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ILANA MANOLSON Chance Encounters 23rd April - 10th May 2019

Private View Thursday 25th April 6-8pm

CADOGAN C O N T E M P O R A R Y 87 Old Brompton Road London SW7 3LD +44 (0) 207 581 5451

Chance Encounters Artist Statement My art is an elegiac response to natural phenomena: water, earth, and plant life. I move between the edge of representation and abstraction, capturing the essence of landscape in a mark. The paintings refer to both the seen and imagined; the marks and pools of paint transform the landscape into metaphors for tenacious life in which some species thrive and others disappear. Swaths of pure fluid color appear wave-like, close up, and then fall into perspective at a distance, confounding and surprising the viewer. I paint and edit simultaneously. I capture the growing and the dying with the fluidity of the medium. This work celebrates the natural world and its ineffable mysteries, as we are aware of the possibility of potential disaster. Even in the coming apart, there is great beauty. Ilana Manolson February 2019

Chance Encounters

Landscape Paintings by Ilana Manolson Ilana Manolson’s landscape paintings slice through time, space and geography to reveal compressed and complicated after-images that only memory and imagination can conjure. Her processes, developed over years of studying botany and exploring the natural world through hiking and kayaking while being an accomplished painter, reflect a generous perspective on how direct experience evolves when taken into the studio. Like so many of her predecessors, Manolson sketches en plein air and returns to her indoor sanctuary to literally reframe her initial sensory observations. And it is what happens at the easel that transforms her landscapes into sites for contemplation, conflict and conjecture about some of the confounding issues in contemporary painting as well as our current climate crisis. Manolson’s acrylic paintings on Yupo, a synthetic paper that has a milky, semi-translucent surface, suggest both the evanescence we often associate with landscape painting, and also the threat of finitude that we must contend with as our natural world faces immanent threats. With a palette that ranges from acidic yellows to rich browns and reddish blacks, she provokes a psychological and emotional response that both seduces and surprises. Riveted by saturated, over-ripe, often blindingly bright blooms as well as washes that morph into brackish blacks of fermenting soil, we experience nature’s cycle of growth and decay. Her brushwork — loose, yet confident — reveals how she loads her tool with pigment and sculpts her forms, orchestrating moments of condensed intensity with delicate, wispy strokes that barely suggest the presence of color. Luscious and lyrical, her brush marks an edge between representing the natural world and abstracting its essence. She remarks about her process : “I feel like what I do is what nature in itself does… I paint and edit simultaneously; I capture the growing and the dying with the fluidity of paint.” What is particularly stimulating in ‘Chance Encounters’ is how Manolson reconstructs aspects of her direct observations into crisp, contained shapes on a blank surface. Manolson invokes the legacy of Frank Stella and Elizabeth Murray’s shaped and sculptural surfaces; but, while playing with the illusion of volume, she insistently keeps her shapes flat. Consequently, the so-called “negative” white space of the Yupo can be read not only as evidence of what Manolson has edited out, but also as places of possibility. Her constructed moments of nature’s grandeur — the rot, the repair — invite us to both engage in nature’s struggle, and importantly, to intimately embrace the artist’s editorial decisions. It’s as if Manolson is cajoling us to project into them any context we’d like; we can “finish” the painting, we can “fill” the space, we can continue the story. Like a Mobius Strip, the paintings’ twists and turns, and odd and impossible spaces, suggest infinity, continuity and, in the end, a sense of much needed optimism. Randy Garber Assistant Professor Massachusetts College of Art and Design/ Boston, MA Partner, Mixit Print Studio/ Somerville, MA

Hunter acrylic on Yupo paper on board 152.4cm x 61cm (60” x 24”)

Shape of a trek acrylic on Yupo paper on board 101.6cm x 124.5cm (40” x 49”)

Matter’s Breath acrylic on Yupo paper on board 74cm x 74cm (29” x 29”)

Alchemy acrylic on Yupo paper on board 76cm x 122cm (48” x 30”)

First Snow acrylic on Yupo paper on board 32cm x 72.5cm (12.5” x 28.5”)

