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Spring 2014 Ghost Man on Third (G.M.O.T.)

RIVERSIDE KICKBALL IS BACK! All new season including: Field Challenges, Photo Challenges, themes, and more!!

Week 3 G.M.O.T. Kickball Standings 1. Pitch Slap (3-0) 2. Bust ‘n Balls (2-1) 3. Awesome Hawks (1-2) 4. Triple Entendres? (0-3)

Theme: Midseason (buy your tickets) Week 4

Kickball Schedule 7:05 PM

Pitch Slap!

8:05 PM


Awesome Hawks



Triple Entendres?

Bust ’n Balls

Refs: Bust ’n Balls

Refs: Pitch Slap!

Week 3 G.M.O.T.

Week 3 G.M.O.T.

Player of the week! Hometown: San Diego (best city) Team: Bust’n Balls Position: Crasher Seasons played: 1st in progress Drink of choice: Coors Lite A little about myselfI was recruited for kickball by my team’s captain this season, which is the first season I’ve played. Along with the company, kickball has provided me with the reason I needed to drink on a Wednesday. I am a senior at UCR graduating in June. This may be my first season, but it won’t be my last. See you on the field!


Week 3 G.M.O.T.

Week 3 G.M.O.T. Upcoming Events

Week 4 Mid-Season Event April 11th: 66ers Baseball Game Week 5 April 16th: Games TBA Week 6 April 23: Regular season ends Week 7 April 30: Playoffs week 2 Semifinals and Championships End of Season Party (EOS): Date TBA

Week 3 G.M.O.T. Rule of the Week: Only the captain can argue a call with the referee.

Tip of the Week: Kick and run! Don't look to see if the ball went foul. Wait for your team or ref to tell you that the ball went foul. Examples of foul and fair plays displayed on the next page..

Theme of the Week: Mid- Season Party Prep! Bar Address: TBA The field: 19900 Grove Community Dr., Riverside, CA 92508 We play on the Lower Soccer Field next to the Softball Fields.

Week 3 G.M.O.T.

GMOT #3 for CA Empire  
GMOT #3 for CA Empire  

GMOT#3 for Spring2014.