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Cadence International速 {The Hope We Share}

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2012 Annual Report

From David Schroeder

{Cadence International President} “Jesus wept.” God crying. Tears streaming down the face of the incarnate Lord Almighty. Did the hustle and bustle of heaven suddenly become still? Was the whisper of angel wings the only sound as all eyes turned to ponder this profound moment? Did God the Father weep along with His Son?

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hat makes God cry? In this case, Jesus was grieving with and for His friends over Lazarus’s death. Perhaps He was weeping over death itself, the result of man’s sin. Not long after this incident, He was weeping over the lost during His triumphal entry. He likely wept at the Garden of Gethsemane. Was He weeping on the cross when He forgave His tormentors, or when He cried out to His Father? Of this I am sure, Jesus felt deeply and expressed those feelings freely, and in doing so He revealed for us the deep and loving heart of God. These tiny drops of water tell the story of the gospel—“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life,” John 3:16 (NIV). The gospel—it is at the heart of everything we do in Cadence Inter-

national. It is why we exist; why we send missionaries to military communities around the world; why we open our homes and our lives to them; why we provide hospitality, teach Bible studies, lead retreats and youth groups, disciple, counsel, and mentor. It is also why we clean, cook, run errands, attend to finances and administration, adjust to local and military cultures, and endure the daily mundane tasks necessary to live in this broken world. The gospel compels us to give our lives away for the sake of others. “We love because he first loved us,” 1 John 4:19. As I reflect back on this past year of ministry in and through Cadence, I see the hand and blessing of God. I see the gospel at work! It is bearing eternal fruit around the world. The stories contained in this annual report are only a snapshot of His

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work, but they reveal that in various ministries to military people and their families—Jesus is changing lives. “Jesus wept” may be the shortest verse in the Bible, but it contains deep meaning. Those tears represent the story of a loving, heavenly Father pursuing a lost and broken people in order that all may have the gift of eternal life through His Son—the precious gospel! It is for this story that we relentlessly endure, fervently fight the good fight, and faithfully love others. And let us do so with the incredible hope of a risen Lazarus, a risen and returning Lord, and the promise of a place where “He will wipe every tear from their eyes,” Revelation 21:4a.

Thank you for your vital part in this story of hope. 3

David Schroeder President

David & Joyce Schroeder

Exalting Christ in the nations through the lives of transformed military people

Cadence International {Ministry Overview}

Cadence International is a Christian, non-denominational organization with a vision of exalting Christ in the nations through the lives of transformed military people. For over five decades, Cadence has served military communities with the hope of Jesus Christ. “It was for the sake of the Name that they went out, receiving no help from the pagans. We ought therefore to show hospitality to such men so that we may work together for the truth.” 3 John 1:7-8 pantone 540 Process


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ver the past year, the following Cadence ministries reached out to those around them:

Adult Ministries Hospitality Houses (6 in Asia, 8 in Europe, and 28 in the U. S.) Retreat Ministries (1 in Europe and 3 in the U. S.) Women’s Ministries (2 in Europe and 1 in the U. S.) Foreign Ministries (3 in Asia) Cadence Student Ministries (2 in Asia and 5 in Europe) Cadence Children’s Ministries (1 in the U. S.) In Cadence hospitality houses and on military bases each week people heard about Jesus Christ—some for the first time. An average of over 3,000 people attended ministry events, 97 weekly meals were served, and 185 Bible studies were offered. Seventeen ministries led and participated in mission trips and service projects outside of their ministry setting, and over 600 volunteers assisted with the ministries worldwide. Several of our student and adult ministries also utilize a coffee house as part of their ongoing ministry.

Sharing the gospel and our lives with the military community.

