 km from the outskirts of Paris along the Seine River), France.


he Fontainebleu Forestin spring is

Mobility is the main feature, but also, an eco-

through the social media network. In addition to

spectacular; it is the satellite city of the

friendly design, no maintenance, no descaling

advertising, it’s all about raising your profile/brand/

wealthy Parisians and the local chateaux

and being fun to use are major features. There

product via the various social media sites: Facebook,

were the home of many French monarchs

is genuine concern for the environment – this is

Twitter, Tweet Feel, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Blog,

not just marketing talk! The Handpresso Wild is

DiggThis, MySpace ... and the list goes on. Since

a good example of how simplification leads to

Handpresso is a start up company, they did not have

the Handpresso, the concept is simple – Handpresso

environmentally friendly products. The Handpresso

the same advertising budget as the big players in

Wild make a premium quality espresso – anywhere!

Wild uses 10 times less raw materials than an

the industry. They took a different approach; instead

Handpresso has become the global leader in the

average traditional 16 bar espresso maker; 50% of

of spending money on publicity, they made small

market for mobile espresso coffee. This in turn

the material is recyclable aluminium. Whereas most

videos from all over the world where Handpresso

has created a new market segment – the nomadic

machines are constantly powered on in order to

is being used and used buzz marketing. Their site:

espresso. While the industry (excluding cafés and

quickly heat up water, the Handpresso does not have is linked to Facebook. They

hospitality) has been focusing on manual and fully

any stand-by power consumption.

post a regular newsletter and work openly with

and also Napoleon Bonaparte. For those of you who have not seen or heard of

automatic machines or pod systems (ESE/easy serve

What lured me to France

espresso or capsule), Handpresso took the opposite

(apart from the incredible

direction by creating the world’s smallest espresso

culinary experience of

machine, that you can hold in the palm of your hand

sweet pastries, cheese

and which can be taken anywhere. The Handpresso

and real champagne) was

is available in pod (ESE) or a ground coffee version

the opportunity to meet

and with an intense portafilter for those that want an

and exchange ideas with

extra strong coffee.

a group of Handpresso

serious Blogs, relevant

Haand H ndpr dpres esso es so’ss tter so erririt itori tories es aare re:: outd tdoo oors rs, ca camp mping, g picnic, hhik ikin kingg, trek ekki ek king ki ng, ga ng gard rden rd en, car, boat, ffis i hi hing ng, golfing, hotel room, skkiing, hhom omee or om offi ffi ficee – tthe he ppos ossi os sibi si bilities are endless.

magazines etc. We all know how expensive it is to introduce a new product to the market. Big advertising budgets no longer exist – use the internet! The internet is

distributors from all over the world and also an

shifting from an information tool to what they call

competitors’ products are designed for use in the

impressive lineup of guest speakers. Pierre Loustic,

an attention tool – which means pushing one’s view

home or in the office. The Handpresso product range

CEO of Russell Hobbs France spoke about “how to

about products, society, politics, sports, etc. to friends

is much more versatile. It can be used indoor, outdoor

sell premium products”. Jean Yves-Masse – former

through status update messages. Being on Facebook

– anywhere. Handpresso follows a true “blue ocean

Marketing Director for Ikea France – “how to get

and Twitter will raise your SEO (Search Engine

strategy!” The intention is not to get into the red

the most out of the internet and how to create the


ocean – the waters where all competitors are fighting!

buzz!” Warner Montanari – Quality and Key Account

If you consider the market to date, all the

For some people, this may be a bit deja vu ...

Manager for Illycaffe France talked about ESE pod

although I am GenX and I still struggle with the speed

picnic, hiking, trekking, garden, car, boat, fishing,

systems and how Illy manages its quality system from

of how the internet is changing – not to mention

golfing, hotel room, skiing, home or office – the

the coffee plant to the cup.

the extra time now required in front of a screen to

Handpresso’s territories are: outdoors, camping,

possibilities are endless. The point is, Australians are

There was lots of discussion about brand building,

manage newfound opportunities. All this does no good for the derriere – get mobile

very mobile, so the availability of “good coffee to go”

environmental considerations, creating marketing

anywhere or everywhere is starting to make good

buzz etc. The clear message was the power of

and have a good quality coffee anywhere! Because


“word of mouth” – telling the story and experiences

life is too short …

50-51**.indd 50

9/7/10 3:28:47 PM

Satisfy your customers’ tastes and social conscience.










Ph. 0404 879 107 11Box Fred363, St,Five Lilyfield PO DockNSW NSW2040 2046 CON212_92x245mm.indd 1 50-51**.indd 51

21/05/10 8:56 AM 9/7/10 3:32:45 PM

Your local milk direct to your café

Australia’s Milk since 1900

Phone: 13 14 60 52-53**.indd 52

9/7/10 3:28:18 PM

REALE Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farm and forest operations meet comprehensive standards that protect the environment and promote the rights and welfare of workers, their families and communities. To learn more about the Rainforest Alliance, visit


+ Your voice will be heard in 2010


n order d to ensure continued d

In September b 2010, our first

growth in a time of strong

annual Café Pulse Supplier

café competition and market

Satisfaction Survey will be launched.

uncertainty, we need solid

At this time we call on you to

supplier support with a point of

share your voice as an important

difference for café operators and

café owner. YOUR voice will be

their valued staff.

heard, along with that of other café

This need will NOW be supplied

operators from around the country

by Café Pulse via an annual Café

who all seek improved service

Service Satisfaction Survey that

standards in café services, along

aims to unite all café owners and

with better competitive promotions.

managers Australia wide. This

Café representative service

survey will achieve better supplier

improvement can be achieved for

support and improved direct

your business by simply providing us

delivery supply standards.

with your valued and constructive

Café Pulse is a totally

feedback from this September.

independent research initiative by

In conjunction with Café

a Retail Research Company with

Culture Magazine, Café Pulse

several years of providing access to

will regularly publish informative

high-quality and truly independent

articles, ensuring that café owners,

analysis. YOUR new industry survey

their staff and key suppliers are

will be a UNIQUE resource to help

kept informed of the results of this

your local community café business

important research initiative.

improve on many different levels. The inaugural Café Pulse 2010

Sourced from the same plantation for flavour and consistency.

100% Arabica delivers our unique taste.

These future results obtained by your valued feedback will then be

research will be launched into the

available as an industry first annual

café market this September. It

snapshot report, to compare the

will improve service levels to the

key supplier service satisfaction your

valued café owners through vital

business receives. If you would like

collectively gathered and required

to know more details about this

service understandings via the Key

important Café Pulse survey, or

Learning’s capture.

if you are a manufacturer or café

Café Pulse is a totally

UTZ is committed to sustainable quality and we are a member of the UTZ CERTIFIED program for sustainable coffee.

Beautiful herbal and fruity aroma with flavours of caramel, honey and peanut. A mellow sweetness and delicate acidity, with a smooth and balanced body. And finally, a lingering citrus aftertaste.

supplier and you would like to be

independent research initiative

included, then please contact Janani

providing a unique resource to assist

either by phone on: 043 312 4416

your local community café business

or email

improve on many levels, by gaining more focused service standards for your business from the major

Ph: 1300 DUCALE (1300 382253)

top 50 suppliers, and their various foodservice distributors.

CON212_92x245mm.indd 2 52-53**.indd 53

21/05/10 8:56 AM 9/7/10 3:45:16 PM


Story by Peter Panagiotopoulos.

Understanding How to lose your business without even trying. You could be committing one of the biggest, most unforgiving mistakes of your business life – and you would not even know it.


nlike many everyday slip ups, this one

the option window. Do not leave it to chance: post,

exercise of the option, and you then have yourself a

is fatal – black or white, and for most

mail, email, fax, hand deliver and carrier pigeon the

date in the Supreme Court.

café owners who forget to exercise their

notice to your landlord, not the managing agent. If

option, it is very, very black.

you want to keep trading and you miss the option

check the option window dates now. If you cannot

window, you are in technical terms – stuffed.

remember, make the time to find out. Get in touch

We all know that the right location

The message is simple. Find your lease and

with your lawyer to help prepare the notice and

is a big part of a café’s success. The right to trade

If the option window has closed and you have not

from a location is limited to the life of the lease. If

exercised your option, three things can happen. First,

make sure you serve it on time. If the prospect of

done right, the lease will be long enough for the

the landlord requires you to close your business and

a current market rent review is not appealing, then

café operator to recoup their initial investment and

vacate by the end of the lease, which by then will

you can look to negotiate the rental before the end

then on-sell for a capital gain, with enough time left

only be a couple of months away. You lose. Second,

of the option period, or give notice requesting an

on the clock for the new owner to do the same.

the landlord lets you continue to trade on a month

early market review. This lets you decide whether or

to month basis. You have no certainty, and your

not to take up the option knowing what the rent

the lease for an agreed term or terms. Options are

business is un-saleable without the landlord granting

would be.

