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Btv Solo Music Production Software

Product Information Product: BTVSOLO Rating: Price: $39.95 Return Policy:Money Back Guarantee Description: BTV-Solo, from BKE Electronics, no doubt is very simple to work, impress, making the song from a computer program. This software effectively to produce specialty music, melodies, hits and more, way more. This is a giant all-in-one that offers superior audio sound at an affordable price. Comes Packed With Sounds: BTV-Solo is completely pre-packed with the sounds +1000 sounds, beats, loops, drum, box, melody and more that can be customized, deform, merge, mix and add your own voice in a truly original and unique. This is the first hip hop producers and those responsible for youth have the opportunity to beat and match the sounds with Boi-1da, Timbaland or Dr. Dre beat with the latest and best technology today. Advantages:

BTV-Solo have a user-friendly navigation system, with all keyboard shortcuts, pads and triggers, allows users easily familiarize with the simple arrangement and make beats, music samples and custom kit without waste time to find out how each button. Using a MIDI controller keyboard lets you enjoy access when connected to your computer. The program also lets you change the bar length to adjust a variety of patterns during recording. The attack features can determine the sound-speed and can soften the sound-sharpness. In addition, Decay, Sustain and Release option allows the occurrence of an echo. BTV-Solo is equipped with a sound that you can edit and customize, or you can import your own easily. If you are an expert user, this software contains a construction kit, and you can navigate to assign the sound speed. You can customize the start and end of the volume. In addition, the display Pitch and Mod wheels appeared on a computer screen. You can use Pitch and Mod wheels to preview a live production, so bringing more flexibility to your music. Features: - Works With PC & MAC. - On Board Effects Kit Per Sound. - Make Beats, Melodies, Loops, Full Songs & More! - Computer Keyboard Triggers & Shortcuts! - MIDI Controller Enabled. - Hot Samples Used In Real Hit Music. - 44.1 – Stereo – 16 bit – wav in/out. - Create your own customized skins. - Import Your Own Samples, Drums, Kits, Etc. - 8 Octave Keyboard/Banks. Highly Recommended Product: This is the same software and voice used by the multi-platinum producer Dallas Austin. This is exactly the same hardware with one important difference – install on your computer. Included in the purchase of more than

1000 high quality samples. This is the sample used in the current hits you hear on the radio. Users Review: “BTV-Solo allows me to focus on creating a hip hop career. Even, you can actually go to a rapper or an artist who has a skill or fame, and they will sure, I beat him.” “When I use other programs that target only house music, I could never get that “favor” sound that really sets him apart from the crowd. When I started playing around with the BTV-Solo software production, immediately fell in love with him for this reason.” “Another thing I love about BTV-Solo is that the interface is very cool and very easy to use. You don’t need to be a computer genius to master this program, and that really surprised with the quality of original rhythms that you can make from scratch, even with little experience.” Conclusion: If you need software that will supply custom-made option, do not worry, BTVSolo will cover it. You can actually create your very personal presets; loops and individualize skin application software desired. This factor is the energyloaded, easy to use and easy to adjust the expertise level. Look at BTV-Solo website to find out more information, news and tweets about the new music system and a new breakthrough software. They will also put training video clips, strategies, techniques and many more.

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