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February 27, 2011


Issue #1

The Desert Photography by Erin Sheets

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CADENCEWEEKLY February 27, 2011


A Day Forgotten By Peter Baker

Normality is, in a way, what makes someone who they are; a normal day for someone is unique in that it is their day. For Zachary, however, this particular day did not start like any other. When he woke up, the world and all its normality had changed: for starters, he was around twice the height (quite an unlikely growth spurt, even for a young boy). Height aside, the room had doubled in size and was now filled with things he could only dream having... every toy, every appliance, every item of clothing he had ever wanted seemed to be crammed in there in what could almost be described as an organized fashion. But for some reason he waved this off, and as if nothing had changed he went on about his normal life. After a brief moment spent searching for the bathroom, he showered and he found some clothes that took his fancy, dressed and headed down stairs, the fact that his house had only one floor seemed irrelevant. It wasn’t until after he had poured himself a bowl of cereal that it occurred to him that something may have been a little off. After discovering facial hair he had previously not had, or less likely he had been previously unaware of, became the first thing on his list of many strange changes to the world since he had gone to sleep the night before. After the list of differences had been committed to paper, Zachary realized that he

had missed one key difference: the existence of others. In his short time of being awake he had not seen or heard a person. The radio was static and the television claimed that every satellite was down. It was then, and only then, that Zachary realized something... although it was not what one would expect: after a profound pause he stood and quite loudly said to himself “Why is there like, no food in this house?�. On that he decided to go on a trip to the supermarket, not something he would normally do, but being an adult living in what seemed to be his own home, it see the right thing to do. He exited the house, turned left, and made his way down the path. After some time walking, and pondering how he had woken up an adult, two things became quite apparent. The first being that there really was no people, the streets were empty and the houses dead, the second being that he had no idea where he was. Nothing seemed familiar, not the roads, not the trees, even the sky seemed to be just a little different. He made the decision to take a right, followed by a left and after several executions of his left then right plan he found himself at a place that at least seemed shop like. It was at the shop that life finally revealed its ugly face...

CADENCEWEEKLY February 27, 2011


1. “Walkway” 2. “Temple” 3. “Valley View” 4. “Stone Boat” 5. “Lilies in Winter” Eric Lau


China, 2010 By Eric Lau 3.




CADENCEWEEKLY February 27, 2011

Poetry Emily Dickinson Pastiches By Gabriella Mikiewicz

“The Night blooming Flower flourishes” By Anonymous

The Night blooming Flower flourishes Only when shrouded by the Welcoming arms of Night – solely – Given the right attention – Overlooked and forgotten these – Angelic apparitions are Unexplained Unnoticed – by all – Except by certain Circumstance Strolling through the Dark Hazy shrouds of Mist Pervade the senses – Dark and heavy – Storms of confusion Apprehension into me - steals Nourishing these feelings Fuller than the fullest moons The scent - thousand blossoms Consume, fill my thoughts And so, I - in an effort for Clarity Sweeping away this darkness Like a fresh breath of wind – Away The Twinkle of the stars are seen again

“Now the music - fills Your ears,” By Gabriella Mikiewicz

Now the music - fills Your ears, You pick me up to Dance, I wish that you could - what You’ve done My State is not by Chance. Then the Music stops and You get up, and I - drop to the floor, You pick me up and lay me down, For I can never More After You smell the sweet Perfume, Of My old - Recipe You fill a plate up to the Top Then Feed Me carelessly My Eyes look down and see the Ground And Yours - despite the Rules Spot My Red Blood upon the Floor And Dive - deep into the Pools But What is that thing that you Feel The Seeds of deep Regret? For the Surest way to know for Sure Is to look at - your Beset.


CADENCEWEEKLY February 27, 2011

February Numbness And How to Overcome It

Chill Music That Makes Me Happy In an Instant:

By Rebecca Reuter

Today, I came home from school, went upstairs to my room, and 5 minutes later I was fast asleep on my chemistry book. I never fall asleep before midnight. No afternoon naps, no siesta, nada.  I couldn’t help but think, What's wrong with me?  In the last few days, I have found students freaking out more and more about school, grades, the sudden tiredness going around, and sick kids are absent on a daily basis. This numbness seems to infect everyone.  It's a vicious circle, because stress, tiredness and pressure result in bad grades and unhappiness, which cause trouble with your parents, which make you even more stressed.  There are Facebook statuses saying it's a plague, some others are talking about "being sick and tired of school and life in general".  Whatever it is, it's bad; it gives me headache and it makes me fall asleep on my chemistry book.  So how do we fight this 'plague'?  ____________________

1. Convince the school that we need a week off, like most schools in Europe do right now. Uh-huh. 2. Drink loads of water. Yes, I know, cliché, but it really does help.