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Cadence Adult Ministries

{Hospitality House Ministries} At “a home away from home,” servicemen and women find an open door, a home-cooked meal, and people who listen, encourage, and point them to Christ. Through leadership training, discipleship, and engaging in acts of service in the community—and throughout the world—adult ministries staff equip and engage military people to exalt Christ in the nations.


etween June 2011 and May 2012 we had two new ministries open—Cadence Hospitality House, Guam and a Women’s Ministry within our Foreign Military Ministries in Cambodia.



hose of us at Camp Casey/Shalom House in Korea had an opportunity to bring clothes and food to the homeless in Seoul. We had Kimbap and hot soup for the folks down there and ended up serving about a hundred, I would say. As soon as one guy saw we were giving out food and clothes, a line quickly formed and I was really touched at how no one fought in line, cut in line, complained that someone got more, or came back for seconds. Everyone was grateful. ~Sam


n August of 2011, a team from the Harbor ministry in Okinawa, Japan went to Cambodia to partner with both the ministries of Asian Hope

International and our sister Cadence ministry, the Cadence Foreign Military ministry in Cambodia. $20,000 was given to Asian Hope to help develop their Human Trafficking Prevention Program in Phnom Penh. $6,000 was raised for Cadence’s military ministry at Unit 14 to complete a school on base. Finally, there have been several other projects spearheaded by several Harbor Community Groups to raise awareness and funds for such things as world hunger, providing shoes in Africa, Bible translation projects in Papau New Guinea, and missionary aviation training in Kenya. The Harbor has raised approximately $80,000 this year for other ministries doing God’s work throughout the nations.


he wives of the soldiers who share our home are amazing. As their husbands are deployed, the women in our ministry have had to be both mom and dad, plumber, grounds keeper, mechanic, accountant, counselor, advocate, teacher, care-giver, and home-maker. If they can’t do something themselves, one of their friends typically can. The load on them Copyright Lea Hartman is tremendous! The care they provide for one another—for other women in the same boat as they—is unlike anything we have seen almost anywhere. Pray for these families. ~Bruce & Wendy, Bragg Hospitality House Directors, NC

{Retreat Ministries} Cadence retreat centers exist to provide military individuals and their families with a time of rest, good food, and Bible teaching. Above all it is a respite from their daily duties and training. Retreats offer them a chance to make a phone call home, participate in recreational activities, or sleep in. During retreat weekends, participants also take part in a series of classes where they hear the Good News of Jesus, receive spiritual direction, and gain a network for discipleship.


n March, one of our retreat directors, Brian, had the honor of being with three men as they found eternal life. The weekend was spiritually deep with many good conversations. Brian was hanging out on the deck when a young man from Alabama looked up and asked, “Can you get saved here?” Brian answered, “I think we can make that happen. Follow

me to the office.” Brian headed into the house with [the young man] following behind . . . [then] he realized there was not one soldier behind him, but three! These three young men professed Christ as Savior in their own words. Three lives changed—that is why we do what we do [in retreat ministry].


Cadence Adult Ministries

{Singles & Womens Ministries} The singles ministries of Cadence strive to encourage and disciple single and unaccompanied individuals who serve in the military. Women’s ministry offers women in all stages of life an opportunity for specialized Bible study, events, discipleship, and evangelism. that first week, I have been at the Festaburg every chance I have had. Dinner at the Festaburg is like sitting at home with my own family as we talk about our blessings and problems. When we take trips together, it is like traveling with my best friends. ~Brandon



he Festaburg was my home in Baumholder. After arriving in Baumholder just over two years ago, I was determined not to waste my time in Europe, so I got out with friends and traveled. However, in March after chapel, I accepted an invitation to have lunch at the Festaburg and it was the best thing I have done since arriving in Germany. I was met at the door with open arms from everyone there. I felt so welcome on Sunday afternoon, I came back on Wednesday evening for dinner and discussion, and again on Friday night for dinner and Bible study. Since


he stories we hear each week really reveal the brokenness so many of these women come from. They are seeking to find love and fulfillment in all the wrong places . . . everything from relationships, sex, shopping, pinterest, gaming, porn, and the list could go on and on. Our vision is to point them to the One who has promised to “heal the broken-hearted and bind up their wounds” (Ps. 147:3), and “give new hearts and new spirits where hearts have gone stony,” (Ez. 36:26). Each week like farmers we plant seeds, water seeds, and pray for good soil. ~Andrea, Women’s Ministry, Ft. Jackson, SC

