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Make Your House Beautiful with Caesar stone Quartz Surfaces Surfaces made in quartz are tough and appear remarkably stunning. You can choose quartz surfaces for giving a designer’s look to your kitchens and bathrooms, surfaces clad in quartz are a sight to watch. Just play with your imagination and you can make from anything to everything, may be the counters and stairways, floors and wall furnishings, dressed in quartz. If you too are a diehard fan of quartz surfaces, then you must check out the exotic collection of Caesarstone surfaces available in all sorts of classy and trendy colours and finishes, an ideal match for any kind of purpose and occasion.

Comprised of 93% of quartz, the hardest known mineral on earth equally beautiful to look at, Caesarstone surfaces are hard and long lasting with an admirable look and feel. Quartz surfaces made at Caesarstone are of the finest quality, made in first class raw materials using eco friendly technologies, which make them a perfect choice when considering making of countertops, bathroom designs, wall panels and the list can go on endless. Caesarstone has managed to attain the American Greenguard certification which contributes to the environment friendliness of quartz surfaces. This makes Caesarstone surfaces the designers’ first choice, no matter the project they are involved is commercial or residential.

Striking features of quartz like its high resistance against stains and scratches and cracks, make quartz surfaces find their way in every second house today. In case of quartz, there is no wear and tear even if the temperatures are high and chemical agents are used comparatively more. In addition to the fact that quartz is highly durable, it is also easy to clean and maintain. All you need is warm water and mild detergent to keep your surfaces as beautiful as ever. And you can always contact your local Caesarstone dealer to get help on kind of care and maintenance task.

Though quartz surfaces from Caesarstone, a company dealing in quartz surfaces since 1987, remain the same life long, the company provides a lifetime guarantee in residential areas and of 10 years if the surface finds its use in commercial regions. You will never find your place as eye pleasing as with Caesarstone quartz surfaces. It is a company which has given new meaning to quartz, making it more beautiful than ever. Let your place look picture perfect with Caesarstone. Check out the four collections of Caesarstone surfaces, completely in contrast to each other, on their website at

Cell: +27 (0) 83 608 5810

Make your house beautiful with caesar stone quartz surfaces  

Comprised of 93% of quartz, the hardest known mineral on earth equally beautiful to look at, Caesarstone surfaces are hard and long lasting...

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