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AUG 10, 2009

Issue 1 Compiled by: Eric Chee northernreporter@cafbla





North Star


“Fuel Your Future” for a new year of FBLA As the new year kicks off, be sure to have your school on target for upcoming events. OAT day will be held on September 14th at the Colusa Community Center. Here, your chapter officers will get workshops, activities, and training to provide each chapter with the finest level of competence they can obtain. Also, LDI-North Conference is closer than you think. Be sure to get your registrations and hotel reservations (due Oct 2nd) in. You don’t want to miss out on the first conference of the year that everyone

talks about. Officers of the Central, Bay, and Northern Sections are working hard to offer the best LDI workshops available this year. A little sneak peek of the workshops includes Leadership Compass, FBLA 101, Dress For Success, Dance Like a Professional, and many more!

Become an Officer!


Anyone can be one! The Northern Section Officer team encourages all members to run for an office this year at Sections. One of the best ways to participate in FBLA is to become a Section Officer. Though knowing everything there is to know about FBLA would help, it’s not a skill you need. As long as you like participating in FBLA activities, with a little bit of passion, commitment, and creativity, you can lead the Northern Section to a glorious journey in no time. As an officer, you are seen as a role model. Members will look up to you because you would represent the nation’s greatest business leadership organization, FBLA. Not only do you get to help behind the scenes, but you also get to be an upfront leader on stage. Eric Chee, Northern PR Officer, explains his experience becoming an officer. “Being an officer is so much fun. I was probably the last person anyone would expect to be an officer, but, nevertheless, I went for it and campaigning was a blast. I now am more professional as a FBLA member and as a person. My favorite part as being an officer is that I get to run a workshop at LDI thus helping others.” Eric was the first person from his chapter to ever run for office. H regrets not running earlier for he – see page 2

Stay Connected with CA FBLA Now you can stay posted with FBLA 24/7! It’s the new year and if you haven’t joined already, do it now! Be part of the CAFBLA facebook group and the FBLA forum. With internet networking becoming more popular, it is no surprise that FBLA is keeping up with the future. The CAFBLA facebook links you to over 500 members who have already joined including the entire State Officer Team. For members seeking even more general or deeper knowledge or information, the FBLA forum will be moderated by the State officers and advisers and will serve as the perfect place to share your ideas, plans, and advice with fellow FBLA members. If you need a good suggestion for a book to study from, this would be the place. If you need help on activities such as State projects, this would still be the place. The Northern Section encourages all members to be a part of this network community, to represent Northern Section, to participate as much as possible. California FBLA has never been so easily connected until now!

Forum: Facebook: 2099

Continued from page 1 – thought it was only juniors, seniors, or non-first year members who ran for office, but a lot of people don’t know that anyone can be one. “Don’t miss out on this awesome experience! (Did I mention it looks great on college apps!)” If any of you recall, last year at Sections we had numerous unopposed candidates. To change that, the Northern Section is pushing for as many people to run this year as possible. One of the most exciting parts of running for office is running for office! Campaigning not only helps you take that next step as a leader, but it’s a great way to get recognized and make new friends. If you know anyone (maybe even yourself) who would be a great officer, encourage him or her to run. Sometimes that’s all it takes for that person to get the confidence to do it. The Northern Section Officer team hopes to see many of you on stage running for an office this year!

Hello Northern Section. I'm Anthony Mendoza and I'm your Northern Section Vice-President. The summit this year has helped me brush up on my leadership skills. For this year I have many goals and many hopes for the Northern Section. I think that it will be a great year. GO FBLA! -Anthony Mendoza

Hey guys, I'm Eric Chee, your Northern Section PR Officer. Besides having fun at Summit, I've learned a lot from the sessions which has trained me to stay connected with all members and promote FBLA as much as possible in the most professional way. I look forward to helping new and returning members to be a part of helping the Northern Section to have the best FBLA year to date! -Eric Chee

The Officer’s Corner

Hello everyone, I’m Miguel Puentes, your 09-10 California FBLA Northern Section President. First of all, I would like to welcome all new members and returning members, to another exciting year for the Northern Section. I am pleased to say that this year we have a strong section officer team that will serve you well. During the summer, we attended the California State Summer Summit, this was an amazing and rewarding experience, as we were able to bond with each other and learn about our officer jobs.

Hello Northern Section, my name is Brenda Ramirez, and I am the 2009-2010 Secretary. Throughout this year I would like to work with chapters in completing the Go Green Chapter and Individual Projects, as well as encouraging them to become a Gold Seal Chapter. I look forward to meeting you all and making the future brighter for the Northern Section. -Brenda Ramirez

To all those who might be interested in improving and expanding the organization, there is a new opportunity for all called California FBLA State Council (CSC). The application and more information on the job are available on the website Also, for all those interested in achieving a Business Achievement Award, they have been updated. I am looking forward to seeing all the local chapter officers at OAT day on September 14th in Colusa. Also for all those who are not local chapter officers don’t forget to attend LDI North in October at Santa Clara. LDI North is a great opportunity to learn networking skills and get to learn from many different workshops. I myself will be working hard in preparing a workshop for LDI, hope to see you all there. If you have any questions you can e-mail me at

Hello, I'm Elizabeth Puentes, the Northern Section Parliamentarian. I attended the Summer Summit not knowing what to expect from it. It turned out to be a great learning experience. As Parliamentarian I will not only keep the meetings short and in order, but I will also make sure they are fun and exciting. -Elizabeth Puentes

Hi fellow FBLA members, I am Ashli Yang, your Northern Section Treasurer. I have been involved in FBLA for four years including this year. Going to Summer Summit I have benefited from all the help that I gained from the workshops, advisers, etc. With the help from Summer Summit I will bring a great impact to this year's Northern Section. I am looking forward to seeing FBLA members in the Northern Section succeed in the process of becoming a responsible business leader. -Ashli Yang

Hi guys. I'm Kamy Sahota, your Northern Section Executive Secretary for the term 2009-2010. To get acquainted with my responsibilities, I attended Summit and met a lot of new people, learned more about FBLA and had tons of fun. This year I look forward to an increase in participation at Section and State Conference and increasing the number of Northern Section FBLA members.

-Kamy Sahota

North Star, Fall 2009  

The Fall 2009 version of the North Star.

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