Cadence Foreign Ministries Influence to Change the Nations: Cadence is ministering to foreign militaries with a vision of exalting Christ in the nations through the lives of transformed military people. Facilitated through professional development, English classes, and social relief programs, foreign military and security force members are coming to know Christ.


isciple-Making Happening: A police officer in the historic city of Sukhothai has been reaching out to other officers. “Since witnessing for Christ was part of the spiritual growth training, these professionals wanted to introduce many more to the saving gospel. So this past December, the officers contacted all the churches in the city and coordinated a large Christmas celebration that turned out to be more like a fair. Thousands came, including several government officials, and heard a Christian message by public address. This reinforced my belief that police-

men who grow in faith can be used by God to positively influence their country and His kingdom.”


’ve enjoyed many elements of Cadence’s inaugural Discipleship Training School; from quality time during Gospel Transformation to hikes through slippery trails . . . our time in and around Chiang Mai was truly special. I appreciated the consistency that CDTS offered the students as there is no doubt that things you do over and over again shape your heart, mind, and identity—in Christ or in anything else. ~Nathan


Cadence Student Ministries Cadence Student Ministries (CSM) exists to uniquely demonstrate God’s love for students on military bases in a chapel context, under the authority of military chaplains. We believe that God has big plans for military students! Their distinctive attributes, their transient lifestyle, and their relational and cultural adaptability give them HUGE potential to impact the culture wherever they find themselves for Jesus.



ithin the Wiesbaden ministry—We had a senior from our local high school on post begin to show up at our weekly youth group, and he was showing signs of interest in spiritual things. Then, during the spring break event of 2012 in Cesanatico, Italy, C.P. began to feel the draw of the Holy Spirit on his heart. On Wednesday night, he surrendered his heart and life to follow Jesus. Now we are meeting weekly in a one on one discipleship program. His faith is growing and his walk, talk, and thought life are being radically transformed! ~Jeff & Julie, CSM Wiesbaden, Germany


s much as we laugh with our students, there is another side that breaks my heart. One minute they talk about God and what He wants for our lives and the very next, they talk about what they are doing in their own lives—and it’s clear their choices are not impacted by the faith they claim. They are looking for relationship, security, hope, and purpose in many things—but they are empty,

destructive things. They don’t realize that true joy is found in loving Christ and living life His way. Will you pray with us for our teens and their families? ~Jennessa, CSM Kaiserslautern, Germany


remember how all of you spent time in the word and in prayer, and genuinely loved me. I thank God for your years in the ministry, for allowing God to use you to spur me on in my relationship with Him. Now I [love] being part of middle school ministry as a small group leader and Sunday School teacher with my church! ~Mehgan

Cadence Children’s Ministries Cadence Children’s Ministries (CCM) exists to encourage, disciple, and minister to the children of those serving in the military.


ur time [at Fort Hood] has been real; we have been taken out of our comfort zones and stretched in ways we never would have imagined…We have seen real pain in the lives of these men, women, and children, whether because of deployment, death, or loneliness. We have established real relationships with the children here at Fort Hood and have become a stable Christian influence in their lives amidst the constant change and chaos of military life. We have established real and meaningful friendships and relationships, through the children, with their parents, helping them through tough times while spouses are deployed, and assisting them as much as we can. Our time here has been fun; working with kids is always an adventure and you can never be sure what they are going to say or do next. Their laughter and smiles are contagious. We have loved teaching them and seeing their enthusiasm to learn more about Christ. To see the joy on their faces when they know the answer or have remembered their Bible verse from the week before. Even playing a game, putting a puzzle together or reading them a book has been fun and exciting for all. Another

