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REGINALD - The CAE Portrait Prize for Softies



By Pip Lincolne, Melbourne Crafter, author, Meet Me at Mikes blogger and Reginald judge

Imagine my delight when CAE chose me as one of their experts, inviting me to co-judge the amazing Reginald Softie Portrait prize. Not only did it remind me of how interesting and varied our stories are, it reminded me that there is a far-flung creative gang dotted about our big island who will go to extreme lengths to express their craftiness. The Reginald artists are especially committed to capturing their favourite pets and people in squishy form. Thank goodness, because they’ve stitched, click-clacked and hooked up a medley of charming, heartfelt beauty that’s sure to inspire us all.

Cat Rabbit and Pip Lincolne (Reginald Judges)

by Sue Halliday, Reginald Founder

“This isn’t a Reginald entry but I wanted to share it with you anyway. I was really honoured when Pip and Cat agreed to be the judges for Reginald. Of course I just had to make their Softie Portraits, so much fun to make and I’m really pleased how they turned out. Some challenges along the way, but thats how we further our crafty development. The accessories are always my favourite bits to make. A massive thanks to Pip and Cat for all their support.”

REGINALD – The CAE Portrait Prize for Softies 2014 is a competition in which Centre for Adult Education (CAE) in Melbourne invited people to make a Softie (soft toy) Portrait of someone they admire/appreciate/quite like and submit photographs of the Softie Portrait along with a photo of the person that the portrait represents. Twelve finalists were selected from an amazing array of 63 entries. An exhibition of the finalists work is currently on display at the CAE Info Shop, 44 Degraves Street, Melbourne and will be viewable until 14th April. There are three prizes – the overall Reginald winner, decided by judges Cat Rabbit and Pip Lincolne; the People’s Prize, voted by the general public and the frankie magazine special prize, decided by Jo Walker, Editor of frankie magazine. The winners will be announced Friday 4th April. Get involved and cast your vote for one of our twelve finalists in person at the Reginald Exhibition or online at Voting closes 2 April midday. One randomly chosen voter will win a special Reginald prize pack.

One-Watt Scribbler (Shaun Tan) by Hanna Mancini

Whole Larder Love (Rohan Anderson) by Lucy Broomhall

“Shaun Tan is my favourite illustrator and his work has been highly formative and inspirational to much of my creative work. During a talk, Shaun Tan mentioned that his illustration ‘One-Watt Scribbler’ was a ‘self portrait’, so I thought it was nice to represent the artist through his work.”

“I chose to make Rohan into a dog because I think he is a bit fantastic. His philosophy on food and family and community is inspirational. I think it takes a lot of courage to speak out about what you believe in and actually practise what you preach. He is a good sort and I like learning from him.”



Dolly Parton circa 1970 by Mel Macklin

Gingy - Irish Terrier by Sarah Rich

“I am lucky enough to share a birthday with the delightful Dolly, and even though we are 40 whole years apart she has taught me a lot about what’s important in life. Just like the perfectly coiffed hair on her head, she taught me that success takes a whole lot of hard work and a positive attitude. I never fail to be charmed by her self-depreciating humour and though Dolly says there’s no such thing as natural beauty, I’d argue that she is the exception. There is nothing more beautiful than someone who believes in their dreams and is prepared to make them happen.” FINALIST

“Apart from being our cherished pet, Gingy holds several titles - Professional Confetti maker, Blowie Hunter and Craft Project “Appraiser”. This Softie almost didn’t make it as its namesake ripped its head off in an appraising frenzy.” FINALIST - vote for the People’s Prize

Mr Hockney by Sandra Eterovic

Bjork and the Swan by Dainy Sawatsky

“I love David Hockney’s work and his style, which is relatively subtle but still clearly identifiable as his. The back of the Softie Portrait is based on one of Hockney’s own works from the 1970’s.”

“I have admired Bjork since her first solo album - she is so creative, original and talented, She has never been afraid to stand out on her own, not only in her music, but also in her style, music videos and identity. For these reasons I love her!!! I think she makes a perfect rag doll as she herself is childlike and playful and her unique whimsy lends itself to being a doll.”