commonly described as 3 x 3 x 3, or 5 x 5 or any

a new lease. You lose. Third, the landlord offers you

number of combinations. It is also common for the

a new lease at whatever rental and on whatever

deliberately not exercising your option if that is a

rent to be determined with reference to the current

terms he wants, sometimes totally out of whack

part of your business plan. But the name of the

market rent payable for comparable premises at the

with what you are currently paying. You either take

game is profit, not handing back the keys to your

start of the new lease.

it, or leave it. Left with no choice and no bargaining


An option gives a tenant the right to extend

If you do not have an option in your lease and time is running out, you should be looking to renegotiate with your landlord – a deserving topic we

power, many café operators usually take the deal and limp forward at a much higher rent. On the other hand, if you exercise your option

Of course, there is nothing wrong with

This article is intended to provide a general overview on matters of interest. It is not intended to be comprehensive nor does it constitute legal advice.

will be exploring in the future. However, if you do

on time, you are guaranteed a new lease at a new

You should seek legal or other professional advice

have an option, go and find a copy of your lease –

rental determined by the agreed procedure. This of

before acting or relying on any of its content.


course assumes that you are not in breach of any of

To exercise your option, you must give the

your lease obligations at the time of giving notice. If

landlord a written notice strictly within the time

you are in breach, say late in paying your rent, the

stipulated in the lease; this time period is known as

landlord may give you notice seeking to reject the

By Peter Panagiotopoulos Principal, PNA Legal

Are you using a coffee that is Fairtrade and Australian Certified Organic? Grinders Coffee’s Organic Blend ticks both boxes Support the environment with Grinders Organic blend 1300 476 377

54-55**.indd 54

9/7/10 3:27:01 PM


Networking in What’s in it for ME? How to network well in business.


he world is made up of two groups of people, the “givers” and the “takers”. If you want to be successful in business, you have to be good at giving before you see the reward in your business. Greed is a horrible trait that we are all born with, and it relates back to our survival instincts in our ancestral design as hunters and gathers. It has been listed in history as one of the seven deadly sins and is defined as those who have excessive desires to possess wealth and goods. Some people – and we all know them – let this trait rule their lives. The “takers” are hard work and are not pleasant people to surround yourself with, and they often create negative thoughts and ideas that will eventually affect you. Great business networking is where we share information with customers, industry groups and even with our competition. It is easy to do and very rewarding. You find the most sharing people always have the most pleasant people surrounding them, and their businesses are often strong and are normally very successful. In my job role as a hospitality consultant, I get to see many back ends of business in the coffee and café industry. Often I see a lot of closed doors when it comes to people networking with each other. Networking is sharing information, resources and sometimes tangible things like products and services, and this business act is often very inexpensive to participate in. The rewards for networking are valuable, and often good networkers don’t just receive business success – they also can experience genuine friendship from their positive actions. The greedy person only thinks about himself or herself; they are driven by money and are often living a life of guilt, as they know themselves that they can’t be successful without hurting others around them. Their businesses often grow a lot more slowly when customers and other businesses see though their smoke screen of pretend niceties. Greedy people will use up their brownie points much quicker then the giving person who has no limit on return favours. As people, word of mouth marketing drives us, and we listen often to the person with the loudest voice. This is the same for your customers and business associates. As a good businesses owner and networker, you have to always relay the good vibe of your business actions and the networking initiatives you are undertaking at the time. If you get caught up running other businesses and customers down, you may easily get trapped in a situation of bad publicity that your business and your personal feelings

54-55**.indd 55

don’t need. Like your grandmother said, “If you have not a good thing to say about someone, don’t say it!” Staying positive yourself and keeping staff positive is always a challenge when you are involved in any small business operation. Your staff are often the closest people to you, and if they see signs of unethical or greedy behaviour, you will lose their trust and support – making it harder to motivate them. Being open with staff about your business actions is important. Often their perception can be skewed, because they have not seen the full picture. We can often be very secretive in our business lives, fearing competition and our own personal business decision making capabilities. Becoming a great networker is often a good tool for receiving personal support in our business. The returned action of having a customer or friend stroking your ego can often lift the negativities out of your daily routine. Doing a good deed may take time to reap the return reward, but be patient. The wait is worth it, and is often ten fold. This is where instantaneous versus delayed gratifications comes into the networking process. We now live in a world where our needs are appeased almost instantly. Doing a favour for another business owner or customer may take years to see a return action, but most people remember a genuine act of kindness. The word is patience, and the reward is the personal gratification for being a nice person in business and enjoying helping others. Yes, we can become cynical because of those scammers out there around us, and we become mistrusting because of this minority group. Every decision you make in your business has to be well thought out; this also applies to being a good networker. Being a good networker does not mean you are a “yes” person; you are allowed to turn down an offer or request now and then when the timing is wrong for you. Networking can be as simple as giving somebody a phone number or a website address. My suggestion is give networking a go, and watch you business grow. Some e go ood d tipss fo or becom ming a go ood d netwo orker in the ca afé é in ndustrry: ■ Join industry groups to meet like minded people. ■ Participate in industry forums and surveys. ■ Always relay positive industry news. ■ Practice being honest and ethical in all businesses transactions. ■ Enjoy your business and the people around you. ■ Good people attract good people. ■ Practice sharing.

9/7/10 3:27:18 PM

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8/7/10 7:15:35 PM


By Erin Mitchell.

surviving the There are many different factors that affect insurance premiums ...


number of which you can control

income to supplement the operating income. When

through various risk management

these earnings are reduced, pressure is put on

methods such as increased security,

premium rates.

service and maintenance programs for

Insurance premiums will vary between insurance

your equipment, fire protection, etc. However, there

companies depending on risk appetites, claims

are also a number of factors that are unfortunately

experience for different policy classes and the

beyond control.

level of cover provided by a policy. As we face the

Insurance involves the pooling of premiums in

inevitable – a hardening insurance market, the

order to pay for losses which happen to those who

need to re-build and increase those premium pools

invest in the pool. The arrangement of premium

that have severely suffered in the recent months and years – it may be time to

pools affects the premiums that are charged on all individual policies following severe and widespread losses. Recently we have experienced a number of natural disasters and catastrophes around

Insurance involves the pooling of premiums in order to pay for losses which happen to those who invest in the pool.

the wild storms in New South Wales. Insurance premiums, in response to the wide

programs with other programs and specialised schemes available in the market. The marketing of your insurance management methods could

and cyclones in Queensland, earthquakes in Western Australia and most recently

compare your current insurance

program in addition to the risk

Australia, including floods hail storms in Western Australia and Victoria,

test the insurance waters and

potentially help with the bottom line of your café. Insurance premiums shouldn’t be the final product. Ensuring your needs are met by the cover a policy provides should be the most important factor,

premium pools to re-build. The increased premiums

and therefore you need to be aware of the current

are applied on all policies in the premium pool,

covers you have in place so that you can compare

not only on policies that suffered losses and made

against alternatives that offer either the same or

claims, which helps keeps the cost of insurance

a higher level of cover and ignore offers of cheap

affordable for everyone. This is, unfortunately, a

premiums that cull or restrict your covers. As insurance policies vary significantly across

increasing frequencies of natural disasters aren’t to

insurers, it is essential to check with a qualified

take all the blame for the suffering the premium

insurance advisor that your current covers meets

pools have faced. There are man-made disasters that

your needs.

are also to blame – and the biggest of these would

Erin Mitchell

be the well publicised Global Financial Crisis, or as

Bruce Insurance – Café Insurance Specialists

better known, the GFC. Insurers rely on investment

56-57**.indd 57

3'%nZVgh^chjg^c\XV[‚h VcYXd[[ZZh]deh 3AadnYhd[AdcYdc jcYZglg^iZg 3>chiVcifjdiZh 3EVnbdci]an 3Jc^fjZXdkZgV\Zeajh  hiVcYVgYegdk^h^dch/ > '%!%%%XVh] > '%!%%%Wjg\aVgn > 6cn\aVhh^cX^YZci > 6XX^YZciVaYVbV\Z[dg VaaXdciZcih > BVX]^cZgnWgZV`Ydlc jeid'*%!%%%

deciding factor when purchasing an insurance

spread and high cost losses, will rise in order for the

pain that we all, as premium payers, will face. The

Smart Choice in Business Insurance


8/7/10 7:15:55 PM


By Michael Colless.

behind the

Most of us know the internet as a tool to send emails and to “Google” information – but there is more!


t’s the MORE area of the net you as a café

> What has this got to do with your business?

> How does this impact the café industry?

owner or supplier need to know about. Why?



Because it’s massive and can directly affect your bottom line. To give you some perspective of the power

and size of the internet, more video was uploaded

Firstly, yes the data above is from America, but

There is a magnitude of café blogging sites on

it’s fair to say the above is relative to Australia, as

the web, all talking about where they had great

we tend to follow consumer trends from America.

coffee, great food and great service. Along with

Secondly, café owners and suppliers need to

an endless list of sites that rate your customers

to YouTube in the last two months, than if ABC and

be looking to leverage these trends to gain a

experience at your café … yes, your café. Do

NBC (American TV stations) had been airing new

competitive advantage – yes, that’s right, to increase

you know what customers are saying about your

content 24 hours a day for 365 days since 1948!

awareness and to increase profitability! Good

business? Is it positive or negative?

operators are doing it to stay in business; better

> So what’s a blog?

