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Online DVD Rental Review Stream Movies Online Technology , blessed technology, you have given us the ultimate freedom of watching movies online whenever we want and wherever we want, whether that be on our televisions, iPad, iPhone, iPod or iTouch with live streaming. And, for that, we thank you. The best part about streaming video

delivered right to the comfort of our own

homes, offices or other sanctuaries, from such Web services as Netflix, Blockbuster Online and iTunes? No late fees! No overdue charges! No membership cards! You get the point, right? With online DVD rental and live streaming, we have made our lives so much easier and much more entertaining. A few may believe that turning to the Web for their entertainment needs may cause an overwhelming deluge of choices. Well, yes, there are a ton of genres to choose from, but isn’t that what makes watching movies and television online so fabulous? You have choices, tons and tons of choices. No longer are you constrained to the movie store's subpar collection of your favorite foreign films and classic musicals. The doors of dubbed flicks and singing stars have now been flung wide open, ready for you to bury yourself in their glorious Hollywood magic.

For this review, we at TopTenREVIEWS want to help you understand the advantages of online DVD rentals and the wonderful options of live streaming for movies and, to some extent, television.

Online DVD Rental: What to Look For Membership benefits and features The age-old question "What is in it for me?" still rings true when it comes to deciding what which online company to choose for your entertainment needs. When mulling over your choices, make sure to remember some key factors in your choice: - Will there be a due date? - Will they charge me a late fee? - Will there be shipping charges? - Does the company allow a trial period? Movie Information Do you have a favorite actor, director or genre you are loyal to? If you are a parent, will you only allow your children watch G- or PG-rated films? Whatever your preferences, it is important to make sure the online company you select allows you to view actors, directors, genre, ratings,

running time, etc. for each show before renting your video or television programs. Accessibility In a world where iPhones and iPads are becoming essential technological accessories, it is necessary to know exactly which devices will deliver movies or television. Keep in mind all the time you spend waiting for an airplane, bus or significant other. If you pick a company that only caters to customers sitting at home in front of their television sets, you will miss out on the opportunity to catch up on your favorite movies and shows on the go. Look for online companies that give you the opportunity to stream live to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or other mobile devices . Genre Availability The beauty of the human race is how different we each are. Some of us love musicals. Some of us enjoy comedy, while others like drama. Some of us live for the adrenaline rush when we watch horror films, while others would much rather relax and learn through documentaries. When choosing an online DVD rental provider, keep in mind your likes and dislikes, not just the price of the plan. Make sure that you are going to be 100 percent satisfied with the genre selection.

Ease of Use You have settled down for the night. You have a bowl of popcorn to your right and a cold drink to your left. You are ready. You go to your online provider and try to find a good show to watch. Unfortunately, you cannot figure out how to search, how to find the genre you like or how to make the live stream work. This is the last thing you want to be worrying about. When choosing an online provider, make sure their website is easy for you to understand and everything is extremely simple to use. Help/Support The online DVD rental service you choose should provide its users with ample help and support options to respond to any concerns and answer any questions they might have. The world of online DVD rental isn’t a complicated one, but there is always an occasion when something will be amiss. When this happens, it is good to know your provider is there to help. Make sure when choosing a provider, you check out their help and support options. Can you reach them only by email or will they have online technical support chat? Make sure you know who to turn to when you’re in a pinch. Netflix, Blockbuster and iTunes are fantastic examples of perfecting the use of online DVD rental and live streaming. The membership prices for Netflix and

Blockbuster are very reasonable for the benefits provided. All three sites are incredibly simple to use and have great genre selections. In this site, you'll find articles about online DVD rental services, entertainment articles and articles for specific online DVD rental sites, as well as comprehensive reviews and a side-by-side comparison to help you make an informed decision on which service is right for your movie viewing needs. At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don’t Have To.™

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