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Edward Guerin is a Skilled And Experienced Lacrosse Coach

Edward Guerin is a skilled and experienced lacrosse player. He has attended more than 500 hours of private Lacrosse and has also got scholarship for playing lacrosse at Lenoir-Rhyne University. In the university, he was appointed as a captain of lacrosse team.

The team played the game under his captaincy for 3 years, i.e. from 2011-2013. When he was made captain for the very first time, he served as the offensive onfield speaking captain and contributed in increasing the score in 80% of all contests and thus, doubling the overall winning percentage of the team in just one season.

Presently, he works as an assistant Lacrosse coach in the Lenoir Rhyme University. His responsibilities comprise coaching the offensive plays, organizing the substitution box, assisting agility drills, training workouts, and leading attack-man and midfielders through shooting, dodging, and many other practices.

In addition to this, he also has to recruit academically and athletically competent student athletes, practice planning, travel planning, game planning, academic consulting, etc. Edward received an Associates of Arts degree from Nassau Community College where he studied liberal studies, in New York. Edward Guerin was also appointed as a camp counselor for two years.

Edward comes from a close knit family with a lot of emphasis on civic duty, and he has been taught from the beginning about responsibility towards society. In his personal life, he is a God-fearing person who cares about others in a selfless, loving manner. He comes from a family of 5, which includes his mother, father, and two brothers.

His mother is from Long island NY and has lived in palm beach gardens Florida now for 30 plus years. His father is from Boston MA and has been living in Palm Beach Gardens now for 35 plus years. He owns his own custom cabinet business. His brother nick is 28 years old and lives in south Florida and enjoys fishing and surfing. His other brother Joe is 26 and is a physical therapist tech assistant living in south Florida.


Edward Guerin is a Skilled And Experienced Lacrosse Coach