Every month collectively, ABC and NBC get 10 million viewers. The number of unique visitors to

operators are increasing their profits! Remember, a

A blog is a simple self publishing platform

MySpace, YouTube and Facebook collectively every

website is just the surface. In today’s world, those

that has diminished the clout and power of the

month is 250 million – none of these sites existed 6

who stay still are left behind.

giant publishing conglomerates. Many blogs

years ago!

> So what can you do?

enjoy readerships larger than some of the major

How many text messages does the average

With the products and services you provide,

metropolitan newspapers, by getting the “scoop”

American teen send each month? Have you any

how are you going to make consumers’ lives easier,

on top stories faster than a publication can print

idea? Not 1,000, but 2,272!

make them look good, alleviate their fears and save

them. This world is instant.

them time? Yes, sounds like a lot, but if you’re not

As a café owner, start by searching for your

connection tool to the internet in 2020 – the

on board, then think again – remember, it’s never

business on the web, and see if it comes up in the

computer in your mobile phone is a million times

too late.

results. If yes, it’s likely someone is talking about

The mobile device will be the world’s primary

cheaper, a thousand times more powerful and

The internet via social networking brings people

about a hundred thousand times smaller than

together who share interests of others. It’s a cyber

be the beginning of your blog by replying, fixing

a computer in 1965. “So what used to fit in a

community of like minded people connected by the

up any rights from wrongs, list your business on

building fits in your pocket now, will fit inside a

net. Examples are MySpace, Linkedin, Facebook and

every free directory, start searching on specialist

blood cell in 25 years.” – Ray Kurzweil.

Twitter. They “talk” to each other via a variety of

websites to see where you can rate your café.

methods like messaging, chat, email, file sharing,

Consumer testimonials are more powerful than any

video, blogging and discussion groups.

other marketing campaign. Generally, if your friend

See more at: UrEWe8&feature=related

58-59**.indd 58

you; dig deeper find out where and why. This could

8/7/10 7:19:12 PM

Because now there’s a soymilk that’s been developed for baristas by a barista. rates a café, you’ll go and so will people you don’t know.

Profitability By scouring the net, you can find new and innovative products at the best price. This scenario is the same for any industry; it is just as important for suppliers to show themselves on the web in some form or another – an internet

technology, you as a café can ensure prominent exposure to your customers, and as a supplier you can ensure these cafés are able to access your products effectively and efficiently. Michael Colless is passionate about consumers

site is NOT enough! Supplier websites are visited

experiencing good food. He has combined 20+

regularly by foodservice operators; however, in many

years of food industry experience with cutting-edge

cases it is difficult to find the product and product

technology to bring trade customers a great variety

details or how it can be purchased and delivered (i.e.

of good food, direct delivery for maximum shelf life

to a café anywhere), which leads to frustration. Ask

and the cheapest prices – all through an easy one-

yourself, and most importantly, ask others ... is your

stop online ordering warehouse.

site user-friendly/simple, does it make café owners’ lives easier, does it reduce their costs and boost productivity? Some forward thinking foodservice operators

Good Food Warehouse is one example of how to use the internet for more than just “Googling”. Good Food Warehouse:

have already incorporated the new technology into their business, the iPad. Providing a tool that allows customers to view an on-line menu, including tasting notes along with pictures of the dishes. Yes, you may think this is going too far; in actual fact, they are attempting to keep up! WiFi in the café is another example of technology. Why? It allows bloggers to blog their experience on the spot – consumers only remember the good things for a short period of time and the bad things for a long time! WiFi is fast becoming an expected service, just like a clean toilet! For a café owner, it doesn’t matter what is being purchased. It comes down to price, quality, freshness and time. By leveraging

58-59**.indd 59

8/7/10 7:19:42 PM


By Yvette Schroeder and Anthony Cheeseman.

MadCap and the All

The year was 2007. I was taking orders, pulling shots, perfecting milk and doing whatever other tasks a barista performs throughout a normal day in the life of a vibrant café. Little did I know that there was an idea brewing that would change the life of a few down on their luck people wanting to be where I was – behind a coffee machine interacting and being part of a community.


e know, as baristas, that it takes all sorts to form our café community, and one of my personal favourite customers while working as a barista was one of Australia’s top schizophrenic artists. So what about on the other side of the counter? Have you noticed any of your co-workers suffering? Maybe even yourself, at one point or another. With one out of every five people diagnosed (what about undiagnosed!), it is a high probability that you have served and even worked with someone with a mental illness. As an employer, if you knew someone had a mental illness, would you hire or fire? What if they were highly competent with their work? Even in good economic times, finding employment and holding down a job isn’t easy for many people with a mental illness. A lack of understanding, as well as the stigma still associated with mental illness, means they are often overlooked by employers. Eastern Regions Mental Health Association (commonly known as ERMHA), a mental health service in Melbourne’s south east, decided it had to try something new after seeing a need for clients who were at the stage of wanting to get back into employment. Before becoming the MadCap Ventures Project Manager, Anthony Cheeseman previously owned Cheesys Café at the Dandenong Plaza Shopping Centre. After coming into contact with ERMHA CEO Peter Waters, ERMHA acquired the café, and in consultation with its clients, the MadCap Café was born. To complement the café and further give clients a place where their self esteem and confidence can grow, The MadCap Centre 4 Coffee Excellence was formed. After a person is diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder and has been referred to ERHMA to become one of their clients, they attend an induction meeting at ERMHA’s Aspirations Day Program. From this meeting, clients are then assessed and identified that they would like to begin working in hospitality – and in particular the pathway to working at MadCap Café.

60-61**.indd 60

Clients begin the journey to the café by commencing the 40 hour pre MadCap hospitality program. This is called MAP (MadCap Aspirations Pathway). Part of the MAP program includes attending the MadCap Centre 4 Coffee Excellence, where clients initially attend the Friday 3 hour Basic Barista Course. Clients continue to attend every Friday morning to build their skills and knowledge on what they have learned. The centre is open on Friday mornings for free to people who have attended MadCap courses. Following on from the Basic Barista Course, the client completes the accredited four day Intensive Barista Course. This accreditation includes food and hygiene, and clients are taught everything espresso related – from menu description to the hygiene of the machine. The course even covers teaching latte art in its basic form. Etching with chocolate is mostly every client’s favourite. I know this, as I was one of the trainers for the Intensive Barista Course. The course is supported by a registered training organisation (RTO) called LETS (Local Employment Training Services). With LETS on board, the client gains a certificate in “Prepare and Serve Espresso” and “Follow Hygiene Practice Procedures”. The course increases confidence and also allows clients to comprehend the skills required for café life. Upon completion of the hospitality course, the program can lead to working in the MadCap Café. The client is now introduced to a disability employment service such as Dandenong Valley Job Support (DVJS) or WISE Employment to discuss job interviews and resume writing, as they must “apply” for their position at MadCap. A trial shift is organised for the client with the help of their “café trained” ERMHA Support Worker as support. After they impress everyone at the café, and a position opens up, the clients become a MadCap Café team member. Working in the café is a transitional step to open employment in hospitality. The training program in the café is a 9-12 month stint. Clients are not just thrown into full on café work, but are slowly introduced to different stations. They may just begin taking out orders and clearing up front of house, but then move onto preparation, serving customers,

understanding register operations and then onto preparing coffees and beverages. As their skills and competency increases, support from their ERMHA worker decreases. At the end of the program, clients gain the “All Star Employment” award. Upon completion of training, it is then anticipated that working in another job is sought or contemplation of further study is taken up. MadCap Ventures is working in partnership with Gloria Jean’s Coffees. Gloria Jean’s have passionately come on board, as they understand the value to their stores of having well trained and enthusiastic staff. Remember, MadCap Café is a transitional training café, and when an employer takes on an ERMHA MadCap Team Member, they will receive the benefits – which includes starting the employee on a Certificate 3 in Hospitality. With the success of this program for people who suffer from a mental illness or disorder, MadCap Café is expanding. The first store is in the Dandenong Plaza, with the second café opening in June at Westfield Shopping Centre, Fountain Gate in Melbourne’s growth corridor. Further cafés are planned in and around the outskirts of Melbourne. Working in my first café at 15, I worked alongside someone who was mentally disadvantaged and to me, she was highly competent in her work. With this experience, along with training some of the current staff from the MadCap Café in the Intensive Four Day Barista Course, I have found these people to be highly creative and keen to gain new skills. The main focus for the whole MadCap Venture from ERMHA is on making a difference, not a profit, and it’s already paying off. They have a goal to provide well trained and skilled staff to other like-minded businesses in the hospitality industry. If you would like more information or would like to be in partnership with MadCap and begin a former “All Star” on their path to beginning their Certificate 3 in Hospitality, you can contact MadCap Ventures Project Manager Anthony Cheeseman on: p: (03) 9706 7388 e:

9/7/10 3:47:02 PM




WINNER 2009/2010


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8/7/10 7:21:35 PM


Soups for Yes, the cold weather has arrived in most of Australia’s towns and cities, and some hearty country food is on the menu. Even if you only do it once each winter, it’s a tradition to simmer up those yummy, belly-warming homemade soups that are also a very profitable item on a café menu. We have picked three of our favourite recipes at Café Culture Magazine that are quick and easy to prepare in bulk – ready to appease those hungry winter appetites.

