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March 27, 2011


Issue #3


The World Issue Cadence Goes International

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CADENCEWEEKLY March 27, 2011

Photography From Kenya Photographers: 1. Faris Toqan 2. Faris Toqan 3. Tasha Krell 4. Alain Kasparian 5. Alain Kasparian





The International Issue, 2


CADENCEWEEKLY March 27, 2011

Beijing Photography By Joe Gallagher 1. The BEIMUN group 2. The Great Wall of China 3. The walls of a temple 4. Statue in the Temples 5. View from the Great Wall




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The International Issue, 3

CADENCEWEEKLY March 27, 2011

BEIMUN 2011 Beijing, China By Timera Kakish

Model United Nations (MUN) is offered in both semesters at ACS. In the first semester the delegates travelled to Cairo, Egypt. In the second semester the delegates travel to Beijing, China. I was part of the second semester group that got the chance to experience China. Preparing for this conference was tough; we wrote a paper each week up until the last week before traveling. We then tackled writing resolutions.

including the silk market. Our teachers had even set up a scavenger hunt for us to complete while shopping. It was an interesting experience finding the things that were on that list. Some of the items were quite crazy: a lady walking around in pajamas, insect food, dogs with dyed hair, and even outdoor exercise machines!

Each night we got the chance to go out and see the city of Beijing. We attended an acrobatics show where we were all amazed at the talent that these people had. The following nights we shopped at different markets,

we finished, we all felt accomplished. Not only will you get a great learning experience from MUN but you will also create amazing memories with friends that you will never forget.

Our last day was probably the coldest there, so we all put on multiple layers and set off to climb the Great Wall and to walk around the Forbidden City. We had a Excited and nervous, we boarded a plane to China on great time during the last day in China. We took funny March 9, 2011. We traveled about 8 hours and when pictures and saw one of the most amazing sights in the we arrived we were first hit with an extreme weather world. change. It was really cold! The first day we headed out to see the Temple of Heaven and a marketplace where A l o n g w i th th e s h o p p i n g, s i g h ts eein g, a n d we could buy cool souvenirs. The next day was the first entertainment, we also ate amazing Chinese food each night. We didn’t just have the basics like chicken and day of the 2011 BEIMUN conference. beef, we ventured farther than that- we tried fish and We all believed that we were prepared for the duck. The fish was a favorite for the teachers, whereas conference, but still we weren’t sure what to expect the duck was a favorite for almost everyone. from the other delegates. The conference rooms were neatly set up and organized. We met many new people This trip was also a bonding experience for us as a that day as we began lobbying. The conference carried group. We created everlasting memories. on for 2 more days after that, which consisted of many I would definitely recommend that students take this debates and one large debate on the third and final day course. It was a challenge to write as many papers as we of the conference. did and then debate for three days in a row, but once

Inside Jokes from the BEIMUN trip by Mariam Alami 1.Floor 22 2.Mariam’s Chair 3.Outdoor Exercise Machines 4. Confiscated Notes 5.I <3 BJ 6. “Where’s Roslyn?” 7. Running on the Great Wall 8. The Only school with a curfew 9. Costa Coffee 10. by Joe Gallagher

The International Issue, 4

CADENCEWEEKLY March 27, 2011

Kreuger National Park, South Africa Untouchable Beauty By Rebecca Reuter Why did you go?

It’s those moments when you need to get away from home, when everything is crashing down on you and you feel sick of it all. It was one of those moments for me. I just had a really hard breakup behind me and my friends wouldn’t understand me, I felt like screaming out loud, but knowing no one would hear just frustrated me even more. I just wanted to leave Abu Dhabi and leave it all behind me. That’s when I left to South Africa for 5 days. In the middle of the school year, with my dad and brother. Whenever I think of the best 5 days I’ve ever had, I think of that week in May 2010. So what did you put in your suitcase Becca, considering temperature and weather conditions at that time?

Basically at that time of the year it’s winter in Africa: June, July and August are winter months and November, December and January are during the summer in the Southern Hemisphere. So I packed lots of jumpers, 1 pair of comfy converse, 1 pair PE shoes, 1 pair of flip flops in case it gets warm, lots of comfy pants and shirts and sunglasses. One thing I didn’t take with me, but then realized that should have been the first thing to put in my suitcase, was an umbrella. It rained everywhere I was during those 5 days, starting in Joburg, straight through the country until Krueger National Park. And what did you do there in Africa?

South Africa. I landed in Joburg and there we rented a car, drove for 6 hours (I slept through half of the car drive), ended up somewhere along the lines of Krueger National Park. We slept over in this amazing place somewhere in the middle of no where, with wild animals all around us. You could call it a compound maybe, with tiny little huts and one big building with a restaurant and a souvenir shop in it. Monkeys, turkeys and antelopes ran around and just randomly popped up in front of us when you walk to your hut at night - yes this happened to me! After 2 nights staying at that place we drove around Krueger National Park, which is the biggest National Park in South Africa and it is amazing. Simply beautiful. The warm sun (despite it being winter!), the thousands different plants, lakes, hills, mountains, trees and the animals that you find on every corner... I swear it’s magic.