Boss (Lionel Gailer - my Grandfather aka Boss) by Natasha Clarke

“My grandfather has always supported my creativity - looking through countless books of drawings and ‘performances’ in his lounge room. Knitting him just felt right, close to my heart.” FINALIST

Colonel Meow by Warrisa Somsuphangsri “When I found out about Reginald - I just knew that it had to be you Colonel Meow! Around 2-3 weeks into making Colonel Meow, sadly, he passed away. As one of his devoted minion, I feel so honoured to be making a Softie Portrait of him. I’d like this to be a tribute to the many smiles & laughs that brought us. Colonel Meow - I salute you!!” FINALIST - vote for the People’s Prize

Cerise Wonder (Julia Pound of Dagmar Rousset) by Shuh Lee

“Julia is such as character. Her style and taste in arts, music and fashion is fun and impeccable yet surprising. I remember meeting her for the first time and it felt as if I had known her all along. To me, that’s something rather rare.” FINALIST

Funny Lady Sutra (Judith Lucy) by Julie Ramsden “I first saw Judith Lucy perform in Perth in the 90s and loved her dry, self-depreciating humour. Being a lady of similar vintage I find her observations of ageing both hilarious and frightening. Her wonderfully expressive face just cries out to be captured in a portrait and I’m sure she would be amused if not slightly incredulous to see herself depicted in crochet. The pose was inspired by her TV series ‘Judith Lucy’s Spiritual Journey’.” FINALIST

Her Excellency the Honourable Quentin Bryce AC CVO Governor-General of Australia by Catherine Devanny

“I see Ms Bryce as a trailblazer for women - the ‘first woman’ to hold many roles, including Governor General. She is also kind & warm. I designed Ms Bryce to be ‘playable’ so my 6 year old daughter can be inspired by her, read to her and learn to be a strong woman too.” FINALIST

Tove (Jansson – creater of the Moomin Trolls) by Torunn Higgins

“Tove Jansson’s books were read to me from a young age and they have always filled me with wonder. Her work continues to inspire me everyda. This year is the 100 year anniversary of Tove Jansson’s birth and I think she’s an important role model to celebrate on International Women’s Day.” FINALIST - vote for the People’s Prize

David Who? by Allison Young

Charlie Whiterabbit by Ally Street

“I admire people who have a dream and pursue it their whole life until they achieve it…. David dreamed as a small boy of being Dr Who… and he made it - with style I might add.”

“My portrait is taken from inspiring Australian Artist Charles Blackman and in particular his interpretation of Alice in Wonderland in 1956”

Cate Blanchett by Amanda Tuckerman

Vale Philip Seymour Hoffman by Amanda Jenkins

“a strong talented women representing Australia, both here and overseas.”

“I havent seen many of his films, but I wanted to honour him as a father who met with an untimely end”. - vote for the People’s Prize

Jennifer Lawrence (as Katniss Everdeen) by Amelia Bignell

“Jennifer Lawrence isnt your typical Hollywood actress she’s grounded, level headed and real. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. She also plays a kick-ass character in the Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen - a true heroine! I find them both inspiring and admirable”.

Alasdair Tremblay-Birchal lists everything

by Amy Devereux

“Al is a wonderful person and a hilarious comedian. He will be super famous soon.”

The Fruit of Creation (Steve Jobs) by Amelinda Luu “Besides being an extraordinary influential person of our time, he is very iconic and simple to make. He showed us less can be more. As a designer that is very important but often taken for granted.”

Tonto by Anna Asz “Tony is my stepdad - the very best one. He is generous, funny, a born leader and on of my most favourite people.” - vote for the People’s Prize

Bathrobe Pinky (Self Portrait) by Caroline Forrest

Guy: Team Captain by Cate Ruth

“I wanted to make a softie selfie to see if I could make a dolly with dimples”

“Guy is such an inspiration on and off the field. He has enriched the lives of all those around him and will go out of his way to help others, offering advice, employment opportunities and a place to sleep if need be. His chosen sport, Paintball, has given him the opportunity to connect with others and leave his own unique mark on the world. In 2011 he led his team “Thundercats” to the semi-proffessional champions, and was named semi-pro most valuable player. He is my best friend, my inspiration.”

Awkward Child by Catherine McAvoy

My yoga buddy by Chris Forsyth

“I represent myself in my artwork as a psychological instrument used to gain a greater understanding of my ever changing identity: my self narrative.”

“Like yoga, Bailey (my cat) reduces my stress. Everytime my cat takes a stretch it reminds me of the yoga pose ‘Down Dog’.” - vote for the People’s Prize

My Sexy Nerd by Eliza McFarlain

David Bowie - Life on Mars by Emily Howlett

“I wanted to celebrate Alistair’s success at following his dream of getting a Phd and remaining true to himself”

“I love the way David Bowie has reinvented himself over his career. So many wonderful characters and fabulous colours!”

