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Letter from the Dean Peking University Law School is one of the nation’s leading institutions for legal scholarship and education in China and has made Intellectual Property a major priority. Hence, Peking University IP School was found in 1993, as part of PKU law school. We are the first school in China specializing in Intellectual Property education and now I am pleased to announce that we are welcoming the first summer school of Chinese Intellectual Property Law in this coming August 2011. As the executive deputy dean of IP School, I would like to extend my sincere greetings to all the participants of the IP Summer School Program 2011. In the globalization era, we are experiencing rapid changes of technological innovation. It has brought new challenges to worldwide IP legal professionals in their daily work, not only changing the landscape of Intellectual Property law, but also redefining the practice of the law. As we all know that China is now the world’s second largest economy and the world’s fastest growing major economy. Compared to a decade ago, a number of Chinese companies have now achieved prominence in the intellectual market. IP protection has contributed a lot to the development of the economy and has been highlighted in recent year. However, the world still has lots of doubt as to the current situation of China’s IP protection, especially the enforcement of the law. We would like to open a window to the world’s professions to understand and examine how our law works, what problems are confusing us, why foreign companies find it difficult sometimes to enter the Chinese intellectual market. The summer school will last for three weeks. We invite many experts and scholars with long standing reputation as honorary or part-time professors except for our own excellent teachers. They are directors of international organizations, famous scholars, administrators in government and legal professional, with years of experience in the field of IP law, Competition law, and Internet law. They are going to give you lectures, panel discussions, workshops and training sessions. When you come to Peking University IP School, you can discuss specific academic or practical problems intensively and broaden the vision of learning more than just to be acquainted with the framework and basis of IP law of China. Moreover, understanding the Chinese culture deep and experiencing the Chinese social life may be another approach to comprehending China and Chinese jurisprudence. Peking University IP School has long been committed to providing the finest legal educational center for research, teaching and academic exchange, with advanced teaching philosophy, exceptional teachers, beneficial studying conditions and high academic air. It is really a great honor to host the IP Summer School Program, since the program is not only a chance of showing the general situation of IP law in China to the world, but also an opportunity to develop academic communication, international cooperation and cultural relationship with other states. China is a beautiful country with long history. Peking University is one of the best institutions of high education. Peking University IP School is the high-class center of academic exchange. I believe that the activities, the environment and the communication will make you interested, pleased and benefit much from them. Sincerely,

Zhang Ping Professor of Law and the Executive Deputy Dean

Letter from the Dean  
Letter from the Dean  

Letter of the Dean inviting Participant to IP SUmmerschool at Peking University