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Dr. Drum Review When you go to parties and clubs you’re most likely to be invigorated with the lively music in it. You hear beats that go well with remixed music and that alone even without drinks can really get the party started. Disc Jockeys or DJ’s are now starting to rise taking in collaborations with the music industry’s finest singers. Some have even to manage to shine and create their own music without any collaboration. Though this kind of job may seem to be easy and fun, the process of becoming one isn’t easy at all. To become a DJ means you have to take years of learning on how mix the board and the peripheral equipment.

However, since our era is all about being convenience, a certain company created a one of a kind software that doesn’t require aspiring DJs years to learn the art of it. Anyone who wishes to become or at least want to learn how to do the DJ thing gets to learn it in a matter of weeks only. What’s even better is that this kind of beat maker software brings in the studio to you allowing you to make unique beats right into your own this beat maker computer. This article will be all about Dr. Drum review, getting you insights of what this innovative beat maker offers to its consumers. The Dr. Drum beat maker is an innovative software technology that mixes low-cost and user friendly platform giving its users the chance to become successful in this industry. Unlike similar software programs that are more expensive to get a good understanding about beat making, Dr. Drum beat maker does exactly the same at a price that any person can afford. The beat maker is even better in that it is compatible with Windows and OSX so it may be used in any type of computer.

Dr. Drum Features • 16 – Track Sequencer. Dr. Drum beat maker is equipped with a 16-track sequencer that lets its users compose and edit their compositions at a rate faster than the usual beat maker. It has 16 tracks of stereo sounds that may be changed anytime you want in just two clicks. In it are built-in drumbeats, keys, FX and sounds. Dr.Drum beat maker also comes with copy bars and/or multiple bars that allows you to do editing of your track volume, adjust the tones of each track, its pan effect, mute or play the tracks on solo. • YouTube Uploader Feature. Since some of the stars that we have today are YouTube sensations, you too can have the chance to be known. Dr. Drum has a built-in YouTube uploader that allows you to instantly upload your composition and let it known to the public. It can also do a video for you automatically or you can have it personalized with your own pictures.

• 12 Pad Drum Machine. The Dr. Drum software is equipped with a 12-Pad Drum machine and big database of sound. These professionally created sounds may be used to make beats or you can even make your own with its drag and drop features. • 4-Octave Keyboard. The 4-Octave Keyboard feature of Dr. Drum allows you to add pianos, saxophones, guitars, FX, strings and many more. With these additional features, users have the chance to make better beats with one-click easy switching of instruments. • Product format. After you already did your mixing of cool beats, the final product will create a product with a 44.1 Stereo 16 bit PCM type of quality in a .wav file.

Dr. Drum Pros and Cons As with any other review, this Dr.Drum review will also feature the pros and cons of the product. This is to help the readers to properly gauge their decision when purchasing their Dr.Drum beat maker. The pros of this product is that its end product generates a .wav file instead of mp3 file which will give your finished a more professional and high quality sound. It also provides lots samples for you to get started in beat making as well as professional production values. It has a user-friendly interface that won’t require you to do a lot of manual reading with quick and easy install getstarted options. The software alone can do all what you needed to do your beat making tasks and won’t require any other beat maker equipment. The cons of this software however is that doesn’t give you much of teaching features in terms of how to sequence your software. It also requires you have specific RAM and audio equipment for it to run correctly on your computer and will require a lifetime license to help you get started.

Dr. Drum Review Conclusion

When you want a convenient way to start your learning with what DJs do, then this Dr. Drum beat maker should be your choice. But before you hit the button; be sure to read other Dr. Drum review to help you decide on whether this beat maker will suit your beat making needs. It is always a must when you want to purchase anything.

Dr. Drum Review  
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