‐ Lissie (A Singer) ‐ Jack johnson (A Singer)  ‐ I'm Yours (Jason Mraz) ‐ Dog Days Are Over (Florence  And The Machine) ‐ When Did Your Heart Go  Missing  (Rooney) Rebecca Reuter

5. GO OUT. Get fresh air, go for a walk with the dog… visit the Corniche, it is beautiful especially in this weather! Very important: don't take your phone or iPod with you, as tempting as it may seem. 6. Don’t drink too much coffee or Red Bull. Caffeine will accelerate your heartbeat and too much of it can cause insomnia, over-stress, arrhythmia and ultimately lead to a heart attack. We don't want that.

10. Last but not least, as earthshaking as it may sound: Have a good night’s sleep. Yes, more than 6 hours. We do need 8 hours of sleep every day and everyone seems to know it, but still everyone likes to ignore it. Well, don't. 

Summer is coming up. Breath: we have only March, April and May left and then 3 months of “whatever-we-feel-like-doing” time. Concentrate on the positive, 7. Have a little Oolong tea. Next not the negative and always time you visit Carrefour, notice the remember what Bob Marley said: OOLONG TEA

"Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, 3. Gather your friends around you. 9. (Not as appealing to others, but don't complicate your It's always refreshing to have I personally find this one helpful) someone who understands you Exercise. I don't mean jogging for mind. Flee from hate, 15 minutes and then back to mischief and jealousy. 4. Go into your room, listen to Facebook. 1 hour would be best. Kids - MGMT, really loudly, sing Don't bury your thoughts, It boosts your confidence and, yes, and dance to it (tip: check that put your vision to reality . moving your body makes you doors, windows and curtains are happy. It’s scientifically proven, so Wake Up and Live!"  closed, you don't want to have an 5

audience for this one).

8. Eat healthy - as in proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables

no excuses!

CADENCEWEEKLY February 27, 2011

A Love Story By Gabriella Mikiewicz

As they danced, he twirled her. Her feet flew off the ground, and he heels barely skimmed the old victorian carpeting. He moved her left and swung her right. He smiled at his beautiful wife, and he noticed how dazzling she looked in the candlelight and decorations on their christmas tree. He reminisced their first dance. A pang of sadness and nostalgia hit him, in a place where he barely felt it. Whatever he did feel, he shook off and kept dancing. He noticed the smell of the cookies wafting in from their kitchen. He laid his wife down and made towards the kitchen. On queue, Tchaikovsky stopped orchestrating his beautiful opera, and the turntable fell silent after one last screech. The record sat there, waiting to be turned over to start singing again. He turned back towards the kitchen, glancing at her. His often beeped once and he opened the door. He yelled out to his wife, “the cookies look delicious, honey!” He wasn’t sure if heard a reply. The amazing aroma filled his flared nostrils. Sitting down on a small wooden stool, he started to decorate. This was generally her favorite thing to do. Not today, he thought, and lightly smiled. He noticed how happy he felt. The cookies were brought out to his wife on a plate shaped like Santa. He laid the cookies down by her, and walked towards the large window. He opened

the curtain only a sliver and peered out towards the snow-covered drive way. He pulled the curtains tightly together again, and walked back to his wife. He turned the record over and Swan Lake filled the house. He sat down next to her and a warm feeling filled his body, something that he rarely felt in her presence. He noticed the heat escalating in his cheeks, and then he noticed the discontented look on her face. He eyes were closed and her brow was just barely creased. The dress she was wearing accentuated her light, pale skin, and the ring of purple around her neck looked beautiful. She looked beautiful. He had never been this much in love with her. He fed her some cookies then picked her up to dance. He thought about the past and the future as he twirled her, and thought that he could get used to being a widower. As they danced through the night, cookie crumbs flew out of her open mouth onto the already blood-stained carpet.

This story has been so useful to me! I really liked the idea when I wrote the story, so I used it for an English-class assignment, to write a pastiche in the style of Emily Dickinson. I also used that pastiche for my English Individual Oral Presentation. In Film Studies class, my group (Kendra, Mirijam, and Omid) were assigned to make a film. Kendra heard my story when I presented it before and thought it would be good to use it to make a film out of! I couldn’t be more proud of the outcome! Watch it online at today! By Gabriella Mikiewicz


CADENCEWEEKLY February 27, 2011

The Very First Issue A Note From The Editor By Gabriella Mikiewicz

Thanks for reading this issue of Cadence. Our website is running kind of slowly at the moment and we’re having some technical issues, so this is our very first issue of Cadence in PDF format. We will be making PDFs of new issues every single week from now on! It’s been a hectic week trying to put the magazine together... Especially since I became quite sick with a fever and a throat and tonsil infection. I’m truly sorry to all of those who were looking forward to an issue coming out on Wednesday morning! I promise to be completely on time with every issue from now on. All technical difficulties will soon be resolved and the website will be up and running smoothly. Thanks everyone for your support! If you’re interested in submitting a piece, please contact me or submit via the website.

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Issue #1  

The one that started it all

Issue #1  

The one that started it all