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March 23, 2011


Issue #4

Charcoal Drawings by AJ Al-Zawad I went through this interesting phase where I only drew with charcoal. I absolutely love charcoal. The top picture is a replica of an Alex Pardee painting, and I wanted to see if I could draw it myself. He is my favourite artist - his works are absolutely stunning. He’s always been my main inspiration. The bottom image is my drawing of Che Guevara.


CADENCEWEEKLY March 29, 2011

Once On This Island ACS High School Musical By Elizabeth Belnap

There is an island where rivers run deep.   Where  the  sea,  sparkling  in  the  sun,  earns  it  the  name  Jewel of the Antilles.   Two different worlds on one  island.   The Grandhommes are owners of the land  and masters of their own fates.   And the peasants,  eternally  at  the  mercy  of  the  wind  and  the  sea,  pray constantly to  the Gods:   Asaka, Mother of the  Earth,  Agwe,  God  of  Water,  Erzulie,  beautiful  Goddess  of  Love,  and  Papa  Ge,  sly  Demon  of  Death.   The  story  begins  on  the  night  of  a  Flood.    Many  huts  were  washed  away,  many  peasants  were  drowned by  Agwe’s  angry waters.    But  one small  girl  caught  his  attention  and  she  was  spared— plucked from the Flood by Agwe, and sheltered in  a tree by Asaka.   At last, when the storm subsided,  and  the  morning  sun  glowed,  two  old  peasants  came  cautiously  down  the  road:    Mama  Euralie  and Tonton Julian.    They saw the  girl  in the  tree,  but  hesitated  to  help  her,  for  they  were  old  and  poor, and could not raise a child.   But not knowing  quite  why,  they  followed their  hearts  back  to  the  tree,  and  gently  lifted  the  little  girl  down.    They  named  her  Desiree  Dieu  Donne,  or  God  Given  Desire,  but  in  their  affection,  they  called  her  simply Ti Moune.   The hut was crowded, and food  was scarce, but somehow their lives held more.  Years  later,  when  Ti  Moune  is  all  grown  up,  the  Gods  make  a bet.   They decide to  send Ti Moune  on  a  journey  to  test  the  strength  of  love  against  the power of death.   Ti  Moune sees a fancy  car  from the  other  side  of  the island crash in her village.   Others warned her  not to try and help, but Ti Moune insisted that the  Gods  meant  for  her  to  save  the  young  Grandhomme  who  was  injured  in  the  accident.   One night,  as she sits tending to his wounds,  Papa  Ge  appears  to  her,  demanding  the  life  of  the rich  boy.    Ti  Moune,  desperate  for  the  young  man’s  love,  trades  her  life  for  his.    Papa Ge,  astonished  that  her  love  is  stronger  than  her  fear  of  death,  leaves but promises to return for her life. Eventually,  the Grandhommes  come to  the village  to  take  Daniel  back  to  the  city  and  his  family’s 


hotel.  Ti Moune has convinced herself that Daniel  needs  her  to  survive,  so  she  bids  her  parents  farewell,  and  starts  her journey  to  the  other  side  of the island.  When Ti Moune reaches the Hotel Beauxhommes,  the Gods open the gates and guide her to Daniel’s  room.    She stays with him for weeks,  healing him  little by little.   One  night,  weeks  after  Ti  Moune  had  arrived  at  the  Hotel  Beauxhommes,  there  is  a  ball.    A  rich  young  woman  named  Andrea  mocks  Ti  Moune  and  asks  her  to  show  them  all  a  peasant  dance.   Encouraged by Daniel, Ti Moune dances  for them,  surprising  everyone  with  her  talent  and  beauty.   However,  Ti  Moune  soon  Finds  out  that  Andrea  was engaged to  Daniel since a young age.    Daniel  refuses to defy his family for Ti Moune.   Ti Moune waits for two weeks outside of the gates  of the hotel,  sure that Daniel  would come for her.   Eventually,  the  gates  open,  revealing  Daniel  and  Andrea,  who have just been married.   They throw  coins at the peasants in order to ensure that their  own  fortunes  would  multiply.    When  Ti  Moune  sees Daniel married to someone else she collapses  on the Floor, dead.   But the Gods take pity on her,  and turn her into  a  tree:   a tree that rose up and cracked the gates  of  the Hotel Beauxhommes.   A tree that lived forever,  sheltering  Grandhommes  and  peasants  alike.    A  tree  that  watched  over  Daniel  for  the  rest  of  his  lifetime.    A  tree  in  which  his  children  played  happily.   And one day,  as Daniel’s son plays in the  shade of the tree, he looks up and sees a beautiful  young  peasant  girl  sitting  high  in  the  branches.   The  spirit  of  Ti  Moune  touches  their  hearts  and  sets them free to love.   And this is why we tell the  story! Lyrics  from  the  play  Once  On  This  Island  (Book  and  Lyrics  by  Lynn  Ahrens.    Music  by  Stephen Flaherty.)