+ Roasted Tomato and Garlic Soup Ingredients (serves 8) 1 garlic bulb 2 kg ripe Roma tomatoes, cores removed, halved lengthways Sea salt flakes and ground black pepper 2 tbsp good olive oil 1 brown onion, halved, finely chopped 1L (4 cups) vegetable stock Parmesan or Romano cheese, flaked with vegetable peeler

Cooking Method Preheat oven to 185°C. Place garlic and tomatoes, cutside up, on a baking tray lined with non-stick baking paper. Season tomatoes with salt and cracked pepper. Roast in oven for 40 - 50 minutes or until tomatoes are tender. Remove from oven and set aside on the tray for 10 minutes to cool slightly. Peel tomatoes. Place tomatoes in the bowl of a food processor and process until smooth. Strain through a sieve into a large bowl. Discard seeds. Peel garlic. Place in a bowl and mash with a fork. Heat oil in a large saucepan over medium-high heat. Add onion and cook, stirring, for 3 minutes or until soft. Add garlic, stock and tomato puree, and bring to the boil. Reduce heat to low. Simmer, stirring occasionally, for 10 minutes or until mixture thickens slightly. Taste and season with salt and pepper. Ladle soup among serving bowls and serve with toasted Turkish bread strips.

+ Creamy Country Pumpkin Soup Ingredients (serves 8) 3 tbsp olive oil 1 onion, finely chopped 1 leek, white part only, finely sliced (washed) 1 Russian garlic clove, crushed ½ tsp ground coriander 1 tsp ground cumin ½ tsp ginger ½ tsp nutmeg 1 kg peeled butternut pumpkin, diced 1 large Sebago potato, peeled, diced 1.5 L chicken or vegetable stock 1 cup (125 ml) thin cream

Cooking Method Heat oil in a large saucepan over low heat, add onion and leek and cook for 2-3 minutes, until softened but not coloured. Add garlic and spices and cook, stirring, for 30 seconds. Add pumpkin, potato and stock and bring to the boil. Turn heat to low, cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Allow to cool slightly, blend in batches. Return soup to pan, stir through cream and reheat gently. Season and add a little more nutmeg if desired.

+ Pea and Potato Soup Ingredients (serves 8) 1 L (4 cups) of chicken stock 2 leeks, white part only, finely sliced (washed) 1 garlic clove, crushed 2 large Sebago potatoes, chopped coarsely 4 cups of frozen peas 3 cups of water 1 tbsp spoon olive oil 2 tbsp of fine shredded mint

Cooking Method Heat oil in a large saucepan over low heat, add garlic and leek and cook for 10 minutes, until softened but not coloured. Add stock, potato, peas and the water to pan, bring to boil. Reduce heat. Simmer, covered for 20 minutes or until vegetables are soft. Cool vegetables and blend or process soup in batches until smooth. Return soup to clean pan, stir and reheat gently. Stir in mint before serving.

Sprinkle with flaked Romano cheese.

62-63**.indd 62

9/7/10 2:58:39 PM


the From the 23rd to the 25th of June 2010, London was all about coffee, as the world’s best arrived in town to compete in the most important global coffee event of the year.


affè Culture is Europe’s leading trade exhibition exclusively catering for their growing café bar market. Held at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in London, this year Caffè Culture also hosted the 2010 World Barista Championships, Latte Art, Coffee in Good Spirits, Cup Tasting and Ibrik Competitions. Australia was well represented with judges and supporters, and with a very worthy competitor in each of the events, the overall results for Australia were our best ever. All competitors made it to the semi finals, and 3 into the finals!

The Ressultts for Ausstraalia..

Auusttralilia Winss Beest Nation In recognition of our success across all of the SCAE’s World Championships in 2010, Australia’s team won the Best Nation prize. Under the Best Nation rules, the national teams are allocated points according to their final positions in each of the World Championships, including the World Barista Championship. The country with the lowest number of points wins!

62-63**.indd 63

Scottie Callaghan (World Barista Championships) Will Priestley (World Latte Art Competition) Johnny Pisanelli (World Cup Tasters Competition) Mitchel Fawkner (Coffee in Good Spirits Competition) Rob Forsyth (Cezve/Ibrik Competition)

3rd place 2nd place 6th place 4th place 12th place

Co ongratuulattionns to thhe Winnners World Barista Champion – Michael Phillips, USA. World Latte Art Champion – Haruna Murayama, Japan. World Cup Tasters Champion – Hector Gonzalez, Guatemala. World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion – Jeroen de Corte, Belgium.

9/7/10 2:58:23 PM


Proudly sponsored by

hot café

+ Lavenders Café + Mr Espresso –

Green Bean Project

Level 2, Outside Hoyts Cinema Westfield Eastgardens t. (02) 9344 0356


r Espresso is about ultimate espresso coffee, fresh food and local community. The business is focused on real food that is free of preservatives and hand made in-store daily, with ingredients sourced locally. They are also one of the few remaining wood roasters in the world, painstakingly and patiently batch roasting their blends of coffee slowly. Their little kiosk at Westfield Eastgardens in Pagewood was built as a statement to all that is “green”, together with a social conscience. They’re giving back some love to the world. They call it the “Green Bean” project, showcasing their 1998 Espresso Bar that they are working on with recycled timbers and furniture, compost coffee and, last but not least, fair trade coffee origins. Everything is hand made, and the crew don’t use press button machines. They view themselves as artisans of coffee, loving their coffee and loving their shiny

64-65**.indd 64

Synesso coffee machines. Founder of Mr Espresso, Veni Chorafitis happened to be in the store the day I visited, so it was timely to chat with him about the new Green Bean kiosk and the philosophy behind the Mr Espresso brand. Veni commented, “You could say that we are part of the third wave of coffee, pushing the boundaries of what a great coffee experience is all about, but when we say ‘good coffee’, it’s more than just a carefully crafted coffee. “From humble beginnings of street vending in the ‘90s, we were pioneers in the sense of polarising a community when it came to great coffee, friendly service and supporting important local causes. Today, 12 years later, we are proud of our 4 retail stores, which are simple, have a great buzz, are all about giving the everyday person a great coffee and making a positive impact toward social and environmental issues. So in good coffee … we also mean good causes,” said Veni.

Shop 1, 418 High Street, Maitland 2320 t. (02) 4933 8855


aitland City and surrounds has the most historic sites in the Hunter Valley, with a great collection of restored historic buildings, all in their original elegant glory. The river city has create a good name with its coffee culture, with two new roasters and a few cafés making a caffeinated mark on the area, appeasing this growing city. Perched above the Hunter River, Lavenders Riverside Café is one of these great businesses, started ten years ago by Rodney and Helen Jolly. When I visited the café for breakfast, Rodney was running around wildly doing his last minute preparations before he jumped on a plane for a few months study tour of provincial France. He had left the full control of the café to his competent business partner, Errol Russell. Errol is quite new on board and had come to know the business well, being Rodney and Helens’ bank manager. After lots of discussion over the years with Rodney, Errol decided to change hats and move into hospitality, and so joined the Lavender team as a co-owner. Breakfast at Lavenders is a great place for the egg connoisseur, with a delicious Eggs Benedict that attracted

me two mornings in a row. Errol said the Eggs Florentine is another favourite of the locals and is just as good as the “benny”. Rodney and Errol have a good handle on the coffee situation and they are well supported by Witham’s Coffee, with regular training for the Lavenders team. They all appreciate a good brew, and they have a good coffee following. The café has a large outdoor seating area that is always full of regulars enjoying the sun and the pristine river panorama. It is the perfect escape for the corporate worker, and the lunch menu revolves around some great Hunter produce, which is simply plated and served fresh to order. The salt and pepper squid and salad was popular the day I visited among the day shoppers, who were resting as a part of their retail therapy. I joined them in this meal choice and enjoyed every last bite. Lavenders Riverside Café is open 7 days and most public holidays. Kids are welcome and the café is pram friendly, with plenty of room in back. Maitland is holding its second Aroma Festival in August, and this is the perfect opportunity to visit the city, with a stop over to meet the team at Lavenders.

