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The courses has come to an end and now it’s time to determine how effective the workbased pathway was based on the goal, processes and methods throughout the training program. One way to do this is to get the participants of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course to give comments to the teacher or the organisation that presented the program. They can also give comments on their job functions and how good they can now perform their responsibilities. This is a good time to get comments from your managers or supervisors of the learners to determine how well the learners are doing in their job roles based on organsisational need. The trainer could have employed various methods and processes during the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Perth programs in order to achieve the specified target. Some could have been more developed than others. What may have seemed profitable to the instructor may not have been as successful for some of the learners, so the comments they give can help enormously. Feedback can be provided in a structured approach which includes the students filling out particular forms, questionnaire or surveys, or it may be less structured in terms of general discussion, a follow-up phone call or unsolicited comments from the students of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment plan. All of the main stakeholders should be given comments in statement form so that they know about how successful the training was. The info collated will then be utilized for the following reasons: •

To enhance more learning

To determine if more learning should be undertaken

To figure out if your time and money in training was worth the price

To understand what the learners have gained from the course

To improve the course for future members

A sample review is provided to help the instructor acquire the best response from the students to evaluate the actual methods and procedures implemented throughout the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment plan or the actual plan managed by the instructor. Sample evaluation form

Date of Training: Name of Trainer: Name of Student(optional): Agree Disagree Neutral I understood the course content The program was relevant to my work The course has helped me to accomplish better in my career I found the program helpful I was encouraged to attend the program e.g. the TAA40104 I was able to give regular comments on my progress I will suggest this learning to others Other comments: Recommend developments to work-based training in light of the evaluation prgram As soon as the training has been conducted and reviewed, comments has been obtained and the info collated and analysed, the improvements required is highly recommended. Cert IV Training and Assessment training members from livtraining should remember that information to help improve upcoming training can be collected from: • Feedback from the students, their managers or supervisors, the trainer, as well as other stakeholders •

Written feedback provide by any of the above

Questionnaires or surveys done by any of these

Target group interviews

General details discussions

Student reports

Student assessment and outcomes

As soon as these details has been gathered and build, it should be presented to an expert or independent party to analyze and present the data in a way that gives a clear sign of how effective the program e.g. the Cert IV in Training and Assessment program actually was. The qualified or independent party can then suggest improvement for the training program moving forward. A consultant in this case can be: •

A senior manager or supervisor

A principal or VET Manager from the RTO

An industry specialist

Someone who represents the likes and dislikes of the learners

External agencies

The information should be evaluated with deadlines in mind relating to future training so that the comment is managed and implemented accordingly and to the benefit of all the groups involved. To get more information on these and even more, join the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Online program.

Training and assessment courses  
Training and assessment courses  

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