11 Photo by: TSgt Michael Holzworth

aspect of our job that is fun is being able to invite the families over for dinner and game night and getting to know them better through this. It has been a privilege and a blessing to work with the military families and share Christ with them. We have learned so much about ourselves and the reality of being missionaries, and we are sure we still have much to learn. We are excited to see what God has in store for our future and look forward to being used by Him to further His kingdom. ~Kenny & Joy, Currently on partnership development for Children’s Ministry

Support Ministries Cadence support ministries consist of Headquarters administrative staff, the Cadence Associates volunteer ministry, and Pastoral Care—which offers counseling, resources, and refreshment for Cadence ministry staff.

{Pastoral Care}



he focus of pastoral care is to offer counseling, resources, and refreshment to our staff. “As Cadence missionaries, our job involves loving and serving the military community and inviting them to know and trust God. But when we’re bogged down with our own spiritual and emotional wounds, we are crippled from effective service. The pastoral care team helped us process our pain, see God’s purpose, and begin to heal. The Pastoral Care team member was and is instrumental in keeping Cadence missionaries healthy and ready for service, a missionary to the missionaries.”



he Cadence Headquarters team consists of 14 employees and 8 missionaries who are called to advance Cadence and support our field ministries. The HQ team works in four strategic areas. Our Leadership team gives overall direction and spiritual leadership to the entire mission as well as our four main ministry divisions. The advancement team coordinates development, communications, and publications. Our financial team once again received high praise for the annual audit this year and keeps us financially compliant and accountable. The human resources team works tirelessly to recruit, train, and care for our missionaries as well as keep Cadence compliant with federal and state laws. Together our HQ team enjoys working “behind the scenes” to see the mission and vision of Cadence come to fruition.

Doctrinal Statement 1. We believe in the plenary, verbal inspiration of the whole Bible and that it is the supreme and final authority in faith and life. (II Timothy 3:16-17; I Peter 1:20-21) 2. We believe in one God, eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (Deut. 6:4; II Cor. 13:14) 3. We believe that Jesus Christ was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, and that He is true God and true man. (Matt. 1:20-25; John 1:14; Romans 8:3) 4. We believe that man was created in the image of God; that all men have sinned in the transgression of Adam and subsequently in their personal experience; that they are therefore totally depraved and “the wrath of God abideth on them;” and that the only way to escape eternal condemnation is through the one gracious provision of the love of God. (Gen. 1:25-27; 5. Rom. 3:22-26) 6. We believe that salvation is the gift of God offered to man by grace and received by personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, that the Son of God gave “His life as a ransom for many” and bore “our sins in His own body on the tree,” and that all who truly believe in Him are eternally saved on the ground of His shed blood. (Eph. 2:8-9; I Peter 2:24; John 10:28-29) 7. We believe in the personal bodily resurrection of our Lord and Savior, in His ascension into heaven, and in His present mediatorial High Priestly office there at the right hand of the Father. (Acts 1:9; Luke 24:6-7; Heb. 9:24; 7:25) 8. We believe in “that blessed hope,” the personal, bodily, imminent, and premillennial return of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Titus 2:13; Acts 1: 9-11) 9. We believe that all who receive by faith the Lord Jesus Christ are born again by the Holy Spirit, and that the Holy Spirit indwells every believer to enlighten, enable, and guide him in life and service. (John 3:6-7; I Cor. 2:12; John 14:16, 26; 16:24; Rom. 8:14). 10. We believe in the bodily resurrection of the just and the unjust, the everlasting blessedness of the saved, and the everlasting, conscious punishment of the lost. (Mark 9:43-48; Rev. 20:15, 22:3-5, 11) 11. Conclusion: We believe in doing something about it, that we should “walk worthy of the vocation” to which we have been called, and that we have been entrusted with the responsibility and privilege of preaching the Gospel to the lost of this world. (Eph. 4:1; Titus 2:11-14; Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8)

Cadence Core Values We believe . . .

