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“Good design comes when inspiration is equalled by intelligent evaluation� Antonio Barnesto

Rural Multicolour

For centuries, Italy has captured the world’s imagination through their passion for design and endless quest for excellence. Within this brochure you will find examples of wall and floor tiles which fit within these ideals and which continue to push the boundaries of innovative and contemporary design teachings.

Cawthorne and Silkstone Ekos Bobetto Linear Primary Torchwood Emperador Rural Pennine Handmade Rialto Madagascar

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All tiles within this brochure are indicative of shading, colour and size

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Silkstone Grey Cawthorne Grey

Cawthorne and Silkstone A contemporary, large format range of highly textured porcelain tiles which contrasts effortlessly with a supporting dĂŠcor tile of horizontal stone layers. For use on residential, commercial and leisure projects, both Cawthorne and Silkstone can be used to create outstanding feature walls.








565 x 315 x 9mm

Cawthorne Beige

Ekos Fusing urban design with elements of nature produces a porcelain floor and wall tile that is tailored to both residential and commercial projects. With its pallet of intense, deep colours, this rectified, large format tile range creates bold statements through contemporary design.

Natural / Polished











Basalt 600 x 300 x 10mm

Ekos Basalt

Bobetto Dark

Bobetto A large format tile range that is contemporary in design whilst accenting elements of nature with its timber effect patterning. The design focusses heavily on a linear orientation whereas the heavily textured faรงade gives the tile a 3 dimensional characteristic which offers a tactile and aesthetically pleasing aspect to the range.


Light Li ht

Dark D k

664 x 442 x 9mm

Bobetto Light

Linear Inspired by the horizontal and vertical plains, this tile range offers an opportunity to creative innovative designs using its broad colour base. Each tile features a series of subtle line patterns forming a brushed surface which helps to elevate the deep colours.






600 x 300 x 10mm

Linear Beige

Linear Anthracite

Primary Red

Primary Bold Primary Colours featuring deep reds and lime greens make our Primary range something of a design classic. A large format ceramic tile which lends itself to when a strong design statement needs to be made.


500 x 200 x 9mm

Primary Black



Li Lime

Pi k Pink


Powder Blue

Dark Blue D k Bl

Black Bl k

Torchwood A tile which replicates the aesthetics and texture of a natural timber floor but is able to offer the low maintenance and longevity characteristics of a porcelain floor tile. Available as a mix or as individual colours and an option of two sizes, this tile range is ideal for projects in the restaurant and bar sectors where an operator is able to achieve both aesthetics and functionality whilst maintaining a safe environment for users due its excellent resistance to slip in both dry and wet conditions.

Torchwood Mix




900 x 150 x 12mm 900 x 220 x 12mm

Torchwood Wenge

Torchwood Mix

Emperador Empredor

Emperador “Natural polished marble with rich veining of dark green and marron hues�. Perfectly suited to Hotel and other leisure developments, Emperador has even found favour within many residential schemes due to the sense of luxury that it conveys. The natural marble is fused onto a porcelain base to ensure the consistency of sizing and ease of installation which results in a luxurious finish of natural marble but with the ease and practicalities of fixing porcelain beneath.


300x300 x 10mm

600 x 300 x 10mm 600 x 600 x 10mm

Emperador Empredor

Rural A porcelain floor tile which replicates the beauty and colour pallet of natural slate. Available in two sizes and two colour bases, Rural is ideal for when a natural slate floor is required but a high proportion of foot traffic would make it unsuitable. With its high resistance to slip and surface wear, Rural can be applied to schemes where these factors have to be implemented but a compromise on the design is not an option.

Rural Natural


300 x 300 x 10mm 514 x 408 x 10mm

Rural Multicolour

Rural Multicolour

Pennine Midstone

Pennine Combining luxury with functionality, series Pennine unifies the warmth and beauty of travertine with the practicalities of porcelain to produce a wall and floor tile that offers both natural aesthetics and longevity of use.




Darkstone Pennine Darkstone

500 x 500 x 10mm 1000 x 500 x 10mm

Handmade Capturing the old world with its handmade finish and traditional colour pallet, our series handmade has the dynamics to apply itself to either traditional or contemporary design schemes. Ideal for residential but equally at home as part of a leisure/cafĂŠ restaurant project, the tile truly represents the golden age of ceramics.






Duck Egg


150 x 75 x 7mm

Handmade Duck Egg / Whiite

Handmade Duck Egg

Rialto Crema

Rialto A semi polished classic that delivers a minimalist design finish with its muted colours and large format. For use on floors and walls, this porcelain tile offers designers the option of a solid finish that provides a neutral colour base which will ensure longevity of the scheme.




Nero Rialto Nero

800 x 400 x 10mm

Madagascar A large format porcelain floor tile with colours and textures which imitate natural stone. Based on traditional lines and perfectly suited for the public house and restaurant sector, this range creates the feeling of warmth and luxury whilst offering a far more superior floor finish than that of natural stone.






614 x 408 x 10mm

Madagascar Casa

Madagascar Appi

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For centuries, Italy has captured the world’s imagination through their passion for design and endless quest for excellence. Within this bro...