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CADISON Electric-Designer

CADISON® Electric-Designer (Integrated Designer Module) The CADISON® Electric-Designer combines planning efforts with process control engineering. PLT points (measuring points) defined by the process engineer are further detailed by CADISON® Electric-Designer with the required instrumentation. The electrical planning engineers base their work on the specified media data and connection parameters delivered by the process engineer. Key Features ? Integrated and Intelligent database Electrical 2D

schematic, 3D model system. ? Automatic creation of Terminal Drawings and contact sets

(automatic adjustment of pin numbers, etc).

Facility Management Electric-Designer is used both for electrical planning of a plant in classical plant engineering and even for facility management. For example, this module is used for document creation for operation management of complex line networks. Typical Pre-fabricated typicals are used for automatic graphic generation and presentation of instrumentation in the measuring-point chart. The planning engineer may use prefabricated ‘Typical’. It is easy to extend the ‘Typical’ to suit project need.

? Numbering and identification system according to DIN

and KKS. Automatic Device Tagging and Wire numbering.

Loop Wiring Diagrams

? Configurable Logic Analyzer for error checking.

? Predefined measuring point structure in form of ‘Typical’.

? Real-time coil and contacts cross-referencing.

? Reference / Assign ‘Typical’ to a measuring point.

? Automatic connection of wiring between components.

? Easy creation and updating of Measuring Point ‘Typical’.

? Customizable object designation (Text Mask).

? Drag and Drop to create automatic loop wiring diagram.

? Auto generation of Legend, Notes and Abbreviation. ? Easy and quick cross referencing of components

represented in different drawings. (Devices with distributed representation - Relay contacts, Terminals etc). ? Automatic and customizable reports generation. ? Project revision management for reports and drawings. ? ETAP interface for SLD’s which reduces the need for manual entries by 50%. 3D cable tray and bus duct routing & 3D Panel layout drawings ? Availability of 3D E&I Equipments, Meters, Panels, Ducts enable creation of Layouts linked with 3D Model, clash detection. ? Automatic Cable Routing, Extendable Cable tray library to handle complex routing.

Circuit Diagram

Devices with distributed representation (relay-contact set) ? Runtime calculation of free and used contacts. ? Intelligent and easy selection functionality while inserting contact in drawing. ? Auxiliary contact blocks for augmenting capacity of relay / contactor. Automatic Legend Creation ? Possibility to choose the property to be displayed along

with symbol. ? Facility to filter or limit type of objects to be displayed in

legend with help of configuration file.

3D Installation Layout

Automatic Device Tagging and Wire Numbering ? Multiple possibilities for auto numbering of wires and

devices. ? Dynamic number assignment at the time of creation. ? Renumbering will reassign the number based on level of

selection, position of devices with in drawing. Provision for renumbering at drawing, logical plant, location and project levels. Automatic Terminal Drawing ? Automatic terminal drawing feature to create new

Terminal Strip Editor

Terminal Drawing. ? Drag and drop feature to create multiple terminal diagrams in a single sheet. ? Terminal strip editor- to rearrange terminals, renumbering of terminals in GUI. ? Configure graphical representation parameters at project level. ? Context sensitive menu for creation as well as updating of existing drawing. PLC Configurator ? Supports the work of electric planning engineer for

management of input and output signals. ? Process flow can be presented in one function diagram

with all signals. Single Line Diagram

2D GA and Hookup Drawings ? Extraction of 2D layout drawings from 3D model. ? Tabulated list with predefined ‘Typical’ (image) for design

process clarity. ? Provision to create ‘Typical’ mounting details suit to project

needs. ? Automatic creation of hookup drawing for instrument

installation too. ? Configurable drawing templates, ‘Typical’ and hookup

parameters. ? Assign / link multiple process measuring points to a single

hookup. 2D GA of Cabinet / Panels

ETAP Interface To export Single Line Diagrams to ETAP though data exchange excel format. Report Generator ? Ability to generate reports at Project, Drawing and Object level. ? Configurable reports for list of Input / Output electrical and automation components. ? Considerable numbers of predefined report formats are available with standard installer. ? Supports MS Word, Excel & PDF, generate multilingual reports (English, German).

Customizable Symbols and Catalogs

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