1. 2. 3. 4.

sacrificially serving the military community is a privilege. people in the military community need to know Christ. in the power of incarnate ministry. maturity is the fruit of engaging in a relationship with the Word of God, the Spirit of God, and the people of God. 5. in equipping believers for Great Commission multiplication. 6. in the responsible and strategic deployment of all God-given resources. 7. teamwork maximizes ministry effectiveness.


2012 Financial Report

{for the fiscal year ending May 2012} God continues to abundantly provide for the ministry of Cadence International. This year we saw an increase in giving of 3.38%. We have continued to see increases in these past four years despite significant economic struggle in the nation. This is all due to the faithfulness of God through you, our partners in ministry.

F 14

or a third year, we engaged Capin Crouse LLP to conduct our annual audit. Again this year, Cadence ended the fiscal year in a strong financial position, with a 5.6% increase in total net assets. In fiscal year 2012, total income to Cadence grew by $281,850 (3.07%), supported primarily by the increase in contributions ($270,606). This growth demonstrates the faithfulness of Cadence supporters to the ministry along with God’s continued provision for military ministry. The financial partnership with our donors makes it possible for Cadence missionaries to continue reaching military men, women, and children for Christ. Ministry activities, such as hospitality houses, youth/children’s ministries, retreats and conferences, make up over 85% of Cadence’s total

expenses. These ministry expenses continue to grow and increased by 6% since 2011. We give glory to God who is the gracious provider of all good things. We are delightfully dependent on Him for the provision of resources and people to conduct our ongoing ministries. We joyfully acknowledge you as our faithful partners and are confident that “…God will meet all [your] needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus,” Philippians 4:19. Respectfully,

C. David Cordell CFO/VP for Finance

Cadence International速

{FY 2012 Financial Summary} FY 2012 Expenses

FY 2012 Support and Revenue

Support and Revenue Contributions

FY 2012

FY 2011

$8,266,979 87.5%



Conference Registrations





Military Ministry Contracts













Investment Income Other Revenue Total Income



$7,934,064 85.9%



Expenses Ministry Services General and Administrative





Fund Raising





Total Expenses Changes in Net Assets





Statement of Financial Position Assets






Net Assets



Liabilities and Net Assets

A complete audited financial report is available by contacting Cadence at: or 303.762.1400.


Leadership FY 2012 {Staff}

{Board of Directors}

Executive Leaders David Schroeder, President C. David Cordell, VP for Finance/CFO Dick Reynolds, VP for Human Resources Matthew Bachali, VP for Operations & Advancement Todd Tillapaugh, VP for Field Ministries Division Directors Todd Tillapaugh, Adult Ministries Mark Wilson, Student Ministries David Powell, Children’s Ministries Paul Bradley, Foreign Ministries Adult Ministries Field Leaders Danny Perez, Eastern USA Craig Jentink, Central USA Bill Sawyer, Western USA* Paul Cassidy, Pacific USA Brad Ellgen, Europe Lanny Groves, Korea (Regional Leader) Mark Oshman, Japan (Regional Leader)

John Albers Terry Anderson, Board Vice-Chairman Stacy Bragg* Jeff Easley Rick Garris Jim Howard* Jerri Kayll* Curt Kemp, Board Chairman Richard Newman Dick Patty Betty Price David Schroeder Ron Welch Cindy Zulli * Served partial year for FY 2012

Student Ministries Field Leaders Jim Turnage, Asia Nate Johnson, Europe

CFC #10528 Cadence International was recognized by as one of thirty 2011 Shining Light Ministries. Ministries are selected for their outstanding work and financial accountability.

Sharing the gospel and our lives with the military community PO Box 1268 • Englewood CO 80150 • 303.762.1400 • •

Cadence International 2012 Annual Report  

Yearly annual report plus stories about our areas of ministry

Cadence International 2012 Annual Report  

Yearly annual report plus stories about our areas of ministry