9/7/10 2:53:00 PM


hot café

+ Market Lane Coffee


Shop 13, Prahran Market 163 Commercial Road South Yarra VIC 3141 t. (03) 9804 7434

t’s all about the coffee,” says Fleur Studd, and in Market Lane, it shows. Fleur, founder of this café and her Director of Coffee, Jason Scheltus, a London trained roaster, share the same passion for quality, transparency, innovation and education. Having only been opened for six months, it is their dedication to sourcing and roasting distinctive beans from select farms, origins, and cooperatives that is pushing them right to the top. Market Lane Coffee offers a menu of single origin coffees, and a seasonal espresso blend. “Traceability is paramount to improving the welfare of coffee producers,” according to Jason, and by promoting the coffees by name of the farm, allows customers to recognise the coffees as more than just a brand. Through their style of roasting, the varietal and regional character of the coffee is allowed to come out, and customers are encouraged to taste these differences with the free sampling. A large part of Market Lane is dedicated to helping people brew coffee at home, and not with superautomatic machines or pods, but with simple ceramic pour over filter cones. “This simple brew method has been forgotten over the years – especially in Australia,” says Fleur, and her well-versed staff are able

64-65**.indd 65

to give advice and suggestions. The best way to experience the variety of their coffees is through the fortnightly Coffee Club, where a freshly roasted coffee of their choice is sent to your door; a little treat late in the week. The airy space fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the Prahran Market. Large windows let in lots of natural light, and the clean lines and natural timbers give the café a warm and inviting feel. The staff obviously share a common passion and commitment for educating, but also for continued learning. Their public cupping sessions (coffee tasting at 10am) are an excellent place to get involved. Here, anyone can learn more about coffee, the varieties and processing – but also just enjoy it. With a sole focus on delivering quality coffee, Market Lane have kept their offering very simple. “You will not find decaf coffee or tea at Market Lane,” explains Fleur, “nor will you find skinny milk. Just really interesting coffees.” The food menu has also been limited to ensure the focus is kept on what is in the cup. Market Lane source pastries from Dench Bakers and also offer cut up baguettes that they serve with French Lescure butter and jam from Annie Smithers. Just perfect while you linger over coffee and a newspaper.

+ Le Monde Café


83 Foveaux St Surry Hills NSW 2010 t. (02) 9211 3568

or five years, co-owners Anthony Svilicich and Renee Byrne have been proud to lead a dedicated team at Le Monde Café in Surry Hills. And as this foodie suburb continues to grow from strength to strength, so too does the café. At the forefront of Le Monde’s development is the addition of chef Chris Merrick to the team. Renowned for his work as sous chef at one hat restaurant, Oscillate Wildly, where he worked alongside Daniel Puskas, Chris is hitting the ground running in his new position at Le Monde. His menu and the seasonal daily specials are proof of his passion, skill and ability to produce fresh, flavoursome dishes at café prices. But the passion doesn’t end there. The team pride themselves on their ability to provide customers with local produce and fresh goods baked in-house. This culminates in a seasonal menu where customers can find something sweet, savoury or sinful for any part of the day. In May, Le Monde introduced a new Breakfast Tasting Menu, which showcased Chris’s specialty

through a café-style degustation and included matching coffee from award-winning baristas. Providing customers with a range of opportunities for each coffee they order is a specific aspect of Le Monde’s café culture. The barista team use their own exclusive blend of coffee roasted by 5 Senses Coffee, as well as offering regularly rotating origins. Using only the best espresso machines, Synesso as well as the recently acquired “Clover” from the US – an innovative filter coffee machine which showcases Le Monde’s willingness to push the boundaries in offering new brewing techniques. The quality of Le Monde’s barista team was recognised at the NSW Barista Championships, where two of its members placed first in the Cupping and second in the Barista Championship. It’s this passion for the industry that lies at the heart of Le Monde. The team’s genuine hospitality means every name, need and order is remembered and retained for future visits, and customers are quick to become recognised as regulars.

9/7/10 2:53:28 PM


By Kevin Chilvers.

Express O Acknowledgement is about honouring someone by recognising their accomplishment or something they’ve done that has made a significant difference. This new section in Café Culture Magazine aims to acknowledge companies that have achieved growth through providing customers with great products and customer service excellence.


xpress ‘O’ Coffee is a family owned and operated company and has been a leading distributor for Sara Lee/Douwe Egberts for the past 15 years. Centrally located in West Gosford, Express ‘O’ Coffee services all of the Central Coast, including surrounding areas such as Katoomba, Richmond and Hornsby in the south and Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Nelson Bay and Taree in the north. The alignment with Sara Lee has given Express ‘O’ Coffee a comprehensive range of products tailored to the needs of customers across all foodservice customer groups, such as cafés, key end user account customers, restaurant, hotels/ motels, hospitals, catering and bakeries. I met owner Nick Pantos and his team 6 years ago and just recently caught up with Nick again to catch up on their progress. The Express ‘O’ Coffee team has more than 80 years’ experience in the coffee industry, and team members have been selected for their commitment to service and product knowledge. Nick said, “In a small business such as this, it is critically important that staff are multi-skilled. Each team member treats the business as their own, and Express ‘O’ Coffee continue to focus on internal training to keep abreast of industry trends.” Nick also commented that one of the most rewarding things about operating a business

66-67**.indd 66

in the café industry is providing great products to customers who are passionate about serving excellent coffee. “This is an energizing experience, which we filter back into our business to keep our team focused on delivering quality outcomes for customers.” Nick said that his job is made easy, as he has a good team of people around him. Staff turnover has been very low, with 50% of current staff being with the company for over 10 years. Key to the success of Express ‘O’ Coffee has been building and maintaining relationships, understanding the needs of their customers and servicing customers accordingly, to ensure that the best quality product is provided in the cup to consumers. Nick said sales representation, technical service and distribution are all carried out by their own staff, so customers can be assured of prompt, courteous service on time every time. This approach enables Express ‘O’ Coffee to increase the number of communication touch points with their customers and to respond to customer needs more efficiently. Many roasters have targeted the Central Coast of New South Wales for growth opportunities, with limited success. Express ‘O’ Coffee have overcome these challenges by having great relationships with their customers, always seeking ways to improve, staying up to date with

equipment and coffee trends. Most importantly, Express ‘O’ Coffee focuses on what they are doing, they back themselves, because they are a business which has great people, and they provide their customers with great service and support. Being a regional business, Nick stressed the importance of supporting the local community and building recognition as a socially responsible business. Express ‘O’ Coffee have been a regular supporter of the Variety Club, The Salvation Army, Give me 5 for kids, Biggest Morning Tea and cancer research for children. In addition to this, Express ‘O’ Coffee regularly donate products to Coast Shelter, which are forwarded to homeless people and needy families. So how does Express ‘O’ Coffee move into the future? Nick’s mantra is to learn from the past and use that knowledge to proactively manage our customer relationships and strive to do better on a daily basis. Nick, well done to you and your team on achievements to date, and best of luck for the future. For further information, go to: or contact them on (02) 4325 5066.

8/7/10 7:35:49 PM


By Ed Vincent.

Australian OAMPS Insurance Brokers was founded in 1976 and today is the nation’s largest Australian owned insurance broker and part of the Wesfarmers group. Our network spans Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand, where our sister company is Crombie Lockwood.


aving established relationships with the world’s leading insurers, combined with our size, means we are often able to negotiate terms preferable to those offered by other intermediaries. It is said you can judge a company by the company it keeps. We are the only Australian-owned insurance broker accredited to buy direct through Lloyds of London and the only broker to be selected for the Assurex Global broking network. A thriving business may become a barely surviving business should its key person be hit by the proverbial bus. A young family could struggle to pay the mortgage and the bills if the main breadwinner suddenly dies or becomes seriously ill. OAMPS are licensed life-insurance brokers as well as general insurance brokers. That means we can provide the full range of life insurance products, from key man insurance to income protection, in addition to general insurance products. It’s all part of OAMPS’ value-added approach, which aims to deliver a total service to give our clients total peace of mind. From a diagnostic risk profiling service to the option of paying your premiums by easy monthly instalments to conserve your business cash flow, OAMPS will go the extra mile to make life easier for you. Let’s say something happens and you need to make a claim. That’s when the real test of a good insurance broker comes into play. The best policy from the best insurer at the best price is no use

66-67**.indd 67

without a dedicated claims operation to deliver on the promise. It’s reassuring to know that you can call your OAMPS broker at any time. Our claims team is on alert 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to minimise the trauma, initiate remedy and ensure the fastest possible recovery – with the least possible paperwork and hassle. Our clout with insurers can make things happen. In the rare instance where you may have any problems with your claim, we will champion your cause. We will go into battle for you at senior management level to achieve a resolution. Every business is unique, and at OAMPS, we make it our business to understand yours. Our people always begin by taking the time to gain an insight into how your café or roasting business operates and all the risks you may be exposed to. That puts us in the best position to evaluate a wide range of insurance policies from leading insurers then recommend the risk management and insurance plan that best suits you. You will find OAMPS people have the ability to quickly understand your business, its risks and insurance needs. This is because through our vast network of more than 850 insurance professionals across Australia and more than 120,000 clients, we are experienced with almost every type of business, from large publicly listed companies to small community-based businesses. To us, it’s not about the size of your business;

it’s about how we can help you protect all you’ve worked for. Risk management and insurance can be quite involved, and with all the products out there it can be confusing trying to choose what’s best for you. Fortunately, your OAMPS insurance broker is an experienced professional who will analyse the many products offered by insurers and make recommendations in your best interests. Clients always have a lot of questions. What are my risks? Which ones should be covered by insurance and which ones can be managed by other strategies? What insurance do I need to comply with government and industry regulations, and can I spread my payments over the year? Which policies are the most suitable and the best value for money? Am I paying for cover I don’t need but lacking the cover I do? Are there new insurance products that are better? At OAMPS we can give you the answers to all of these questions. With our strong commitment to training and development, our people are resourced to provide strategic advice you can trust. For more information contact: Ed Vincent (02) 9424 1754 Helinka Dobosz (02) 9424 1791 Ashley Naylor (02) 9424 1717

8/7/10 7:36:17 PM



schools Rio Coffee p. (08) 8362 3376 w. e. or + At Rio Coffee, we offer a number of barista training options to suit

everyone, from the budding home barista to the industry professional. Whether it’s a weekend class for the espresso lover, or a one-on-one coaching session for the veteran barista, our training program accommodates all levels of experience and expectation. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with all the latest espresso technology and coffee gadgetry and is the ideal setting for learning about coffee.

