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Summer Exhibition 21st July - 12th September 2014

Gallery Hours Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm Saturday 11am - 6pm


CONTEMPORARY 87 Old Brompton Road London SW7 3LD Telephone: +44 (0)20 7581 5451

Bridget & Amber Leaman

Mother and daughter duo Bridget and Amber Leaman live and paint on a clifftop on the Lizard Peninsula at the tip of Cornwall and it is this wild landscape which infuses both artists’ work.

Bridget Leaman, High hopes, oil on canvas, 55” x 55” / 140cm x 140cm

There is a clear harmony between these two artists’ paintings, both showing us the seas and skies in a distinctive way; large canvasses which are colourful, structured and bold, just as imporessive as the dramatic shores of Cornwall.

Amber Leaman, Pandora’s Box, oil on canvas, 55” x 55” / 140cm x 140cm

Sofia Petropoulou

These elegant new pieces from Greek painter Sofia Petropolou gently contrast the delicate tones and firm application of paint. Drawing from both the natural elements and the urban landscapes Petropoulou uses these sources yet does not let them dictate the composition, but leaves us with paintings of lyrical beauty.

Abstract I oil on canvas 40” x 28” / 102cm x 71cm

Colmar oil on canvas 55” x 63” / 139cm x 160 cm

Gabriele Cappelli

Italian artist Cappelli’s intense new work has focussed further on his application of media and used the purity of colour to allow for the texture and tone to be the focal point.

Untitled (Red), oil on canvas, 55” x 63” / 140cm x 160cm

Born in Forli, Italy in 1972, Cappelli has exhibited in numerous shows in the UK and Europe, with his first major solo show in London at Cadogan Contemporary last autmn This new collection of work is a further development towards Cappelli’s goal to create ‘polished and elegant patterns, which epitomizes his research for aesthetical pleasures.’

Untitled (Blue), oil on canvas, 55” x 63” / 140cm x 160cm

Janise Yntema

Janise Yntema creates her tranquil pieces using the unusual technique of encaustic painting, involving adding coloured pigments to hot wax allowing for a soft uniform surface. Based in Brussels, Yntema exhibits regularly throughout Europe and the USA and has works in many international collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, New York.

The Clearing wax encaustic and pigment on panel 24” x 24” / 61cm x 61cm

Evening Baltic wax encaustic and pigment on panel 24” x 24” / 61cm x 61cm

Cristiano Di Martino The inescapabale cultural and religious heritage of this native Italy permeates Cristiano’s work with a dark presence. This new series ‘Nero’ uses the colour and shape to conceal the physical and creative process. Having studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, this promising young artists career is moving along at pace with more and more exhibitions throughout Europe.

From left to right: Nero I and II oil on canvas 55” x 55” 140cm x 140cm Opposite: Nero IV oil on canvas 59” x 75” 150cm x 190cm

Maiju Tirri At the opening of Finnish artist’s Maiju Tirri’s recent exhibition with us the Finnish ambassador tried to capture in words the strong presence of nature in her work . This is not unusual for painters in the very North of Europe. The artist captures the constant movement and flow of water and wind, balancing with the stable elements of stone and rock. This is powerful, emotional art and cannot fail to captivate. Maiju exhibits regularly in her native Finland, London and in her current home in Spain, with international public and private collectors.

Opposite: Flowing Slow mixed media on canvas 40” x 48” / 102cm x 122cm Right: Tranquility mixed media on canvas, 24” x 63” / 61cm x 160cm

Juliette Paull

Award winning artist Juliette Paull is having an exceptional year, with a large painting accepted and hanging in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and an upcoming solo show with Cadogan Contemporary this autumn. In 2008 Paull was the receipient of the Millenium Art fund, and since her career has progressed with strength being selected for the Discerning Eye exhibition twice and showing at various galleries and fairs accross the UK. Her expressive paintings aim to balance the boundaries between abstraction and representation, this new series focusing more on the movement and looseness of the brush than being constricted with colour. Detail: Shoaling tide, oil on canvas, 57” x 43” / 145cm x 109cm Following Pages: Spindrift Sea, oil on canvas, 57” x 43” / 145cm x 109cm Breakers Edge, oil on canvas, 57” x 43” / 145cm x 109cm

Hilary Elmes

Left: Uplands May, Oil on canvas 60”x 72” / 152cm x 183cm Opposite: Clay Cliff III, Oil on canvas, 60” x 60” / 152cm x 152cm

Irish artist Hilary Elmes takes pride in her native countryside which is the main inspiration and subject for her paintings. The colours used and gentle texture capture the offerings of the wild Irish landscapes. Recently awarded a fellowship by Ballinglen Arts foundation, her works are exhibited thoughout the UK and have numerous times been included in the RHA exhibition.

Joost Beerents

Left: Abstract composition I mixed media 79” x 31” / 200cm x 79cm Opposite: La Danse mixed media 87” x 65” / 201cm x 165cm

Dutch artist Joost Beerents’ powerful paintings are full of texture and evoke what she describes as ‘the vitality of life’. Heavily abstracted, they combine bold colours with a lightness of touch that makes these paintings so impressive. Exhibiting regularly in Europe and New York, her works can also be seen as a captivating permanent installation at the One Aldwych Hotel in London.

Maria Luisa Hernandez

Maria Luisa Hernandez’s paintings are all about the grandjour and power of nature. Her abstracted landscapes and seascapes are a reminder of her Chilean roots, with influences from the dramatic landscapes of Tierra del Fuego. Now living in London, her studio is close to the Thames to keep the flow of water a constant inspiration.

Ahora Oil on canvas 60” x 60” / 152cm x 152cm

Throughout her career Maria Luisa has been invited to exhibit in New York and Stockholm and now regularly shows in London. Her work is internationally collected and is part of Chile’s national collections in the Consulate of Chile, New York and the Embassy of Chile, London. Aqui, Oil on canvas, 60” x 60” / 152cm x 152cm

Richard Adams

Artist Richard Adams has developed a unique technique to create an extraordinary smooth surface for his oils on paper. Using the many changing landscapes and scenery of his native New Zealand for his subject, he takes them to the furthest point of abstraction with these crisp linear structured paintings.

Left: Jack’s Point, oil on paper, 21” x 31” / 53cm x 79cm Right: Burnt, oil on paper, 31” x 21” / 79cm x 53cm

Richard exhibits regularly throughout New Zealand and Asia, with his work in many international collections. Work can be seen in many public collections where he is often commissioned to create unique installation pieces, such as in the World Trade Centre, Beijing and the Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong. Cadogan Contemporary looks forward to having a solo show of his work early next year.

Canterbury Plains, oil on paper, 21� x 21� / 53cm x 71cm

Adam Fenikowski

Polish painter Adam Fenikowski uses London as his inspiration and subject for this series of bright, colourful and humerous paintings. Born in Poland, Fenikowski lived in Australia for many years where he regularly exhibited and gain various international collectors.

Euphoria, oil on linen, 51� x 45� / 130cm x 115cm

There are many more works in our Summer exhibition, so do come into the gallery to see the full show. The gallery will stay open late for various evenings throughout the summer. Do check the website or get in touch for these dates. See more at


CONTEMPORARY 87 Old Brompton Road London SW7 3LD Telephone: +44 (0)20 7581 5451

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Summer Exhibition catalogue  

Summer Exhibition catalogue  

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