On the wing acrylic on Yupo paper on board 53cm x 147.3cm (22” x 58”)

Unfurling acrylic on Yupo paper on board 71cm x 63.5cm (28” x 25”)

Fixed in the fluid acrylic on Yupo paper on board 67cm x 123cm (26.5” x 48.3”)

Conscience of a seed acrylic on Yupo paper on board 96.5cm x 91.5cm (38” x 36”)

Yala acrylic on Yupo paper on board 94cm x 122cm (37” x 48”)

Luxury of awe acrylic on Yupo paper on board 122cm x 122cm (48” x 48”)

Edge of bounty acrylic on Yupo paper on board 122cm x 122cm (48” x 48”)

Temporal transitions acrylic on Yupo paper on board 63.5cm x 101.5cm (25” x 41”)

Autumn release acrylic on Yupo paper on board 71cm x 71cm (28” x 28”)

Yarrow acrylic on Yupo paper on board 65.5cm x 49cm (26” x 19”)

Early ice acrylic on Yupo paper 35.5cm x 29cm (14” x 11”)

Metamorphosis acrylic on Yupo paper 35.5cm x 29cm (14” x 11”)

Wind teaser acrylic on Yupo paper 29cm x 35.5cm (11” x 14”)

SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2019 Chance Encounters, Cadogan Contemporary, London 2017 SUM OF Jason McCoy Gallery New York 2015 The Fragile Season, de Menil Gallery of Groton School, Groton MA. 2013 Flow, Clark Galley, Lincoln, MA 2010 Stasis/Flux, Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA 2009 Untitled, Jason McCoy Gallery, New York, NY Toronto International Art Fair, represented by Nikola Rukaj Gallery, Toronto Ilana Manolson: New Works, J. David Broudo Gallery of Art, Endicott College, Beverly, MA 2008 Views of Nature: the Paintings of Ilana Manolson, Endicott College Observing the Overlooked, Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA 2006 Twice Reflected, Danforth Museum, Framingham, MA 2005 Looking Down to See the Sky, Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA 2004 Atrium Gallery, WGBH, Boston, MA 2003 Deep Diving in Shallow Water, Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA 2001 Facing My Peripheral Vision, Cornelius Ayer Wood Gallery, Middlesex School, Concord, MA 2000 Putting Down Roots, Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA 1996 Unstill Life, Randall Beck Gallery, Boston, MA 1993 The Illusion of Stability, Randall Beck Gallery, Boston, MA 1992 Tribeca 148 Gallery, New York, NY 1991 New Works, Randall Beck Gallery, Boston, MA 1989 Public Privacy, Installation at City Place, Transportation Building, Boston, MA 1988 Randall Beck Gallery, Boston, MA Attleboro Museum, Attleboro, MA 1986 Randall Beck Gallery, Boston, MA 1985 Angel Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 1983 Lily Iselin Gallery, Providence, Rhode Island 1982 Sara Doyle Gallery, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2019 2018 2016 2015 2014 2013

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2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2007 2006 2005 2004

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JP Morgan & Company, New York; Bain and Company, Boston; Fidelity Investments, Boston; Sanford Bernstein & Sons, New York; Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York; New England Medical Center, Boston; Goodwin, Proctor, and Hoar, Boston; Edwards and Angell, Boston; Morrison, Mahoney, and Miller, Boston; Verizon, Boston; Computers in Medicine, Cambridge, MA; Gardiner, Budden Co., Toronto, Ontario; Plymouth Savings Bank, Boston; Hospital Trust Bank, Providence, Rhode Island; Saunders Associates, Boston; Citizens Bank, Providence, Rhode Island.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston De Cordova Museum, Lincoln, MA, Workshop Portfolio. Fuller Museum of Art, Brockton, MA Danforth Museum, Framingham, MA. Boston Public Library, Boston Boston Athenaeum, Boston Ballinglen Arts Foundation Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA US Embassy, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

CADOGAN CONTEMPORARY 87 Old Brompton Road London SW7 3LD +44 (0) 207 581 5451

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Ilana Manolson | Chance Encounters  

Ilana Manolson | Chance Encounters