CADENCEWEEKLY March 29, 2011

The Rose By Ian Hoke

It peeks through the thorns It is hidden, in the grass, It seeks warmth And it grows in the light, The muffled light, The darkness of the bush tries To destroy it It is a light house A beacon The thorns scrape and cut it But its red glow shines As this battle wages A man in the distance He watches With a distant hope For the rose

When the Quiet Comes By Ian Hoke

Alone I sit Against the wall is my home Through the turmoil and strife Busy bees and thoughtful thinkers Surround me in chaos A buzz of activity surrounds me And yet... There still exists peace And yet... I lightly touch my head to the wall And sense the rhythm Of everyday life And yet... The Quiet comes out to seek me Just for me...


CADENCEWEEKLY March 29, 2011

Cheesy or Romantic? By Rebecca Reuter

About 500 people a day (182,500 in a year) die in wars around the world. It could be anyone next...

It’s a typical Monday night. I’m s i t t i n g o n t h e c o m p u t e r, o n Facebook, on Youtube (both of which I shouldn’t be on). I am unhappy, worried and bored of staring at a blank page. I’ve been waiting for it to become independent and write itself. I’m stressed out about English and Global Studies and one hundred other things that would bore you all to death, I am, I am, I am. For once in a while I want to forget about “I am”, forget about the ‘about me’, my problems, my life, the empty document in front of me that is due tomorrow morning. The best way for me to do so is to read a really good book. One that will suck you into the story so deeply and you won’t even want to put the book down, even if someone screamed that there’s a spider on your back. Ironically, my mom pops up next to me with two books in her hand and an unsatisfied facial expression. I look up from the computer screen, annoyed because she was interrupting me as I was in deep thought about the empty document, and I watch her practically throw the It's only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth -- and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up -- that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had.

-Elisabeth Kubler-Ross books at me. “These books are stupid, not well written, but maybe you will like them,” says my mom. Try to imagine it in a very strong Italian accent. Now I know what my mom really means is something along these lines: “These books are extremely cheesy and unrealistic (e.g. vampire stories or stupid romance novels) and are made for complete idiots, so… I think you will like them.” I love my mom.


Did you know? 6, 202, 080 people die of cancer every single year.

Why Reading Is Amazing.

She walks away probably thinking she left an incredibly strong

impression on me and that reading books instead of Facebook and become J.K.Rowling (yeah, not happen).

I will start being on the next going to

I was curious, though, so I started looking through the two books; one is The Ghost by Danielle Steel and the other one is The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. This made me think. We all know The Notebook, or at least the movie based on the book (which has apparently even made guys cry). Some of you may have watched The Last Song, also based on a book by Nicholas Sparks, and maybe you even read it. I cried both times, reading and watching it. Titanic though doesn’t make me cry. In the movie “Titanic” more than a thousand people die in front of my eyes and it doesn’t get to me at all. In “The Last Song” starring Miley Cyrus (spoiler alert!) exactly one person dies and I break out in tears even before the death, unwillingly and incredibly moved by the story. Nicholas Sparks has written lots of books that are all centered on the same themes: heartbreak, shocking and earth-breaking dramas or thrillers and his most important ingredient: the reality-hit. And this is, I think personally, dear Nicholas Sparks is a millionaire.

Why? His stories are real. We, as people, can relate to them. They are realistic. This could actually happen to us. We like to think that life will always be good to us. Nicholas Sparks novels usually surround one person, who has lost a family member earlier, then they the one true love of their life, who usually dies close to the end of the story. Then we get to read how the main character lives on with their life with all that pain in that heart. We all can’t imagine being so strong if something like that happened to us. We wouldn’t have any other choice but to keep on going. The world keeps spinning, regardless of who’s life just stopped. The people that die in Sparks novels don’t lose their life to a werewolf attack, a hunting ghost or because they got pushed from the empire state building by a zombie. People die because of something real, so real that it makes us think, it scares us. The moral of the story is, most of us love Nicholas Sparks and all those other authors like him for his romantic stories and thrillers that mess with our minds and give us a reality slap in the face. Life is continuously the same; it gets boring easily and we live in a safe, happy bubble so it’s refreshing to feel that there still is strong emotions as true love on this earth and that death can hit us (even you or I) at any moment. After thinking about this, I have to rethink my situation. I’m worried about my English homework due tomorrow morning, while others are crying about their father who just died this very second in front of their eyes. I sound pathetic. Of course, let’s not expect the worst of life and be pessimists. The best way to do so is not to make such a big deal of everything. Enjoy life, because, we don’t know when it’s going to end and (as far as we know) we have only one life.

