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Hey, fellow Chapter Presidents! I hope everyone had a fun filled summer because you are going to want to work hard when the school year starts. I suggest starting off by having frequent meetings with your chapter officers to plan out the year. Set high goals so that even if you cannot reach all those goals, you will have still achieved a lot. When you plan something, try to see it from a member's perspective of what they will obtain by going, if you need to add some fun activities at the end of an event, go for it. Next, try to obtain as many members as you can, set a goal, and try to reach it. Go up to different people at school everyday and ask them to join, you would be surprised how many times it actually works. Encourage your chapter officers and members to do the same as well. Try to do everything, but remember not to kill yourself doing it, delegate some work to your other chapter officers to ensure an even workload. However, whenever you decide to do anything, even if it is just a task for yourself, set deadlines and have frequent reminders. In the hectic school year it's easy to get lost in the school workload, so reminders are needed to make sure everything gets done. Good luck, do your best, and remember to always be awesome!

UPCOMING EVENTS September 26: Officer and Advisers Training Day Come learn to be the best chapter officer and adviser ever! Members that want to be chapter officers in the future are invited too! November 21-22: Leadership Development Institute South Meet other FBLA members from all over Southern California, attend exciting workshops, and get a head start on fueling your future!





Issue 1, Summer

August 10th, 2009


INSPIRATION FROM THE FARMLAND By Leslie Chang visers dined As the state and and listened to section officers presented i m p o r t a n t their reflections on Summit, speakers. Not a the eloquent descriptions of second was Williams, California stood w a s t e d at out above all else: “the mid- Summit; there dle of n o w h e r e , ” were six or “farmland,” and as one state more workofficer jokingly quipped, shops every “oh look, there’s nothing day, as well as over there, and…nothing icebreakers, individual sec- Blood Prince, dissolving the over there!” as he motioned tion meetings, and desig- section barriers and thereby to the left and right of him. nated time for reflections bringing everyone together Indeed, this was approbation each night. The workshops to represent California as a felt by the forty-one officers ranged from public speaking whole. who attended the 2009 State to state projects and even Like the tightly knit Leadership Summit, a three cultural sensitivity, impor- town of Williams, where day intensive leadership tant mannerisms often over- everyone knows each other, training camp as the six sec- looked or forgotten when where they live and what tions networked and learned interacting with professional they do for a living, the how to be profesforty-one officers slowly sional. But there is broke out of their shell good reason to feel and embraced each other such a way; maybe it as family. The kindness is because Williams and generosity of Wilis located 55 miles liams residents were ababove Sacramento. sorbed by the officers and Or perhaps because a in turn, given out to those satellite view from dedicated and helpful advisers. We thought we Google Maps depicted Williams as a were in nowhere, but we were wrong: the surrounddot swamped in miles ing pastures that just and miles of green. However, the three “Oh look, there’s nothing over there, seemed like nothingness and…nothing over there!” days spent in the were teeming with rice, watermelon, and sunflowquaint little town proved to be just as exciting members. The 11pm curfew ers waiting to be harvested. and memorable as the fast was broken every single day Paralleling the vegetation of paced action of section and because of the tremendous Williams, the California time everyone devoted to FBLA officers may seem state conferences. The famous Gran- FBLA. Thankfully, to bal- ordinary at first, but closer zella’s Inn housed over 50 ance out all the hard work inspection reveals a dediFBLA officers and advisers the officers were doling out, cated and passionate team from July 12th to 15th. they were given opportuni- ready to become future busiHeadquarters was located at ties to unwind with bowling, ness leaders of America. Granzella’s Banquet Hall, a pool party, and a trip to And we are extraordinarily across the street from the the midnight premier of more than nothing; we are Inn, where officers and ad- Harry Potter and the Half California’s everything.

PREPARE FOR TAKE-OFF By Leslie Chang Even as AP exams drew near, the thoughts of California FBLA members were focused on one event, and one event only: the 2009 FBLA State Leadership Conference (SLC). From April 23rd to the 26th, schools representing the six sections assembled at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara. The hard work, dedication, and achievements of those who placed at their respective section conferences finally paid off at the biggest state event of the year. Ever since elementary school, students have been taught purely from textbooks. While this tactic may render some to become test-taking drones, FBLA has provided students with opportunities to look up from the pages, and learn from the surrounding environment. SLC is one such place where students can showcase what they have learned throughout the year, mingling and competing with peers who share the same passion: becoming the future business leaders of America.

At precisely 10:30 a.m. on April 24th, over one thousand dedicated FBLA members congregated in the grand ballroom of the Hyatt Regency. Overlapping conversations drowned out the upbeat music that emanated from two large black speakers flanking the stage. The spotlight shone on the empty podium as the lights and chatter gradually dimmed to nothing. The conference officially began when our beloved state president, Amanda Nguyen spoke: “I call the 2009 FBLA State Leadership Conference to order,” set into motion by one strike of the gavel. The officer teams from each section were introduced, as well as the keynote speaker, Francisco Reveles, who inspired and touched the heart of every member present with his anecdotes and bilingual wit. After one hour and fortyfive minutes, the opening session came to a close, but the conference had only just begun. The next two days were filled with intense competition, widespread networking, and pure fun as members visited Great America and attended the Blue Jeans for Babies dance, where the

Gold Coast officer team sold dozens of “I ♥ FBLA” buttons. Of course, as most members were aware of the Gold Coast vs. Southern section rivalry, the officer team threw a twist into those spiffy buttons: half of them had “Beat Southern” over the top rim, which were extremely popular and sold like snow cones on a hot day (even James Li, the Southern section president wore one. Unknowingly of course, but it gave Gold Coast a laugh). Alas, all good times must come to an end, in the form of the Celebration of Excellence Awards Session. The top placers in each event were graced with an engraved plaque, and the first three received the privilege to continue on to National Leadership Conference. Tears were shed as Amanda presented her farewell speech, but amidst the goodbyes were hope, determination, and the drive to build up a bigger and better Gold Coast to dominate at 2010’s SLC. And as these thoughts formed in our minds, Amanda announced, “The 2009 State Leadership Conference is now adjourned,” the pound of the gavel reverberating into our hearts.

ARE YOU INTERESTED? Do you want to get more involved with FBLA and having a voice on the state level? Apply to be a member of the California State Council (CSC) today! California FBLA is looking for applicants who are dedicated, have unique ideas, and strive to improve our organization. Members of the California State Council will work closely with the state officer team to expand state programs and fuel California to greater heights. State programs include: Best Practices Resource Packet, California FBLA Forum, Guides, Sponsorships and Partnerships, Media Coverage. For more information, visit and look for the California State Council application listed in the Document Library. Applications are due by October 4 to State President Kavya Shankar at

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New and Old Gold Coast officers smile for the camera at the State Section Meeting.

Gabrielino HS meets in the hallways of the Hyatt to discuss chapter matters!

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Gold Post, Fall 2009  
Gold Post, Fall 2009  

The Fall 2009 version of the Gold Post.