Match-Me for Mum (Fiona Rowden) by Emily McGrory

My Best Friend (Cindy Dog) by Emma Schoutrop

“I wanted to make a special present for my mum. It represents her childhood and her family now. The softie is housed in a matchbox with some of its favourite things.”

“I have chosen Cindy (my dog) to represent in my Softie Portrait because she love me no matter what and I know she will always be my friend.” - vote for the People’s Prize

Rebecca by Erica Bates

Spunkie Pete (Peter Zoric) by Georgia Zoric

“Rebecca is my daughter in law. She is an avid equestrian and horses are her life. I made my portrait as a gift for her and to portray her equestrian style.”

“Peter is my husband, my love and my rock. He is a daily example to me of how to be ‘whole hearted’ in everything.”

Beatrix Ost by Heidi Siemer

Frida by Jennie Walker

“Beatrix is an inspiring artist and author in her 70’s who lives in New York. Her motto is “In your body is a good place to be”.”

“Frida is an inspiration - her courage to carry on through so much pain, telling her story with her paintings. Unafraid to be herself. I made her as much like the well known photogaph as I could. I made her left leg smaller, just like Frida’s was.” - vote for the People’s Prize

Gossip Girl (Beth Ditto) by Jiah Harrison “Beth Ditto is a gorgeous lady! I love her look, her music and what she believes in. She also has beautiful tattoos that were fun to embroider.”

Before I knew You (mum - Lyn Downard) by Jo Oppenheim

“I appreciate my mum more now that I have two children of my own. She is constant support when things get rough. This was mum on her wedding day, before my sister and I were born. She remains super stylish to this day.”

She is her own (Tori Amos) by Judith Webster

Stan the Monbot by Tina Boon

“Individual, inspirational, magical musician. My sister gave me her first CD 20 years ago, saying “It’s a bit weird but you might like it”. Addicted ever since.”

“This is in honour of my dad, who was partly responsible for my creative side and my love of constructing things and using my hands. And for my slightly obsessive nature when I get a project in mind! My dad was always making something - a bit of a machine / robot when he got something into his head; so I based it on a robot dressed in his favourite army greens. With his far off, slightly guilty expression, that showed he was thinking about his next project.” - vote for the People’s Prize

Fun by Kate Bobis

On a Silver Top, to her door (Paul Kelly)

“They inspire me in the ways of their handwork, not giving up on achieving their dreams and being able to speak up and show support for issues they believe in such as gay rights.”

“I adore PK, having grown up listening to his music and developing a greater appreciation of it in the last few years.”

by Katharina Bourke

Lemmy by Kelly Robins

Hi Doll! by Kirsten Fredericks

“Because he is the least soft person in the world.”

“Matt is my muse, my dear friend (who is always covered in glitter) and his aesthetic compliments my work making him and ‘Hi Doll’ a perfect match. Creating a doll Softie Portrait of him is the least I can do to show how much I love him and support his blossoming career as a gender illusionist.” - vote for the People’s Prize

Dots Obsession (Yayoi Kusama) by Kumiko Tasaki

Larger than Life (Nick Carson) by Leis Carson

“Yayoi Kusama is an inspirational Japanese artist that has produced strikingly beautiful works while also coming to terms with her own mental illness.”

“I chose Nick to make as my Softie Portrait, because he is my son and a very individual and creative person who I admire for his dedication to social causes, music and the arts.”

Bailey the Kelpie by Liz Chomiak

Love Bird by Lucy Evanoff

“I made Bailey as a wedding present for her owners.”

“Bernie was my first pet. I love him very much. He was really gentle and loving. He was very cute. He sadly passed away last year and my whole family miss him dearly. We got Bernie on a wet rainy day. He had a bell that he would ring all the time and he got angry if you touched it. He also liked to swing and snuggle in his nest with his homemade pompoms.” - vote for the People’s Prize

The Professor in His Natural Habitat (Professor Colin Pask)

by Melanie Galloway

“Prof Colin Pask is my father. I made this portrait of him as a gift to represent his personality. He has recently turned 70 and written his first 2 books, Math for the Frightened and Magnificent Principia! I want to celebrate the wonder that is my father!”

