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Issue 05/Spring 2014 Ghost Man on Third (G.M.O.T.) Official Kickball Newsletter!

Week 6 G.M.O.T. Kickball Standings 1. Pitch Slap (5-0) 2. Bust’n Balls (3-2) 3. Awesome Hawks (1-4) 4. Triple Entendres? (1-4)

Last Regular Season Game Week 5

Kickball Schedule 7:05 PM

Triple Entendres?

8:05 PM


Pitch Slap!



Awesome Hawks

Bust’n Balls

Refs: Pitch Slap

Refs: Triple Entendres?

Week 6 G.M.O.T.

Team: Pitchslap Seasons Played: 44 Player Profile: Joon Ahn - Pitchslap Notable Aliases: None How did you get started playing kickball? I saw an ad on craiglist looking for players for Irvine league on "activity" section. Got skeptical once I was told that it wasn't free, but did it anyway because I was bored/curious/looking to rant about something later. Put on a team with 23 players and was dead last in the line up. Went hitless throughout the entire season until the playoffs when I learned that in order to get on base, I needed to bunt and use my speed. At first, I didn't even like kickball and I only went to the games because I enjoyed the company of teammates sharing a common goal of beating another team. Once I started getting better and doing my part to win, my passion for the game grew to a point of being a sort of addiction. Best Positions: Catcher, Crasher, Pitcher, 1B, Rover Favorite moment in kickball: Too many to count. There are plenty of good moments such as when I fouled out (4 fouls) the side in order, pitching a 1-hitter, getting a walkoff hit, winning season awards, or even winning a league championship in a close game. In the end though, my favorite moment is whenever I'm playing kickball and contributing to the team. So, anytime I get a hit or make a play, that's my favorite moment.

Worst moment in kickball: Not playing kickball I.e. game being cut short and forfeits.

Best looking team with opposite sex: Hmm. Based on last week's GMOT team photos, I say Triple Entrendres. Tighter shot and easier to see.

Anything interesting to add? Join CA Empire's Balls N Dolls team! Help the team compete in the tournament against LA, Vegas, and OC teams!

Week 6 G.M.O.T. Upcoming Events

Week 6 April 23: Awesome Hawks vs. Triple Entendres? Refs: Pitch Slap! Bust’n Balls vs. Pitch Slap Refs: Triple Entendres? Week 7 April 30: Playoffs week Semifinals and Championships End of Season Party (EOS): Date TBA

Week 6 G.M.O.T. Rule of the Week: Fielder Positioning. Failure to be properly positioned will result in a Position Warning to the team that caused the infraction. The team's second and each subsequent Position infraction will result in the kicker being awarded first base regardless of the outcome of the kick. Proper Field Position is: a. All fielders besides the catcher must start play and remain behind the 1st-3rd base diagonal until the ball is kicked. b. The catcher must field behind the kicker, within or directly behind the kicking box, and may not cross home plate nor be positioned forward of the kicker before the ball is kicked. The catcher may not make contact with the kicker, nor position so closely to the kicker as to restrict the kicking motion.

Tip of the Week: You have 3 strikes and 4 fouls until you're out. Use them! If the pitcher throws a few balls early and you're looking for a walk, don't kick it just because they threw a strike! Feel free to take a strike or a foul or two in the hopes the pitcher will throw another ball. Just be careful when you intentionally foul!

Bar Address: TBA The field: 19900 Grove Community Dr., Riverside, CA 92508 We play on the Lower Soccer Field next to the Softball Fields.

CA Empire Issue05 Spring 2014  
CA Empire Issue05 Spring 2014