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Pavement Inspection Robot 自主式機器人於道路鋪面智慧化檢測系統之研究

Pavement Inspection Robot 自主式機器人於道路鋪面智慧化檢測系統之研究

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Pavement Inspection Robot 自主式機器人於道路鋪面智慧化檢測系統之研究 傳統鋪面檢測作業多以人為操控檢測設備的方式執行,頗為耗時費力,本研究開發出自 主式機器人PI -Bot,應用於鋪面檢測,檢測包括平坦度與破損等路面缺陷, PI Bot是由 鋪面檢測模組整合於P3AT平台上做移動,該機器人能依據檢測結果即時規劃下一步的移 動路徑與行為,進行自主性的鋪面檢測作業, 並經由GPS定位劃定檢測範圍, 將有問 題之位置做紀錄供工程人員修補,在路徑規劃上本計畫提出橫向、縱向、隨機、格狀等 四種機器人的移動路徑規劃方法,配合機器人的避障行動模式,將這些規劃方法應用於 無隨機障礙物以及存在隨機障礙物之檢測區域內,在檢測方式上,本團隊使用原創之雙 色光施作鋪面檢測,以消除水漬、油漬、影子、路標產生之檢測錯誤問題,並達成以機 器人進行鋪面自主性檢測之目標。


(a) Taking image 1 with single light

(b)Taking image 2 with single light

(c)Subtracting two images to enhance the distress feature

Pavement Inspection Robot

A pavement survey is a time-consuming but necessary task to ensure the serviceability of road pavements. We developed a pavement inspection robot (PI-bot) to automate the pavement inspection in the project level. PI-bot is capable of inspecting the pavement condition using a camera and artificial lights. It can capture and analyze the images in the real-time to identify the possible distresses on the pavement surface. The motion system can be controlled according to the results of real-time analysis. PI-bot is implemented by using Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio, which ensures the flexibility and extensibility of the system. Many investigators have used image-processing methods to automate the survey processes and enhance the quality and accuracy of survey results. However, image-processing methods often mistakenly treat oil spillages, shadows, and road markings as distresses since their features are very close to the ones of distresses. To solve the problems we use dual light to do the inspection. This method makes our PI-Bot fully complete.


Pavement Inspection Robot 雙光源偵測方式

Color 1

Color 2

Color 1 Color 2 Color 1 + Color 2 No Light Enhancement


Shih-Chung Jessy Kang

Pavement inspection robot