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Bags, packs AND WALLETS

bags for 777 years of wismar

Since I´ve studied product-design once in a while I created some bags, packs and wallets from concepting them on paper to producing them with the help of a sewing machine. Also my fictional »cåmper«-label made profit of that bags and I was able to try some different graphic experiments. Here you will find some examples.

PApermade lamp

In the year 2006 the hometown of our University Wismar was 777 years old. For that event the councilmen of Wismar wanted to start a big parade. During this parade they would like to throw some giveaways or candy into the audience. To transport these candies, giveaways and other stuff the councilmen of Wismar asked the young generation of newblood-designers to create any form of transportation-kit for them.

The lampshade of this papermade lamp consists of single components, which are perforated into the cardboard packaging of the lamp. So the user will be able to plug the components variable and in individuel quantity together, dependent on how big the calibre of the lamp should be. The cardboard packaging contains inside only bulb holder and the description. There are two main targets I wanted to achieve with that concept. First: the user takes part on the process of creating his own lamp. Second: the conventional packaging of the lamp becomes the actual design object and main component of this fitment.

This was my version: A bag in form of an old emblem or protective shield. It showed the colours of Wismar (red & white) and a typographic solution for the anniversary. So my work made a comment on history and contained modern elements. With this project I discovered my verve for working with the sewing machine and I screenprinted for the first time.

Adjustment for pyramids

The task was to develop an adjustment for identic corpora with modular characteristics. I had to adjust pyramids under following rules. For example it was only allowed to use one material, to cut it, fold it and to bow it, nothing more. The pyramids should be kept as tactile as possible. So I developed two clips for that problem. With the big clips you were able to constitute packages each with 2 pyramids and with the small clips you were able to connect as many 2-pyramid-packages as you want.

Portfolio 2009/2010 Supplement  

The products supplement for my portfolio.

Portfolio 2009/2010 Supplement  

The products supplement for my portfolio.