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颱風搜 & 水利緊急應變經驗學習中心

T-Search & LLC

颱風搜 & 水利緊急應變經驗學習中心

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1. Kang, S.C., Shiu, R.S., and Wu, T.H. (2012). “Development of typhoon search program with human manipulation consideration,” Proceedings of the Conference for Disaster Management in Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan. November 16. 2. Kang, S.C., Shiu, R.S., and Yang, C.C. (2012). “Lesson learned center for disaster prevention and management,” Proceedings of the Conference for Disaster Management in Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan. November 16.

T-Search & LLC 颱風搜 & 水利緊急應變經驗學習中心 臺灣位於颱風常經之地,其路徑走向、速度與降雨型式有一定之關聯性,防災單位常會找出類似颱風事件進行 防災參考,了解過去相似事件曾發生之災情提早應對戒備,但天氣系統難以預測,颱風路徑不容易提早準確預 測,因此應變期間需要視當前狀況進行多次的比對。過去類似颱風比對作業需仰賴資深防災人員依照九大路徑 分類及其個人經驗同時考量路徑、速度、降雨型式及歷史災情等因素配合其單位特性找出可供其參考的過去經 驗,過程耗費資深人員大量時間及人力。本研究為解決此問題,透過使用者為中心的設計模式建置以路徑比對 為基礎的歷史颱風事件比對程式,配合中央氣象局歷史颱風資料及水利署經驗學習中心等資料幫助防災人員快 速找到可供參考之歷史颱風路徑,減少等待預報資料發佈及事件災情過濾的時間,讓專業防災人員將寶貴時間 運用在進階的分析研判上來輔助進行防災決策。 災害管理經驗學習中心,係將過去的重大水、旱災事件,包括31次水災事件、4次旱災事件等及8次重大水利 事件加以整理,除了蒐集每項事件之氣象資訊、災因分析、災情處置、新聞報導等相關資料外,更有專家與災 民訪談,從更多面向來了解災害之影響,將寶貴的資訊進行數位典藏,提供有關單位可以從中找尋所需資訊。




T-Search & LLC

Taiwan is located on the place where most of typhoons must pass through. There must be correlation among the moving route, speed and rainfall types of typhoons. Faculties of disaster prevention usually find out some analogous typhoon events to be references in order to take early precaution against those disasters which might happen before. However, the weather system is very difficult to be predicted and the typhoon moving route even harder to be controlled. This research is aimed to compose a route matching system with I&I-UCD design which is based on moving route of past typhoons. With the help of the system, the emergency response team can find out the moving routes of historical typhoons as references quickly; therefore, the team has more time to do advanced analysis for decision support. Lesson Learned Center (LLC) focused on recording the serious hydraulic disaster events in Taiwan since 1996. LLC contains 31 floods, 4 droughts and 8 important hydraulic events. For each event, we collected weather conditions, causes, emergency response actions, news reports, and other critical information related to this event. We also interviewed the experts and the victims of this event to understand the impact of this event. Records information with digital archive technology, and provides them for related people to understand this event.


先依照中央氣象局九大路徑分類來減少歷史資料數量再透過人工經驗比對當前預報 颱風路徑找出相似路徑。

T-Search & LLC 1897年到2011 年,接近臺灣之歷史颱風路徑

颱風搜介面:透過輸入連續地颱風中心位置 即可找尋類似路徑之歷史颱風







Shih-Chung Jessy Kang

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