Grinders Coffee t. 1300 476 377 w.

+ Rio Coffee’s State of the Art Training Facility


offee education – especially

specialty coffee in South Australia

barista training – has been

since 1964 and they are committed to

in increasing demand over

having their coffee served by the best-

the past few years. To sat-

equipped and most well-educated

isfy this demand, Rio Coffee recently

baristas around. They have a full-time

launched a state-of-the-art training

barista trainer on staff to ensure any

facility, designed to service both public

new business bearing the Rio brand is

+ Grinders Coffee has two of the best coffee training facilities in Australia.

and commercial clientele. Whether

confident and professional from day

Located at our head office in Fairfield, VIC and our NSW office in St Peters,

you are an experienced barista looking

one. Existing clients are also encour-

these world-class training facilities can accommodate from 8 to12 people

to up-skill and learn new techniques,

aged to send in any new staff for

per session. Grinders Coffee training programs are designed to teach you

someone who is considering entering

training – and all at no cost.

the art of the perfect coffee. Whether you are a competent barista or just

the industry, or you just want to make

a beginner, we can offer you a training program that will allow you to take

great coffee on your home espresso

lic to their domestic training program

your love of coffee to the next level.

machine, Rio Coffee offer a training

has been incredible, with the Saturday

course to suit.

“espresso studio” classes booked out

William Angliss Institute of TAFE 555 La Trobe Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 t. (03) 9606 2401 f. (03) 9606 2141 m. 0422 009 792 w. e.

Now in Brisbane at Metropolitan Institute of TAFE (MSIT) + The Coffee Academy is an initiative of the William Angliss Institute and Douwe Egberts Australia to promote and deliver excellence in all aspects of coffee training, for the hospitality industry and individuals who love to prepare a perfect cup of coffee. Contact Jill Adams.

68-69**.indd 68

The response from the general pub-

The new facility – which overlooks

months in advance. The 2 hour session

Rio’s roastery – accommodates small

– aimed at teaching people how to get

classes of up to 8 people, ensuring

the best results from their domestic

effective, hands-on learning. It is

espresso set-up – have also proved

decked out with all the latest espresso

very popular as gifts for the coffee

technology (as well as some increas-

lover who has everything.

ingly popular non-espresso brewing

For more information about Rio

methods), allowing for a totally im-

Coffee’s barista development program,

mersive coffee experience.

visit: or

Rio Coffee has been hand-roasting


Rio Coffee p. (08) 8362 3376 w. e.

8/7/10 7:50:25 PM


book So French – By Dany Chouet.


cclaimed restaurateur Dany Chouet helped shape French cuisine in Australia throughout the 1970s and ‘80s through her successful restaurants Upstairs, Au Chabrol and Cleopatra. Now back in south-west France, she and her partner are wooing international customers with gourmet tours and Dany’s quintessential country cooking. In her first book, So French, Dany tells her fascinating life story, which is interwoven with more than 60 timeless recipes and complemented by

stunning images taken at her home and guesthouse in the south of France. This is truly a book to treasure. From traditional garlic and onion soup to hearty salt cod and potato ragoût and sweet nectarine and raspberry gratin, browsing through the pages of So French is sure to make your taste buds tingle and your thoughts travel to Provence. Murdoch Books RRP $69.95 Release Date July 2010.

Veggie Burgers Every Which Way – By Lukas Volger.


eggie burgers – the ultimate crossover food and a longstanding staple of vegan and vegetarian cuisine – now take centre stage in this exciting, broadly appealing

cookbook. Red Lentil and Celery Root Burgers, Smoked Tofu Burgers, Baked Cauliflower Burgers, Thai Carrot Burgers, Corn Burgers with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Goat Cheese: these are just a sampling of the variety and range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free burgers showcased here. Veggie Burgers Every Which Way makes use of everyday ingredients, prepared to suit every taste and occasion. Colour photographs of mouthwatering veggie burgers, displayed throughout the book, will have vegans, vegetarians – and even

omnivores! – coming back for more. “This is a terrific book! I’ve never been a fan of veggie burgers – neither the word ‘veggie’ nor the dry little discs with their strange little flavours. But Lukas Volger has just the right idea: make real food with real flavour – and burgers that go far beyond any microwavable snack. There’s a lot to like in Veggie Burgers Every Which Way, including some very appealing sides, dressings, and, what else? Buns! I’m headed to my kitchen right now.” – Deborah Madison, author of Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. Wakefield Press – RRP AU$24.95. Release Date late August 2010. Please order online to avoid any pre-release frustration:

North Coast Coffee Holiday – WINNER!


ongratulations to Rick Scott from Menu Mate, Point of Sale systems. Rick has won the North Coast coffee holiday weekend at Limpinwood Lodge. The owners Robby and Robyn Rowney kindly made the competition prize available to visitors at Café Biz 2010.

The holiday includes: ■ Exclusive accommodation in one of the three chalets ■ Breakfast daily ■ Lunch at Flutterbies Café ■ Orgainsed local coffee tour

For more information on Limpinwood Lodge, contact: p: (02) 6679 3805 or e:

68-69**.indd 69

8/7/10 7:50:44 PM


suppliers Zeroz Your glossary of reputable and experienced businesses supporting the café industry ...

Huhtamaki Australia World Class Packaging Specialists t. 1800 043 584 w. Huhtamaki is a global consumer and specialty packaging company offering a range of premium single and double walled paper hot cups, and a one size fits all sip-through lid. Our paper cup products are safe and sturdy, manufactured using superior food grade paper sourced only from sustainable renewable forests. Designed to increase the appeal of today’s most popular café beverages, Huhtamaki is committed to providing innovative solutions to contribute to its customers’ success by helping you sell more. For packaging that adds value to your customers’ gourmet coffee experience, call us or visit our website for more information.

Appliance Maintenance Company Pty Ltd Unit 19 / 65 Marigold Street Revesby NSW 2212 Australia t. +61 2 9792 4475 f. +61 2 9792 4471 w. e. Contact: Greg Clubb Appliance Maintenance Company have for over 50 years specialised in supplying only quality commercial coffee equipment throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Oceanic region. We have built up an enviable stable of brands over the years, and we back them all with spare parts, technical support, training and expert product knowledge. Our brands include: Diedrich Coffee Roasters, Mahlkoenig Coffee Grinders, Ditting Coffee Grinders, ActionPac Weigh-Fill Machines, Pneu-Con Vacuum Loaders, Cona Coffee Brewers, Fetco Coffee Brewers, Luxus Coffee Servers, and Brew-Rite Coffee Filters. As our motto says: “Everything for a great cup of coffee … except the beans!”

Sugar Australia t. 1300 134 568 f. 1300 134 484 e. w. Sugar Australia supplies sugar and sweeteners to the Australian food service market. Combining an extensive range of products with market leading brands in CSR® and Equal®, Sugar Australia is able to cater for a variety of end user requirements, ranging from general use to specialist applications. The food service team at Sugar Australia are experienced professionals who will work with you to add value to your business. We will recommend appropriate product options to satisfy your customer needs, from bulk 25 kg and 15 kg packs through to portion control offerings, such as sticks and sachets. You can choose from the largest range of sweetener products in Australia.

70-71*.indd 70

1/45 Ledgar Road Balcatta, Perth WA 6021 t. (08) 9345 2255 f. (08) 9345 3035 e. w. Zeroz is a family owned and run business and has been in the hospitality industry for the past 22 years as a wholesaler/distributor and importer of various quality food and beverage products. Innovative and premium specialty beverages and bakery products are our passion. Branded products include: David Rio Chai, Cool Capp frappe mixes, MoCafe frappe mixes, Jet fruit frappes, Tessa Thai Tea from David Rio, fruit fillings for the bakery market, Elgin APC concentrate whip topping – with many more to offer our clients.

Cappuccine PO Box 7019 Alexandria, NSW 1435 t. (02) 8338 8388 f. (02) 8338 8540 e. Cappuccine Australia is the country’s leading supplier of gourmet beverage products to cafés, restaurants and food chains. Established way back in 1999, Cappuccine’s products have been applauded nationally by hundreds of retailers as profitable, easy to prepare, totally delicious and of unrivalled quality. All products are low in fat and trans fat free, with lactose free also available. Freezoccino: ice-blended sensations made with Arabica coffee and selected ingredients, available in six delectable flavours for blender or Granita use. Smoothie bases. Chai Latte Teas: the ‘Original Chai’ easy-to-use powder format made with selected eastern spices and honey powder. TeaWave: the easiest way to make fresh fruit smoothies. Cappuccine Australia specialises in counter top and commercial blending equipment.

