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I want to access my old yahoo account Hi I am John Smith and here I am telling you that how you can get your old yahoo profile so read this article carefully to get your yahoo profile again. Profiles on Yahoo have undergone a number of changes in recent years, so you may be confused about how to get back to an old profile that you haven't used in a while. Whether the profile was part of the original Yahoo! Profiles, part of the short-lived Yahoo! Pulse or part of the Yahoo! Profile Established in December 2011, you can still access it by logging in to the Yahoo email account associated with the profile. Instructions o

1 Simply first go to the Google page or you can directly go to the yahoo page. Navigate to the login page for Yahoo! Profile (link in Resources). All access to Yahoo! Profile goes through the Yahoo account sign in, which is the same procedure you use to log in to your Yahoo email account.


2 Enter the Yahoo ID associated with the profile you want to reactivate in the Yahoo! ID field, and then enter your old password into the Password field.


3 Type the verification CAPTCHA into the provided field. This is a standard step for all old Yahoo accounts that are being reactivated. If you don’t want to follow the standard method or procedure you should follow these bottom method :In some cases, you may be asked a verification question following the CAPTCHA. This occurs only if you are logged in to your Yahoo account from a location different than the one you used previously. The verification questions include "Who is Your Favourite Uncle?," "What is the Street Name Where You Grew Up?" and other similar identifying questions. Your answer must match the one you provided when you started your Yahoo account.


4 Click "Next: Your Public Profile" when the screen launches stating: "You're about to activate your Yahoo! Profile. This is how others will see you all around Yahoo!". A "Creating Your Profile" message displays and then a new profile screen will launch with your name at the top.


5 Enter additional information to your old Yahoo! Profile if desired. Your name, geographical location and profile picture (if you had selected one in your old profile) will still be part of your profile, however the screen may display differently than you remember due to the frequent Yahoo! Profile revamps. You may change any of these things on the profile page at this time. In

the future, you can access your profile again simply by signing in to your Yahoo! Account. As long as you sign in at least once every four months, your Yahoo! The profile will remain active, and it won't be necessary to go through the CAPTCHA or question verification again.

Dial yahoo customer support toll free number 0800-404-9205 for UK customer and get 100% satisfaction of your problem .

Tips & Warnings Tips are as follows :

If you are in Yahoo email, click "My Y!" to go to your Yahoo! Profile page.

From your Yahoo! Profile page, click the "Mail" link to go to your email and the "Home" link to go to the Yahoo! Homepage.

When you click any of these links while signed in, you will remain signed in and won't be required to re-enter your information.

Warnings are as follows :

Use this promptly if you need your information. You never know when Yahoo will remove the cached profiles.

Hi I am John Smith and working in the field of Internet marketing for last few years if you have any problem related to your yahoo account simply click on Yahoo Support

I want to access my old yahoo account  

Hi I am John Smith and here I am telling you that how you can get your old yahoo profile so read this article carefully to get your yahoo pr...