CADENCEWEEKLY March 29, 2011

What’s On Your Reading List? Embracing the Classics By Gabriella Mikiewicz


Les Miserables

Victor Hugo

Invitation to a Beheading

Vladimir Nabakov

Mrs. Dalloway

Virginia Woolf

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Ray Bradbury

The Scarlet Letter

Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twain

Jayne Eyre

Charlotte Bronte

The Old Man and The Sea

Ernest Hemingway

Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen

Wuthering Heights

Emily Bronte

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde


George Orwell

A Clockwork Orange

Anthony Burgess

Little Women

Louisa May Alcott


Jane Austen

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

Victor Hugo

The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Where to start? Check which books you already have at home. My parents already have some truly amazing books so you can start there! Also, check out The National’s recent “50 Novels You Should Have Read” for more great books and information about each of them.



Read it?

17 new editions to your summer reading list. Put a tick next to the books you have already read! Then, go and read the ones you haven’t!

CADENCEWEEKLY March 29, 2011

The Lost Virtue of Spirit Weekly Blog By Zac Berry

The current populace of ACS. Maybe it’s because not many people are acquainted with Cadence and maybe that’s just because this hasn’t been publicized very much. Whatever it is, I’m hoping that with time people start to go on the website more often and that is becomes a delightful norm rather than a tedious requisite. So, on to the current topic that has been occupying our minds these days. Spring Break! This break is almost upon us but most of us enter this week with a feeling of impending doom. Almost as though we are entering exam week. Many of us are even referring to this week as “Death Week”. Alas, exams are not upon us…yet. But it seems that teachers have forgotten that all our minds want to be thinking about are 10 days of lazy freedom. Not a bombardment of tests, quizzes and assignments all due on the same week. Now maybe it’s just me complaining as the workload just becomes too much to handle but I pride this column on being a place where I can vent. A place where I can say what is on people’s minds under the relative shroud of anonymity.

through a prejudiced eye but our school has no spirit. Yes, occasionally someone comes to school in a whacky yet imaginative costume but more often than not most of us just put on our normal everyday attire and claim that we are dressed as the particular “theme of the day”. A person of ACS, dressing up in a shirt and jeans with an eye patch on is not dressing as a pirate. Unless, off course a pirate looks like a normal high school kid in your mind. So this week show some spirit and actually make an effort to come to school dressed up. It’s not every day that the school gives you permission to act as though you are going to a costume party. Embrace this opportunity and if you don’t, don’t pretend to be something you clearly are not! In my support for the musical, bring your 40 DHS to school and do come to enjoy what promises to be a show to remember! Have a wonderful spring break and make sure to catch up on some sleep!

Spirit-ingly yours, This week is also Spirit Week and the week that the musical will be showing. I’m not Zac Berry sure if this is just me seeing the world


CADENCEWEEKLY March 29, 2011


I saw life, I saw happiness By Lara Arbid

I had seen it in pictures, and I had heard about it times before. But it was nothing compared to what I saw. I had known the word ‘poverty’ from a dictionary, and I had thought I knew happiness. I was warned about sickness, and emotions taking over me. I had assumed to be overly cautious with everything I ate, touched, used. But then I saw what was real. I had not known what was real before this. I saw life. And happiness. I saw smiles, and heard laughter, and the guilty cries in the back of my mind. I was comfortable, I did not want to leave. I felt I could not leave. I had concluded, the feeling has nothing to do with what one has. I had concluded that, the feeling has nothing to do with what one wants to have. But the feeling is, appreciating what one does have. Happiness is Kenya.

CADENCEWEEKLY March 29, 2011

Issue Number Four Art, Poetry, Books, and More By Gabriella Mikiewicz

There’s a lot of interesting stuff in this issue. One main thing is the book list! Try to read all of those books - they’re amazing. Also, we’ve decided that, while promoting literature in ACS, we want to promote literacy around the world. Donate some of your books (from basic children’s books to any difficult novels) to Cadence and we’ll be sending them off this summer. More details to come soon! Have an amazing Spring Break everyone!

Join Our Team: Tuesdays, Lunch, Room 222. Or submit your work to Gabby (on GMail) or you can submit it on our website!

Help Cadence Support Literacy Donate Books! We’re sending all sorts of books to Ghana this summer along with some ACS students. Support our cause and donate books! We will be raising money through bake sales and other things after Spring Break, so look out for us! Check Out Our Website.

Issue #4  
Issue #4  

Our fourth issue! March 29th 2011