DaVinci Gourmet Contact: Brett Williams National Business Development Manager Australia & New Zealand t. (02) 9741 4510 m. 0417 496 227 DaVinci Gourmet’s quest is to make a difference in the café industry beverage range.They continue to create products to bring a unique palette of flavours to your usual café drinks, and with their complete line of flavourings you’ll be able to create masterfully flavourful possibilities. Their flavoured products are created to hold up under heat and mix evenly within the drink, making sure the consumer’s last sip tastes as great as the first. All of their classic and sugar free flavours are designed not to curdle milk, so that signature lattes are limited only by the barista’s imagination.

National Foods

737 Bourke St Docklands VIC 3004 Contact: Lance Brown t. (03) 9188 8000 f. (03) 9188 8001 e. w. National Foods is the largest dairy company in Australia, and the only one to operate and distribute in every state. Our market strength is led by the sixth biggest supermarket brand in the country - PURA MILK - which encompasses whole milk, light milk and café specific Pura Café. The PURA range are the products of choice for many groups and businesses within the coffee and café market.

8/7/10 7:40:22 PM


suppliers Equal t. 1800 800 329 w.

OAMPS Insurance Brokers

Over 85% less calories than sugar and ideal for customers to sweeten their tea or coffee. Offering this low calorie alternative communicates that you understand the needs of today’s consumers.

t. (02) 9424 1754 - Ed Vincent (02) 9424 1791 - Helinka Dobosz (02) 9424 1717 - Ashley Naylor w.

Grinders Coffee t. 1300 476 377 w.

Grinders Coffee, established in 1962 in Lygon Street Carlton, has built its reputation as Australia’s premier coffee house. With a commitment to quality and service, Grinders Coffee produces high quality products from state-of-the-art facilities in Melbourne. At Grinders Coffee we pride ourselves on our ability to supply coffee that’s just right for you. Whether it’s fair trade or Rain Forest Alliance coffee, the Grinders boutique range or our highly regarded Giancarlo Signature coffee range, our highly trained staff can advise you on all your coffee needs.

OAMPS Insurance Brokers specialise in the development of leading edge insurance solutions for the hospitality industry. OAMPS researches market requirements, creates products and services to meet those requirements and sets about building its expertise and reputation in its chosen markets. One of OAMPS’ key strengths is our ability to provide you the full range of insurance-related services and products. Additional services include: ■ Risk management advice ■ Occupational Health & Safety advice ■ Financial planning and income protection ■ Workers compensation and workplace support ■ A monthly premium option to maintain your cash flow ■ Personal insurance for your home, contents and car. t. (02) 9529 6477 e. w. Contact: Roz Doyle

Think Eco t. (02) 9662 2777 f. (02) 8572 5346 e. w. Australia’s exclusive supplier of Greenwave products including biodegradable plates, clamshell boxes and cutlery, ThinkEco is leading the way in eco friendly food service packaging solutions. 100% Sustainable Product Range The eco-friendly alternative to plastic and Styrofoam, products are made from annually renewable materials including cornstarch, sugarcane, bamboo and reed pulp, as well as recycled paper and corrugate. Eco friendly food service packaging solutions including 100% biodegradable and compostable plates, clam-shell boxes, corn starch cutlery and cup tray carriers. ■ Extensive product range ■ 100% biodegradable & compostable ■ A+ quality ■ Non-toxic ■ Certified by Biodegradable Products Institute is a website that provides coffee enthusiasts and coffee professionals the opportunity to purchase or subscribe to a selection of some of the finest coffee publications available. These include books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, newsletters, photos and posters.

Pronto Pollo t. (02) 9519 3314 e. Pronto Pollo supplies a complete “between the bread” range of creative and delicious sandwich fillings.

Arterial Packaging

Cafetto PO Box 306 Welland SA 5007 t. 1300 364 440 f. (08) 8340 2485 w. e. Cafetto is a specialist manufacturer of cleaning and sanitation products for coffee brewing and dispensing equipment. Cafetto – the cleaning products most used by professional baristas. The “Espresso Clean” product from Cafetto is a cleaning and sanitation product for espresso machines. Other products from Cafetto are: organic back flushing detergent, milk line cleaner and descaler.

Sanremo Espresso Machines Sydney t. (02) 9420 2007 w. Melbourne t. (03) 9486 1572 w.

Importer of traditional commercial coffee machines, grinders and coffee pod machines. Wide range of coffee and tea related accessories suitable for cafés, restaurants and tea houses. National Sales & Service coverage. Make an appointment to visit one of our showrooms.

70-71*.indd 71


21/26a Lime Street Sydney NSW 2000 t. (02) 8001 1900 f. (02) 8001 1901 e.”

Arterial Packaging is a provider of top quality coffee cups and paper packaging products to cafés, coffee roasters and catering companies. Our simple philosophy – provide the highest quality products while providing great value for money. From this philosophy we have developed the Arterial Packaging Guarantee: ■ Value for money ■ Speedy, friendly service ■ Unsurpassed quality ■ Superior design. All of our coffee cup range is studio designed by people with café experience, so that every one of our customers enjoys a great experience with our products. Products: coffee cup single and double wall, 4 cup carry trays, sugar sticks, paper bags, stirring sticks, plastic cups and napkins.

Di Bella Coffee 82 Abbottsford Road BOWEN HILLS QLD 4006 t. (07) 3252 5858 e. w. With a combined experience of more than a decade, Di Bella expertly selects and roasts only the highest quality beans from around the world, to produce full bodied flavours and uniquely complex blends. For information on how to get Di Bella coffee into your café, contact the team on (07) 3252 5858.

8/7/10 7:41:09 PM


suppliers Pine Tea & Coffee 17/8 Gladstone Road Castle Hill – Trading Zone t. (02) 9680 9117 m. 0419 444 130 f. (02) 9680 9109 e. w. Pine Tea & Coffee is arguably the best specialty leaf tea importer, manufacturer and wholesaler in Australia, servicing a niche category in the specialty retail, gift and café sectors. The market edge for Pine Tea & Coffee is their specialty leaf tea range with over 300 varieties, including black, green, oolong, white, flavoured black and green varieties with fruit and flowers, fruit melanges, herbal infusions and exotics like rooibos. Sourcing best quality teas direct from auction houses in tea growing regions all over the world and providing dedicated friendly service with attention to detail from management and staff have ensured the continuing success of the specialty range. Pine Tea & Coffee has a small localised roasting facility and have won two silver and two bronze medals for their Bella Italia coffee in the 2010 Royal Easter Show annual coffee competition.

Roastmax Roasters R OA ST E R S

Contact: Will Notaras t. 0404 879 107 e. w.

Roastmax Roasters is a specialist supplier of coffee roasting machines and equipment to cafés, commercial roasters, and anyone wanting to start up their own wholesale, retail or internet roasting business. Our range of roasters start from 5 kg through to 120 kg roasters. All model roasters are supplied to Australian gas and electric specifications, and we provide full after sales service and free advice. Other equipment includes: destoners, afterburners, linear weighers, Ditting grinders, sealers, scales etc. Roastmax Roasters are also a distributor for the Astoria Plus4You Eco-Espresso machines that saves 30% to 47.6% in energy, as well as Mazzer dose grinders. Roastmax Roasters is an approved Silverchef dealer.



MCR Roasters Pty Ltd Specialised contract coffee roasters t: 0424 188 405 e:

Using the latest state of the art BRAMBATI coffee roasting equipment (made in Italy) to ensure guarantee roasting quality and consistency. - Blend development - Single origin or blended - Personalised packaging - Product delivered weekly - Suppliers to distributors - Franchise system and cafés - Over 15 years’ experience in the coffee industry. If you want the best out of your beans, then you need to roast with us.

Expobar t. (03) 9702 7733 f. (03) 9702 9933 w. e. A family owned and operated business with over 50 years and three generations of experience with espresso machines, we have become an industry leader, setting the benchmark for quality, reliability, affordability and most of all desirability. With our experience we have helped develop new equipment to meet and stay in front of the industry’s changing requirements.

72-73*.indd 72

Tiger Coffee “Serious Machines, Serious Service” 8/77-79 Bourke Rd Alexandria NSW 2015 t. (02) 9669 4446 e. w. Tiger Coffee is the market leader for the supply and service of Fully Automatic Espresso machines and the ONLY distributor of Thermoplan’s full range of Swiss-made premium automatic espresso equipment combined with service and spare parts. We are the preferred supplier for the ADONIS traditional espresso machine manufactured by Italy’s Victoria Arduino, as well as the main distributor and installer for the BRITA “Purity C” water filters. Providing a dedicated skilled team of factory trained technicians in QLD, VIC and NSW, with an annual maintenance program to help and train you to keep your machine working in top condition. The new generation of the Black&White 3 range (as used by McDonalds UK) can be viewed on our website in full details. Contact: Nicki or Adrian m. 0402 443 218 e. w. Nutritional content of menus. Nutrition At A Glance is a family company, taking pride in assisting cafés, restaurants, take-away outlets, school/university and corporate canteens in providing valued clientele with an informed dining experience. We have a database of over 4,000 foods and beverages with which to back-up our service. We believe that legislation will come to make providing the nutritional content of menus compulsory, and therefore would like to partner with cafés, restaurants, take-away outlets, schools, universities and companies now so that they can be seen at the forefront of change and use this as an advertising tool to strive ahead of their competitors.

