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CADOGAN CONTEMPORARY Spring Newsletter 2013



20 May – 13 June st

Private View 21 May Almost three years since his last exhibition, Sargy Mann, undoubtedly once of Britain’s most respected painters, has a new show at Cadogan Contemporary. In this new exhibition Sargy confronts how he expresses the figures he can feel into a scene he can only imagine. Click below to open the full catalogue of new paintings.

Infinity Pool III, oil on canvas Frances x 3, oil on canvas,

Early last year David Whitely from BBC East visited Sargy for a local current affairs programme. At the time he visited, Sargy was working on the paintings for this new exhibition.

For their 10,000 hours series the men’s quarterly, Port magazine asked Sargy about his new ways of seeing. Read the full article here

Watch this short clip to see the amazing process of Sargy at work.



We are delighted to announce that Elise Ansel has been asked to join the Young Masters art prize Tour.

Art Gallery and Research Centre for the true history of art British sculptor NIGEL KONSTAM has recently been awarded a personal museum ‘Museo Konstam’ in his home town of Casole d’Elsa. th

Officially opening on May 5 the museum will celebrate his life’s work as an draughtsman and sculptor, as well as his many years as an educator and art historian. Nigel’s numerous historical discoveries about the practise of Rembrandt and other artists of the period, though often resisted by ‘experts’ are hard to dispute. His many YouTube videos are an utterly fascinating look at the tools great artist of the past used.

The wonderful success of Elise’s Drawn From History exhibition grabbed the attention of Cynthia Corbett who launched the Young Masters Art Prize back in 2009. The Young Masters Art Prize is an exciting, high-profile competition featuring emerging and established artist who are inspired by the work of the Old Masters; celebrating artists who pay homage to the skill and traditions of the past. If you missed Drawn From History earlier this year take a look here to see the exhibition catalogue of Elise Ansel’s vibrant ‘translations’ of our most familiar paintings.

All of Nigel’s research leads him to put humanity at the centre of his art. See his carvings in Cadogan Contemporary’s collection here. The Museo Konstam, Casole d’Elsa, 30k west of Siena 0039-0577-948312

... and be sure to catch the last week of

Bridget Leaman A COLLECTION OF 10 See the full e-catalogue here

Bacchus and Ariadne II, oil on linen Source: Titian’s Bacchus and Ariadne at the National Gallery

Elise has been invited to tour with the exhibition throughout the U.K. Read the Interview and Full Article here. Featured in this month's Kensington & Chelsea magazine Art & Antiques section Bridget Leaman's works are described as "glorious, colourful abstracts" that "raise spirits"; and we couldn't agree more.


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Spring Newsletter 2013  

News and updates from Cadogan Contemporary, April 2013

Spring Newsletter 2013  

News and updates from Cadogan Contemporary, April 2013