Panka and Lulu (Angela Purdy and Lulu the dog) by Melissa Creighton

“Angela is my sister. She inspires me and encourages me in all my crafty projects. Angela is a graphic designer, a dress collector, an online shopper and mother to the cheekiest Staffy named Lulu.”

Shaun the Chef by Mietta Preston

Stu Man Chu (Stu Banko) by Mitch Long

“I wanted to choose someone ‘local’ and ‘Melbourne’ - which tends to end up being food related. Shaun’s work is inventive and playful - much like the Reggie comp itself.”

“Stu is a local Melbourne musician and all round top bloke and I feel this is the best of my “punk rock rag doll” portraits.” - vote for the People’s Prize

Elora Doll by Nanine de Vries

Edna by Nat Donnelly

“I chose my 11 year old neice Elora to represent as my Softie Portrait because she is sweet, clever and has great taste! I thought her essence would be perfect to capture in doll form.”

“I thought she would be a fun subject to create, because I live in Moonee Ponds and as a calasthenics mum I have the sequinning skills!”

Tehuana Girl by Peter Dodd

Miriam and Duckka by Rhiannon Thomas (Rannan)

“Nina, my daughter, emailed me the details of the Portrait Prize for Softies when she was in Mexico, I wanted to celebrate and commemorate her travels.”

“Miriam is one of my oldest friends and quite an amazing person. She is a natural with people and animals. Hissyhoo is her duck friend that she trained. He acts like a dog and hates other men.” - vote for the People’s Prize

Bill Murray as Captain Steve Zissou by Rowena Hutson “I love the film very, very much and I also thought it would bea great challenge to create an iconic character.”

Jessica Brown Finlday, Michelle Dockery and Laura Carmichael, the Downtown Abbey sisters by Sandra Walters

“My daughter and I especially loved season 1 of Downtown Abbey, the fashion, the sisters and the stories.”

Kriss by Sara Gillard “Kriss has a big personality and physical presence. Her face and skin are art in themselves & I love the duality of the extreme skin & make up with the soft clothing she wears.”

Frida Kahlo by Sarah Gully “Frida was not only an extremely talented artist and an inspiration to all female artists, but also an enduring style icon.” - vote for the People’s Prize

Amor Dolor by Sherri Brown “For Frida the personal was political, from the clothes she wore to her self portraits. She was a feminist icon whose work was an emblem of indigenous tradition. As someone who has railed against the tyranny of female hair removal I love how Frida embraced her monobrow and mo.”

Me, My lovely Husband Don and our Pets by Simone Dennis

“Don is the reluctant co-owner of many animals, including rabbits, dogs and a miniature pig. But when asked about them, he describes them as family - and I wanted to capture that sense you sometimes get in a family portrait, of great love and great discomfort, simultaneously felt!”

Lakshmir by Siobhan Hannigan

Bird Love (Wolf, Phantom & Storm) by Terese Collins

“I chose Lakshmi Puri, the Assistant Secretary-General of the UN & Deputy Executive Director of UN Women, as she is an advocate for gender equality and female empowerment. “Lakshmir” represents many disadvantaged women, hence the multiple colours.”

“They are my three favourite birds from our aviary. The organic flowing nature of crochet lends itself well to the shape of birds. Wolf is the weiro (named because he wolf whistles at everyone), Phantom, the grey budgie wears a mask and Storm has stormy colours.” - vote for the People’s Prize

I’m your man (Leonard Cohen) by Tracey Kirby

My Tam is my Mum by Yen Nguyen

“I have been a fan for years and thought it would be a challenge to try and represent him in this medium.”

“My mum is an incredibly strong person who braved a long sea journey from Vietnam to escape communism and build a better life for herself and her future family. This photo shows mum In one of the many rental properties she called home. The second-hand lounge has no seat cushions but she doesn’t give two hoots, it’s good enough to pose for a picture on.” - vote for the People’s Prize

A massive thanks to all those that joined us on the Reginald adventure, the entrants, the judges, CAE staff, our principal partner frankie magazine and support from Brother. Thanks also to all those that stopped by the Info shop to view the exhibition or took the time to vote online for the People’s Prize. We hope you’ve enjoyed stopping by to witness the splendor and wonder that crafting can bring. Happy Making!



© Centre for Adult Education 2014


A catalogue of entrants for REGINALD – The CAE Portrait Prize for Softies 2014, a competition in which 63 entrants crafted Softie Portraits...