Ducale t. 1300 DUCALE (382253) e: w.

Ducale coffee is a 100% Australian owned company, founded by a family proud of its Italian heritage, experience and history in Australia’s gastronomic culture. Our professional team of roasters deliver a range of traditional espresso blends and boutique single origin varieties, sourced from the best growing regions, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and direct trade origins. Ducale roasts all of its coffee in Melbourne, provides bespoke barista training and uses quality espresso equipment. Call us to book a session with one of our coffee consultants and discover the possibilities of Ducale!

9/7/10 2:51:53 PM


suppliers DOUWE EGBERTS t. 1800 833 767 For all enquiries, please contact Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems

Precision Roasting & Drying 68 Hunter Street, Newcastle NSW 2300 Precision Roasting & Drying Pty Ltd / Sprocket Roasters Pty Ltd t. 0411 343 212 or (02) 4009 1237 e. Precision Roasting & Drying (PRD) has developed a fluid bed technology for roasting and drying foods and other materials. Coffee roasting is currently the main application of this technology, which can run on alternate fuels, is carbon neutral, eliminates the need for mains gas and has lower running costs. PRD have now been operating their espresso bar and roasting premises, Sprocket Roasters in Hunter Street in Newcastle for over a year. Sprocket is both Rainforest Alliance and fair trade accredited and supply both café and wholesale outlets with the unique carbon conscious and award winning roasted coffee beans. PRD is also available to improve existing roasting installations including automation, packaging, materials handling (bean conveying) and combustion optimisation (afterburners).



Clorox Commercial markets variants of leading consumer branded products including CHUX, GLAD, OSO and Handy Andy. These products are designed and packed for convenience, speed, quality, reliability and value in tough working environments like cafes, restaurants, pubs and clubs where efficiency, cleanliness, hygiene and safety are so essential to productivity and reputation. Clorox Commercial products are sold in commercial packs and quantities exclusively through Clorox Australia and Clorox New Zealand’s distribution network. For further information:

Likeable Habits Anne Doyle m. 0401 536 602

Hot chocolate ... there are few hot drinks for which people feel such a passion. The Real Hot Chocolate Company have launched, in time for winter, a unique indulgent way of creating a hot chocolate experience while enjoying one of the purest forms of chocolate on the market. The handmade creation combines a 50 g mould of chocolate, in several varieties, with a wooden mixing spoon; you just add 200 ml of hot milk, insert your spoon and start stirring. The product, packaging and marketing is aimed at providing cafés an upmarket, affordable option for their customers. Also available in retail gift packs.

Bite Size Coffee Treats The perfect coffee accompaniment t. (02) 9723-6500 w. e. Bite Size Coffee Treats helps café owners increase sales and stand out from the competition! If you’re looking to increase or consolidate the kilos of coffee you’re currently doing in your café, or if you have been looking for a product that you can serve out complimentary to your clients to create a unique point of difference, then Bite Size Coffee Treats is the solution you have been waiting for. Bite Size Coffee Treats is a boutique biscuit company that specialises in the production of small traditional European Style coffee accompaniments, that are specifically designed to complement the taste and presentation of coffee. Using only the highest quality ingredients, traditional baking methods and with an uncompromising attention to detail, it’s no wonder Bite Size Coffee Treats has already been labelled as “the perfect coffee accompaniment”. Bite Size Coffee Treats, the only truly complementary product when it comes to coffee accompaniment.

Pactec t: (02) 9712 8801 e:

Pactec is a food and beverage packaging supplier offering a range of quality paper cups and trays to the café industry. Its recently launched 1 lid fits 3 sizes coffee cup range epitomises the company’s innovation and customer focused philosophy. Pactec offers single wall and double wall paper cups with customised printing available to large volume customers. We also offer generic printed coffee cups, gelato cups and carry trays. We recognise that roasters and cafés need a reliable, fault free, quality product supplied by an efficient, competitively priced supplier who puts the customer first. Using the latest printing processes, Pactec can assist roasters and cafés to project an ultra premium brand identity on sturdy and reliable quality cups.

Coffee Roasters Australia

Coffee Parts Pty Ltd

1/38 Kendor St, Arundel QLD 4214 m. 0413 611 296 or t. (07) 5529 0888 f. (07) 5529 0777 e. w.

14 / 75 Corish Circle PAGEWOOD NSW 2035 t. (02) 9666 6114 f. (02) 9666 6695 w. e. Contact: Pedro Lara

Coffee Roasters Australia is one of Australia’s most established roasting equipment suppliers. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and after market service. We are exclusive agents in Australia for Has Garanti roasting equipment and DIP Industrial Grinders. We are also the QLD distributor for Expobar coffee machines, grinders and accessories. Our extensive range of brands include: Has Garanti Coffee Roasters, Coffee-Tech Coffee Roasters, Expobar Coffee Machines, Coffee Queen Brewing Equipment; DIP, Macap, Fiorenzato, Cunil, Iberital and Fiamma Grinders. Whether it be home based, the coffee shop or a commercial setup, we can assist you.

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Founded in 1753, Douwe Egberts internationally today is one of the largest coffee roasters and one of the leading Foodservice coffee businesses in the world. Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems Australia are leaders in the Australian coffee market, and have built a strong reputation by delivering consistently high standards through an in-house technical service team and premium brands such as Piazza D’Oro and Espresso di Manfredi by Piazza D’Oro.

The COFFEEPARTS.COM website features over 3,500 SPARE PARTS online, all displayed with schematic diagrams directly linked to our SSL secure shopping cart system. We also carry a large range of ACCESSORIES, MACHINES and COFFEE BAGS (pouch and gusset). Once an order has been placed, it is generally posted on the same day and for orders within Australia, delivery is expected on the next working day.

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Meet the The introduction of the iPod, iPhone and iPad have changed our world. Now, introducing the i-grind ...


hile not on the same scale, over recent years there have been many fascinating developments that have changed the coffee industry. The pioneering innovation in Australia of the micro roaster café, the rapid improvement in the skill of the barista through professional competitions, the advent of the fascinating Clover machine and the relentless march of the super-automatics come to mind. Traditional espresso equipment, though, has not been ignored. In particular, what was a basic piece of kit for a café has been developed into a marvel of innovation with the Fiorenzato F75E grinder. The F75E is a grinder-doser, or a “grind-on-demand” grinder. Launched at the Host exhibition in Milan in October 2009, the F75E is a stand out. Designed by young engineer, Manuel Oddera and his team, this grinder builds in technology that helps the barista like never before. It offers infinite grind size adjustment, and the 75 mm flat burrs operate at 1,350 rpm and grind a 7g dose in 1.8 seconds. There is a thermostat controlled cooling fan to ensure no over-heating if higher volumes are required. Nothing remarkable so far, you would think.

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What is extraordinary is the electronic functionality built into this unit. Like the iPhone, the Fiorenzato F75E has a large touch screen which allows the barista unparalleled control over the unit while displaying information. On insertion of the group handle to the grinder, the F75E automatically recognises the size of the filter basket and grinds the appropriate amount of coffee required. This removes the guess work for the barista. The touch screen also allows the barista to display statistics on the grinder’s activities, such as the amount of coffee ground. The machine display will also automatically indicate when it is time to have the serviced technician change the grinder blades. In this way, the barista can be sure of delivering the best dose to the espresso machine. The grinder can be personalised by downloading images via a USB port that are then displayed on the touch screen. The F75E is an attractive machine, using technology that really assists the barista and café owner. For more information on Fiorenzato grinders, contact the Regional Manager for Fiorenzato on 1300 790 710 or at

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keeping it clean! keeping every type of machine clean espresso cleaners Espresso Clean® and Evo® are Cafetto’s premium espresso machine cleaners for professional espresso machines. Espresso Clean® has been tested by NSF and complies with it’s protocol. This specifies that Cafetto® Espresso Clean® does not taint the coffee and is not corrosive to the espresso machine. EVO® is OMRI listed as complying with the USDA National Organic Program requirements and BFA registered as complying with the requirements of the Australian Organic Standard.

milk cleaners Cafetto have several milk line cleaners available for professional, home and office espresso machines. Cafetto’s milk cleaners remove milk residue from the machine, milk lines, frothers and parts.

descalers Cafetto’s numerous descaling liquids and tablets are highly effective at keeping your machine clean by removing hard water scale from the boilers, brewing and milk systems.

tablets Cafetto specialise in super-automatic espresso machine cleaning tablets to suit all types of machines.

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