We would drive for hours with our small, rented jeep, and I’d just lean against my open window looking outside, Jason Mraz singing in my ears, watching the always changing, fantastic scenery passing me by. It was so relaxing, feeling the clean, fresh air in my face and knowing that everything was going to be alright. How did you feel when you left?

Sad. Frustrated. Because I knew that as soon I’d be back in Abu Dhabi, my phone would go mad and show me 15 new text messages 30 missed calls, and so on. But I tried not to think about it, I enjoyed my stay as much as possible and it was so relaxing, that I was too happy and optimistic at the time to realize that I was getting back to business, back to stinky Abu Dhabi. What experiences did you have that youʼll remember for your entire life?

Well, there are a lot! 1.I will always know that South Africa is one of the most beautiful, diverse, happy places in the world. 2.When my phone doesn’t work, I’m much less anxious and the continuos strain in me is gone; it makes me feel blessed. 3. Since then, I have started appreciating the company of my dad and my brother much more. I guess, sitting in a car 2 meters away from 5 very big lions does make you grow closer to the people with you at that moment. Also, I will always remember to bring a rain jacket and umbrella when it’s winter in South Africa! 4. I learnt that everyone needs a break from life once in a while Spontaneous traveling is awesome, amazing, I can’t even describe it 5. Africans are so chill 6. I know now that nature is always more beautiful than cities (no matter how much you love them!). 7. I know now that I need to back to Krueger National Park, at least one more time in my life. Maybe I should go live there? I can make a documentary about it, and learn to talk to the monkeys. Are you going back any time soon, Becca?

As it happens I’m going back there this November and I’m so thrilled and excited! I can’t wait! Pure nature has this magic to it, it’s indescribable, so you have to see it for yourself. I can only try to convince everyone to visit South Africa, especially Krueger National Park, once in their life, because if you don’t you’ve missed out big, huge, amazing time. Photographs by Rebecca’s Dad

The International Issue, 5

CADENCEWEEKLY March 27, 2011

“Roads crack” Japanese Devastation By Anonymous

Roads crack Buildings topple Screams Cries Yells Where is my mother My daughter My wife Water Splashing everywhere Up to my ankles Knees Hips Windows crack Shards of glass shredding clothes Desks and chairs Splinter and snap There is a ringing in my ears Stories flashing across the screen Of daring feats to save loved ones Of tragic deaths and losses Foreign names the anchors cant pronounce City names stick out And all one can think is How far away it is from us And Thank God it wasn’t me.

The International Issue, 6

CADENCEWEEKLY March 27, 2011

Colombo, Kandy, and Galle Sri Lanka By Gabriella Mikiewicz

One would not attribute many facets to a small country such as Sri Lanka (small in comparison to countries near it, like India). The country is extremely large and diverse and small at the same time. When we first arrived in Sri Lanka, we landed in Colombo in the airport. It was only around four am, but we were already sweating as we got into our van. Our tour guide took us to an elephant orphanage, in a city called Kandy. We rode elephants and I even got sprayed by one. It was warm in Kandy, but it was also extremely humid and sticky outside. Then, it started pouring rain. Kandy was a very tightlypacked city, it was very busy and crowded. There were many shops and a few touristy places for us to visit. The next day, we started traveling up to the mountains. On all sides of us, we saw tea plantations. The views were amazing. By the

The International Issue, 7

time we got to our destenation, we were dying to put on our jackets and extra layers. It was freezing up there! While trying to stay warm, we saw so many amazing views. There were abundant waterfalls and gorgeous rolling hills. We met a lot of truly nice, amazing people. There was a lot of poverty, but Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve never seen a more happier peoples in my life. For the last few days we were there, we drove off the mountains and we we went down to the South coast and spent a few days on the beach. There, it was extremely hot. There were so many tourists along the coast that we just didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t see anywhere else in Sri Lanka (I even ran into Mr. and Mrs. Brawn while I was there!). What truly made me sad was seeing the devastation that the 2004 tsunami made. There were still torn-down buildings and piles of rubble everywhere.

CADENCEWEEKLY March 27, 2011

The International Issue CadenceWeekly #3 By Gabriella Mikiewicz

This weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cadence was so much fun to make and put together. I hope that it inspires some people to go out and explore the world. Next year, make sure to go on as many school trips as you can, they are amazing opportunities for everyone. There is another issue coming out before Spring Break starts - number four! It will be back to normal, a compilation of everything without a certain theme. Check back soon for more cool stuff ! Our website is up and running as smoothly as ever. We have a brand new look and everything is up on the website and we are all updated. How exciting! So check the website very often, we always have cool new things coming up.

Interested in Cadence? We meet every Tuesday in Room 222 during Lunch. If you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to join, email your submissions to Gabby or submit them on our website! (THERE IS NO www. AT THE BEGINNING!)

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