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Your Home Lighting !!! With increase in technology there has been revolutionary phenomenal upgradation in every aspect. This change is sometimes beneficial and affordable. Just as every coin has two sides there are pros and cons in everything that exist in the world. With the increase on the pressure of usage of the resources there is a parallel need to conserve such resources. Inflationary distortions are felt by all masses of the world. This inflation coupled with the recessionary model has pricked every household. In such circumstances trizo21 platform acts as a relief mode whereby it offers various kinds of home decor lighting products that are energy efficient and less expensive.

Importance of Outdoor Lighting It is the dream of every household to have a home coupled with the most energy efficient and aesthetic interiors. These homes and other properties act as an asset of pride for the owners. They intend to embellish and enhance the lavishness in a cost effective manner. Outdoor lighting is one of the pre dominant and overlooked areas. They create the first impression in the minds of the visitors. Before entering a home it is the outer appearance that creates an aesthetic eloquence.

Price : 866,66EUR

Suspension Trizo21 - I-TRO 1s - Suspension - Warm White - 120xSMD LED 30W - 24V DC IP30 - Black - ITRO1111

Price : 392,04EUR

Izor Trizo21 - Izor 42G Wall/Ceiling - 3x24W 2G11 - 230V - IP40 - 21DW3070

Price : 117,07EUR

Kwa-Kwa Trizo21 - Kwa-Kwa 1F Round Wall/Ceiling - 1x75W G53 - 12V - IP20 21IN3201

Price : 741,43EUR

Pin-Up Trizo21 - Pin-Up 4 Round - Wall/Ceiling 4x50W G53 - 230V - IP20 - White - PIUP1154

Price : 356,65EUR

Fluo Trizo21 - R54 Up Fluo Wall/Ceiling - 2x18W 2G11 - 230V - IP40 - Grey - FLUP4444

There are certain important guidelines with reference to such outdoor lightings which are as follows: • • • •

They should not create nuisance to the place where they are located and even to the adjacent neighbourhood. As per the International Dark Sky Association poor outdoor lighting acts as a hiding shelter for criminals. They seek shelter in such lights. Studies have witnessed that people as well as other environmental beings suffer from ill health due to poor quality lighting. High voltage lights though glow yet they consume huge power supply and prick the pockets of the individuals. This portal offers the products with discounts that can be easily grabbed. This will improve the lifestyle and the living pride.

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Your Home Lighting !!!  

Inflationary distortions are felt by all masses of the world. This inflation coupled with the recessionary model has pricked every household...